Psychotick - Voiced by Kelson Henderson

Psychotick stayed beneath the water of a lake.  He heard Vrak summoning him and his head slowly emerged from the water.  Psychotick:  "Did you call for my services?"  Vrak:  "I have a special mission that requires your particular skills."  Psychotick:  "Ohh, a snack and snare job.  I'm in!"  Psychotick leaps out of the lake and lands close to Vrak.  Psychotick:  "Psychotick, master of draining energy!  Ready and eager to feed!"  Vrak:  "Capture Robo Knight.  We'll drain him dry and reprogram him."  Psychotick:  "Yes!"  Psychotick laughs.   Moments later, Psychotick enters an amusement park unseen and hides for a moment, watching the people.  Psychotick:  "Just listen to those squeals of joy.  I'll turn them into shrieks of fear."  Psychotick left his hiding place and began to drain power from everything.  Psychotick:  "Now I'll devour the power."   People ran in terror.  Psychotick:  "Who wants to play?"  Soon the Rangers arrive.  Psychotick:  "Figures, as soon as I get all amped up, that the Power Rangers would make an appearance."  Red Ranger:  "Stop right there!"  Psychotick:  "Ha!  After draining all that energy, I've got power to burn!  And what better way to use it, then to obliterate you Rangers."  Red Ranger:  "Shut him down Rangers!"  The Rangers pulled out their Mega Blasters   All:  "Mega Blasters!" The Rangers fired at Psychotick.  Psychotick:  "Right back at ya!"  Psychotick used energy from his hand and threw it at the Rangers, knocking them off their feet.  Psychotick stomped one of his feet onto the ground.  Psychotick:  "Now that's what I call amusement.  And here's more!"  Psychotick charged towards the Rangers.  The Rangers charged towards Psychotick.  Psychotick struck each Ranger as they passed him.  Psychotick grabbed a hold of Blue Ranger and threw him.  Black Ranger came at Psychotick with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger landed a blow, but so did Psychotick.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger tried to strike Psychotick with their mega weapons.  Psychotick stopped their weapons before they could strike.  Firmly holding onto their mega weapons, Psychotick tossed both Rangers through the air.  They landed hard onto the pavement.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger ran over to them.  Pink Ranger:  "You okay?"  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Suddenly Lion Mechazord streaked past them.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"   Psychotick:  "Now for the main event!"  Lion Mechazord transformed into Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Good timing Robo Knight!"  Blue Ranger:  "He's tough, but together we can take him."  Robo Knight:  "I will handle it alone."  Psychotick:  "Let's see you handle this!"  Psychotick charges towards Robo Knight.  Psychotick:  "I've been itching to fight you!"  Robo Knight and Psychotick fight.  Robo Knight lands a kick that knocks Psychotick to the pavement.  Psychotick quickly gets back up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Robo Knight leaps out of the way, leaving a family behind him vulnerable.  Red Ranger:  "No!  Guys quick!"  The Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and fire, destroying the tick attack before it reaches the family.  The Rangers run over to the family.  Red Ranger:  "Hey, Robo Knight put those people at risk!  Let's get them to safety."  The Rangers guard the family.  Yellow Ranger:  "What's the deal Robo Knight?  You left them wide open."  Robo Knight:  "The monster is my target."   Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger have their Mega Blasters drawn.  In addition to the Mega Blaster, Yellow Ranger has her Tiger Claw ready and Black Ranger has his Snake Ax ready.   Pink Ranger:  "Quick!  Get out of here!"  The family quickly runs away.  Robo Knight and Psychotick continue to fight.  Robo Knight lands several punches onto Psychotic.  Black Ranger notices a couple hiding behind a bench.  Black Ranger:  "More people."  Black Ranger runs over to the bench just as Robo Knight knocks Psychotick to the ground.  Psychotick quickly gets up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Once more, Robo Knight leaps out of the way.  Black Ranger:  "Why aren't you protecting those people?"  Black Ranger races over to the bench and blocks the tick attack with his Snake Ax.   Black Ranger jumps over the bench.  Yellow Ranger joins him as they ushered the couple to safely.  Black Ranger:  "You two get going!  Move!  Come on !  Go!"  Robo Knight continues to fight Psychotick.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight strikes Psychotick several times with the Robo Blade, eventually knocking him to the ground.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blaster!  Vulcan Cannon!  Act....I've been hit!"  Psychotick:  "Got him!  Tick attack!"  A tick lands on Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "No!  An energy tick!"  Psychotick:  "Activate!"  Robo Knight vanishes just as the rest of the Rangers race up.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Vrak comes out of his hiding place.  Vrak:  "He's mine now."  Pink Ranger:  "No!"  Psychotick runs up to stand by Vrak.  Psychotick:  "Yes!  Our plan succeeded!  Goodbye fools!"   Psychotick and Vrak vanish.  Elsewhere, Robo Knight slowly comes to.  His vision is a little blurry.  Robo Knight:  "Rebooting."   His vision clears, and Robo Knight discovers he is inside a cage.  Robo Knight:  "Calibrating sensors.  Scanning for possible escape.  Searching."  Vrak watches him for a moment.  Vrak:  "For now your my guest Robo Knight."  Robo Knight:  "You are interfering with my mission."  Vrak holds up Robo Knight's morpher.  Vrak:  "Such an interesting device.  It tells me your fuel cell is almost half empty.  And you'll lose more since that cage is more than just a prison."  Psychotick walks up and stands next to Vrak.  Psychotick:  "Yes!  It also drains your power.  Soon you will be too weak to defend yourself."  Robo Knight grabbed the bars of the cage.  Robo Knight:  "I will break these bars."  Robo Knight tried to break the bars.  Large amounts of power surged through the cage, but nothing happened.  Vrak:  "The harder you try to escape, the faster that tick will drain your energy.  And the Rangers won't help you.  They saw how you endangered humans.  And since you don't care about them, they won't care about you.  Now it's time for phase two of my plan."  Vrak moved closer to Psychotick.  Vrak:  "I need you to keep those Rangers occupied while I finish reprogramming our friend here."  Psychotick:  "With pleasure."  Vrak laughs as Psychotick walked away.  Psychotick stayed hidden in the city.  Psychotick:  "Now where to begin?"  Psychotick looked around and then left his hiding spot.  Psychotick:  "How about everywhere!  Tick attack!"  Cars suddenly stopped.  Psychotick:  "I will create chaos by sucking the energy out of everything."  People's cell phones stopped working.  Escalators stopped moving.  Cleaning equipment sparked up and stopped working.  Offices were shut down as computers and lights turned off.  Psychotick was enjoying himself and laughed.  Psychotick walked through the city and laughed even more as people ran from him.  Psychotick made sure to drain any object that he passed by.  Psychotick:  "Electrifying!  I've never felt so charge with power!"  Feeling very confident he states, bring on the Rangers!  Psychotick is laughing as he enjoys his attack on the city.  Emma, Gia, Noah, and Jake arrive.  Gia tells Psychotick his energy draining fun is over you greedy bug.  Psychotick comments that his boss needs more time.  Psychotick summons several Loogies and have them attack the four teens.  Gia gives a small nod, and Emma, Noah, and Jake race towards the Loogies.  After a few moments, Gia joins in the battle as well.  Psychotick notes it's time to get back to someone more important and leaves.  While fighting, Gia notices Psychotick leaving and races towards him.  Several Loogies block her path and she ends up fighting them instead.  Elsewhere, Vrak has knocked Red Ranger down.  Vrak charges towards the fallen Ranger, stating, time to end this.  Suddenly Psychotick appears.  Psychotick informs Vrak that the other Rangers are occupied.  I'm all charged up and ready to take this red one down for good.  Red Ranger has his Dragon Sword at the ready.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and Black Ranger shouts, hold it right there Vrak!  Vrak tells Psychotick, I thought you took care of them.  Psychotick stumbles for an answer.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger run towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger was confident that his team would find him.  The Rangers charge towards Psychotick and Vrak.  Black Ranger fights them both with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger fights them with her Tiger Claw.  Red Ranger fights them with his Dragon Sword.  Moments later, Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger run over to Robo Knight's cage to try and free him.  Black Ranger gets ready to strike the cage with his Snake Ax.  Suddenly Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are hit by powerful blows from Vrak.  The two Rangers fall to the ground.  Vrak comments, oh good.  I have your attention.  Behind him, Psychotick has Red Ranger under his foot and a strong grip on Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Vrak continues, so you can witness the end of the Power Rangers.  Robo Knight slams his fist onto the floor of his cage.  No power to help them!  Vrak gloats, now thanks to you the Rangers are finished!  Yellow Ranger asks Black Ranger if he is okay?  Black Ranger replies, not really.  Black Ranger tries to get up but stumbles back onto the ground.  Vrak tells the Rangers, it's over.  Blue Ranger states, no way.  We'll never give up.  Black Ranger adds, we're doing great.  Pink Ranger states, as long as we're united, there's always hope.  Yellow Ranger adds, enjoy this little break before we take you down!  Red Ranger states, we will find a way to defeat you.  Robo Knight repeats, find a way.  Robo Knight comes up with an idea and is confident he can carry it through.  Robo Knight begins to trace the power drain.  Reroute the energy back to the power cell.  Execute!  There is a big explosion and Robo Knight is free.  Yellow Ranger comments, nice.  Vrak is in disbelief.  Red Ranger shouts, he's free!  Black Ranger adds, and he's mad.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak.  Robo Knight knocks Psychotick and Vrak off their feet.  Robo Knight holds out his morpher and notes, power is back at full capacity.  Vrak shouts no as he and Psychotick struggle to get back up.  Robo Knight states, I am a protector of the Earth.  You and all threats to the environment will be eliminated.  Psychotick gloats, bet you can't take us!  Robo Knight warns them, prepare for destruction.  Red Ranger states, I knew he was one of us as he and the rest of the Rangers get back up on their feet.  Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster.  Psychotick tells him, I've sucked up too much power for you to stop me now!  Psychotick launches a tick attack.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster and destroys the attack and hits Psychotick.  Vrak manages to leap out of the way.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight fights Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is confident that Robo Knight cannot stop them.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and then comes down, striking a powerful blow against Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  Psychotick runs over to Vrak as Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and inserts the Vulcan Cannon power card.  The Vulcan Cannon arrives and Robo Knight places it onto his Robo Blaster and aims towards Psychotick and Vrak.  Robo Knight fires the Vulcan Cannon and it hits both Psychotick and Vrak.  Once more, Vrak is knocked off his feet.  But Psychotick is defeated.  Vrak vows, you will pay for this.  Big time!  Vrak summons the Zombats and vanishes.  The Zombats arrived and revived Psychotick and make him giant size.  Psychotick notes, he wasn't kidding when he said big time.  Red Ranger is ready to summon the Megazord, but Robo Knight stops him.  He tells Red Ranger, I will handle this.  There is a glow and three power cards leap into Robo Knight's hand.  Robo Knight states, time to deploy my zords.  Pink Ranger is very excited.  Great!  Twelve Mechazords together!  Robo Knight replies, mine will be sufficient.  Robo Knight places the Knight Brothers power card into his morpher and activates them.  The Sea Lion  Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord quickly arrive.  Psychotick is not happy.  Nonsense!  I'm putting my foot down!  On your heads!  The Rangers quickly back up.  Sea Lion Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord fly over the Rangers and then strike Psychotick hard.  The five Rangers are impressed.  The two mechazords fire at Psychotick.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Lion Mechazord runs along side the two other mechazords.  Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Yellow Ranger notes, he's is own megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord and Psychotick face each other.  Psychotick is ready to battle.  Good!  I'll finish you off and then squash the Rangers!  I'll take you apart, zord by zord!  Psychotick and Gosei Grand Megazord fight.  The rest of Rangers watch the battle.  Pink Ranger notes that Psychotick is trying to lift Gosei Grand Megazord.  Instead Gosei Grand Megazord lifts Psychotick into the air.  Blue Ranger comments, or the other way around.  Gosei Grand Megazord tosses Psychotick onto the ground.  Psychotick quickly gets back up and launches his tick attack.  The Rangers call out warnings to Gosei Grand Megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord walks towards the tick attack with confidence and knocks each attack away with ease.  Pink Ranger asks, shouldn't we help him?  Black Ranger replies, no, he wants to do this on his own.  Gosei Grand Megazord continues to fight Psychotick.  Gosei Grand Megazord uses a Sea Lion kick against Psychotick.  Psychotick goes flying once more.  Gosei Grand Megazord releases Sky Lion Mechazord.  Sky Lion Mechazord strikes Psychotick hard.  The Rangers cheer.  Gosei Grand Megazord uses the power card for Victory Charge.  Psychotick declares, I'm not done!  Gosei Grand Megazord states, victory charge!  Grand strike!  Psychotick is hit several times and is destroyed.

The Rangers, in their Gosei Great Megazord, were facing down Distractor.  The Rangers had a very easy time fighting against Distractor and became suspicious. Distractor played it off.   Distractor:  "It seem you're just too incredibly powerful for me.  I'll need some reinforcements.  Phantom creatures who share my cause.  Rise and join me."  Distractor uses his ability to summon four monsters.  Two previous monsters, Psychotick and Hisser and two new monsters, Kesaran and Mummy.  Pink Ranger:  "Just like that, there's more of them!"  Psychotick, Hisser, Mummy, and Kesaran step forward and line up with Distractor.    Distractor:  "Surprise!  I summon some long lost friends, who have a burning need to fight against you.  Their anger has increased their strength by a hundred times."  Red Ranger:  "Let's take them down guys!"  All:  "Victory Charge!  Activate!"  Gosei Great Megazord prepares to strike.  All:  "Megastrike!"  But the strikes does nothing against the four monsters.  Distractor:  "Slash all you want.  You can't hurt them."  All:  "Huh?"  Soon Psychotick and the rest of the monsters have Gosei Great Megazord surrounded.  Yellow Ranger:  "This is crazy.  What's going on?"  Distractor is enjoying himself.  "You're clueless!  You Rangers are too easy to fool!"  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times.  Distractor:  "What?!  Who did that?!"  Distractor spotted a giant figure coming towards him.  Distractor:  "No!" A giant Robo Knight suddenly appears.  Robo Knight:  "Threats to the Earth must be destroyed."  Robo Knight strikes Distractor several more times with his Robo Blade.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Pink Ranger:  "No way!"  Yellow Ranger:  "He has a giant form too!"  Robo Knight:  "He is trying to trick you.  The monsters he created are only illusions."  Robo Knight continued his fight against Distractor and knocked him to the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  They're not real."  Black Ranger:  "Watch this!"  Gosei Great Megazord tried once more to strike the monsters, but it's sword simply went through them.  Blue Ranger:  "So they're fake, but why?"  Gosei Great Megazord continued to strike the monsters with no success.  Robo Knight:  "Time for me to bring you back down to Earth!"  Robo Knight struck Distractor hard enough with his Robo Blade that Distractor ended up in the woods and back down to normal size.  Robo Knight returns to normal size as well.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and Robo Knight informed them that Distractor was keeping them busy and away from the Wild Sword.  The Rangers went after the Wild Sword and were tricked by Vrak, who ended up with the Wild Sword.  Soon the Rangers are facing down Vrak and Distractor once more.  Vrak decides to test out the sword by powering up Distractor.  Distractor feels powerful and summons several monsters.  Psychotick, Hisser, Mummy, and Kesaran are back once more.  Along with Skyfish and Gremlin.  As the Rangers get back up, Black Ranger comments, I'm not going to waste my time on these illusions again.  The Rangers charge towards the monsters.  The Rangers are immediately struck by the various monsters.  Distractor informs them that they are not illusions any more.  The Rangers fall to the ground.  Black Ranger is surprised.  What?!  Hisser blasts Black Ranger with it's goo.  Electrical currents run through Black Ranger and he falls to the ground.  The Rangers race over to his side.  Yellow Ranger asks, what is going on?  I thought they were holograms.  Distractor responds, thanks to the Wild Sword's power, now they can attack.  Psychotick and the rest of the monsters charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers get back up and have their mega weapons ready as they charge towards the monsters.  Red Ranger fights Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger fights Gremlin with her Tiger Claw.  Gremlin and Hisser are knocked to the ground, but they quickly get back up and strike Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard.  Pink Ranger is fighting Skyfish with her Phoenix Shot.  Skyfish disappears and then reappears behind her.  Skyfish strikes Pink Ranger.  Blue Ranger fights Kesaran with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger fires several shots at Kesaran.  But it doesn't stop Kesaran from striking Blue Ranger.  Robo Knight fights Psychotick with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  But it does nothing and Psychotick shoots it's energy at Robo Knight and hits him hard.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger ponders that no matter how hard they hit them, the monsters keep bouncing back.  Mummy knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers are knocked to the ground as well.  Only Robo Knight remains standing.  Distractor stretches out it's arms and attacks the Rangers as well.  Vrak walks up to stand beside the monsters.  He tells them it's time for you all to get a reality check you won't forget.  Courtesy of my Wild Sword.  Vrak is ready to fire but Wild Sword begins to resist once more.  Vrak has a hard time keeping his hand on it.  Vrak shocks the sword.  But this time it doesn't work and Wild Sword is out of control as Vrak spins around and Wild Sword blasts away.  The blasts knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Vrak walks up to the fallen Rangers, followed by the monsters.  Vrak comments, the sword may still be fighting back, but it's power is amazing.  And I will make it obey me!  Robo Knight asks, why would it want to obey you?  Yellow Ranger adds, you're just hurting it.  Forcing it to fight against it's wishes.  Yellow Ranger's words makes Red Ranger realize the sword is not out of control.  It just doesn't want to follow Vrak's evil commands.  The rest of the Rangers agree.  Red Ranger adds, why else would it rebel against Vrak's command to destroy the city?  The Wild Sword wants to be a force for good.  It's choosing to fight Vrak's evil plan.  Blue Ranger comments, it must want to protect the Earth too.  Black Ranger asks, but if that's true, then why do you think it resisted you?  Red Ranger doesn't know.  Maybe we have to show it we're worthy first.  Red Ranger stands up.  And that's a risk I'm willing to take.  Red Ranger drops his Dragon Sword to the ground and charges towards Wild Sword.  Vrak assumes Red Ranger has chosen his own destruction and points Wild Sword towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger grabs a hold of Wild Sword through the blast.  Red Ranger holds tightly onto Wild Sword as Vrak blasts him with it.  Vrak tells him, you are out of your mind!  Red Ranger shouts, the Wild Sword is ours Vrak!  It won't bend to your will!  Blue Ranger shouts encouragement.  Hang tough Troy!  Black Ranger shouts, don't let go bud!  Pink Ranger shouts, you can do it!  Yellow Ranger shouts, we believe in you!  Red Ranger struggles to hold onto the Wild Sword.  Red Ranger makes a telepathic connection to Wild Sword.  Red Ranger shouts out to Vrak that he is connected to the true spirit of the Wild Sword.  I know it's on our side.  Vrak gets mad and shakes Red Ranger off.  Telling him there is no way a human can connect to a sword's spirit.  Red Ranger shouts back, you're wrong Vrak!  Vrak yells stop it!  I will force it to do my bidding!  Red Ranger holds out his hand and yells, dragon spirit!  Protect the Earth!  Wild Sword breaks free of Vrak's grasp.  Gosei informs them that now they have tamed the Wild Sword, your new ultra powers are unlocked.  The time has come for you to take control of your new ultra zords.  The Rangers watch in amazement as the ultra zords fly above them.  The ultra zords line up in front of the Rangers and beams emerged from their mouths.  The Ultra Swords appear in each Ranger's hand.  Robo Knight is impressed.  Amazing.  Red Ranger notes, using these we'll be able to connect with the dragon spirit.  The Rangers open the top of their Ultra Swords and place their ultra zord inside it.  Ultra mode is activated.  Vrak is furious.  What is this?  Why didn't the Wild Sword give it's power to me?  Red Ranger replies, simple.  Because you want to destroy the Earth.  Not protect it!  Vrak proclaims he is going to get the Rangers and their new ultra zords.  Vrak shoots his power at the Rangers.  The Rangers' golden wings immediately shield them.  Vrak is surprised.  Vrak and the Rangers charge towards each other.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Vrak with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is hit hard and rolls onto the pavement.  Vrak gets back up and Black Ranger and Blue Ranger strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is knocked to the pavement once more.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and when he comes down he strikes Vrak with his Ultra Sword.  Red Ranger lands several strikes against Vrak.  Vrak ends up on the pavement once more.  Distractor steps in front of Vrak to shield him.  Distractor states, I will take over from here.  Attack!  Psychotick, Skyfish, Kesaran, Hisser, Gremlin and Mummy charge towards the Rangers.  Vrak instructs Distractor to finish them for me!  Vrak vanishes.  The Rangers fight the monsters with their Ultra Swords as Robo Knight looks on.  Robo Knight notes, these creatures are no match for the Rangers' new powers.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Ultra Sword.  Hisser sprays Black Ranger with his goo.  For a moment, Black Ranger is encased in stone.  Black Ranger breaks free.   Black Ranger laughs and comments, I rock!  Black Ranger charges towards Hisser and continues to fight him with his Ultra Sword.  Mummy uses it's power to wrap Pink Ranger tightly.  Pink Ranger breaks free.  Mummy is on fire as Pink Ranger comments, really?  You used mummy cloth against my phoenix flame.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air, spins around, and strikes Mummy with her Ultra Sword as she comes down.  Yellow Ranger battles Psychotick with her Ultra Sword.  Yellow Ranger is having a hard time until the armor's headpiece gives Psychotick a bite.  Psychotick goes flying through the air and when he comes down, Yellow Ranger hits him with her Ultra Sword, sending him flying once more.  Blue Ranger is fighting Skyfish with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger comments, you're looking a little blue, but that's not going to stop me.  Skyfish blasts Blue Ranger, but the armor protects him.  Blue Ranger comments, I think I like this new armor.  Blue Ranger turns around and his Ultra Sword stretches out and strikes Skyfish hard.  Red Ranger is fighting Kesaran and Gremlin with his Ultra Sword.  Gremlin thinks they have the advantage with two against one.  But Red Ranger fights them with ease.  The monsters tumble back towards Distractor.  Distractor is in disbelief.  This can't be.  My army is getting toasted.  The Rangers line up.  Red Ranger declares, time to finish this.  Uniting their ultra power, the Rangers used the dynamic strike against the monsters and they are destroyed.

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Ultra Power