Rotox/Rotox DX - Voiced by Mark Wright

Metal Alice had been working on a robot and was ready to present it to Vrak.  Metal Alice press a few buttons on her clipboard.    "Activate robot creation protocol."   Vrak:  "It's working."  Metal Alice:  "Activation complete."  The robot steps forward.  "I am the robot Rotox.  Ready for action."  Metal Alice:  "Show our master what you can do."  Metal Alice charges forward and strikes Rotox with her sword several times.  Rotox uses it's eye beams to sever one of Metal Alice's legs.  Metal Alice falls to the floor.  Vrak:  "Impressive."  Metal Alice:  "I'm glad my robot design pleases you Vrak.  Nothing will stop me from completing my mission."  As Metal Alice talks, her leg makes it's way back to her and reattaches itself.  Metal Alice stands back up.  Vrak:  "You are as brilliant as you are indestructible.  Begin phase one.  Let's set Rotox loose to terrorize those pathetic humans."  Vrak laughs.  Rotox arrives in the warehouse district of Harwood County.  Rotox:  "The reign of the robots has begun!"  The teens quickly arrive at the warehouse district as terrified workers run pass them.  Jake:  "What kind of monster is that?"  Noah:  "That's not a monster, that's a robot."  Troy:  "Either way, it's morphin time!"  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Rotox:  "Power Rangers, huh?  Let me show you how I roll!"  Rotox compresses his body into a circular shape.  Rotox:  "Time to peel out!"  Rotox rolls towards the Rangers.  Rotox hits the Rangers several times.  Rotox:  "What a blast!"  Rotox blasts the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet and fly into a warehouse.  Rotox appears in the doorway.  Rotox:  "Human beings really are weak!  You'll never break through my defenses.  Grabber beam!"  Rotox uses his grabber beam and moves several objects into the air, which then transforms into a shield.  All:  "Megaforce Blasters!"  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters at Rotox.  The shield protects him from the blasts.  Rotox:  "Not a scratch!"  Black Ranger:  "What?!"  Pink Ranger:  "How?"  Rotox:  "My shield protects me.  But nothing can protect you from my shield!"  Rotox tosses his shield at the Rangers.  It hits them hard and they are knocked to the floor.  The shield returns to Rotox.  Yellow Ranger:  "No way!"  Robo Knight arrives and points his Robo Blaster at Rotox.  "Stop right there!"  Rotox:  "Another Ranger?"  Robo Knight:  "Wait.  No life signs.  What are you?  Are you a me?"  Red Ranger:  "He's not like you Robo Knight!  He's evil!"   Rotox:  "Oh so you're the Robo Knight.  I've been wanting to meet you."  Rotox fires at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight manages to block the blasts.  Rotox uses his eyes beams and hits Robo Knight hard.  Robo Knight is knocked off his feet and flies backwards, hits a car, sending the car and himself spinning.  Black Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight slams into the pavement and the car lands on top of him. Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Hang on!"  The Rangers get up and start to run over to Robo Knight.  Rotox:  "Where do you think you're going?!"  Rotox releases chains that wraps around the Rangers and stops them.  Rotox:  "Grabber beam!"  The grabber beam strikes the Rangers, lifts them off the pavement and flings them outside.  Still tightly bounded up in chains, Red Ranger tries desperately to make contact with Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight, are you okay?"  Rotox walks up to Red Ranger.  Rotox:  "Concern for your friend.  Another pathetic human weakness."  Rotox stomps on Red Ranger's chest.  Rotox:  "You'd be wiser to worry about your own fate!"  Rotox drags Red Ranger up and then tosses him into a stack of barrels.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger manage to get up.  Yellow Ranger & Black Ranger:  "Mega weapons!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax break the chains on Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charge towards Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger try to strike Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax, but Rotox blocks the move with his shield.  Rotox:  "Nice try!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger fight Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  It doesn't take long for Rotox to knock Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger off their feet.  They land hard on the pavement.  Black Ranger:  "Noah!  Hang on!"  Black Ranger races over to Blue Ranger.  Black Ranger releases the chains on Blue Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger releases the chains from Pink Ranger with her Tiger Claw.  Rotox:  "Do your worst!"  Red Ranger suddenly leaps out from behind the barrels and lands a hard kick on Rotox.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  Red Ranger lands close to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger run over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "Hold still."  Black Ranger breaks the chains on Red Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Rotox gets back up.  "Impressive stunt but you won't get so lucky a second time."  Pink Ranger:  "It's not about luck.  It's about protecting the Earth."  Yellow Ranger:  "It's our duty to protect this planet from creeps like you."  Rotox:  "Rubbish!"  Blue Ranger:  "We believe in our mission and that belief is what makes us strong."  Black Ranger:  "Strong enough to send your tin butt to the recycling bin."  Red Ranger:  "When you plot against the Earth or it's people, you have to deal with us!  The Power Rangers!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode Morph!"  All:  "Ultra Mode Ready!  Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!  Megaforce Ultra Mode!"  Rotox:  "What nonsense is this?"  Blue Ranger charged towards Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger:  "You're an impressive machine.  Too bad I have to turn you into scrap metal!"  Blue Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Black Ranger leaps into the air.  Black Ranger:  "Your fate is not up in the air.  You're headed for the junk yard!"  Black Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Rotox:  "No!  Stop!  It can't end like this!"  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger face Rotox.  Pink Ranger:  "Sorry robot.  You picked the wrong planet and wrong people to mess with."  Rotox:  "Get beat by girls!  No way!"  Rotox released his chains and they tried to wrap around Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger beat the chains away with their Ultra Swords.  Yellow Ranger:  "You ready to take him down Emma?"  Pink Ranger:  "You bet!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger charge towards Rotox and strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Red Ranger arrives.  Rotox:  "You again!  I'll cut you down where you stand!"  Rotox tosses his shield towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "That's some shield!  But let's put a positive spin on this!"  Red Ranger jumps on top of the shield and breaks it.  Rotox:  "My shield!"  All:  "Gosei Ultra Zord!  Activate!  Ultra Gosei Dynamic Activate"  Gosei:  "Ultra Zord Ready!"  All:  "Ultra Strike!"   Rotox breaks apart and falls to the pavement.  The remains of Rotox are taken back to the Underwater Lab.  Metal Alice works on repairing and upgrading Rotox.  Eventually he is completed.  Rotox DX:  "I'm repaired, upgraded and ready for action!"  Vrak:  "Excellent!  How I envy your immortality.  Go!  Wreck havoc in the city!"  Rotox DX:  "At your command sir."  Rotox DX leaves.  Metal Alice decides to follow him out.  Rotox DX immediately fires at the buildings in the civic center.  Soon the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger:  "Hey, isn't that..."  Pink Ranger:  "the same guy?"  Black Ranger:  "Sure looks like him.  Unless I'm seeing things."  Metal Alice walks out, surprising them.  Metal Alice:  "Your confusion is understandable."  But this is the new and improved model of the robot you faced this morning.  This is Rotox DX. 

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The Human Factor

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