Scaraba The Rock Beetle - Voiced by Anthony Ray Parker

Scaraba The Rock Beetle was on the Warstar spaceship.  Admiral Malkor had already sent down several Loogies to begin the attack on Earth.  But unfortunately the Megaforce Power Rangers arrive and the Loogies were being beaten.  Creepox and Vrak, along with Admiral Malkor, had been watching the battle.  Vrak had suggested they send down a more challenging monster.  Admiral Malkor liked the idea.  Admiral Malkor:  "Scaraba, the Rock Beetle, I summon you to battle!"  Scaraba steps into the room.  Scaraba:  "Reporting to duty sir.  There's no thug like a bug!  I'll show those hopelessly heroic humans insect power like they have never seen before!"  Within a few moments, Scaraba was down in Harwood Country, on top of a rolling boulder.  The citizens were scare and run terrified.  This amused Scaraba.  Scaraba:  "Run humans!  Run!"  Soon the Megaforce Power Rangers arrived.  Black Ranger:  "Hey monster!"  Scaraba:  "You mean me?!"  Black Ranger:  "Leave those folks alone!"  Red Ranger:  "You can scare them, but we're not afraid."  Scaraba:  "So much for rock and roll.  Attack!"  Several Loogies appeared.  Red Ranger:  "We'll protect the Earth, no matter what it takes!"  All Megaforce Rangers:  "Power Rangers Megaforce!"  Scaraba:  "You really want to fight, then fine!  Loogies attack!"  Gosei voice's came over the Rangers morphers.  Gosei:  "Rangers, it is time to call on your Mega Blasters!"  Black Ranger:  "Troy, let's to it!"  Red Ranger:  "Good call."  All Megaforce Rangers:  "Mega Blaster!  Activate!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Okay, let's fry these Loogies"  Red Ranger:  "It's on!"  The Loogies and the Rangers raced towards each other and battled each other.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Blast!"  Black Ranger is fighting another group of Loogies.  Black Ranger then fires his Mega Blaster at the Loogies using the snake blast attack.  Yellow Ranger is in the midst of battling yet another group of Loogies.  She leaps into the air and fires her Mega Blaster.  Her attack is the tiger blast.  Pink Ranger leaps off a building as she battles her group of Loogies.  As she flies through the air, she fires her Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  Her Mega Blaster uses the phoenix attack.  Red Ranger leaps off the top of another building.  He lands safely on the ground and fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies charging at him.  He also fires at several Loogies on top of a building, knocking them down.  He uses the dragon attack with his Mega Blaster.  After defeating all the Loogies, the Rangers gather together.  Scaraba tells the Rangers he is going to crush them.  He rolls his big boulder towards them.  Red Ranger commands the rest of the Rangers to take out that ball!  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters and the boulder is destroyed, knocking Scaraba to the ground.  Scaraba gets up and he is very angry.  In the middle of his stomach is a grinder.  Scaraba grinds up several rocks and shoots them out at the Rangers.  The Rangers blast the rocks away with their Mega Blasters.  This makes Scaraba even more angry.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's call on the mega weapons.  The Rangers pull out their morphers and insert a different set of Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their weapons.  The mega weapons appear.  Scaraba gloats, I have fancy attacks too!  In his hands appear glowing rocks which he throws at the Rangers.  Out of the smoke, flies Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  They hit Scaraba with a sky strike, using their weapons.  Yellow Ranger cheers, that's how you do it!  Yellow Ranger charges in with her weapon, quickly followed by Black Ranger.  Scaraba shoots lasers out of his eyes, but Yellow Ranger is able to block it with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger leaps towards Scaraba with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger strikes Scaraba with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger follows through with her Tiger Claw.  Blue Ranger charges in with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps over Scaraba, firing his Shark Bowgun as he goes by.  The Rangers gather together once more.  Red Ranger declares, time to show true mega power.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Scaraba and destroy him. 

Mega Mission