Shadow Serpent - Voiced by Adam Gardiner

Shadow Serpent was content to stay beneath the waters of a lake close to Harwood County.  Shadow Serpent could hear Bigs on the surface.  Bigs:  "Shadow Serpent!  Hear me and appear!  It is I, a fellow mutant, with a present for you."  Slowly, Shadow Serpent emerged from beneath the waters of the lake, but he's not happy.  Shadow Serpent:  "Who dares to disturb me?!  Wait, what's this about a present?"  Bigs:  "It's the greatest gift of all.  Us mutants have joined forces with aliens and together we'll finally take over the world!"  Shadow Serpent liked the idea.  Shadow Serpent:  "I must wait for sunshine.  Then I can steal people's shadows and all my victims will be frozen in place forever!"  Morning arrived.  Shadow Serpent emerged from the lake.  Shadow Serpent:  "At last!  The sun's out!"  Bigs and Shadow Serpent faced each other.  Bigs:  "Yes.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.  Just not for the humans."  Shadow Serpent laughed.  "You got that right!  I'll gobble up the human shadows and then they'll be freeze dried on the spot."  Bigs:  "Wonderful.  And be sure to fight Robo Knight to see if you can find his weakness.  With luck, the Rangers will get in your way and you can gobble up their life force too!"   Shadow Serpent headed into Harwood County.  He stayed hidden as he watched and overheard a conversation between a construction worker and a hot dog vendor.  Shadow Serpent:  "Who wants a hot dog, when you can eat shadows!"  Shadow Serpent released his tongue and it grab their shadows.  The construction worker and hot dog vendor were frozen on the spot.  Shadow Serpent:  "Yum!"  Shadow Serpent laughs and continues on his way.  Shadow Serpent reaches Roth park where he watches a young family enjoying their day.  Mom:  "Who's hungry for lunch?"  Shadow Serpent is hidden once more.  Shadow Serpent:  "I am!"  Once more, Shadow Serpent releases it's tongue and eats the mom and dad's shadows.  Shadow Serpent:  "Delicious!  You stay right there.  Don't move until I give back your shadows, which will be never!"  Shadow Serpent laughed as he walked away.  Shadow Serpent was in another area of the park when he spotted Robo Knight.  Shadow Serpent hid as he watched and listened to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "Scanning for hostiles."  Laughing, Shadow Serpent stepped out from behind a tree.  Shadow Serpent:  "Let me make it easy for you tin can.  I'm Shadow Serpent.  The monster you're looking for."  Robo Knight:  "What are you?  A giant snail?"  Shadow Serpent:  "I'm a serpent!  Wow!  I think the guys who hired me overestimated you."  Robo Knight:  "Explain what you mean."  Shadow Serpent:  "I'm not here to just cobble up human shadows.  They think you're something special, but I don't see anything special about you."  Robo Knight:  "Both your missions will fail monster.  I'll defeat you from here where I have no shadow for you to steal."  Shadow Serpent:  "Ha!  I'll make you move!"  Shadow Serpent released it's tongue and Robo Knight quickly jumped out of the way.  Shadow Serpent laughs.  The rest of the Rangers come running up.  Red Ranger:  "Hold it right there monster!"  Robo Knight:  "Stop.  Go back into the shade or he will eat your shadows."  The Rangers took a few steps backwards.  Black Ranger:  "Fine.  We'll stay a stone's throw away."  Black Ranger pulled out a power card.  "Rock rush card!  Activate!"  Two large rocks went flying towards Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent:  "Let's play rock, paper, shadow!"  Shadow Serpent's tongue quickly gobble up the rocks' shadows and they fell to the ground.  Red Ranger grabbed a hold of Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Let's head for the shade!"  Shadow Serpent:  "Ha!  Too late!"  Shadow Serpent whips his tail at the five Rangers.  They were hit hard and fell to the ground.  Shadow Serpent stepped closer.  "Time for another tongue lashing."  The Rangers quickly got back up and tried to avoid being hit by Shadow Serpent's tongue.  Red Ranger:  "Quick!  Under that tree!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Right!"  The five Rangers raced towards the tree. Shadow Serpent is pleased.  Excellent.  Bunch up like that, I can take you down with one strike.  Shadow Serpent uses it's tail and strikes the five Rangers beneath the tree.  The five Rangers hit the ground once more.  Robo Knight steps forward with his Robo Blaster.  Target located.  Red Ranger gets up and grabs a hold of Shadow Serpent.  He has his Dragon Sword at the ready.  Red Ranger tells his team to find more shade where you can.  Robo Knight wants Red Ranger to move, so he can fire at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent tells Red Ranger to get off of me!  Shadow Serpent shakes Red Ranger off.  He lands close to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells Red Ranger, you interfered.  The monster was in my sights and you jump in the way.  It's gets cloudy.  Shadow Serpent comments, too bad.  The sun's away, so no more play.  But next time I'll eat you for breakfast.  Shadow Serpent vanishes.  Later that day, Shadow Serpent and Bigs are standing at the edge of the lake.  Shadow Serpent can't believe Vrak came from across the universe to destroy the Rangers.  Bigs corrects him.  No, he plans to take over the Earth.  But first he has to deranger the place.  Shadow Serpent tells Bigs, they're not so tough.  I would have taken them down today if those clouds hadn't shown up.  The real one to watch out for is Robo Knight.  But I'll make a meal out of him too.  Bigs laughs.  Vrak and Bluefur walk up.  Vrak reminds them that Creepox underestimate the Rangers and that lead to his demise.  Don't make the same mistake.  These humans have a remarkable ability to adapt and learn.  Shadow Serpent tells Vrak, they sure didn't do that today.  You'll see.  When the sun comes out, everything casts a shadow.  They can't escape that.  Bluefur warns Shadow Serpent to listen to the boss.  Don't get too confident or they'll get you.  Vrak adds, whatever they did today, tomorrow they'll do something smarter.  You have to stop them before they have the chance to outsmart you.  Shadow Serpent blows off what Vrak is telling him.  Your lack of confidence is starting to hurt my feelings.  I'm not some lump lox like Creepox.  I've got special skills.  Rest assured, I'll get them.  Tomorrow.  Bluefur adds, my forecast for tomorrow is it's going to be a very nice day.  With lots of sunshine.  Bluefur laughs.  The next day, Shadow Serpent spots a train that he figures will make a good target and perfect Ranger bait.  I'll cobble up the shadows of everyone onboard.  What a breakfast! 

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