Virox - Voiced by Kevin Harty

Virox was sent down to Harwood County by Vrak.  Virox's sneezes were a virus that transform people into "Loogies".  Virox also had a deadly virus/fireball combination that he could fire.  His weak spot was his chest, but he wisely kept that covered during his battles.  Virox was standing on top of a building in Harwood County.  No one saw him.  Virox:  "Ah yeah!  Achoo!"  The slime from Virox's sneeze landed on the people below.  Virox:  "And so it begins.  My sneeze will rain down on these humans and infect all of them.  Soon all of humanity will be my minions." think of something."  Meanwhile, Virox went to another area to spread his virus.  He was about to fire on a woman when Blue Ranger leaped in.  Blue Ranger:  "No!"  Blue Ranger picked up the woman and put her somewhere safe.  Blue Ranger faced down Virox.  Blue Ranger:  "You shouldn't attack innocent people!"  Virox:  "Nobody intervenes with my copious sludge gunk."  Blue Ranger:  "Alright, then talk's over."  Blue Ranger fired his Shark Bowgun, but Virox protected himself against the blast.  Virox:  "You dare to shoot at Virox.  Wait till I get my slime on you!"  Before Virox could do anything, he was struck in another direction and knocked to the ground.  It is Black Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger:  "What?  Jake!"  Black Ranger:  "Nobody attacks my friend!"  Black Ranger is ready to leap into battle, but Blue Ranger thinks they need a plan.  Black Ranger:  "What's our move?"  Virox gets back up.  Virox:  "Your move is to go down in flames!"  Virox faces down Blue Ranger and Black Ranger.  Virox:  "You two are a headache!"  Virox blasts them and then vanishes.  Unfortunately, Virox runs into Black Ranger and Blue Ranger again.  Virox:  "Not you two again!"  Black Ranger:  "You're the virus and we're the cure.  Snake Ax!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon Battle Gear!"  Black Ranger charges into battle.  Blue Ranger:  "I'll follow your lead!"  Black Ranger, with his Snake Ax, and Blue Ranger charge towards Virox.  Soon the two Rangers are fighting Virox.  Virox strikes Blue Ranger and sends him flying.  Blue Ranger hits the ground hard.  Black Ranger:  "Noah!"  Black Ranger continues to fight Virox with his Snake Ax.  Virox:  "I take the word virus as a compliment.  I was just setting you up."  Virox blasts Black Ranger with a fire ball.  Black Ranger goes flying, dropping his Snake Ax as he lands on the ground.  Virox:  "Now to finish you off!"  Instead Virox is fired on from behind.  It's Blue Ranger with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger:  "In your dreams."  Blue Ranger goes over to Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "You okay?"  Black Ranger:  "Yeah.  Check it out.  His weak spot is his chest."   Blue Ranger runs towards Virox, firing his Shark Bowgun.  Virox turns his back and deflects the blows.  Virox:  "That crossbow can't even dent my armor!"  Virox fires several fire balls at Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "My Shark Bowgun is not working.  I need Jake's Snake Ax."  Blue Ranger struggles to pick up the Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger:  "It's too heavy."  Black Ranger:  "You can do it Noah.  Believe in yourself."  Blue Ranger:  " me.  Really?  Can I do this?"  Black Ranger:  "Come on buddy!"  Blue Ranger tries to get up.  Blue Ranger:  "I got to try."  Virox laughs.  He tosses the Shark Bowgun into the air and lifts up the Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger charges towards Virox with the Snake Ax.  Virox fires more fireballs, but Blue Ranger blocks them with the Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger tries to strike Virox, but Virox knocks the Snake Ax away.  Blue Ranger spins around and then strikes Virox.  Blue Ranger tosses aside the Snake Ax as the Shark Bowgun falls into his hands.  Virox:  "What?"  Blue Ranger:  "This is what we humans can do when we believe in ourselves."  Blue Ranger fires at Virox with his Shark Bowgun.  Virox is knocked to the ground.  Black Ranger runs up.  Black Ranger:  "Not the hero type, huh?"  Black Ranger chuckles.  Black Ranger:  "You're a natural.  Come on, we need to finish this guy off so we can go help the others."  Virox gets back up, but is suddenly fired on and knocked back down.  It's Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger with their weapons.  Pink Ranger:  "Bulls eye!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger run over to the three Rangers.  Blue Ranger:  "Nice timing guys, but what about the "Loogies"?  Pink Ranger:  "Quarantine."  Red Ranger:  "Just as you suggested.  We used our Power Cards to round them up."  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Twist Tornado!"  Pink Ranger:  "Yeah, we were able to put them somewhere safe.  Nice going Noah."  Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah, you really kicked it with that ax.  But this sicko won't stay down.  Let's finish him."  Virox had gotten back up.  Red Ranger:  "Fury of the dragon!  Megaforce Red!"  Pink Ranger:  "Flames of the phoenix!  Megaforce Pink!"  Black Ranger:  "Venom of the snake!  Megaforce Black!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Claw of the tiger!"  Megaforce Yellow!"  Blue Ranger:  "Bite of the shark!  Megaforce Blue!"  Blue Ranger:  "Jake, I'm ready."  Black Ranger:  "I know you are."  All Rangers:  "Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!"  Virox:  "I'm going to force fed you some gooey virus!"  Virox shoots out another fire/slime ball combination.  The Rangers leap out of the way.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the air with their weapons.  Blue Ranger:  "Aim for his torso!"  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger strike at Virox with their weapons.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charge at Virox with their weapons.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Black Ranger strikes Virox with his weapon.  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Yellow Ranger quickly strikes Virox with her weapon.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Sword and strikes Virox.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Virox hits the ground.  Blue Ranger hurries over to the rest of the Rangers.  Blue Ranger:  "Guys, let's combine all weapons."  All Rangers:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!  Energize!"  Virox gets back up.  Red Ranger:  "Megaforce Blaster Ready!"  All Rangers:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  The Rangers fire Megaforce Blaster.  It hits Virox hard and he is defeated.  With Virox's defeat, the spell is broken and the "Loogies" are transformed back into people.  Blue Ranger uses the Snake Ax to free the people.   

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