Yuffo - Voiced by Joel Tobeck

Yuffo is a scientist.  Yuffo's body is composed of flying saucers.  He can break apart into saucers at will.  He has numerous attacks at his command and deflect attacks by simply blocking them with his head.  Admiral Malkor:  "Yuffo!"  Yuffo entered the room.  Admiral Malkor:  "I have need of your scientific skills."  Yuffo:  "An honor sir.  How can Yuffo serve you?"  Admiral Malkor:  "I want to find the humans weakness."  Yuffo:  "Your wish is my command, master.  Of course, I'll need some humans to experiment on."  Admiral Malkor:  "Then capture them.  As many as you need."  Breaking apart into several flying saucers, Yuffo went into Harwood County to select some specimens.  With the help of Loogies rounding up the humans, Yuffo was able to drop several nets and carry off the specimens to the beach.  The nets were dropped down and the people were terrified.  Yuffo laughed at their fear.  Yuffo:  "Silly humans.  Time to start my experiments."  Eventually all the noise the people were making were starting to bother Yuffo.  Yuffo:    "Oh stop all that crying.  We're doing this for science!"  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from behind.  Yuffo:  "Hey!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger blast!"  The two Rangers fired at Yuffo.  Yuffo tipped his head forward and the helmet on his head deflected the blasts.  Yuffo:  "Mega Rangers, you're the perfect specimens for my research program."  Black Ranger:  "Let those people go!"  Yuffo:  "I'm really very sorry, but I cannot allow you to interfere with my experiments unless you're willing to join these volunteers."  Yellow Ranger:  "That would be a no.  I'm very sorry but this experiment is over."  Yuffo:  "Loogies!"  Several Loogies appeared.  Yuffo:  "In the name of science!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger raced forward and battled the Loogies with their Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  Yuffo was not worried.  Yuffo:  "Capture those two human samples and put them with the others.  I'm going to collect some more."  Yuffo broke apart and flew away.  When Yuffo returned to the beach, he was thrilled to see another Power Ranger.  Yuffo:  "What a magnificent sight!  Three Power Rangers!  What luck!  Let's start my experiment right now!"  Yuffo lowered his head and blasted the three Rangers.  The three Rangers went flying.  Yuffo:  "Vulnerable to protons blast."  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from the side and was knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "We don't let injuries stop us!"  Pink Ranger leaped over to three Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Thanks Emma!"  Pink Ranger helped Red Ranger up.  Red Ranger:  "He keeps talking about some experiment."  Once on their feet, the four Rangers fought the Loogies.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger battled the Loogies with their Mega Blasters while Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger used their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "He thinks he's a scientist."  Pink Ranger:  "I get it.  He wants to see what makes us tick and he's going to start on those people over there.  Probably wants to see what weapons work best on humans."  Red Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  The four Rangers were doing well against the Loogies.  Yuffo:  "More Loogies!  Restrain those specimens!"  More Loogies charged towards the four Rangers.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  The four Rangers battled and destroyed the Loogies with their weapons.  Yuffo:  "Saucer wave!"  Several small saucers shot out of Yuffo and struck the four Rangers.  The four Rangers were knocked to the ground.  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Excellent!  Kinetic attacks are proving highly effective and fatigue enhances their effect.  What next?  Perhaps we'll test their resistance to fire!"  Yuffo tilted his head and fire shot out, knocking the four Rangers off their feet once more.  Yuffo:  "Incendiary attacks extremely effective.  At this rate, destroying the human race will be child's play."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "We need help!"  Blue Ranger:  "I've got a shot for you!  Shark Bowgun!"  Yuffo was hit several times with the Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger landed by the rest of the Rangers as they got back on their feet.  Blue Ranger:  "See Jake, I told you flying saucers were real."  Black Ranger:  "If we live through this, I will never doubt you again."  Yellow Ranger:  "Sorry to spoil the bromance guys, but I think it's time to take this guy down!"  Red Ranger:  "Gia's right!"  

He Blasted Me With Science

Yuffo In Saucer Form



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