Antberry - Voiced by Barnie Duncan

Antberry went around Panorama City stealing children's favorite toys.  He had a full cart as he walked into the woods and through the barriers Octoroo set up.  Several Moogers were with him.  Antberry:  Trail of tears express coming through!  Antberry laughs.  That night Antberry continued stealing toys.  He entered the Clubhouse.  Bulk and Spike were sound asleep.  Antberry spotted the panda sitting on the shelf.  Antberry:  Oh boy!  This bear is their favorite toy!  Antberry grabs the toy.  On the way out, Bulk moves, and Antberry trips and falls on the floor.  Antberry:  Clumsy fool!  Spike moved and his hand landed on Antberry's face.  Antberry:  Your fingers are up my nose!  Antberry took Spike's hand and dropped it on his face.  Spike:  Why is your hand on my face Uncle Bulk?  Antberry grabs the bear and leaves.  The next morning, in the woods, more toys are being added to the pile.  Octoroo:  27, 28, 29, 30.  We got enough.  Antberry:  Trashing toys will definitely cause some sorrow.  Octoroo:  It's brilliant.  By tossing exactly 30 beloved toys in the well, the sorrow it causes will make the river rise once again and fill the well.  You must chop up the toys with this.  Octoroo holds up an ax.  Octoroo:  Its made from Sanzu River bedrock.  Before it dried up, the well was the Nighloks' main portal.  Antberry:  Thirty whacks with the ax.  Octoroo was aware that Antonio and Kevin were hiding behind a boulder.  Octoroo:  Come out, come out, wherever you are!  Kevin and Antonio step out and Octoroo blasts them with his staff.  They quickly dived behind the boulder.  Kevin:  Go Go Samurai!  Antonio:  Samurai Morpher!  Gold Power!  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger faced them with their weapons drawn.  Octoroo:  I'm sort of impressed.  You found this place even with my secret barriers up.  Gold Ranger:  Barriers?  That's what's jammed our signals.  Blue Ranger:  Who are you?  You're not just any Nighlok!  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, I'm Octoroo.  The brains behind Master Xandred and the one who'll finally destroy you.  Ready Antberry?  Antberry:  Time to enjoy my new toy!  Antberry charges at the two with his ax.  Gold Ranger:  Oh no you don't!  Antberry:  Sanzu Slime!  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger are covered in goo and can't hold onto their weapons.  Gold Ranger:  My blade is as slippery as an eel.  Blue Ranger drops his Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger:  Man, I can't keep a hold of it.  It's too slimy.  Antberry:  Your weapons are worthless, like you!  Gold Ranger had dropped his Barracuda Blade and is trying to pick it up.  Blue Ranger:  Forget your sword Antonio.  We got to take it to this this slime ball!  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger run towards Antberry.  Antberry battles the two Rangers with ease.  Blue Ranger:  Whoa, he's slippery too!  Not good.  Antberry:  Sucker punch!  Antberry hits Blue Ranger hard enough to knock him to the ground.  Gold Ranger:  Hey, you slimy punk!  Gold Ranger leaps towards Antberry and grabs a hold of him.  Antberry slips out of his grasp.  Antberry:  Another slip up!  Gold Ranger lands by Blue Ranger.  Octoroo:  Mind if I cut in?  Octoroo blasts the two Rangers with his staff and they fly far off into the distance.  Octoroo:  Alright Moogers, go finish those pests off.  Several Moogers take off.  Octoroo:  While they're doing that, Antberry you start chopping up those toys.  Antberry holds up his ax, covered in slime.  Antberry:  But my ax is too dull to do it.  All that slime messed up it's sharp edge.  See?  Octoroo is not happy.  Octoroo:  Resharpen it and chop those toys!  Antberry:  I'm on it boss.  Antberry sharpens his ax as several Moogers lay around.  Octoroo becomes impatient.  Octoroo:  How much longer are you going to sharpen that ax of yours?  You're as slow as sludge!  Hurry up or you'll be going down that well instead of those toys.  After awhile, Antberry is done.  Antberry:  That ought do it!  Finally it's done!  Antberry laughs.  Octoroo:  Start with the coolest toy.  Give it to him.  A Mooger picks up a toy and stands in front of Antberry.  Antberry:  Cool, a bike!  Octoroo:  Get going, time's a wasting.  Antberry:  Watch me turn this bike into a chopped up chopper.  Suddenly Dragon Folding Zord attacks Antberry, knocking the ax out of his hands.  Blue Ranger:  Not so fast Nighlok!  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger arrive.  The ax falls into the well.  Octoroo runs over to well, but he is too late to catch it.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, not the ax!  They've ruined everything!  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger battle the Moogers with their weapons as Antberry and Octoroo slip away.  But soon they are facing the two Rangers.  Octoroo:  There they are!  You two just destroyed my favorite toy.  Antberry:  Now it's time to destroy you!  Gold Ranger:  Bring it on slime ball!  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger charge towards Antberry.  Antberry:  Sanzu Slime!  Earlier Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger had tied their weapons to their wrists to keep them from slipping off.  Gold Ranger:  It's still working.  Antberry:  Even if you can hold your weapons, you can't slip away from me.  Antberry battles the two Rangers and eventually knocks them to the ground.  Antberry:  Ha!  Got you flat!  I don't need slime to beat you!  Antberry starts to charge towards the fallen Rangers when Antberry and Octoroo is struck with a blazing strike and knocked to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers have arrived.  Red Ranger warns the Nighlok to back off.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger get up.  Blue Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger confirms they knew Kevin's routine and he knew we would come looking.  Gold Ranger tells them it's time to take these guys out for good.  The rest of the Rangers join Gold Ranger.  Octoroo shouts out, later Rangers!  Time to slip through a gap.  Antberry is surprised that Octoroo is leaving.  Octoroo tells Antberry that the Red Ranger is going to fry your booty.  Octoroo leaves.  Antberry tells the Rangers, Octoroo is worthless and weak.  But I am not scared of you.  Blue Ranger warns Jayden to watch out for his slime.  Antberry prepares to blast them with more slime.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger used their Spin Swords to block the slime.  The rest of the Rangers charge towards Antberry and strike him with their weapons.  Antberry is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger charge towards Antberry as he gets back up.  They strike him with their weapons, knocking him into the well.  The well blows up.  Within a few moments, Antberry is back and giant size.  The Rangers go into mega mode power and the zords are summon.  The Rangers enter their zords.   Samurai Megazord is formed.  Blue Ranger asks Gold Ranger to join them.  Gold Ranger replies, with pleasure.  Octospear Megazord is formed.  Octospear Megazord and Antberry battle.  Octospear Megazord knocks Antberry's weapon out of his hands.  Antberry uses his Sanzu slime against Octospear Megazord.  Octozord slips off of the Megazord and lands in Antberry's arms.  Antberry laughs at them.  Gold Ranger yells, hey, hands off my Octozord!  Gold Ranger instructs Octozord to use it's ink cloud, which it does.  Octozord is able to break free and rejoin the Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Antberry.  Antberry freezes up.  Octospear Megazord summons it's electric spear.  Octospear Megazord strikes Antberry with it's electric spear.  Antberry is destroyed.  After the battle, the teens anonymously returned the stolen toys to the children.

The Blue And The Gold