Arachnitor - Voiced by Simon McKinney

Arachnitor had a spider like head on top and another head on his chest.  He had sharp claws on his arms (six) and feet.  Arachnitor had the ability to shoot webbing out of his mouth.  Arachnitor had heard that Master Xandred was indispose at the moment and went to ship to investigate.  He overhear Octoroo's worries that some despicable and conniving Nighlok might come around.  Octoroo turned and around and faced the claw of Arachnitor's arm.  Arachnitor:  "Despicable and conniving?"  Octoroo:  "Arachnitor, I didn't mean you.  I meant someone really despicable and conniving.  What are you doing here anyways?  Not that's it not great to see you and everything."  Arachnitor:  "I heard Master Xandred was tied up.  Now I see that it's true."  Octoroo:  "Oh, yeah, pretty much."  Arachnitor:  "Then this would be an excellent opportunity for some bold and ambitious Nighlok to seize his throne....with your help."  Arachnitor placed his claw in front of Octoroo's face once more.  Octoroo cautiously distanced himself from the blade.  Octoroo:  "With my help?"  Arachnitor:  "What do you say?"  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh!  You really had me going there Arachnitor."  Octoroo laughed nervously.  Octoroo:  "I mean even in the state he is now, no one can beat the Master in a fight."  Arachnitor:  "Of course not.  We both know Xandred can't be beaten.  But he can be sealed away."  Arachnitor laughs.  Octoroo agreed to help him.  Jayden, Emily, Mia, Kevin, and Mike headed off to the Tengen Gate and meet with Daisuke.  While they sat and talked, Octoroo, unseen, poisoned the tea.  Meanwhile, Arachnitor and several Moogers arrived in the large forest just outside of the Tengen Gate.  Arachnitor:  "My senses tell me the Rangers are nearby.  They practically reek of goodness.  Come!"  Arachnitor leads the Moogers through the forest.  Arachnitor:  "It's time to find the Red Ranger and force that sealing symbol out of him!"  After awhile, Arachnitor and the Moogers arrived just outside of Tengen Gate.  Arachnitor:  "The Tengen Gate, symbol of Nighlok defeat.  Now the site of my triumph!"  Arachnitor laughed as the walked under the Tengen Gate with the Moogers close behind him.  The Moogers quickly attacked the guardians of the Tengen Gate in the garden.  Inside the building, Jayden had been the first to drink the tea and he was able to warn his friends.  Soon, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger appeared in the garden.  Arachnitor was waiting and ready.  Blue Ranger:  "Nighlok!"  Arachnitor:  "Only four of you.  My little scheme must have worked."  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger:  "Go Go Samurai!"  The four Rangers ran towards the Moogers and battled them with their Spin Swords.  But it was soon too much.  Pink Ranger:  "I'm calling Antonio for backup.  Antonio!"  Soon the battle moved out into the forest.  Arachnitor was missing, but only for a moment.  He soon appeared and battled Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Arachnitor knocked them to the ground.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger quickly get back up and charge towards Arachnitor with their Spin Swords drawn.  Before they can strike, Arachnitor leaps out of the way and strikes them from behind.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger have a hard time keeping up with Arachnitor's swift moves.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger are knocked down to the ground once more.  Arachnitor:  "I'm not even breaking a sweat."  Pink Ranger:  "Let's try that again."  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger got back up.  Arachnitor:  "Let's not!"  Arachnitor shot webbing out of his mouth and it encircled Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  They were unable to break free.  Arachnitor:  "Sticky situation you're in, huh?"  Blue Ranger leaps in and breaks the webbing with his Hydro Bow.  Blue Ranger stands protectively in front of Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger with his Hydro Bow.  Green Ranger makes sure the two Rangers are okay.  Yellow Ranger lets him know that they are okay.  The four Rangers face down Arachnitor with the Hydro Bow and Spin Swords.  Arachnitor is confident he can take them all.  Arachnitor and the four Rangers charge towards each other.  After several blows, Arachnitor knocks Blue Ranger to the ground.  Green Ranger has had it.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the air and are about to strike Arachnitor when Arachnitor shoots out his webbing.  It encases both Rangers.  Arachnitor fires at the two trapped Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger fall to the ground.  The webbing vanishes.  Arachnitor tells them they are toast as he charges towards them.  Arachnitor strikes Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  They hit the ground hard and demorph.  Yellow Ranger races over to them.  Arachnitor tells them it's time for the big finish.  Suddenly Arachnitor is hit from behind.  It's Antonio.  Antonio tells Arachnitor anyone who hurts my friends, has to answer to me.  Arachnitor has no idea who Antonio is.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger run over to Arachnitor and pin down his arms.  Yellow Ranger tells Antonio to go help Jayden.  Antonio promises he will come back and races through the forest.  Arachnitor knocks Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger down.  He can't believe that someone came to save them and they told him to run away.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger battle Arachnitor with their Spin Swords.  Arachnitor strikes Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger several times.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger hit the ground and demorph.  Mia, Mike, and Emily are unconscious on the forest floor.  Arachnitor gloats, you know, I thought destroying the Power Rangers would be much more of a challenge.  Soon I will rule the world!  Kevin, badly hurt, pulls out his Samuraizer.  He tries to form a power symbol, but he is too weak.  Suddenly Master Xandred's voice is heard as he calls for Arachnitor.  Arachnitor panics - no!  Master Xandred!  It can't be!  Master Xandred has had enough of Arachnitor's treachery.  A red rope reaches out of a gap in a tree and wraps itself around Arachnitor.  Arachnitor is yanked back through the gap.  Arachnitor, still tied up,  is dropped onto the floor of the ship.  Master Xandred ponders what he should do with Arachnitor.  I torture you, I banish you, but still you plot against me.  Dayu tells Master Xandred that she thinks Octoroo is helping Arachnitor.  But Master Xandred doesn't believe it.  Octoroo would never plot against me.  He just tried to poison the Red Ranger.  That's initiative.  Arachnitor becomes upset as he stands back up.  Initiative!  I defeated four Rangers!  And besides, it was my plan.  Master Xandred smacks Arachnitor across the face, knocking him against a wall.  Furious, Master Xandred blasts Arachnitor with continuous electrical bolts.  Master Xandred screams, your plan was to steal my throne!  If you want power so bad, then have a taste of mine.  Several Moogers emerge on the rocky shore of the Sanzu River.   Inside the ship, Arachnitor continues to be hit with electrical bolts of Master Xandred's power.  Arachnitor ends up on the rocky shore still encased with electrical bolts.  Master Xandred comments, this is how I treat traitors like you.  Master Xandred laughs.

More and more power was forced into Arachnitor and he howled in pain.  Eventually he mutated and had no will of his own, under the complete control of Master Xandred.  More powerful than ever, Octoroo sent him into Panorama City to create misery.  

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