Desperaino - Voiced by Peter Gentil

Desperaino emerges from a gap in the city.  He is unaware that the gap sensor has detected him.  He laughs.  Desperaino:  Ahh, such a nice day.  So, let's change that!  Desperaino uses his weapon to fire up into the sky and it forms a small black cloud.  The cloud moves over some citizens and downs pours on them.  Then it vanishes.  The citizens who have been drenched are now all sad.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived and were surprised to see several citizens sad and dejected.  Red Ranger:  Hey, what is all this?  Green Ranger:  Everyone is so gloomy.  It's like they've all become Kevin.  Blue Ranger:  What?  Yellow Ranger:  Look!  Desperaino leaps in front of them.  Desperaino:  Isn't it wonderful?  Such delicious depths of despair from my rain.  They're so lucky.  They get to experience the purest, the cruelest, the loveliest misery of all, the loss of hope.  Yellow Ranger:  That's horrible.  Desperaino:  Yes, isn't it?!  Pink Ranger:  We got to get rid of this guy fast!  Green Ranger:  Oh, we will!  Desperaino:  Ewww, what an ugly, little sunny outlook you have.  Especially when the forecast calls for rain, my rain of pain.  Red Ranger:  Not going to happen, Nighlok.  Let's go!  The Rangers pull out their Spin Swords and charge towards Desperaino.  Desperaino:  Enough talking about the weather.  Instead of rain, I'll just cut straight to the pain.  Desperaino uses his weapon and blasts the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and land on the pavement hard.  Desperaino:  So, did that feel so delightfully bad?  The Rangers get back up.  Blue Ranger:  Mia, we have to use the new discs.  Blue Ranger places the Swordfish disc onto his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger pulls out the Beetle disc and holds it in her hand.  Pink Ranger:  Right!  Desperaino:  No!  Wrong as rain!  Desperaino uses his weapon again and it hits the Beetle disc.  The Beetle disc goes flying through the air.  Green Ranger leaps up and catches it.  Pink Ranger runs over to Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Wow, good catch.  Pink Ranger holds out her hand for the disc, but Green Ranger keeps it and places it on his Forest Spear.  Pink Ranger:  What are you doing?  Blue Ranger runs up to the two.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, stop!  You're not ready!  Desperaino:  This is no fun.  I'll come back to fight when you're not fighting yourselves.  Desperaino uses the propeller on the top of his head and flies up into the sky.  Red Ranger:  Guys, stop it!  Get him now!  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger race forward.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, come on!  Blue Ranger fires his Hydro Bow several times, but Green Ranger cannot make his Forest Spear work.  Green Ranger:  Why isn't it working?  Desperaino:  It must make you sad to be so lame.  Desperaino flies away.  Desperaino steps aboard the ship.  Desperaino:  That nasty weather sure brighten up my day.  He shakes his head and water goes everywhere.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Rain, rain, go away!  You're getting my book all wet.  Desperaino:  Sorry, I didn't even know you could read.  Is Master Xandred resting?  Dayu:  Yes, he's in a bad mood.  You might say he's feeling under the weather.  Desperaino walks over to Dayu.  Desperaino:  Don't make jokes you can't pull off.  Desperaino exclaims that he is going to use his rain to create a flood of human wretchedness.  That aught to put Master Xandred on cloud nine.  Dayu wants Desperaino to leave, all the water is making her harmonium out of tune.  Octoroo walks over to them.  he yells at Desperaino to get to work!  Desperaino leaves and enters the city once more.  He battles Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  Blue Ranger fires his Hydro Bow at Desperaino.  Desperaino jumps up into the sky to avoid being hit.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger have their Spin Swords drawn.  Desperaino taunts the four Rangers that they can't even come close to defeating him while he is flying.  Desperaino blasts the four Rangers with his weapon.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger are hit and land on the pavement hard.  Red Ranger states he can't move.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger struggle to get up, but they can't.  Desperaino calls them fools.  Desperaino is about to fire his weapon again when Mike comes running up.  Mike quickly morphs.  Yellow Ranger calls out encouragement to him.  Green Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Forest Spear.  Green Ranger runs towards Desperaino.  Desperaino uses his weapon to fire several times at Green Ranger, but Green Ranger is never hit.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to launch up into the sky.  Desperaino is taken aback.  Once in the sky, Green Ranger transforms the Forest Spear back into his Spin Sword and fires it at Desperaino with a tree symbol strike.  Desperaino is knocked out of the sky and crashes back down on the pavement.    Pink Ranger is the first to notice Desperaino is back and in mega monster mode.

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