Madimot - Voiced by Robert Mignault

Madimot climbed aboard the ship as Deker was leaving.  Madimot:  I'm the star around here!  Bye bye Deker!  Octoroo:  Get lost Madimot!  You're nothing but talk!  Madimot walked over to Octoroo.  Madimot:  Hold on squid lips!  I've brought you a present that's bigger and badder than Deker.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Madimot:  Don't believe me?  Let's take a look.  Deker walked away.  Octoroo:  No, Deker, wait!  Madimot:  Bye bye!  You'll forget all about that rogue when you look outside.  Madimot, Octoroo, and Dayu looked out the windows.  Dayu:  I can't believe it.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh.  Dayu:  Is that what I think it is?  Madimot:  It sure is.  I've got the Red Ranger's long lost Tiger Zord.  The Tiger Zord roars.  Madimot and Tiger Zord left to battle the Rangers.  Madimot walked through the woods, cracking his whip onto the ground and terrifying the hikers.  The hikers ran away in fear, but Madimot did find two hikers (Bulk and Spike), trying to pretend they were possums.  Madimot stop and looked at the two.  Madimot:  You can't fool me.  Even possums aren't that ugly.  Madimot could hear the sound of the gap sensor.  Madimot:  Catch you rodents later!  I've got bigger fish to fry.  Madimot went in search of the Ranger.  Soon they came face to face.  Red Ranger:  Hold it right there, Nighlok!  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger:  We're going to whip you into shape!  Madimot swung his whip around.  Madimot:  You really want to tangle with me.  I'm Madimot!  The baddest of the bad from the Sanzu.  I'm a bad, bad man.  Green Ranger:  Let's see if you can back up all that talk.  Madimot:  Hmmm.  Having backup is a good idea.  Madimot whips the ground.  Madimot:  Here kitty, kitty.  Dirt sprays everywhere as something makes it's way from beneath the ground.  Blue Ranger:  It looks like...Red Ranger:  The Tiger Zord.  Tiger Zord roars.  Madimot:  Surprised?!  When the Earth cracked opened and you sealed Master Xandred in the Netherworld, your Tiger Zord fell in the crevice too.  I saved it and made him my pet kitty.  Tiger Zord growls.  Madimot:  Or should I say pet Tiggy?  Tiger Zord roars again.  Madimot laughs.  Green Ranger:  Your pet?!  No way!  Blue Ranger:  Jayden, we'd got to get it back.  Madimot:  My spell on him is too powerful.  He's mine.  Madimot prepares to shoot his mind ray.  Red Ranger:  Everyone duck!  Red Ranger pushes Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, get down!  Blue Ranger runs over and pushes Green Ranger out of the way.  Blue Ranger gets hits by the spell ray.  Blue Ranger shakes and falls to his knees.  Green Ranger:  Kevin!  Green Ranger runs over to Blue Ranger to make sure he is okay.  Blue Ranger grabs him and tosses him to the ground.  Pink Ranger runs over to Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Mike!  Green Ranger:  What was that all about?  Blue Ranger slowly stands up.  He stares at Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger and growls.  Yellow Ranger:  Kevin?!  Red Ranger:  He's in a trance.  Blue Ranger faces Madimot as the rest of the Rangers get up.  Madimot:  I've gained a new pet.  I call him Blue.  Now sic them!  Madimot whips the ground.  Blue Ranger charges towards Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger roll out of the way.  Blue Ranger starts battling them with his Spin Sword.  Green Ranger:  Kevin, what's wrong buddy?  Their swords clash.  Green Ranger:  Kev, snap out of it!  Pink Ranger manages to grab Blue Ranger's arm and stops him for a moment.  Pink Ranger:  He's under mind control!  Blue Ranger shakes Pink Ranger off and strikes Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  Hey, stop it!  Blue Ranger runs towards them.  Red Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and runs towards Madimot.  Madimot: A rabble rouser.  One Red Ranger puppet coming up.  Madimot blasts his mind ray.  Red Ranger:  Symbol Power!  Red Ranger blocks the mind ray with his resist symbol power.  Red Ranger leaps up and strikes the shield with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Madimot fight.  Eventually Red Ranger knocks Madimot to the ground.  Madimot:  Hey! No one beats me!  Chew him up Tiger Zord!  Tiger Zord uses his breath against Red Ranger.  Red Ranger leaps out of the way as an explosion takes place just where he was a minute ago.  Blue Ranger is still fighting Yellow Ranger and strikes her down.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger run over to Yellow Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Emily!  Yellow Ranger:  I can't fight Kevin.  There's no way.  Blue Ranger:  Dragon Splash!  He hits Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and yellow Ranger.  They hit the ground and demorph.  Madimot and Red Ranger are still battling, but Madimot has seen what Blue Ranger has done and is very pleased.  Madimot:  Oh!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Good move Blue!  Blue Ranger is ready to strike the three teens once more.  Red Ranger:  No!  Red Ranger pushes Madimot aside and leaps over to his friends.  Red Ranger:  We better blaze a trail out of here.  Red Ranger spins the disc on his Spin Sword.  In a blaze of fire, Red Ranger, Mia, Mike, and Emily vanish.  Madimot walks over to where they were just a moment ago.  Madimot:  Coward, but good timing, because I'm drying out.  Blue, go wait with Tiggy.  Blue Ranger:  As you wish, Master.  Madimot goes into the Netherworld and climbs aboard the ship.  Madimot:  Told you I was the best.  Am I good or what?  Master Xandred:  So Blue Ranger is in the palm of your hand?  Madimot:  He'll do anything I tell him to do.  Dayu:  Then make him turn on himself.  Madimot:  When's the last time you had fun, Dayu?  Three centuries ago?  Dayu:  Well, actually, I....Madimot:  Forget I asked.  It's much more fun playing puppet master and making people do things they never would.  Madimot returned to the city and entered a construction site with Blue Ranger.  Terrified construction quickly ran away.  Madimot:  That's right boys.  Run away from my Blue menace.  Later, Jayden arrived at the construction where Madimot and Blue Ranger were waiting.  Madimot:  It's about time Red Ranger.  Jayden:  Kevin, please wake up.  Madimot:  Not going to happen, Red.  Make this fight count or I'll make Blue turn his sword on himself.  Mike, Mia, and Emily arrive.  Mike:  Jayden, we're here to help!  Jayden:  No.  I can't put anyone else at risk.  Mia:  But...Jayden:  you want a show.  I'll give you the show of your life, Nighlok.  Emily:  Jayden!  Madimot wishes he had some popcorn.  He jumps on top of construction equipment to watch.  Madimot gives Blue Ranger the command to attack.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Jayden pulls out his Samuraizer and morphs.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger face each other. Red Ranger and Blue Ranger slowly circle each other.  Suddenly the two Rangers race towards each other and start fighting with their Spin Swords.  Mike gets angry once more - what are you thinking?  That's Kevin!  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger continue to fight each other with their Spin Swords.  The battle goes throughout the construction site.  Emily screams, wake up Kev!  Mia screams, you can't fight Jayden!  But the two Rangers continue to fight each other.  As they fight, Red Ranger tries to talk to Kevin.  Come on Kevin, I know you're in there.  During the battle, sometimes Red Ranger gets knocked to the ground.  Other times it's Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger uses Dragon Splash against Red Ranger.  A huge explosion occurs, but Red Ranger is okay.  Mike screams at them to stop!  Madimot becomes furious with the three teens, and blasts them with his shield.  The three teens hit the ground just as a stranger (Deker) walks up.  As the three teens get up, the stranger talks to them as they watch the battle.  Red Ranger kicks Blue Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger slowly gets back up.  Blue Ranger charges towards Red Ranger with his Spin Sword raised above his head.  Red Ranger tells him to come back to us, but Blue Ranger is still under the spell.  Their swords clash.  Red Ranger spins the disc on his Spin Sword and then strikes Blue Ranger.  Electrical currents run through Blue Ranger.  The spell leaves his body.  Madimot is upset - what have you done?  Blue!  My puppet!  Blue Ranger demorphs and Kevin falls to the ground.  Mia, Mike, and Emily race over to Kevin.  Emily tries to wake up Kevin.  Kevin slowly wakes up and asks what happened?  Mia tells him, now we have some work to do.  Mike, Mia, and Emily help Kevin up.  Madimot is furious - you had this planned all along!  Red Ranger explains.  When we fought in the forest, my resistance symbol protected me from your mind control ray.  We weren't sure if the resist disc would work on Kevin too, but I had to try.  I had no other choice.  Red Ranger apologizes to Kevin for risking fighting him.  But I had to get in a close enough position to use the disc.  Kevin is confused - fighting me?  Mia nods her head at him.  Red Ranger continues.  Since you are such a good fighter, it took me a lot longer to get close enough to you to use it.  Luckily it worked.  Kevin feels terrible.  He tells them, if you are up to it, I think it's time we battle someone who isn't on our team.  Red Ranger replies, you're on.  Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike pull out their Samuraizers and morph.  Madimot gives the command for Tiger Zord to crush them!  Tiger Zord bursts through the ground.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  He tells them to take care of the Nighlok, he'll handle the Tiger Zord.  Red Ranger summons his Lion Zord and goes into mega mode.  Madimot battles Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger.  Eventually the four Rangers use the four element strike on Madimot and Madimot is defeated.  Within a few moments, Madimot is giant size.  Red Ranger has gain control of Tiger Zord.  Madimot is furious. 

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