Negatron - Voiced by David Van Horn

Negatron is a Nighlok capable of channeling mental pain and changing it to physical pain.  Swimming in the Sanzu River, Negatron reached the ship and started to climb aboard.  Octoroo spotted him.  Octoroo:  ooh, ah, ooh!  Why it's the prince of the put down himself.  Welcome aboard.  Negatron was hanging off the side of the ship.  Negatron:  Speaking of aboard, that's all I ever am when I see you, I'm a bored.  Octoroo covered Negatron's mouth with his hand.  Octoroo:  Come on, Negatron!  Save your insults for the human world, where they'll do us some good.  Octoroo removed his hand.  Octoroo:  Your sharp tongue will make those human cry babies wail!  Negatron:  That's my plan, but you're...Octoroo quickly covered Negatron's mouth.  Octoroo:  Your mouth is like a convenience store, always open.  Go rip on those humans.  Make this river flood the Earth.  Octoroo removed his hand.  Negatron headed into the city.  He saw a construction worker gobble down a sandwich.  The construction worker was walking away when Negatron called out to him.  Negatron:  Paging Mr. Garbage Disposal.  The construction worker turned around.  Negatron:  Nice job inhaling that sandwich, Piggy!  The construction worker was struck with a strong force that sent him flying and landing hard on the ground.  Negatron found a mail man walking dejectedly and weighed down with heavy bags.  Negatron:  Hey wimpy postman!  Even a stamp could lick you.  You're the only mail man I know, who's not just scare of dogs, but cats too!  The mail man went flying and hit the ground hard.  Negatron entered a restroom and found a woman putting on makeup.  Negatron:  Nice makeup!  If you're in the circus!  The woman scream and ran out of the restroom. Negatron laughs.  Negatron spots Bulk and Spike.  Negatron:  Samurai wanna bees.  You guys are a joke.  Bulk and Spike go flying and hit the ground hard.  Negatron found a table with a group of ladies talking.  Negatron:  So who you dissing at lunch gossip girls?  Blab, blab, blab!  The ladies go flying.  Negatron:  You're just full of hot air.  Negatron spotted an elderly man having a tough time driving.  Negatron leaped onto the windshield.  Negatron:  Hey, road hog!  Get off the street and get some glasses!  The elderly man jumps out of the car.  Negatron:  Base on how you park, this is a big step up.  Negatron leaps off and the car crashes.  Negatron:  There, I'm not going to charge you for parking your car.  Now get going, eagle eyes!  The elderly man takes off running.  Suddenly Red Ranger is leaping towards him with his Spin Sword drawn.  Red Ranger:  Surprise!  Negatron avoids getting hit.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Negatron:  Samurai Rangers?!  Why you here?  I've been saying all the wrong things right.  Green Ranger:  Talking smack about people is not cool!  Negatron races over to Green Ranger and is face to face with him.  Negatron:  I know something about you!  Your bike had training wheels until you were ten!  Green Ranger:  What?!  Green Ranger is hit and goes flying.  Yellow Ranger:  Oh no!  Yellow Ranger races over to Green Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  Mike!  Yellow Ranger kneels by Green Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  Mike, are you okay?  Pink Ranger faces Negatron.  Pink Ranger:  What did you say to him?  Negatron doesn't answer and instead comes face to face with Blue Ranger.  Negatron:  And you, Blue Ranger.  You're just boring!  Blue Ranger goes flying and hits the ground hard.  Pink Ranger:  Kevin!  Negatron goes over to Pink Ranger.  Negatron:  Your turn!  Pink Ranger takes several swipes at Negatron with her Spin Sword, but Negatron avoids being hit once more.  Negatron:  Lousy cook!  Pink Ranger:  What?  Pink Ranger is hit, goes flying, and hits the ground hard.  Yellow Ranger:  Mia!  I don't get how he's sending everyone flying.  All he's doing is saying mean things.  Red Ranger walks over to Yellow Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Keep your guard up.  This one's tricky.  Red Ranger places the beetle disc onto his Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Come on, what tricks?  I'm just telling the truth.  My motto is, if the truth hurts, excellent!  Negatron races over to Red Ranger and knocks the Spin Sword out of Red Ranger's hand.  Negatron:  You're a red face, liar, liar, pants on fire!  You've got a secret.  Red Ranger is hit and goes flying.  Negatron laughs. Yellow Ranger:  Jayden!  Negatron:  Looks like we're down to you.  Yellow Ranger:  Your words won't faze me.  Jayden's got nothing to hide.  You're just a mean mouth monster, spouting nothing but nonsense.  Negatron battles Yellow Ranger and her Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Nonsense.  If my words weren't true, they wouldn't hurt like they do.  Here's a word that will send you flying.  Airhead!  But Yellow Ranger continued to battle Negatron.  Negatron was a little surprised.  Negatron:  Maybe I didn't say it loud enough!  You're a clumsy fool!  Still Yellow Ranger continued battling him.  At one point, Negatron had to jump into the air to avoid being hit with the Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Hun, impossible!  Negatron kept trying to send Yellow Ranger flying.  Negatron:  Klutz!  Still nothing.  Negatron:  Dimwit!  Yellow Ranger just kept fighting harder.  Negatron:  Whiner!  Yellow Ranger was still battling him.  Green Ranger:  Why can't he hurt her!  Negatron is hit, but gets back up.  Negatron:  This will do the trick.  Everyone loves to tease you!  Yellow Ranger:  Earth Slicer!  Negatron became concern.  Negatron:  Huh?  Hey!  Yellow Ranger:  Take that!  Negatron is hit and rolls on the ground.  Negatron:  I cut people down, not you!  Negatron gets back up.  Negatron:   What is her deal?  I better go vent somewhere else.  Negatron retreats to the Netherworld.  Negatron:  Your playing stinks!  Dayu hits a wall and falls to the floor.  Dayu threatens Negatron.  She tells him, say that to me again, you three eyed back stabber, and you'll be taking a long walk on a short plank.  Dayu throws her weapon at Negatron.  Octoroo catches it with his staff.  Octoroo tells Dayu to take it easy.  We're just testing to see if Negatron's power still works.  Negatron feels great - he knew he hadn't lost it!  I know what words hurt people the most.  But how come I can't hurt that Yellow Ranger girl?  Dayu gets up.  Dayu tells Negatron how dare you mock me!  Dayu steps forward to fight.  Master Xandred stops her with his sword.  Master Xandred tells her to relax.  Dayu moves the sword out of her face.  She replies not this time.  Master Xandred holds the sword against her.  He tells her enough.  Even you can make me mad.  Master Xandred partially draws his sword out of it's sheath to make his point. clear.  Dayu walks away and stares out at the river.  Master Xandred tells negatron the water level of the Sanzu River is definitely rising, so get back out there!  Octoroo tells Negatron to go back and use your acid tongue to scorch the Earth.  Negatron prepares to leave.  He vows to see that his words hurt everyone.  Even that blasted Yellow Ranger!  Negatron enters the city once more.  Two young women are loading the trunk of their car with all their purchases.  Negatron walks up to them, insults them, and they go flying through the air and land in the trunk of the car.  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily arrive.  Jayden shouts to stop right there.  Negatron turns around and faces the five teens.  Mia asks if anyone ever told him he was a bully?  Negatron confirms it - nicest thing anyone ever said about him.  The five teens morph.  The Power Rangers have their Spin Swords drawn.  Negatron tells them he knows the truth about them and he's really going to let them have it.  Pink Ranger warns him he should never underestimate a samurai.  Blue Ranger adds we're on to you.  We're ready for whatever you can throw at us.  Negatron races over to Blue Ranger and they are face to face.  Negatron calls him mentor's little pet.  The insult works, sending Blue Ranger flying.  Green Ranger tells Blue Ranger not to let Negatron get to him.  Red Ranger knows this isn't good.  Pink Ranger suggests they find a mute button on this guy.  Negatron calls them weaklings and tells them to go away.  His business is with the Yellow Ranger.  Negatron summons several Moogers to keep the rest of the Rangers busy.  Red Ranger battles several Moogers with his Fire Smasher.  Pink Ranger battles several more with her Sky Fan.  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against the Moogers.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear in his battle against the Moogers.  Yellow Ranger races over to Negatron and tells him it's his turn.  Yellow Ranger battles Negatron with her Spin Sword.  Throughout the fight, Negatron throws out insults, but none of them faze Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger tells him sticks and stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt me.  Yellow Ranger knocks Negatron to the ground with her Spin Sword.  Negatron gets back up.  He is confident Yellow Ranger can't ignore his insults forever.  Yellow Ranger races forward once more.  She continues to fight Negatron with her Spin Sword.  Negatron throws out more insults.  Negatron finally hits on one when he tells Yellow Ranger, she will never be as good as her sister.  It hurts, but Yellow Ranger continues to fight.  Green Ranger has defeated his batch of Moogers.  He races over to help Yellow Ranger.  Negatron sees him coming and tells him to back off, or he'll let out some zingers that will really tear him apart.  Green Ranger warns Yellow Ranger to get back.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to call forth a leaf storm.  The leaf storm hits Negatron hard.  Yellow Ranger leaps out of the way in time.  Green Ranger grabs a hold of Negatron, who is insulting Green Ranger now.  Green Ranger shouts out to Yellow Ranger, quick now.  Yellow Ranger replies with pleasure. 

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