Robtish - Voiced by Peter Daube

Octoroo summed Robtish.  Robtish was already on the ship and came through a doorway.  Robtish:  Right here, shark bait.  Furrywarts:  Shark bait!  Shark bait!  Robtish steps on one of the Furrywarts.  Octoroo:  We need you to deal with a pesky kid n a red helmet.  Would you like to take him on?  Robtish removed his sword.  Robtish:  Like to?  I'll love to!  Robtish then grab a Furrywart and squeeze it until it was dust.  Robtish left to take on Red Ranger.  Soon Emily, Mike, Kevin, Jayden, and Mia arrived.  Mike was the first to spot Robtish.  Mike:  There he is!  Robtish:  Which one of you is the Red Ranger?!  Jayden stepped forward.  Robtish:  Why hello there!  Rumor has it that you got some special tricks up your sleeve.  The boss has a problem with that, so I have to destroy you.  Sorry.  Jayden:  Sorry?  I'll show you who's going to be sorry.  Jayden started walking towards Robtish.  Mike and Kevin grabbed a hold of him, but after a few moments, Jayden shook them off.  Robtish:  Take this Red!  Jayden raced forward.  Robtish fired but the explosions missed Jayden.  Jayden morphed and soon Robtish and Red Ranger were battling.  No one noticed that Deker had arrived. The rest of the teens had morphed, but several Moogers arrived and they were kept busy battling them.  Robtish and Red Ranger continued their battle.  Robtish:  This fight is kind of fun.  You're not bad.  Red Ranger:  Save the compliments.  Robtish struck Red Ranger hard and he flew through the air and landed on the ground.  Robtish:  You're down and you'll soon be out.  Red Ranger:  Think again Nighlok!  Red Ranger quickly got back up.  When Red Ranger tried to strike Robtish, Robtish's weapon caught Red Ranger's Spin Sword in it's blade.  Robtish:  This fight ends for you now.  Robtish knocks Red Ranger's sword away.  Robtish strikes Red Ranger several times with double slash.  Red Ranger is hit and flies through the air.  Red Ranger hits the ground once more.  Robtish leaps over to where Red Ranger is laying.  Red Ranger struggles as he tries to get up.  Robtish tells Red Ranger he thought he would be tough, but he's crawling around like a bug.  I love to crush bugs!  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Robtish hits Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger wit his double slash.  Numerous explosions erupt as Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger are hit.  Kevin and Emily demorph and fall to the ground.  Red Ranger is upset.  Robtish walks towards them.  He tells Red Ranger, those fools must really care about you.  That's their mistake.  Red Ranger tries to protect Emily and Kevin wit his body.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger destroy the Moogers.  They leap over to where their friends are.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger are ready to protect Emily, Kevin, and Red Ranger.  Robtish thinks he's got a deal - five for the price of one.  Before Robtish can strike, Deker leaps in front of the Rangers and blocks the blow.  Deker quickly strikes Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  They demorph and hit the ground.  Red Ranger grabs his Spin Sword and blocks a blow from Deker.  Robtish asks Deker what's he doing here?  Deker replies that Red Ranger is his opponent, not yours.  I'll ask you once, please leave.  Robtish doesn't want to.  Robtish races towards them.  Robtish, Red Ranger, and Deker battle each other.  Mia and Mike are too weak to help and can only watch the fight.  During the battle, Robtish tells Deker that is enough.  Red Ranger is my opponent to defeat.  The fight between Robtish, Deker, and Red Ranger continues and becomes intense.  Eventually it ends with each of them holding a sword against the other.  Robtish laughs.  He backs away and tells them they are both in luck as he is drying out.  Robtish warns Deker that Master Xandred will not be happy about this.  Robtish retreats through a gap.  Deker and Red Ranger battle, but eventually Deker retreats as well.  Deker wants Red Ranger at full strength for their duel.

Octoroo was not happy.  Dayu was playing her Harmonium, while Master Xandred slept on the floor.  Robtish sat dejectedly.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  I hate to be you when the boss wakes up and hears the Red Ranger is still alive.  Dayu:  I guess you're not as vicious as we thought.  Robtish threw the bowl he had against the wall.  Robtish:  Arrg!  The Rangers had help.  Octoroo:  Had help?  Robtish:  Yeah, some half human.  Dayu:  Deker?  Master Xandred sits up.  Master Xandred:  What?  Master Xandred stood up and was very angry.  Master Xandred:  Deker is helping the Rangers now?!  What a headache!  Robtish:  Good morning Master Xandred.  I can take care of the Red Ranger for you, but not if I have to battle that maniac too.  Robtish sipped from another bowl.  Master Xandred yanks the bowl away from him.  Master Xandred:  That Deker makes me so angry.  I'll destroy him!  Master Xandred sips from the bowl.  Master Xandred:  This isn't my medicine!  Master Xandred throws the bowl to the ground and it smashes into pieces.  Several Furrywarts drop down from the ceiling.  Furrywarts:  Medicine!  Medicine!  Medicine!  Octoroo:  You Furrywarts make terrible pets!  All you do is repeat yourselves!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Furrywarts:  Ooh, ah ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Later, Octoroo and Dayu watched the shoreline as Master Xandred battled Deker.  Deker managed to get away.  Octoroo noticed Robtish.  Octoroo:  And look at you sitting on your romp!  Get a move on and eliminate the Red Ranger!  Robtish:  Consider it done.  In a park, near Harbor Village, Jayden is battling several Moogers.  Several young children had been enjoying the park, but now they were terrified as the teachers tried to get the kids to safety.  Robtish arrives and the citizens scream in terror.  Robtish laughs.  I love a day in the park.  Robtish's foot is on top of the red paper airplane.  A young boy reaches and grabs a hold of the paper airplane and yanks it out.  Robtish teases the young boy.  Is that for me?  Jayden sends in his Lion Folding Zord to hit Robtish a couple of times.  Jayden scoops in and grabs the young boy.  Jayden holds the boy tightly as he battles more Moogers, making his way to the teacher and the rest of the kids.  Jayden urges the teachers and students to run.  Robtish tells Jayden that Deker isn't here to save him this time.  Jayden replies that he is happy to destroy him all by himself, Nighlok.  Robtish replies, that's nice.  Myself, I don't mind having someone else do my dirty work.  Robtish sends in the Moogers.  Jayden calls for his Spin Sword.  Jayden battles the Moogers with his Spin Sword. Eventually Jayden is knocked down.  Mia, Mike, Kevin, and Emily arrive and immediately leap into the battle.  They battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  During the battle, Mia shouts out, we're in this together!  Forever!  Jayden struggles to sit up.  Emily adds, your mission is our mission.  Kevin shouts out, she's right.  We won't let you do this alone!  Jayden manages to stand back up.  Jayden thanks them.  He is glad they showed up.  The Moogers are defeated.  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily face down Robtish.  Mike, Jayden, Kevin, Emily, and Mia morph.  Robtish is not bothered.  Good.  Now I can destroy you all together.  Robtish is standing by more Moogers.  Robtish gives the Moogers the command to attack.  The Rangers easily defeat the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  The Rangers then battle Robtish with their Spin Swords.  After awhile, the Rangers regroup.  Red Ranger tells Robtish, together, our team can handle anything you throw at us.  Robtish replies, prove it.  The Rangers battle Robtish once more with their Spin Swords.  The Rangers knock Robtish to the ground.  Robtish slowly gets back up.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers that Robtish will start with a shock wave. Red Ranger continues, then watch for his slash attack.  Defend against those and we'll be fine.  I've got a surprise of my own.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger are ready.  Robtish launches his sonic shockwave.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger block it and defeat it with their Spin Swords.  Robtish launches into his double slash attack.  This time Blue Ranger and Green Ranger block it and defeat it with their Spin Swords.  Red Ranger has his Fire Smasher ready.  It turns into the Five Disc Tiger Cannon.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger toss their discs over and they land perfectly on the Five Disc Tiger Cannon.  Red Ranger fires the cannon and Robtish is defeated.  Robtish grows to giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their folding zords and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Robtish summons flying Moogers.  The flying Moogers fly straight towards Samurai Megazord.  The flying Moogers fired at Samurai Megazord.  Robtish attacks Samurai Megazord as well. Beetle Zord, Tiger Zord, and Swordfish Zord are summon and Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Samurai Battlewing fires at Robtish.  Robtish falls to the ground.  Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Robtish gets back up.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Robtish commands the flying Moogers to attack.  The flying Moogers fire at Battlewing Megazord.  The Battlewing Megazord pulls up.  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies through the Moogers, firing at them.  Battlewing Megazord battles several of the Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord knocks several of the Moogers out of the sky.  Soon Battlewing Megazord flies after the remaining Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed.  Battlewing Megazord faces Robtish, who thought they had flown the coop.    Robtish charges towards Battlewing Megazord with his sword.  Robtish and Battlewing Megazord battle.  Battlewing Megazord flies up into the air.  Battlewing Megazord flies towards Robtish and strikes him hard.  Robtish is destroyed.

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