Splitface - Voiced by Simon McKinney

Splitface is a Nighlok whose body is covered in mouths with very sharp teeth.  One the end of one of his arms he has a mouth, at the end of the other arm, he carries a sword.  He has the ability to break with body apart into just the mouth pieces and strike his victims.  He can also shoot lasers out of his eyes and steal people's spirits.  Splitface climbed aboard the ship.  He had overheard Octoroo talking about the Nighlok getting stronger and stronger as the river rises.  Splitface:  "And I'll go scare those human cry babies to make the river rise even higher."  Dayu:  "Splitface, I'll have no doubt you will cause tons of misery.  I know I'm miserable every time I see you."  Splitface laughs, not at all offended.  After awhile, Splitface entered Panorama City.  Citizens scream in terror and he was enjoying himself.  Splitface grabbed a businessman.  Splitface:  "Now, now, there's no need to panic.  All I want is your spirit."  Splitface pointed the arm with the mouth towards the businessman.  The businessman screamed as his spirit left his body.  His body falls to the pavement, asleep.  Splitface:  "Nightly-night!"  There are lots of people already asleep on the pavement.  Splitface is very pleased with himself.  Splitface:  "Wow!  What a spirit smorgasbord.  And I still got room for a little dessert.  I have such a sweet tooth for spirited snacks."  Splitface walks towards a group of people trying to get away from him.  Splitface:  "Talk about fast food!"  Suddenly Splitface is hit from behind.  He falls to the pavement and rolls for a bit.  Red Ranger:  "Snack time is over for you Nighlok."  Splitface:  "The Samurai Rangers?!"  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger charge towards him with their Spin Swords.  Green Ranger:  "You're done!"  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface's body breaks apart and the pieces strikes Green Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  It's like dodge ball with teeth."  Splitface's pieces go over and strike the remaining four Rangers.  He spots Yellow Ranger on the ground.  Splitface:  "Hmmm, you'll make a fine dessert."  Yellow Ranger:  "Wait!  No!"  Splitface takes Yellow Ranger's spirit.  Yellow Ranger demorphs and hits the pavement asleep.  Pink Ranger & Red Ranger:  "Emily!"  Red Ranger charges towards Splitface with his Spin Sword and tries to strike him.  Red Ranger"  "What did you do to her?!"  Splitface breaks apart and the pieces strike Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger runs over to Emily's still form.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily!"  Pink Ranger cradles Emily in her arms.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily are you okay?"  She gets no response.  Pink Ranger:  "Wake up!"  Splitface:  "Hmmm mmm.  I have to say it, her spirit was delicious and in twenty-four hours it'll be mine forever."  Green Ranger:  "What?"  Blue Ranger:  "Forever?"  Splitface:  "Of course, if you defeat me, you can have all their spirits back.  But you won't have the chance because I'm heading back to the Netherworld where no mortal can follow."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, we got to stop this creep."  Splitface:  "All of you try to enjoy your one last day with your friend.  Because I'm leaving and I won't be coming back."  Red Ranger:  "No!  We won't let that happen!"  Blue Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Green Ranger:  "No way!"  Splitface:  "Yes way.  See ya!"  Green Ranger:  "Wait!  Get back here!"  Blue Ranger:  "You're not going anywhere!"  Both Rangers leap and try to strike Splitface with their Spin Swords.  Once more Splitface breaks apart and the pieces hit them both.  Splitface reassembles in the air and is prepared to strike the two Rangers.  Gold Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Gold Ranger races over with his Barracuda Blade and stops the strike.  Gold Ranger:  "Time to take you out!"  Red Ranger leaps in with his Spin Sword.  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface breaks apart and the pieces hit both Rangers.  Splitface reassembles himself and he is close to the gap.  Splitface:  "Have a nice day!"  Splitface walks through the gap.  Splitface sits on the boat and enjoys the rocky river.  Splitface:  " I told you I'd fill the river with more tears and just think, who will suffer more?  Those who sleep forever or those who watch over them?"  Splitface laughs.  The next day, Splitface feels something and notices the power symbol on his body and wonders what is going on?  A few moments later, Splitface cries out, oh no!  The symbol power yanks him off the boat and out of the Netherworld.  Splitface comes back through the gap, flies towards Clawzord.  Clawzord strikes Splitface and he hits a wall and lands on the pavement.  Splitface asks, what's going on?  Splitface glances at Clawzord and asks what is that?  Antonio answers, my buddy Clawzord.  And he's new in town. 

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