Steeleto - Voiced by John Leigh

Suddenly there was a whirl of motion on the ship and the Furrywarts were being sliced off the ceiling.  Steeleto:  Round and round I go!  Steeleto hung from the ceiling upside down.  Master Xandred:  What is this?!  Steeleto:  Say hello to Steeleto!  Octoroo:  Why are you on the ceiling?  You're not a bat.  Steeleto:  Since those Rangers cut down my Nighlok buddy, Vulpes, I plan to cut them down to size.  Steeleto drops down to the floor.  Steeleto:  I won't rest until those Rangers get a taste of my blades.  Later!  Steeleto jumps out of the ship.  Steeleto entered Panorama City in a whirl of motion, terrifying the citizens.  He trapped a businessman in the parking garage and had great fun slicing his briefcase and tie.  Steeleto:  You're too easy.  Well, your time's up.  Suddenly Lion Folding Zord was attacking him.  It was enough of a distraction for the businessman to run away.  The Power Rangers walked up.  Red Ranger:  Nighlok, stop right there!  Steeleto:  Well hello Rangers,  Better late than never.  Time to pay you back for destroying my fellow Nighlok friend, Vulpes!  Green Ranger:  Good luck with that!  Steeleto:  I won't need luck!  The Rangers charge towards Steeleto as Steeleto charges towards them.  Soon the Rangers are battling Steeleto with their Spin Swords.  Soon Green Ranger and Blue Ranger have Steeleto in a hold.  Green Ranger:  Now!  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger runs towards Steeleto's back.  Steeleto:  Don't worry, I've got my own back!  Steeleto extends the blades out of his back and it hits Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger, knocking them to the ground.  Green Ranger:  Emily!  Mia!  Blue Ranger:  I've never seen that before!  Red Ranger:  Watch out!  Steeleto:  That's right, watch this!  Steeleto knocks Green Ranger and Blue Ranger to the ground.  Red Ranger:  Mike!  Kevin!  Steeleto:  Don't feel left out.  I haven't forgotten you.  Red Ranger:  Really?  Well soon you will be nothing but a memory.  Red Ranger and Steeleto battle each other.  Steeleto chases Red Ranger towards a car.  Red Ranger is cornered for a moment, but Red Ranger manages to get on top of the roof of the car.  Steeleto:  Can you take the heat?!  Steeleto blasts the car with fire.  Red Ranger leaped off just in time and leads against a pole.  Steeleto:  Full body blades!  Red Ranger swiftly battle each blade, but it was difficult and soon Red Ranger is encased in the blades.  But it lasts for only a moment.  Steeleto's blades retract.  Steeleto:  Ohhh man!  Lucky for you, I'm dried out.  You wont' be so lucky next time.  Hate to cut this short, but got to go!  Steeleto seeps back into a gap.  Steeleto:  Later!  Sure enough Steeleto returned to Panorama City, this time at a construction site at the northern peninsula.  Several Moogers were attacking the construction workers.  Steeleto sat on top of construction equipment.  Steeleto:  Get out of my way, mortals!  The Rangers I'm going to shred should be here any second.  Jayden, Antonio, Mike, Mia, Emily, and Kevin arrived as the construction workers ran away.  Steeleto:  Oh, here they are now.  The teens stood side by side.  Antonio tried to squeeze into the lineup, but it was not easy.  He finally choose to stand next to Mia and several barrels.  It was a tight squeeze.  Antonio:  Can you guys move down?  Just a bit?  They all did so.  Antonio knocked over the barrels.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger:  Samuraizers!  Go Go Samurai!  Antonio:  Samurai Morpher!  Gold Power!  Once the morph was complete, the Rangers stood and faced Steeleto and the Moogers.  All:  Samurai Ranger Ready!  Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!  Steeleto:  You know Rangers, forever is a long time.  He laughed.  Steeleto:  Moogers attack!  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger charged into the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Gold Ranger was thrilled.  Gold Ranger:  So cool.  Yeah!  At last, I've done it!  I'm a true Samurai!  Gold Ranger notices the Rangers fighting.  Gold Ranger:  I better go help.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade and super speed to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher to destroy the remaining Moogers.  Gold Ranger runs up to Red Ranger.  Steeleto is not happy and releases his shatter shock attack.  Red Ranger blocks the attack with his Fire Smasher.  Despite this, the attack knocks Gold Ranger and Red Ranger and off their feet.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger to take cover.  Red Ranger and Gold Ranger battle Steeleto.  Steeleto is eventually defeated by the Spin Sword and Barracuda Blade.  Moments later, Steeleto grows to giant size.  The Rangers form Samurai Megazord quickly.  Steeleto charges towards Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Steeleto battle.  Steeleto makes several strikes against Samurai Megazord.  Steeleto uses his full body blades against Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord falls to the ground.  Gold Ranger has been watching the battle from the ground and he is not happy.  Gold Ranger summons Octozord.  Octozord sprays ink into Steeleto's face.  Gold Ranger leaps into Octozord.  Octospear Megazord is formed by combining Octozord with Samurai Megazord.  Steeleto is ready to use his full body blade against Octospear Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's spear thrust against Steeleto several times.  The move cuts off all of Steeleto's blades.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Steeleto.  Steeleto freezes up.  Octospear Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Steeleto and Steeleto is destroyed.

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