Tooya - Voiced by Wesley Dowdell

Tooya had heard that Master Xandred had returned.  He eagerly climbed on board the ship.  Tooya:  Oh yeah, let's get this party started!  I see that Master Xandred is back in charge, so let's celebrate.  Master Xandred becomes even more angry.  (He had just found out that the Samurai Rangers were still around.)  He slams his weapon against the boat hard enough to make it rock dangerously.  Master Xandred:  Unbelievable!  How did those brats defeat me?!  Octoroo:  Forget celebrating Tooya.  That mouth on your skirt is as ugly as Master Xandred's mood.  Tooya:  Hey, if anybody here got hit with the ugly stick, it would be you.  Octoroo:  Listen, the best way to welcome the boss back is to jump through a gap and freak out some humans.  Tooya:  Is that right boss?  Master Xandred:  Do it and I'll make those Samurai Rangers regret the day they messed with Master Xandred.  Tooya and several Moogers seep through a gap and into Panorama City.  Tooya:  Moogers!  Get them!  The Moogers race forward and attack the citizens.  After awhile, Tooya becomes impatient.  Tooya:  Huh.  Those lame Rangers should have shown up by now.  This should get their attention.  Tooya destroys several cars, which causes a huge explosion.  Tooya:  Boo-yah!  Tooya and the Moogers continue their attack.  Jayden shouts out, that's enough!  Tooya, sees Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily arrive and comments, well it's about time.  Tooya is not impressed.  Oh come on!  Who are you punks?!  Jayden responds, we are the Samurai Rangers.  Emily, Kevin, Jayden, Mike, and Mia morph.  Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily used their Samuraizers to make a symbol power to morph.  Tooya has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  They quickly battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  As she battles, Yellow Ranger comments, this is just like chopping down weeds at home.  Lots of Moogers line up and shoot their arrows at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to keep the arrows away from him by battling the arrows away with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger even manages to catch one in his hand.  Blue Ranger leaps in front of the Moogers and battles them with his Spin Sword, keeping them away from Red Ranger.  But the amount of Moogers becomes too much and soon the Rangers find themselves in the midst of numerous Moogers.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  The rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya tries to blast Red Ranger, but he protects himself with the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes and kicks Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with the Fire Smasher hard enough to send him flying.  Tooya crashes into a car and falls to the pavement.  Tooya gets up and tells Red Ranger, guess what?  Your ride is here!  Tooya smashes through a window of the car, reaches in, and sends the car in Red Ranger's direction.  Red Ranger slices the car in half with his Fire Smasher.  The car explodes behind him.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with his Fire Smasher a couple of times.  He then picks up Tooya with the Fire Smasher and races along, until he smashes him into a wall.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya again with the Fire Smasher.  Tooya is defeated.  Within moments, Tooya grows into mega monster mode.  Tooya tries to stomp on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  The Rangers summon their zords.  The Rangers quickly go into battle with their folding zords.  Tooya tries to blast them.  Lion zord attacks Tooya with a flying leap.  Tooya powers up his swords and tries to blast Lion zord, but misses him.  Dragon Folding Zord comes in from the left.  Ape Folding Zord attacks from the right.  Ape Folding Zord lands several punches on Tooya's face.  Ape Folding Zord leaps on top of a building, goes into case mode, and tumbles down the side of the building, striking Tooya on the way down.  Tooya is knocked off his feet.  Turtle Folding Zord creates a dust storm and heads straight towards Tooya.   Tooya quickly strikes Turtle zord away.  Turtle zord lands inside the mouth on Tooya's skirt.  Turtle zord is stuck.  Bear zord quickly comes to her aid.  Tooya fires at Bear zord.  It doesn't stop Bear zord from attacking Tooya.  Tooya picks up Bear zord.  Bear zord quickly goes into case mode and lands on Tooya's foot.  The mouth on the skirt opens in pain and drops Turtle case mode.   Turtle case and Bear case roll away.  Tooya chases after them.  Dragon case mode strikes Tooya in the head and then goes into Dragon Folding Zord.  Dragon zord strikes Tooya with the dragon splash.  Tooya is hit hard.  Lion zord races forward with a fire attack.  Tooya is hit hard once more and destroyed. 

Origins, Part I