Vulpes - Voiced by Ari Boyland

Vulpes has an enchanted mirror that he uses to cast spells.  Vulpes enjoyed tormenting Jayden by letting him feel his presence, but not revealing himself.  When the teens were in the city, Vulpes ruffled Jayden's hair, causing him to look around, but see no one.  That evening, Vulpes watched Jayden through his enchanted mirror and again ruffled Jayden's hair several times.  Jayden was convinced the other worldly presence was in his closet, instead it was just a practice form.  Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily, and Mentor Ji felt nothing and thought it was just Jayden's imagination.  Jayden spent the evening going through Shiba's House with his Spin Sword, slashing through the air and trying to find the presence he felt.  Vulpes was actually on the ship in the Sanzu River.  He continued to watch Jayden through his mirror.  Vulpes:  Mirror, mirror on his wall.  Who's the most freaked out Ranger of them all?  Vulpes laughs.  He watched Jayden entered the wash room.  Vulpes:  This should feed his paranoia.  Jayden is staring at the mirror above the sink when he feels his hair is ruffled again.  He quickly looks behind him, but sees nothing.  Giving a small shake of his head, he turns on the water.  Later, Vulpes is still keeping watch with his enchanted mirror when Octoroo walks in.  Octoroo:  So Vulpes!  Vulpes:  What?  Octoroo:  You have any luck spying on the Red Ranger?  Vulpes:  Luck?  Try skill.  It's tricky because the Red Ranger can sense me, but my enchanted eye will see all.  Ohhh, it gives me evil fuzzies all over.  Octoroo:  Fuzzies, scmuzzies, all I care about is seeing him practicing that sealing symbol.  If he perfects it, Master Xandred will be sealed down here for good and we'll all be done for!  Vulpes:  Don't get your tentacles in a twist.  Ohhh, it looks like he's starting to practice it right now.  Octoroo:  He's doing it?!  Really?!  Vulpes:  See for yourself squidly.    They both watch as Jayden performs his power symbol.  Octoroo:  Now we're seeing eye to eye.  Suddenly the mirror fills with smoke.  Octoroo:  What's wrong?  Looks like smoke's gotten in your all seeing eye.  Vulpes:  This can't be!  The mirror clears and Jayden is no where to be seen.  Octoroo:  I spy with my little eye...nothing.  Vulpes:  Where did he go?  Vulpes stepped out of his small room.  Vulpes:  I'll take care of him myself!  Nuts!  Vulpes walked away.  Octoroo:  I want results!      Vulpes emerges from the gap sensor and enters Spring Valley.  Vulpes is not happy about being forced into this vile world.  Suddenly Lion Folding Zord flies towards Vulpes and carries the enchanted mirror away from him.  Red Ranger emerges from the lake and strikes Vulpes with his Spin Sword.  Soon Vulpes and Red Ranger are fighting.  Red Ranger knocks Vulpes to the ground.  Vulpes demands that Red Ranger give him back his mirror.  Lion Folding Zord has the mirror clasped between his teeth.  Lion Folding Zord tosses the mirror to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger catches the mirror and tells Vulpes it's not nice to spy on people.  Vulpes doesn't care, he just wants his mirror back.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger pull out their Spin Swords as they come running up.  Vulpes is surrounded by the three Rangers.  Pink Ranger concludes this must be the Nighlok Jayden has been sensing this whole time.  Vulpes comments, three against one is not fair.  Red Ranger replies, neither is watching us.  Luckily I saw through you.  When I splashed water on my face, the presence I sense went away.  That's when I realized that water could help me block your spell.  I knew then this was the one place I could completely hide from you.  Vulpes is not happy.  Pink Ranger adds, of course.  Our water is more pure than the evil water from the Sanzu River.  Blue Ranger concludes and the water from the springs must have cut off the creepy Nighlok's mind spell completely.  Red Ranger tosses the mirror into the sky and slices it in half with his Spin Sword.  Vulpes is furious and lets slip that he never got to see him practice the sealing symbol.  Pink Ranger quickly concludes that was what Vulpes was after.  Vulpes doesn't care if they know, they are still going down.  Vulpes twirls around and creates a cyclone that quickly has the three Rangers trapped in it.  When the cyclone vanishes, the three Rangers are dropped to the ground.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers they need the others to outfox this guy. Red Ranger asks, where are they?  Blue Ranger replies they are still chasing the fishy arrow guy.  Red Ranger has no idea what Blue Ranger is talking about.  Pink Ranger tells them she will call and see where they are.  Vulpes threatens that no one can help them now and charges towards them. Vulpes shoots fox fire out of his eyes.  The three Rangers try to block it with their Spin Swords, but it is difficult.  Red Ranger charges towards Vulpes.  Vulpes then shoots fox flash out of his eyes.  It hits Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tries to strike Vulpes, but falls to his knees instead.  Vulpes tells him he may have seen through all of his plans, but the stress of battling all his spells has finally taken it's toll on you.  You're finished!  Vulpes is about to strike Red Ranger with his sword when Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger leap in and strikes Vulpes with their Spin Swords.  Vulpes falls on the stones.  Yellow Ranger checks to make sure Red Ranger is okay as he gets up.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger join the group.  The Rangers use their Spin Swords for the Quintuple Slash.  Vulpes quickly puts up a fox reflection shield.  Instead of the Quintuple Slash striking Vulpes, it hits the Rangers from behind.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Vulpes uses his sword to strike the Rangers several times and the Rangers soon demorph.  The five teens struggle to sit up.  Vulpes gloats that he has thousands of mirror spells.  I can handle whatever you throw my way.  But I know you can't handle what I'm about to throw at you.  Suddenly several explosions hit Vulpes.  The five teens notice the young man (Antonio) who threw the explosives.  Antonio whips out his Samuraizer and morphers into the Gold Samurai Power Ranger.  Gold Ranger leaps over and stands protectively in front of the teens.  Vulpes is not happy to see there is another Ranger.  Gold Ranger goes into a fighting stance.  Vulpes laughs at him - what kind of stance is that?  You're not worth my time twinkle toes!  Let these guys take care of you.  Several Moogers appear.  Gold Ranger replies, my style's different, but it's all mine.  And as they will see, there is plenty of strength behind it.  Gold Ranger pulls out his Barracuda Blade as the Moogers charge towards him.  Within seconds the Moogers are destroyed.  More Moogers arrive and are hidden by the trees.  They shoot several arrows at Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger blocks each arrow with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger leaps over into the woods to battle the latest batch of Moogers.  He battles them with his Barracuda Blade.  Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, and Emily stand up.  During the battle, Gold Ranger ends up on top of a tree.  He taunts the Moogers below, what's the problem?  Come up and get me!  I'm right here!  Suddenly Gold Ranger slips and falls to the ground.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, Mike, and Emily run up.  Mia asks if he is okay.  Gold Ranger tells them, stand back!  I told you I got this!  Watch!  Gold Ranger goes back to battling the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade.  Soon the Moogers all fall to the ground.  Suddenly Vulpes leaps in and battles Gold Ranger.  Vulpes uses a spell that releases fears fox's flock and they fly towards Gold Ranger.  Mike points out that they need to help him out.  Jayden morphs and leaps into the battle with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger destroys the flying creatures with his blazing strike.  Vulpes is knocked to the ground.  Gold Ranger strikes Vulpes several times with the Barracuda Blade and Vulpes is defeated.  Soon, Vulpes grows to giant size.  Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin morph.  The zords are summon and Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Gold Ranger watches all of this from the ground and he is impressed. 

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