Yamiror - Voiced by Peter Gentil

Yamiror was created when lightening hit toxic waste.  He had been stinking up the Sanzu River ever since.  Master Xandred noticed his stench in the air and ordered him to go stink up the human world.  Yamiror's breath is so bad, it incapacities humans when they inhale it.  Yamiror went into the city and immediately began his attack.  He was in the parking garage when Emily, Jayden, Mia, and Mike arrived.  Yamiror chuckled as he walked between the cars and soon he was face to face with the four teens.  Jayden had asked what was that smell?  Yamiror:  Hey, you saying I got a certain air about me?  Jayden:  Samuraizer!  Jayden, Mia, Mike, and Emily:  Go Go Samurai!  The four teens morphed and had their Spin Swords ready.  Red Ranger:  Let's get him!  Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger raced towards Yamiror.  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger battled Yamiror with their Spin Swords.  Yamiror had a sword that he used against the four Rangers.  Yamiror:  Once you sniff my funky smell, you'll say I'm a knockout!  Soon it was Green Ranger battling Yamiror with his Forest Spear.  Yamiror:  One whiff of my breath, will leave you feeling in the dumps.  Green Ranger:  No thanks, I'll pass.  Yamiror:  But I insist.  Yamiror came face to face with Green Ranger.  He released his breath, which was a green gas that surrounded Green Ranger.  Green Ranger went flying and hit the pavement.  Green Ranger:  You've been gardening with garbage?  Green Ranger stood up but it was too much for him.  He demorph and hit the pavement.  Yellow Ranger:  Mike!  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger raced over to Mike.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger kneel by him.  Yellow Ranger:  Mike, are you okay?  Pink Ranger:  That stink immobilized him.  Red Ranger:  Come on stinkpot!  Red Ranger charged towards Yamiror.  He battled him with his Spin Sword once more.  Yamiror:  Garlic and onions are all I eat.  Pickle toothpaste, quite a treat.  But I haven't brushed my teeth in ages.  Give it up.  You're no match for the fink of stink.  During the battle, Red Ranger and Yamiror fell out of the parking garage.  Yamiror:  Looks like you're falling for me.  They both crashed into a bunch of crates.  Red Ranger got up and faces Yamiror:  Yamiror:  Hey, take a breather.  Yamiror blew his green gas towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger crashes into several boxes and demorphs.  Jayden could only helplessly watch as Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger leaped into the area.  They both raced over to Jayden.  Yellow Ranger:  Jayden, are you alright?  Pink Ranger stood up and faced Yamiror.  Pink Ranger:  You really are a stinker!  Yamiror:  Come here!  Pink Ranger battled Yamiror with her Spin Sword.  Yamiror:  You look pretty in pink.  Wish I had a sardine sandwich to share with you.  Yellow Ranger quickly joined the battle.  Yamiror:  Oh wait!  I could rumble up a big juicy burp.  Maybe I'll serve it up with a side of hale toes.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger faced Yamiror.  Yamiror:  Here it comes!  The green gas hit both Rangers and they demorph and landed on the pavement close to Jayden.  Yamiror:  From my head to my toes, I don't smell like roses.  Yamiror laughed as he walked away.  Yamiror wandered around in the city, scaring the citizens.  Yamiror:  I shouldn't have drunk so much soda.  I really have to burp something awful!  Yamiror was having a great time.  Yamiror:  I told you I'd bowl you over with my breath.  Hey humans!  Step right up, but after one whiff, you'll fall right down.  Yamiror spotted a mother holding her child.  Yamiror:  Whoa!  Want to try my broccoli breath?  Red Ranger runs in and blocks the gas.  Yamiror is surprised to see him.  Yamiror:  Back for more?  Red Ranger looks at the mother.  Red Ranger:  Go!  Quickly!  The mother runs away with her child.  Red Ranger faces Yamiror.  Red Ranger:  You got me once, but now I know not to breathe your stench.  Yamiror and Red Ranger battle with their swords.  Yamiror:  It's nice that you're a big fan of mine.  Because when you fan your sword like that, you're spreading my stink even further.  Red Ranger:  Oh yeah!  Your breath won't work this time.  They continued to battle each other.  Yamiror:  Maybe you're not quite smelling it yet, but the sour stink of defeat is heading your way.  Yamiror knocks Red Ranger against a pole, but he gets back up.  Yamiror:  You can try to stop it, but my nostril melon p.u. is still working on you.  Yamiror knocks Red Ranger down.  Yamiror:  The yes have it!  A blast form his eyes hits Red Ranger.  Red Ranger demorphs and hits the pavement.  Yamiror laughs.  Yamiror:  You have lost your swagger and your outfit.  Jayden reaches for his Spin Sword and slowly starts to get back up.  Yamiror:  Watch out Ranger.  A third strike of my super stink might put you out for good.  Yamiror and Jayden faced each other.  Jayden charges towards him and they battle once more.  Yamiror:  Looks like you got your second wind, but three strikes and you're out!  Yamiror knocks Jayden down once more.  Yamiror lifts his sword, ready to strike.  Yamiror:  Bye bye Ranger!  Mike leaps in and kicks Yamiror hard enough to knock him to the pavement.  Emily and Mia race up.  Jayden:  You shouldn't be here, you're sick.  Mike:  Oh yeah, and you're fit as a fiddle?  Yamiror is about to blast the four teens with his eyes.  Jayden:  Look out!  Dragon Folding Zord flies in and blocks the blast.  Yamiror:  That stunk!  Kevin runs up with his Hydro Bow.  Kevin:  Someone order the fish?  Jayden:  Kevin!  Kevin places his swordfish disc into the Hydro Bow and shoots it up into the rain.  Sparkling rain falls down on them.  Yamiror is upset.  Yamiror:  Not purifying rain!  There goes my stink power!  Mia:  It worked.  That swordfish healed us.  Mike:  That fish is off the hook!  Jayden:  It's time to clear the air.  Jayden stands up.  Jayden:  Samuraizer!  All:  Go Go Samurai!  The five teens morphed.  All:  Samurai Rangers Ready!  Yamiror:  Ohhh, I'm scared.  All:  Rangers together!  Samurai Forever!  The Rangers charge towards Yamiror with their Spin Swords drawn.  Yamiror:  So back for more.  Yamiror battled the five Rangers.  Yamiror:  You Rangers can't defeat me.   Blue Ranger places his disc on his Spin Sword and calls out Dragon Splash.  Blue Ranger adds if anyone ever needed a bath, it's this jerk.  Yamiror is knocked to the pavement.  Yamiror shouts out, that water is so freezing, it's got me wheezing.  Red Ranger activates his Fire Smasher.  Blue Ranger races over to him.  They use the Swordfish disc to transform into the Five Disc Swordfish Cannon.  The Rangers blast Yamiror with the Five Disc Swordfish Cannon and Yamiror is defeated.  A few moments later, Yamiror grows to giant size and thanks the Rangers for their help.  Now I can really make a big stink about this.  The Power Rangers quickly summon their folding zords.  When they arrive, the Rangers leap inside them.  The Samurai Megazord is quickly formed.  Yamiror tells them I've got big news for you.  The bigger I am, the bigger the stench.  This time Yamiror's stench was a thick fog.  Yamiror quickly struck Samurai Megazord with his sword.  Samurai Megazord lost it's shield.  Blue Ranger summoned the Swordfish Zord and leaped inside it when it arrived.  The Swordfish Zord launched two torpedoes, which hit Yamiror in the chest.  Swordfish Zord used it's sharp sword to poke Yamiror in the rear.  The Swordfish Zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Swordfish Fencer Megazord.  Swordfish Fencer Megazord battles Yamiror with it's sword.  Several torpedoes launched out of the Megazord and hit Yamiror.  This knocks Yamiror's sword away.  The Megazord's sword positions it's self on top of Swordfish Fencer Megazord.  Swordfish Fencer Megazord strikes Yamiror.  The Rangers call out Swordfish Slash!  Yamiror is destroyed. 

A Fish Out Of Water