Dino Charge Morphers

Shelby and Tyler had been trying to keep Iceage away from the small crate that Iceage had stolen from the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum truck.  Iceage blasted the two off their feet.  The contents of the small crate tumbled out, including the Pink Energem.  Tyler dropped the Red Energem, which he had found earlier in a cave.  Iceage then froze the two teens.  They had both managed to get their fingers on their Energems and the Energems flowed through their body and then broke apart the ice.  Tyler and Shelby stood back up, each held an Energem.  The Energems were still glowing.  Mentally, each of them received an image of a dinosaur.  Suddenly, encased in stone, Dino Charge Blasters appeared in Tyler and Shelby's hands.  Shelby:  "What is this?"   Tyler:  "I have no  idea.  But it looks like...(Tyler placed the Red Energem into a slot in the Dino Charge Blaster)....this goes in here."  The stone fell away, revealing the weapon.  Shelby repeated Tyler's actions and the same happened with her weapon.  Tyler and Shelby smiled.  Excited Tyler begin to play around with his Dino Charge Blaster and accidentally fired it.  The blast hit Iceage.  Shelby:  "Nice shootin' Tex!"  Tyler:  "Sorry!  I don't know how to use this thing."  Shelby:  "What did you do?"  Tyler gives a demonstration.  "I just started spinning...the thing...and it started working I guess."  Shelby copied what Tyler was doing.  Iceage:  "You're ruining everything!"   Tyler and Shelby fire their Dino Charge Blasters.  A pink image of Triceratops streams out as well as a red image of Tyrannosaurs.  Shelby:  "What's happening?"  Tyler:  "I don't know!"  The images comes towards Tyler and Shelby.  Tyler:  "Look out!"  Tyler and Shelby kneel down to the ground.  The images cover them and then they are morphed into Dino Charge Power Rangers.  Tyler is the Red Dino Charge Ranger while Shelby is the Pink Dino Charge Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "What in the world?"  Iceage:  "What?  They've become Rangers!" Red Ranger:  "You look great!"  Pink Ranger:  "You too!"  Red Ranger:  "What happened to us?"  Pink Ranger:  "I don't know.  I feel a surge of power."  Red Ranger:  "Me too.  It's awesome."  Iceage:  "Give me my Energems!"  Red Ranger:  "No way!"  Red Ranger looks at Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "I bet we can take him.  If we just stick together."  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Iceage.  Soon T-Rex Zord arrive and picks up Iceage and tosses him aside. 

Iceage enters the city and freezes it and T-Rex Zord.  Tyler runs into the city and encounters Iceage and several Vivix.  Iceage tells him, I hope you came to give back the Red Energem.  Tyler responds, you mean this.  He holds up the Red Energem and then tosses it towards T-Rex Zord.  The ice breaks apart and T-Rex Zord is free.  As the Red Energem falls back down, Tyler catches it.  Iceage is furious.  You broke my ice!  You'll pay for that.  Tyler pulls out his Dino Charger and shouts, it's morphin time!  Dino Charger!  Ready!  Tyler presses the small button on the charger and spins around.  The Dino Blaster is in his other hand.  Tyler places the Dino Charger into his Dino Blaster.  Tyler spins the center piece of the Dino Blaster as he shouts, energize!  Unleash the power!  Tyler morphs into the Red Dino Charge Power Ranger.   Red Ranger is excited.  He pulls out another Dino Charger and states, okay Rexie, let's check out your battle mode!  Dino Charger!  Ready!  Red Ranger presses the small button on the Dino Charger and then tosses it to T-Rex Zord.  In flight, the Dino Charger grows large, and then enters T-Rex Zord's mouth.  T-Rex Zord roars.  Red Ranger is thrilled.  He shouts, go for it Rexie!  Iceage commands the Vivix to destroy him.  T-Rex Zord battles the Vivix Zords once more.  Red Ranger battles the remaining Vivix on the street.  T-Rex Zords knocks a few of the Vivix with it's tail.  Red Ranger shouts for the Dino Saber.  He leaps on top of T-Rex Zord's head.  T-Rex Zord blasts the Vivix.  Red Ranger comments, it's my turn big guy.  Red Ranger races along T-Rex Zord's tail and leaps up to one of the Vivix's Zords.  He shouts, power slash, as he strikes the Vivix Zord.  Red Ranger lands safely on the street as Vivix Zord is destroyed.  Red Ranger tells his zord, I'll take it from here.  Red Ranger shouts great job to Rexie as he races past him.  T-Rex Zord heads towards the remaining Vivix Zord.  Red Ranger fights Iceage with his Dino Saber.  Iceage states, you'll never defeat me alone.  Red Ranger responds, did you say alone?  Look again.  Red Ranger laughs as Riley, Shelby, Chase, and Koda race up to him.  Koda tells Red Ranger he looks good.  Chase adds, for a first timer.  Riley asks, are you really in there as he pats Red Ranger's helmet.  Iceage shouts at them, no more games!  I'll destroy all of you!  Koda tells Chase, that is not Fury.  Chase replies, that's for sure.  But whatever it is, it's about to learn who we are.  Chase shouts, it's morphin' time, but before he can get any further, Shelby moves to the front, stating, try to keep up guys.  Shelby shouts, Dino Charger!  Ready!  But nothing happens.  Koda walks up to her and tells her to click.  Abash, Shelby thanks him.  Shelby clicks the Dino Charger.  Chase, Koda, and Riley step forward and click their Dino Chargers.  The four spin around and insert their Dino Chargers into their Dino Blasters.  Each Dino Blaster shouts it's Dino Charger name.  Chase's Dino Blaster shouts Para Charger!  Engage!  Koda's Dino Blaster shouts Stega Charger!  Engage!  Shelby's Dino Blaster shouts, Tricera Charger!  Engage!  Riley's Dino Blaster shouts Raptor Charger!  Engage!  The four spin the center device in their Dino Blasters, shout unleash the power,  and morph into Dino Charge Rangers.  Pink Ranger tells the team, we look great together.  The Vivix and Iceage were destroyed.

Pharses Used To Morph

It's Morphin Time!    Dino Charger!    Ready!

Energize!    Unleash The Power!

Powers From The Past