Billy had made an invention that would allow them to stay in contact with the Command Center, Zordon, and Alpha 5 - communicators.  Billy presented the communicators to his friends.  The wrist bands of the communicators and were color coordinated with each Ranger's color.  Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly were impressed.  Trini, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly press the button on their communicators and inadvertently teleported to the Command Center.  Billy quickly followed.  Zordon praised Billy on his invention.  Although the communicators had malfunction, Alpha 5 could fix the problem easily.  Alpha 5 set to work on the communicators.  Alpha 5 accidentally pressed a wire, causing him to go berserk and race around in circles in the Command Center.  Later the communicators were fixed and it allow the Rangers to communicate and teleport to the Command Center.

Jason, Zack, and Kimberly were sitting at a table at the Youth Center.  Jason's communicator went off as Ernie approached their table with a tray of fruit shakes.  Ernie looked puzzled by the sound.  Zack told him it was a new watch and asked Ernie to put the shakes on his table.  Zack, Kimberly, and Jason hurried out of the Youth Center.

Billy, Jason, and Zack were at the Youth Center, when Trini and Kimberly came racing in.  Kimberly and Trini told the guys that several Putties had taken Maria, a young girl that Trini and Kimberly had been having a picnic with.  Billy wondered what Rita could want with a little girl.  His friends had no answer for him and they decided to contact the Command Center.  But the communicators were not working.  Jason try for teleportation, but that was out as well.  The teens had no idea that communication and teleportation had been out for several hours.  Billy told them the repairs would take hours.  Billy then told his friends that he had been working on a surprise in the garage.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini decided to give Billy's newest invention - the Rad Bug - a try.  The Rad Bug would take them to the Command Center.  Later, the Power Rangers would rescue Maria, destroy Chunky Chicken, and make sure Rita couldn't get to the Power Eggs again.

Trini slept with her communicator on.

Billy and Marge were sitting at a table at the Youth Center.  The Youth Center was hosting a dance later.  Billy and Marge talked about the dance, but Billy didn't ask Marge to the dance.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini were standing by the counter with Ernie close by.  Trini called out Billy's name.  Jason pointed to his communicator and told Billy that it was kind of a emergency.  Billy got up and walked over.  Jason told Billy to ask Marge to the dance.  Billy was outrage that was the emergency.  Zack told him it was the biggest one of his life. Trini told him he could do it, but Billy couldn't.  Marge got up and told them she had to go.  Marge asked Billy if he would escort her to the party.  Billy replied definitely.

Kimberly's Uncle Steve had invited Kimberly to come along on an airplane ride.  Uncle Steve is a pilot.  Bulk & Skull tagged along.  Uncle Steve started the small plane and they were soon up in the air.  Everyone enjoyed the views from the plane.  After awhile, Kimberly noticed that Uncle Steve didn't look so good.  Uncle Steve told her he felt dizzy and then lost conscious.  Bulk & Skull screamed and soon fainted.  Kimberly frantically screamed into her communicator for Alpha 5 or Zordon.  Alpha 5 responded.  Alpha 5 gave instructions to Kimberly over her communicator on how to land the plane.  Kimberly landed the plane safely.  Uncle Steve soon woke up afterwards and guided the plane to a stop.  Bulk & Skull were relived with smelling salts.  Uncle Steve asked them if they were okay.  Bulk & Skull told him they were and then took off running.

The guys had just finished washing the Rad Bug when Kimberly and Trini joined them.  Jason's communicator goes off.  The teens gather round.  It's Alpha 5, but he keeps breaking up.  Billy checks his communicator and is surprise to find it is non-functional.  Billy adds that teleportation is down as well.  Zack, Trini, and Kimberly check their communicators.  Trini becomes alarmed and tells them something is seriously wrong.  Jason tells them they have to get to the Command Center.  Billy suggests the Rad Bug.  Zack adds it's the only way to fly.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini hurry over to the Rad Bug and get in.  When they arrived at the Command Center, they find the place in shambles, Zordon missing, and Alpha 5 has a virus.

Jason, Zack, and Kimberly left the Command Center.  Billy and Trini stayed behind to try and repair the Command Center.  Billy managed to get Alpha 5 running again.  The next step was trying to get the generator working so the communicators would work again and Alpha 5 could locate Zordon.  Later, Kimberly and Zack are outside Billy's house, sitting on the Rad Bug.  Zack is testing his communicator.  Kimberly hopes Billy and Trini had some luck at the Command Center.  Zack replies they haven't fix the communicators yet, they are still down.  Looks like we are taking the Rad Bug.  Zack and Kimberly arrived in the Command Center in the Rad Bug.  They were unable to get a hold of Jason.  Jason had been teleported to the Dark Dimension by Tommy.  Jason tried to reach his friends with his communicator.  With the communicators not working, Jason was unable to reach his friends.

Zack and Kimberly had returned to the Command Center with bad news - they had been unable to find Jason.  Trini tells them they hadn't had any luck here either.  Alpha 5 was working on the control panel - hoping to be able to locate Zordon.  Billy walk up with good news.  He had fixed the communicators.  Billy located Jason's signal and was able to teleport him to the Command Center.  Jason was very relived as Green Ranger was about to destroy him in the Dark Dimension.

Alpha 5 had temporary trapped Green Ranger in a force field, when Green Ranger entered the Command Center once more.  Rita had cast a spell to free Green Ranger, but Alpha 5 had the computer matched up the bios.  The viewing globe revealed to the teens that Green Ranger was Tommy.  Tommy was under an evil spell.  The only way to break the spell was to destroy the Sword of Darkness.  Alpha 5 managed to get Zordon back as the Rangers battled Green Ranger.  Eventually Red Ranger destroyed the Sword of Darkness with his Blade Blaster.  The spell was broken.  Tommy was invited to join the team in their battle against Rita, which he did.  The teens were all at the Command Center and very happy to see Zordon was back.  Zordon was very proud of them and Alpha 5.  Zordon welcomed Tommy as he stepped forward.  Zordon told Tommy the three basic rules of being a Power Ranger.  One:  Never use your power for personal gain.  Second:  Never escalate a battle, unless Rita forces you.  Finally keep your identity a secret.  No one must know you are a Power Ranger.  Tommy tells Zordon you can count on me.  Billy walks up to Tommy and presents him with his own communicator.  Tommy is touched and thanks Billy.  Jason walks up and tells Tommy you are one of us now and welcomes him aboard.  Zordon tells them a new chapter has begun.  Let the Power protect you.  Trini, Zack, Jason, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy form a semi circle.  Jason places his hand in the center.  Kimberly then places her hand on to of Jason, followed by Zack, Trini, Billy, and finally Tommy.  The teens leap into the air and shout out Power Rangers!

Tommy was at the Youth Center.  He had an intense karate workout with his bo staff.  Afterwards, he walked over to his gym bag and was drying off when his communicator went off inside the bag.  Tommy glanced around and then took out his communicator.  Tommy walked over to the entryway and heard Jason's voice.  Jason needed his help against Shellshock.  Tommy morphed and join him.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger, with their zords, destroyed Shellshock.

Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Tommy were at the Youth Center, which was empty at the time.  Moments earlier, several Putties had arrived and destroyed the model float Kimberly had made.  The teens had battled Putties until they vanished.  Kimberly was very upset over the destruction of her model float.  Her friends tried to cheer her up, but she was too upset.  Kimberly walked over to the counter and sat by herself.  Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Tommy cleaned up the mess.  Tommy took the trash bag out after checking with Kimberly and making sure she was okay.  Jason tells Trini, Zack, and Billy they will show Rita that it's not that easy to defeat the Power Rangers.  Just then Jason's communicator goes off.  Zordon tells them I need you in the Command Center immediately.  Jason looks over to where Kimberly is sitting and tells her Zordon needs us in the Command Center, right away.  Kimberly gets up and joins her friends.  Jason tells his friends to prepare to teleport and the five teens teleport away.  The five teens will learn that Rita had sent Spit Flower to destroy the Flower Power Peace parade.  The Power Rangers battle and destroy Spit Flower.

Jason and Tommy had been sent on a quest to get new weapons to help them defeat Super Putties.  Although they had to battle Titanus, Red Ranger and Green Ranger were successful in their quest.  The Rangers used the new weapons to destroy the Super Putties.  On Saturday, the teens were in the Youth Center for the Team Ninja finals that Tommy and Jason were in.  Jason's communicator goes off.  After taking a quick look around, they all lean into listen.  Zordon tells them nice work in defeating the Super Putties.  Jason thanks him.  Jason asks if they have to fight Titanus again?  Zordon replies that was only a test of your teamwork Jason.  Titanus is really a valuable ally and friend.  The competition begins.  Jason and Tommy win the Team Ninja finals.

The Rangers had been battling a giant Mutitis with Dragonzord and Megazord.  During the battle, Mutitis spray toxic foam on Megazord and Dragonzord.  The Rangers were ejected and landed on an island demorphed.  Trini asks what happened?  Jason replies that he doesn't know.  Maybe one of Rita's spells transported us here.  Jason asks if everyone is okay?  Billy replies that it appears they survive the transdimensional journey intact.  Zack tells them no quite intact - my communicator is gone.  The rest quickly realize their communicators are gone as well as their power coins.  Tommy points out that they can't even contact Zordon.  Jason suggests they look around and the six teens explore the island.

The six teens were each sent an illusion, that they beat with help from Quagmire.  Once the final illusion was beat, their communicators reappeared on their wrists.  Jason is the first to notice their communicators are back.  Kimberly retrieves her power coin and points out the power coins are back.  Trini notes they could have had these all along.  Tommy adds they each had the power to break Rita's spell.  Zack tells his friends all they needed was a little self confidence.  The teens morph and teleport off the island.  The Power Rangers destroy Mutitis.  Lokar managed to get away.

Fang was in the mountains.  Tommy was running through the park.  Rita didn't want Tommy to interfere with her plans.  Finster sent down several Putties.  The Putties surrounded Tommy.  Tommy fights the Putties.  During the fight, one of the Putties flips Tommy and manages to get his communicator off his wrist.  The Putty leaves and Tommy runs after him.  Eventually the Putty stops and turns around and faces Tommy.  He taunts Tommy by waving his communicator around.  Tommy demands that the Putty give his communicator back.  Tommy steps forward and a net comes up from the ground, trapping Tommy inside it.  Tommy struggles to free himself from the net.  As he does so, his morpher falls out and lands on the ground.  The Putty picks it up. Another Putty joins the Putty.  The two Putties are examining the communicator and morpher.  Tommy manages to free himself from the net.  He looks below and spots the two Putties.  Tommy starts climbing out of the net.  Tommy hangs onto the net and starts swinging it in the Putties' direction.  When the net gets close enough, Tommy kicks the Putties in their backs.  Tommy fights the two remaining Putties and defeats them.  Tommy quickly picks up his morpher and communicator.  He hears Red Ranger's voice over the communicator.  Tommy replies, I'm right here buddy.  Where are you guys?  Red Ranger replies, we're at Angel Grove dam.  We need your help.  Hurry!  Tommy tells him he's on the way and morphs.  Eventually Fang is destroyed by Ultrazord.

The Rangers had been battling Lokar and Cyclopsis.  The Rangers were defeated and the zords has been sent to be reenergized.  The teens could not contact Zordon, because Rita was jamming the Communicators' frequency.  Billy believed he had some equipment in his garage that could help him change the frequency.  The teens run past the Rad Bug as they enter Billy's garage.  Billy asks Trini to check an area for a device as he grabs some plans.  Trini finds it and brings it over to Billy.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason anxiously watch Billy work.  Billy tells them he has all the equipment he needs, it's just a matter of time.  Kimberly tells her friends, if he does fix our Communicators and reestablishes contact with Zordon, then what?  Jason hopes that by then Zordon has already come up with a plan.  Or this truly is the end of the Power Rangers.  Billy frantically works on his Communicator.  Jason asks him, how's it coming?  Billy replies, I'm adjusting the modulator to read an alternative signal.  I just need a few more minutes.  Just then Goldar and two Putties appear outside of Billy's garage.  Goldar taunts, your few minutes are up.  Kimberly, Trini, and Zack go into a fight stance.  Goldar continues, greetings Power Rangers!  I thought I would stop by and say hello!  Goldar laughs and continues, before I say goodbye forever!  It's been nice knowing ya!  Goldar laughs once more.  Billy is worried about the equipment.  Jason tells Billy to keep working.  We'll take care of Goldar.  Goldar laughs.  Still living in a fantasy!  Time to learn a lesson!  Goldar begins wrecking items in the garage.  A few moments later, Billy excitedly announces he did it!  The communicators work.  Goldar shouts impossible!  Jason announces, we're out of here.  The teens teleport out.  Goldar is furious.  Goldar and the two Putties vanish.  The Rangers destroy Cyclopsis with Ultrazord.  Lokar vanishes - his whereabouts are unknown.

Zack, Jason, and Trini went scuba diving.  Meanwhile, Billy and Kimberly were under attack by several Putties in the park.  Kimberly tried to contact the three, but they didn't hear anything, as they were still under water.  Billy and Kimberly managed to defeat the Putties.  Moments later, Pink Ranger was confronting Goo Fish.  Blue Ranger (due to a spell Rita cast) was too afraid to do anything.  Pink Ranger contacted Zordon and told him they needed help.  After their dive, Jason, Trini, and Zack walked along the beach.  They found a spot and stopped to remove their scuba equipment.  Jason tells Zack and Trini, that was an awesome dive.  Zack adds, totally amazing.  Trini can't believe how beautiful it is down there.  Jason's communicator goes off.  It is Zordon.  Zordon tells them, Rita has trapped the other Rangers with a venomous Goo Fish.  You must help them immediately.  Jason tells Zordon, we are on the way.  Zack, Jason, and Trini morph and teleport to the battle.  Eventually Goo Fish is destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Goatan is attacking Angel Grove with a severe thunderstorm.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason are at the Command Center with Zordon and Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 has been trying to contact Zack, but doesn't get a response.  At the movie theater, Zack doesn't hear his communicator.  Zack comments that it's chilly in here.  Feels like winter.  Zack puts his arm around Angela.  Angela removes Zack's hand, telling him it's not that cold.  Dejected, Zack watches the movie.  Back at the Command Center, Zordon tells the four teens, Alpha will continue to try and raise Zack.  You four must go ahead and battle Goatan.  Good luck Rangers.  The four teens morph and teleport out.  Later, at the movie theater, Angela becomes frighten by the movie and clings to Zack.  Zack doesn't mind at all.  Just then both Angela and Zack hear his communicator.  Angela asks, what's that?  Zack tells her it's his popcorn alarm.  I'll be right back.  Zack leaves the theater and enters the lobby area.  Zack checks around to make sure no one is around and then checks in with Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 tells Zack that the Rangers need your help.  They've been trapped inside a tornado by Goatan, Rita's evil Chimera monster.  Zack replies, I'm on the job.  Zack vows the Chimera monster will pay.  Zack morphs and teleports out.  Black Ranger frees the Rangers and eventually they destroy Goatan with their Megazord.

Miss Appleby walks around the corner just as Bulk kicks a soccer ball.  Tommy, Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack all duck out of the way.  The ball flies past Miss Appleby, startling her, and causing her to drop her papers.  The ball hits a wall, knocks down an award and then heads straight down the hall again.  Tommy leaps out of the way, slamming his hand and communicator against the wall.  Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack back up against the lockers.  The ball hits Bulk in the chest and then bounces into Zack's hands.  Bulk slides to the floor as Zack tells him, someone could have gotten hurt.  Kimberly, Zack, Jason, Trini, and Billy walk over to help Miss Appleby.  Tommy checks his communicator.  Bulk yanks Skull out of the locker and yells at him, you were suppose to catch it.  Miss Appleby tells them they both have detention after school.  Kimberly notices Tommy's look of concern and asks if he is alright?  Tommy replies, I'm fine.  Bulk struggles to get up and then yanks Skull to his feet.  They both stumble towards Miss Appleby's classroom.  Tommy waits for them to pass by before and is about to enter the classroom when his communicator goes off. Tommy finds a quiet place in the hall and contacts Zordon and asks you call?  Zordon replies, no Tommy, you contacted me.  Tommy is surprised.  Really?  There must be a problem with my communicator.  I'll take it to Billy as soon as I can.  Zordon replies, acknowledge.  Zordon out.  Tommy gives a small nod and then heads to class.  A few moments later, class begins.  Tommy is sitting in Miss Appleby's classroom.  Bulk and Skull are sitting behind him.  Miss Appleby is standing in front of the chalkboard as she talks to the class.  Today we're going to talk about the theory of the survival of the fittest.  Tommy's communicator goes off.  Tommy quickly covers it up with his hand.  Miss Appleby asks Tommy to please turn off his pager.  It takes Tommy a moment to realize Miss Appleby is actually referring to his communicator as a pager and makes a show of turning it off.  Miss Appleby goes back to the chalkboard, but before she can start writing, the communicator goes off again.  Bulk and Skull make a show of being bothered by the "pager" as Miss Appleby warns Tommy that she is not going to tell him again.  Tommy, once more, acts like he is turning off his "pager".  Within seconds the communicator goes off again.  Miss Appleby asks Tommy to give her the pager.  Bulk and Skull are amused as Tommy is stunned - what?  Miss Appleby tells him, we can't have your friends beeping you in class.  Tommy protests as Bulk and Skull make mocking faces behind him.  Miss Appleby tells him, hand it over now.  Tommy reluctantly gets up, and Bulk puts his shoe on Tommy's desk, and walks over to Miss Appleby.  Tommy gives Miss Appleby his communicator.  Miss Appleby places in a drawer filled with various items in her desk.  Miss Appleby asks the class, now where were we as Tommy stands awkwardly in front of the class.  After school, Tommy stands behind Miss Appleby's desk debating whether he should just go ahead and take his communicator back.  He makes several moves towards the drawer, but can't quite bring himself to open it.  Miss Appleby walks in and is shocked when she sees Tommy reaching for the desk drawer.  With big grins and nudging, Bulk and Skull (who are serving detention in the classroom) enjoy the confrontation between Miss Appleby and Tommy.  Tommy asks Miss Appleby if she would consider returning his "pager".  Please.  After some thought, Miss Appleby gives back Tommy his "pager".  A few moments later, Tommy is walking down the halls of Angel Grove High School, when his communicator goes off.  After a quick look around, Tommy walks over to a corner.  Tommy speaks into the communicator, Zordon come in.  The communicator makes odd sounds but there is no response from Zordon.  Tommy tries Alpha next, but gets the same response.  Tommy concludes that his communicator still doesn't work.  Tommy taps it and is surprise to hear Alpha 5 trying to contact him.  Alpha 5 to Tommy!  Come in!  Tommy quickly replies, Alpha, this is Tommy.  Alpha 5 informs Tommy the Rangers need you immediately in the rock quarry!  Tommy replies, I'm on my way.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  The Rangers destroyed Soccadillo with Dragonzord and Megazord.

A Pressing Engagement/Food Fight/For Whom The Bell Trolls


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