Power Morphers

Zordon kept the power morphers in the Command Center, until they were needed.  When Rita Repulsa attacked Angel Grove, Zordon had Alpha 5 teleport 5 teens with attitude.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini were teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon had selected them to become the Power Rangers.  Zordon gave them their morphers, which appeared on their waists, on a belt.  The power morphers would enable the teens to make the metamorphous into Power Rangers.  Each Ranger drew their strength from a dinosaur and each power morpher reflected a picture of that particular dinosaur.  The power morphers were activated when Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy confronted several putties outside the Command Center and used their morphers.  Each teen held their power morpher out in front of them and called out their dinosaur. 

Black Ranger - "Mastodon"
Pink Ranger - "Pterodactyl"
Yellow Ranger - "Sabretooth Tiger"
Blue Ranger - "Triceratops"
Red Ranger - "Tyrannosaurus"
Green Ranger - "Dragonzord"

It would be the last time, the Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly wore their morphers on their waist.  From then on, the power morphers would be brought out from behind.  During a battle in the mountain/desert area with the Putties, Billy and Trini had tried to lure some away by racing away.  Three of the Putties went after them.  Trini and Billy then split up.  Trini managed to shake off her Putties by hiding.  Billy had no such luck, as a Putty continued to chase after him.  Billy had climb high up the mountain, reaching the top.  Billy ran but reached a cliff.  The Putty was still after Billy.  Billy, in his nervous state, grab his morpher, but then dropped it.  Thankfully, Trini overcame her fear of heights and came to Billy's aid.  Trini taunted the Putty and the Putty came after them, and then dropped off the cliff.

Jason was at Angel Grove High School.  He had just finished talking to Tommy and was walking away when he was teleported away.  Jason finds himself in the Dark Dimension.  Jason tries to contact the Command Center.  He gets no response.  Suddenly he hears a voice - it is Goldar.  Goldar tells him his communicator won't work in here.  Jason turns around and quickly gets up to his feet.  Goldar laughs as he tells Jason he must face him all alone.  Jason starts searching behind him for his morpher.  Goldar notes the movement and holds out Jason's morpher.  Goldar laughs as he asks Jason if he is looking for this?  Jason tries his communicator once more.  Still no response.  Goldar gloats that he told him it wouldn't work.  Goldar tells him his power morpher might.  Jason goes after his morpher.  Goldar knocks Jason to the ground.  Goldar laughs as he asks Jason surely you can do better than that?  Jason gets up and demands that Goldar give him his power morpher.  Goldar remarks now he is demanding, but soon he will be begging.  Goldar adds if Jason was worthy, he would take it.  This stirs Jason up and he makes another attempt to get his power morpher.  Goldar grabs a hold of Jason's fist and pushes him to his knees and then flips him.  Goldar laughs.  Jason becomes angry and tells Goldar not to count him out yet.  Jason flips back onto his feet and lands a flying kick onto Goldar's chest.  Instead of becoming frighten, Goldar continues to laugh at Jason.  Jason and Goldar fight.  Goldar lands a punch into Jason's stomach.  Goldar then grabs a hold of Jason and shoves him high against a column.  Jason's feet are dangling as he struggles to break free.  Goldar tells Jason to understand one thing, he can finish him off anytime he chooses.  Goldar drops Jason and he slides down to the floor.  Goldar tells Jason that Rita has given Jason to him as a reward for his faithful service to her.  Goldar laughs as Jason collapses onto the floor.  Jason becomes frighten as he realizes the grave situation he is in.  Jason tries his communicator once more, trying to get a hold of Alpha 5 and the rest of the team.  Goldar continues to laugh at Jason.  Goldar tells Jason to continue to call his friends, because without hem he is nothing!  Goldar's sword appears in his hands.  Jason becomes taken aback to see the weapon.  Goldar tells Jason he may still toy with him before he disposes of him and then again, he may not.  Goldar continues to taunt Jason.  he tells him if he had his power morpher, he could get out of here.  Jason asks him what's his point?  Goldar deliberately drops the power morpher onto the floor.  Goldar tells Jason to come and get it - if you are brave enough!  Jason lands a kick on Goldar, flips over and then takes a dive towards the power morpher.  Goldar beats him to it as he slams his sword onto the floor, right in front of the power morpher.  Goldar then kicks Jason onto the floor.  Goldar waves his sword back and forth in front of Jason, who is still on the floor.  Goldar tells Jason he thinks he's finally ready to end this game.  Goldar laughs as he raises his sword.  Jason is very frighten.

Jason quickly gets up and dives beneath the fog.  Goldar searches for him by slamming his sword onto the floor.  Jason has a few close calls and then gets up and fights Goldar.  After awhile, Green Ranger arrives in the Dark Dimension.  Rita wants Green Ranger to destroy Jason.  Goldar is disappointed and teleports out.  Jason and Green Ranger fight.  Jason gets knocked to the floor.  Jason kicks out at Green Ranger and then gets up.  Jason and Green Ranger fight.  Green Ranger tells Jason he is a skilled warrior.  Jason wants to end this, he does not want to fight Green Ranger.  Green Ranger thinks it's because Jason knows he will win.  Jason denies this. Jason tells Green Ranger if he was truly a Ranger, he would be on Zordon's side, not Rita's.  Green Ranger tells Jason that Zordon is a memory.  Jason and Green Ranger fight again.  Jason gets knocked down to the floor.  His morpher is in sight and Jason grabs it.  Green Ranger spots this and tells him no you don't.  Green Ranger places his boot on Jason's wrist.  Jason is unable to get away.  Green Ranger laughs.  Green Ranger announces it's over, I am the victor.  The Sword of Darkness appears in Green Ranger's hands.  Green Ranger asks Jason what he thinks of his sword as he swings it above him.  Green Ranger tells Jason he is about to pay the price of defeat.  Meanwhile, At the Command Center, Billy has gotten the communicators functional and is locking onto Jason's communicator.  Kimberly asks Billy how much longer?  Billy replies he almost got it.  Alpha 5 is having a tough time dealing with the suspense.  Kimberly urges Billy to hurry.  In the Dark Dimension, Green Ranger continues to laugh and wave his Sword of Darkness above Jason.  Green Ranger tells Jason for what it is worth, you put up a pretty good fight.  Green Ranger raises the Sword of Darkness above him and positions it with the tip of the blade facing down.  Meanwhile, in the Command Center, Billy announces that he has locked on!  Jason is teleporting now!  In the Dark Dimension, there is a blaze of red, just as Green Ranger brings down the Sword of Darkness.  The Sword of Darkness hits the floor seconds after Jason had been teleported away.  Jason is very relieved to be back with his friends.

The viewing globe shows a giant Goldar attacking Angel Grove.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason have been watching.  Zack is alarmed and tells his friends Goldar is blowing the world to bits.  Jason tells his team we got to move.  The teens take out their power morphers and begin to morph.  The power morphers shoot out large sparks and then begins to smoke.  Kimberly asks what is going on?  Zack wonders the same thing.  Trini states something is seriously wrong.  Alpha 5 is working at the control panels.  Billy hurries over and asks Alpha 5 what is it?  The rest of the teens joins them.  Alpha 5 tells them it's an inter dimensional power surge cause by them trying to locate Zordon.  It's shutting down all power in the Command Center and throughout the morphing grid.  Jason is not happy with the idea that they can't morph.  Alpha 5 states they will not be able to morph until the power surge ends.  Zack wonders what they are going to do with Goldar ripping the city apart.  Alpha 5 tells them there is nothing I can do.  After a few minutes, Alpha 5 announces they have lost the computer too.  Jason tells his friends if they can't morph, Goldar is going to trash the world.  A few minutes later, Jason is very frustrated - he can't believe they are stuck here.  Zack adds that it looks like things keep going from bad to worse.  Alpha 5 tells them he wishes there was something he could do.  Billy gets an idea and walks over to a control panel.  Billy wants to try something as he opens one of the control panels.  Billy starts working on the wires.  There are sparks and smoke as he works and Alpha 5 panics.  Zack tells Alpha 5 that Billy is trying to concentrate.  Tense moments pass, as Billy continues to work on the wires.  He is watched intently by Trini, Kimberly, and Alpha 5.  Trini gives Billy encouragement, telling him he can do it.  Billy works steadily.  Jason walks up from behind and watches as well.  There are more sparks and smoke, but the power comes back on.  Billy is thrilled that it worked.  Billy tells his friends they should be able to morph now.  Jason instructs Alpha 5 to keep looking for Zordon while they take care of Goldar.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack morph and teleport out.

The Power Rangers would discovers, thanks to Alpha 5, that the evil Green Ranger was Tommy and he was under a spell.  Red Ranger destroyed the Sword of Darkness, which broke the spell.  Tommy was then invited to join the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Rita.  Tommy joined the team.  Tommy also held out his power morpher in front.

Tommy is walking through the park, when the Putties arrive and surround him.  The Putties fight Tommy.  During the fight, one of the Putties flips Tommy and manages to get his communicator off his wrist.  The Putty leaves and Tommy runs after him.  Eventually the Putty stops and turns around and faces Tommy.  He taunts Tommy by waving his communicator around.  Tommy demands that the Putty give his communicator back.  Tommy steps forward and a net comes up from the ground, trapping Tommy inside it.  Tommy struggles to free himself from the net.  As he does so, his morpher falls out and lands on the ground.  The Putty picks it up.  Another Putty joins the Putty.  The two Putties are examining the morpher and communicator.  Tommy has managed to free himself from the net.  Suddenly the two Putties are kicked in the back.  Tommy fights the two remaining Putties and defeats them.  He quickly picks up his morpher and communicator.

Tommy and Kimberly were in the park when they were attacked by Putties.  Kimberly and Tommy fought the Putties.  During the battle, Kimberly notices her morpher on the ground.  She goes after it, but a Putty kicks it out of the way.  Another Putty grabs it and waves it around.  Tommy is still battling his batch of Putties and is unable to help Kimberly.  Kimberly goes after the Putty with her morpher.  The morpher goes flying through the air and lands by some rocks.  Kimberly flips over to the rocks.  But before she can grab her morpher, a Putty grabs a hold of Kimberly and she can't break free.  Another Putty comes along and they have a good hold on Kimberly.  Tommy is knocked to the ground by his batch of Putties.  The three Putties yank him to his feet and have a firm hold on him.  Tommy tries to break free, but he can't.  Kimberly screams out, Tommy, my morpher!  Tommy replies that he can't reach his.  Goldar appears.  Goldar commands the Putties to take him.  The two Putties drop Kimberly and race over to Tommy.  Goldar slams his sword into the ground.  A golden glow surrounds Tommy and the Putties and then they vanish.  Kimberly screams, Tommy!  Goldar tells Kimberly to say goodbye to Green Ranger forever!  Goldar vanishes.  The morpher lays in front of Kimberly, but she is too upset to care. The Putties and Tommy appear in the dark dimension.  Goldar steps out of the fog and comments, just like old times, Green Ranger.  Tommy wants to know what this is all about.  A Putty releases his hold on Tommy and flips over to Goldar to hand over Tommy's morpher.  Goldar is pleased to have the morpher.  He commands the Putties to leave him to me.  The Putties vanish.  Later, Tommy escapes the dimension and has his morpher back.

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