Gosei Morphers

The Gosei Morphers were given to the Megaforce Rangers by Gosei.  The Gosei Morphers are large with an image of Gosei's face covering the entire morpher.  The Gosei Morphers work with the Power Cards.  Each Rangers had a specific Power Card to activate their Gosei Morpher.  The Megaforce Rangers shout "activate" and insert the Power Card into their Gosei Morpher.  There are two morphing call for the Rangers:

It's Morphin Time!

Go Go Megaforce!

With a different set of Power Cards, Gosei Morphers are also capable of summing the Megaforce Rangers' battle gear.  Gosei can also communicate with the Rangers through the morpher.

Tensou contacts the Rangers.  Tensou:  "Rangers, there's a monster attack at the city plaza!"  Horrible music is heard throughout the city and it affects Troy badly enough that he drops his morpher.  Troy struggles to pick up the morpher, but manages to.  Troy:  "We're here.  Right next to the plaza."  Gia's voice comes over the morpher.  Gia:  "Troy!  Emma!  Troy, it's too loud!  Can you hear me?!"  Troy:  "Just meet us at the plaza."  Gia:  "Meet you there!"  The Rangers battle Dizchord with difficulty, but did not defeat him.  Later, Dizchord returns.  At the Command Center, Tensou zips around and informs Troy that the monster's music is being broadcasted all over the planet.  We can't block the signal.  As Troy listens, he glances over at a blossoming tree.  Troy slowly gets up as he tells Tensou, I just got an idea.  Troy's idea of having Emma sing to combat Dizchord's music works.  Eventually the Rangers battle and destroy Dizchord.

Creepox was threatening a young boy.  Creepox was about to strike and Howie held up his arm to block the blow when Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger leaped in and landed hard kicks on Creepox.  Yellow Ranger:  "Back off!"  Creepox fell to the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "That's the last kid you're going to threaten!"  Creepox got back up and faced the two Rangers.  Creepox:  "Good.  You've come to their aid, just as I planned."  Black Ranger:  "Gia!  Get him out of here!"  Black Ranger fought Creepox as Yellow Ranger ran over to Howie.  Yellow Ranger:  "Go hide!  We got this!"  Creepox:  "Once the Rangers fall, then all the other worthless humans are next."  Yellow Ranger joined in the battle against Creepox.  There were several kicks and strikes.  Creepox hit Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard enough that they went flying and crashed through a warehouse.  Black Ranger:  "Man, he's tough.  But failure is not an option!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger pulled out their Mega Blasters and fired at Creepox.  Creepox:  "You mean to do this?!"  Creepox blasted them back.  The two Rangers were hit hard.  They scrambled back up.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Yellow Ranger fought Creepox with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger fought Creepox with his Snake Ax.  It continues to be a difficult battle.  Creepox:  "You two have no chance against my strength!"  Creepox knocked Black Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger blocked a blow with her Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger:  "You're strong, but it doesn't mean you'll win!"  Creepox:  "Wrong again!"  Creepox struck Yellow Ranger hard and she went flying.  Black Ranger was back up and tried to strike Creepox with his Snake Ax.  Creepox blocked the blow.  Black Ranger:  "You're going down, just like any bully."  Creepox:  "Think again!"  Creepox struck Black Ranger with a powerful blow.  The two Rangers continue to fight against Creepox.  Creepox:  "The strong take from the weak!  That's how it's always been and how it always will be!"  Black Ranger:  "Not here!  Not with us!"  Black Ranger charges towards Creepox and strikes him with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger strikes Creepox with her Tiger Claw.  Creepox quickly knocks the two Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger gets back up and battles Creepox.  Creepox strikes him and he goes flying and hits the dirt.  Yellow Ranger:  "Jake!"  Yellow Ranger hurries over to Black Ranger.  Creepox:  "This is what strength is for.  Meteorite shock!"   It hits both Rangers and they fly through the air.  Their morphers fly in a different direction.  Both Rangers demorph and are in a great deal of pain.  They roll over to face Creepox but run out of strength and collapse.  Creepox stares at their still forms for a moment.  Creepox:  "Two down, three to go.  Hmmm.  Attacking the city should do the trick."  Creepox laughs as he walks out of the warehouse.  Creepox launches his meteorite attack on the city.  Another battle follows and eventually Creepox is destroyed by Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Eventually the Rangers would gain another ally/Ranger.  Robo Knight was created by Gosei as a protector of the environment.  Robo Knight also has a morpher, power cards and weapons of his own.  Robo Knight also had the ability to transform into Lion zord.

The teens are hanging out at Ernie's Brain Freeze talking about Robo Knight.  After awhile, their morphers went off.  Emma held hers under the table as they listened.  Troy:  "We're being called."  Jake gave a small nod.  The teens quickly left Ernie's.  They raced to the edge of the city and stopped.  Troy:  "Quick!  Before any one gets hurt!"  The teens quickly pulled out their morphers.  All:  "It's morphin time!  Ha!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  The Rangers race towards Psychotick.  A battle followed and Robo Knight arrived and joined the battle.  Robo Knight was taken by Psychotick and Vrak.  Later, the Rangers located Robo Knight and another battle followed with Vrak and Psychotick.  Robo Knight managed to break free and wanted to fight Psychotick on his own.  Vrak managed to slip away but Psychotick was destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

Tensou contacts the Rangers.  Troy:  "Yes Tensou."  Tensou:  "The monster is back.  City park."  Troy:  "Thank-you Tensou."  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Robo Knight battle No Joke once more.  This time they lose Pink Ranger and Black Ranger to No Joke's pod.  Troy and Noah come up with a plan.  Their morphers go off.  Tensou informs them the monster is heading their way.  Eventually Blue Ranger and Robo Knight trick No Joke into laughing and he almost gets pulled into his own pod.  No Joke destroys the pod releasing the people trapped within along with the Rangers.  Another battle follows. Eventually No Joke is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Sea Megazord.

Bluefur and Bigs had managed to wrap the Aurora Box on top of a building.  This gave Bigs a more powerful form.  Robo Knight fought Bluefur outside the building while the rest of the Rangers fought Bigs inside the Aurora Box.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Bigs, but they were trapped inside the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger tries to contact Gosei but gets no answer.  Yellow Ranger states, we'll have to do this on our own.  Suddenly their surroundings change and Pink Ranger notes, the lights are going out.  Blue Ranger informs them the Aurora Box is imploding.  Black Ranger concludes they are trapped here.  Red Ranger pulls out his Mega Blaster and tells the team to stay focused.  There must be a way out.  He fires the Mega Blaster.  Blue Ranger notes, nothing.  Pink Ranger comments, it's so dark.  Red Ranger states, guys, I want you to know what an honor it was to serve by your side.  There is a sudden flash of light.  The top of the Command Center breaks into the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger notes it's a space ship now.  Gosei's image appears on the outside of the ship as he greets them.  Blue Ranger is happy that Gosei came for them.  Gosei adds, and I always will.  Here is your new ship.  Red Ranger is impressed.  It's amazing.  Gosei tells them to use their ultra mode to call for your zords.  The Rangers do so.  The Ultra Zords fly above them.  Pink Ranger is confused.  The Ultra Zords, what are they doing?  The Ultra Zords become larger and fit themselves onto the ship.  Black Ranger notes, they're melding into the ship.  Gosei tells them, your bravery has earned you this new power.  Megaforce, I present the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's use it well.  The Rangers leap inside the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  They are very impressed as they sit inside the cockpit.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship breaks free of the Aurora Box, destroying it in the process.  Another battle follows with Bluefur.  Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord

The teens are enjoying their day at the park when suddenly their morphers go off.  Troy pulls out his morpher.  Troy:  "Tensou?"  Tensou:  "There's a monster attacking the warehouse district!"  Troy:  "We're on it!"  The Rangers battle Rotox.  During the battle, Robo Knight is separated from the Rangers.  rapped under the car, Robo Knight can hear Red Ranger's voice over his morpher.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight come in!  Are you there?!"  Outside, still tightly bounded up in chains, Red Ranger continues desperately to make contact with Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight, are you okay?"  Rotox walks up to Red Ranger.  Rotox:  "Concern for your friend.  Another pathetic human weakness."  Rotox stomps on Red Ranger's chest.  Rotox:  "You'd be wiser to worry about your own fate!"  Rotox drags Red Ranger up and then tosses him into a stack of barrels.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger manage to get up.  Yellow Ranger & Black Ranger:  "Mega weapons!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax break the chains on Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charge towards Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger try to strike Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax, but Rotox blocks the move with his shield.  Rotox:  "Nice try!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger fight Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  It doesn't take long for Rotox to knock Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger off their feet.  They land hard on the pavement.  Black Ranger:  "Noah!  Hang on!"  Black Ranger races over to Blue Ranger.  Black Ranger releases the chains on Blue Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger releases the chains from Pink Ranger with her Tiger Claw.  Rotox:  "Do your worst!"  Red Ranger suddenly leaps out from behind the barrels and lands a hard kick on Rotox.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  Red Ranger lands close to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger run over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "Hold still."  Black Ranger breaks the chains on Red Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Rotox gets back up.  "Impressive stunt but you won't get so lucky a second time."  Pink Ranger:  "It's not about luck.  It's about protecting the Earth."  Yellow Ranger:  "It's our duty to protect this planet from creeps like you."  Rotox:  "Rubbish!"  Blue Ranger:  "We believe in our mission and that belief is what makes us strong."  Black Ranger:  "Strong enough to send your tin butt to the recycling bin."   Red Ranger states, when you plot against the Earth, or it's people, you have to deal with us, the Power Rangers.  The Rangers activate their ultra mode.  Rotox is not impressed.  What nonsense is this?  The Rangers charge towards Rotox with their Ultra Swords.  Blue Ranger strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Black Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Eventually Rotox is knocked off his feet.  He goes flying through the air and hits the pavement hard.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger stand next to each other.  Pink Ranger states, sorry robot.  You picked the wrong planet and wrong people to mess with.  Rotox gets back up on his feet.  Rotox releases two chains which fly towards Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The chains strikes the two Rangers several times.  But Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger strike back with their Ultra Swords and the chains retreat.  Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger if she is ready to take him down?  Pink Ranger is ready.  They both charge towards Rotox and strike him with their Ultra Swords as they run past him.  Rotox is surprised to see Red Ranger is back.  Rotox tosses his shield towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to block the shield from striking him.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to push back the shield.  Then he jumps on and lands on the shield, breaking it apart.  Rotox is angry.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  The Rangers use ultra strike against Rotox.  Rotox breaks apart and falls to the pavement.  Robo Knight arrives and tells the Rangers nicely done.  The teens go to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Ernie loads up a tray of goodies and gives it to Jake.  Jake carries it over to the table where Noah and Troy are sitting.  The girls are sitting at the counter.  Just as Jake is about to take a bite, their morphers go off.  Troy opens his gym bag where his morpher is sitting and whispers, what is it Tensou?  Tensou replies, there's a new attack at the civic center.  Emma and Gia quickly walk past their table.  Troy tells the guys, let's go.  Jake gives a sad look to his yogurt and then joins his friends.  Another battle follows with a rebuilt Rotox, now Rotox DX.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

The Rangers were trying to free Rico from Metal Alice's control.  The Rangers and Robo Knight stand at one end while Rico stands at the other end facing them.  Blue Ranger notes, neutralizing the sensor without hurting Rico is going to be very tricky.  Black Ranger adds, Tensou wasn't sure how the sensor would react.  Anything could happen.  Emma should destroy it with a pin point lightening strike.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Me?!   Pink Ranger is worried.  Yellow Ranger tells her, you have a good aim.  Rico repeats, Emma has a good aim.  Rico trusts Emma.  Rico wants friends to be safe.  Pink Ranger agrees to do it.  Blue Ranger tells the plan and the teens act on it.  First Jake and Gia will create a barrier to contain any possible explosions.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger place their Defenstone Power Cards into their morphers and activate it.  A barrier from beneath the ground appears.  Blue Ranger continues, then Troy's Windrive and my wave will combine, creating a tornado to absorb any explosion that might happen.  Red Ranger inserts his Twistornado Power Card as Blue Ranger inserts his Seashower Power Card into their morphers and activate it.  The tornado is created.  Blue Ranger adds, all that's left is for Emma's lightening strike to take out the sensor.  If there is an explosion, the tornado will catch it and then Robo Knight can snuff it out by freezing it.  Robo Knight understands the plan.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger to get ready.  Pink Ranger walks to the front of the group and inserts her Lightening Strike Power Card into her morpher and activates it!  Lightening appears but Pink Ranger hesitates using it.  Pink Ranger drops her morpher.  Red Ranger asks her, what's wrong?  Pink Ranger stares at the ground as she shakes her head, I can't do it.  If I messed this up, it could be the end of Rico.  Suddenly Metal Alice appears above them.  She states, you have shown me something fascinating.  Blue Ranger shouts, what do you mean?  Metal Alice tells them, this has all been an experiment to analyzed the useless human trait called friendship.  I've learned that it weakens human decision making.  Now instead of using emotions, I'll use the real power of the robot to take all of you out of this equation.  Pink Ranger picks up her morpher as she shouts, you don't understand the value of friendship!  Never have and never will!    A battle follows and eventually Pink Ranger uses Gosei Ultimate Command Ship to take Rico into space and out of Metal Alice's control.

Robo Knight wanted to find more information about human emotions.  Robo Knight walks to the Central Library, unintentionally scaring a few people along the way.  Robo Knight walks over the librarian's desk.  She becomes very scare and hold up the "No Cell Phones Allowed" sign to protect herself.  The librarian backs away as Robo Knight reads the sign.  Robo Knight:  "No cell phones.  Very well."   Robo Knight removes his morpher and places it on the desk.   Robo Knight will befriend a young boy, Todd.  Wearing headphones and learning about music and dancing, Robo Knight never heard his morpher go off.  The rest of the Rangers eventually destroyed Admiral Malkor and the Warstar Spaceship with Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.     

Mega Mission


Harmony And Dizchord/Who's Crying Now?


Robo Knight


Prince Takes Knight/Last Laugh/Gosei Ultimate


The Human Factor/Rico The Robot/The Human Condition