Samurai Morpher

Antonio had been training on his own to become a samurai.  He had been trying to take things to a higher level, but he was really stuck.  Antonio spotted the damaged morpher in the dirt.  Antonio has always been good with gadgets and figured out how to talk to Octozord with texting.  After that, everything fell into place.  When Antonio tried to join the Power Rangers Samurai, Mentor Ji took away his Samurai Morpher because he felt Antonio didn't have the necessary formal training.  Antonio became very angry and tried to take his morpher back.  Mike, Emily, Kevin, and Mia stopped him.  After battling and being almost beaten by Steeleto, Mike and Emily went to talk to Antonio.  They all went back to Shiba House, where Mia had been talking to Jayden about letting Antonio join the team.  Mike and Emily backed this decision, along with Kevin.  After some thought, Jayden gave Antonio his Samurai Morpher and he became the sixth Ranger - the Gold Ranger.

Antonio had been working with his morpher on the power symbol live to get Clawzord at full speed.  Soon there was a Nighlok attack in the city.  While battling Splitface, Gold Ranger marked him with the same power symbol live.  Splitface had taken fifty-four spirits, including Emily's.  Splitface returned to the Netherworld, so the Rangers could not defeat him and release the spirits.  Kevin, Mike, Jayden, and Mia were about to enter through a gap when Antonio came running up to them.  He tells them, I think I may be able to draw that Nighlok back through the gap.  Mike wants to know how?  Antonio answers, it will take a lot of symbol power.  He walks back to his cart and lifts the lid.  Clawzord pops out.  Antonio concludes, and the Clawzord.  Antonio programs the live symbol into his morpher.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, and Mike have their Spin Swords ready.  They all give the command symbol power live!  The symbols hit Clawzord and he grows bigger.  Antonio tells his friends, again!  All five repeat the process and Clawzord gets even larger.  Antonio yells more!  We need more symbol power to fully activate!  Once more the teens strike Clawzord with the symbol power live.  Clawzord gets even bigger.  Antonio, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, and Mike continue to use the power symbol live on Clawzord.  Clawzord becomes very big.  Splitface is drawn out of the Netherworld.  Antonio's plan had worked.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Splitface with the Clawzord Battlezord.

The Rangers now had a new weapon - the Black Box.  But no Ranger had ever been able to unlock it.  It was decided that Antonio, with his tech skills, would be the one to unlock the Black Box.  Antonio worked hard, using his Samurai Morpher, to unlock the Black Box.  Exhausted, Antonio managed to get the Black Box formatted.  Now it was time for the dangerous part, infusing it with the power discs.  The rest of the team lent Antonio their power discs.  It was a lot of work for Antonio and he continued to use his Samurai Morpher.  He managed to get the Dragon Zord locked in.  He started working on yellow, but it was too much.  It was decided that Antonio would rescue Jayden - Deker had taken him.  After rescuing Jayden, they both joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Arachnitor and several Moogers.  Antonio gave them their power discs back with the promise he would work on the Black Box after the battle.  The Rangers defeated the Moogers, but Arachnitor managed to slip away.

Room For One More/Team Spirit/Boxed In