The Nighlok attacks had escalated in Panorama City.  Mentor Ji told Jayden it was time to gather his team and lead them in battle against the Nighloks.  Mentor Ji opened a compartment and insider were four Samuraizers.  The Samuraizers are what the Samurai Rangers use to morph.  Jayden took the Samuraizers and took off to find his team in the city.  When he found them, Jayden told them to accept only if you are willing to commit and fight as Samurai Power Rangers with all your heart.  Emily, Mia, Kevin, and Mike all accept.  They walked into the city to confront Tooya and several Moogers.  The teens use the Samuraizers to morph.  The Samuraizers flip open and have a color code symbol on the inside screen.  To morph, Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily, and Jayden slash their Samuraizer through the air, making the symbol that is inside the Samuraizer.  Once the symbol is completed, the teen can morph.  The morphing call is the same for each Ranger.

Go Go Samurai!

The Rangers eventually destroyed the Moogers and Tooya.

The Rangers had gain three lost discs.  Jayden got the Tiger disc, Kevin the Swordfish disc, and Mia the Beetle disc.  Mike was very upset as he expected the Beetle disc.  Later, the Rangers were battling Desperaino.  Blue Ranger made the decision that it was time to use the new discs.  Blue Ranger placed the Swordfish disc onto his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger held up the Beetle disc, along with her Sky Fan.  Desperaino blasts the Beetle disc out of Pink Ranger's hand.  Green Ranger caught it and instead of giving it back to Pink Ranger, he used it on with his Forest Spear.  While Blue Ranger could make his Hydro Bow fire, Green Ranger could not get Forest Spear to work.  Desperaino got away.  The teens returned to Shiba House and Mentor Ji was furious.  Mentor Ji decided to take Mike's Samuraizer away.  Mike was furious and stormed out, leaving his Samuraizer behind.  Later, Mentor Ji and Mike were walking in the forest.  They talked and Mentor Ji gave Mike his Samuraizer back.

Origins, Part I/The Team Unites/Deal With A Nighlok


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