Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Truck

Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum has it's vehicle.  The Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Vehicle has a flatbed, which makes it easy to take their gear for a dig from museum to various locations.  Koda loaded up the crates as Kendall told Shelby she couldn't go on the dig with them.   Shelby decides to hide and when the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum truck heads out, Shelby pops out, runs after the truck, and gets herself inside the flatbed, under the protective tarp.  They eventually reach a wooded area.  Koda unloads the crates from the truck as a small working area is being prepared.  Shelby slowly removes the cover and gets a big smile.  She goes over how she is going to let the rest now she is there.  Surprise.  Here I am.  Now you have to give me a job on the dig.  Shelby thinks it over and then that will do it.  The crate Shelby was lending against is slowly moved away.  Shelby quickly hides under the tarp.  She sees a mysterious figure, draped in a black robe, move another crate.  This time a small one.  It opens the crate and gives a satisfied low laugh.  The mysterious figure walks away with the small crate.  Shelby is outrage.  He's stealing it.  Shelby tries to get Koda and Chase's attention, but they are too far off and don't hear her. Shelby decides to go after the figure herself.  Later that day, the truck leaves to head back to the museum.  Shelby tries to get their attention, but once more, no one sees or hears her.

The Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Truck returned to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and parked in the loading area.

Angry with herself for not encrypting the E-Tracer, which allowed Wrench to discover the location of Ankylo Zord, Kendall left to try and remove the stinger from Ankylo Zord that Stingrage had stung it with. Kendall gets into the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Truck and takes off.  She is unaware that Shelby has climbed into the flatbed. After a bit of a drive, Kendall gets out and goes to the back of vehicle and lifts up one of canvas, to discover Shelby hiding there.  Kendall is startled at first.  Once she regains her composure she tells Shelby stowing away is a really bad idea as she takes out  ropes.  Shelby agrees and adds, and going after the Ankylo Zord alone is also a bad idea.  Kendall replies, I rarely make mistakes.  When I do, I correct them.  No excuses.  Kendall takes out a shovel and hoe and pick and walks away.  Shelby jumps out and walks up to Kendall.  Kendall is tying a rope around the base of a tree as Shelby tells her, look we created this problem together.  Let's solve it together.  Shelby follows Kendall as she walks towards the large hole.  Kendall responds, I simply cannot be responsible for sending you down this hole.  It's just too dangerous.  Stingrage, Poisandra, and several Vivix walk up.  Stingrage tells them, maybe you can't, but I can.  Stingrage uses it's staff and points it towards Shelby and Kendall.  Shelby pushes Kendall out of the way and gets hits by the lasers.  Shelby is knocked into the hole.  Kendall is alarmed but Poisandra is pleased.  Hole in one Stingrage! Kendall manages to run through the forest and is eventually helped by Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Green Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Kendall is able to return to the Dino Lab.  The rest of the Rangers battle Stingrage, Poisandra and the Vivix.  Suddenly Ankylo Zord pops up with Pink Ranger on top of it.  Pink Ranger had removed the stinger and now Ankylo was their friend.  The battle continued until Stingrage was destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Form.

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