Rad Bug

The Rad Bug is a surprise experiment Billy had put together in his garage.  When teleportation and communication was down, Billy asked his friends if they would like to see his experiment.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini said yes and raced over to Billy's garage.  Billy then revealed the Rad Bug.  It is an old,  modified Volkswagen Beetle.  Zack had asked what was so rad about it and Billy told him it could go from zero to three thousand in 2.8 seconds.  It was enough to convince Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason.  They all climb into the Rad Bug and took off.  The Rad Bug was also capable of flying.  Zack was curious about the control panel but Billy caution him not to touch anything.  The Rad Bug tilted one way and then another while it was flying. The Rad Bug entered one of the tubes of the Command Center.  Alpha 5 was surprise to see an old car until the teens clambered out.  Zordon noted the teens looked distressed and the teens told Zordon about Maria, a young girl, being kidnapped by several Putties.  Zordon knew that Rita was after the Power Eggs.  The teens had to stop Rita from getting the Power Eggs and rescuing Maria.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack left the Command Center in the Rad Bug.  This time they traveled on the road.  Trini didn't know why they couldn't fly.  Billy didn't want to alert Rita to their presence, and decided it would be safer to travel on the road.  The Rad Bug travel through a mountain terrain and went through several bends before they finally spotted Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  Later, in the Megazord, the Power Rangers were demanding the release of Maria.  Instead Chunky Chicken cut the rope that Maria was dangling from.  Maria fell and the Megazord caught her.  Rita was furious.  Blue Ranger told the rest to use the remote to bring the Rad Bug over.  The Rangers did so.  As Maria was lowered to the ground, the Rangers instructed Maria to enter the Rad Bug and it would take her to safety.  The Rad Bug arrive and Maria replied they didn't have to tell her twice.  Maria got into the Rad Bug and it drove away.  The Power Rangers destroyed Chunky Chicken.

Billy had the Rad Bug parked outside the garage, as he was working on his latest experiment inside the garage.  Bulk & Skull hid by the Rad Bug as they listened to the conversation inside the garage.  Billy had Kimberly came over and displayed his machine to her - it was suppose to let them read each others minds.  Instead it would switch their minds instead.  Bulk considered the possibilities.  Skull tried to attract Bulk's attention several times.  Eventually Skull got Bulk to turn and see the dog growling at them.  The German Shepard chased Bulk & Skull away, but they would return later to try the machine themselves.  Bulk & Skull were switched as well.  Later, after some adjustments by Billy, the machine was able to return Billy and Kimberly to normal and Bulk & Skull as well.

Billy, Zack, and Jason were cleaning the Rad Bug.  The three were having a good time.  Trini and Kimberly joined them.  Zack offered a rag to Kimberly to help in the washing, but Kimberly was not in the mood.  Zack asked Kimberly what was wrong.  Trini replied Tommy.  Kimberly did not appreciated Trini letting the guys know.  Jason was confused - the guy he fought against in Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo.  Kimberly told him yes.  Kimberly told them they were suppose to meet at the Youth Center and he never showed.  Zack suggested that maybe something came up.  Suddenly their communicators went off.  They all listened to Jason's communicators.  It was Alpha 5, but he didn't sound right.  Jason told Alpha 5 that he was breaking up, he couldn't hear him.  Billy checked his communicator.  After a few seconds Billy, a little alarmed, told his friends the communicators were non functional.  Plus teleportation was done.  Trini was worried - something was seriously wrong.  Jason told his friends they have to get to the Command Center.  Billy suggested the Rad Bug.  Zack added it's the only way to fly.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini got into the Rad Bug.  The Rad Bug was quickly up into the skies.  The teens discussed what might be happening as they flew in the Rad Bug.  Trini thought Alpha 5 sounded bad.  Kimberly added she bet Rita was up to something.  Zack asked Billy if the Rad Bug could go any faster?  Billy remarked alright.  The Rad Bug tilted and went faster.  With screams from everyone, the Rad Bug landed safely inside the Command Center.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy got out of the Rad Bug and were stunned.  The Command Center was wrecked and Zordon was gone.

Jason, Zack, and Kimberly left the Command Center in the Rad Bug.  The following day, Kimberly and Zack are outside Billy's house, sitting on the Rad Bug.  Zack is testing his communicator.  Kimberly hopes Billy and Trini had some luck at the Command Center.  Zack replies they haven't fix the communicators yet, they are still down.  Looks like we are taking the Rad Bug.  Kimberly and Zack continue to wait for Jason.  Kimberly wishes Jason would show up.  Zack adds it's not like Jason to be late.  After awhile, Kimberly starts to worry about Jason.  Zack tells Kimberly we can't afford to wait on him.  Kimberly doesn't feel right leaving him.  Zack tells her not to worry, Jason can take care of himself.  They need to get to the Command Center - Alpha 5 needs them.  Zack and Kimberly get into the Rad Bug.  Kimberly hopes Zack knows what he is doing.  Zack does too.  Soon the Rad Bug is up in the skies.  Zack is enjoying the experience - commenting that it is the only way to fly.  Kimberly is a bit down, which Zack notices.  Zack tells her to cheer up.  Billy and Alpha 5 will find a way to get Zordon back.  But it's more than that for Kimberly - it's Tommy.  Zack concludes that Tommy gave Kimberly the cold shoulder.  Kimberly tells Zack it's like Tommy totally changed.  Zack replies that they have bigger problems to worry about now.  The Rad Bug lands inside the Command Center.  Trini, Billy, and Alpha 5 are at a control panel when they arrive.  There is some power in the Command Center, but Zordon is still missing and now Jason is missing as well.  Later all the power would be restore to the Command Center, Zordon was back, along with Jason.  The Rangers now had a new member on their team, the Green Ranger.

Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy have gathered outside Billy's house.  Billy and Kimberly are loading up the Rad Bug with bags.  Billy thinks the trip will be fun.  Kimberly wishes Jason was going on the field trip with them.  Billy adds there is plenty of room, takes a look inside the Rad Bug and changes it to barely.  Jason thanks them.  Jason tells his friends he wants to spend time with his cousin Jeremy while he is in town.  Zack tells Jason it won't be the same without him.  Trini walks up with a tray of food.  Trini apologizes for being late.  She offers the tray to her friends and tells them she made them in her gourmet cooking class.  Billy, Zack, and Jason gather around and take a piece of food off the tray.  Kimberly runs up and also grabs a piece.  Kimberly takes a sniff and isn't impressed.  She asks Trini what is in these?  Trini replies it's an exotic recipe.  It's very popular in France right now.  They call it Torte a la escargot.  Zack thinks its tasty, until Billy tells them it means snail.  Jason and Zack start coughing.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy quickly throw away their escargot.  Trini is unaware as she wraps the tray.  Trini looks up and smiles at her friends as she carries the tray to the car, intending to take the dish on their field trip.  After they have been on the road awhile, the ground begins to shake.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy become alarm and the Rad Bug has a hard time staying on the road.  Kimberly is sure it's an earthquake.  Zack instructs everyone to hold on.  Billy manages to pull the Rad Bug off the road and then the teens are outside when Zordon contacts them.  Zordon tells them to teleport to the beach immediately.  Zack replies we are on our way.  Trini, Kimberly, Zack, and Billy teleport to the beach and rescue Jason from the boulders that were pinning him down.

Billy was working on the Rad Bug when his friends walked up.  The guys gathered outside and sat and talked with Billy.  Trini is inside the garage, and she shouts out to them - Wow!  Guys, come here quick!  Jason, Tommy, and Zack walk into the garage.  Billy cleans up his tools and places them back in the tool box.  Zack, Jason, and Tommy gather around Trini and they watch the TV.  The TV announcer is asking who are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and how do they get their incredible power?  Billy says hi to Kimberly as she walks up.  The TV announcer is talking about how the Power Rangers had destroyed another of Rita's lethal monsters when Kimberly walks into the garage.  Kimberly says hi to her friends and ask them if the report is about them?  Billy, still outside, asks his friends to increase the volume please?  Tommy does a double take at Kimberly's improved appearance and tells her it looks like your day is getting better.  Kimberly picks up the remote and sarcastically asks could it have gotten any worse?  Billy joins his friends in the garage, as Kimberly presses the remote.  The TV explodes.  Trini, Zack, and Jason respond to Kimberly's question by telling her yes.  Billy yanks the remote out of Kimberly's hands.  Jason, Tommy, Zack, and Trini all laugh.  Billy is not happy.

The teens had been defeated in a battle against Cyclopsis and Lokar.  Rita had jammed the frequency on their Communicators and they were unable to contact Zordon.  Billy thinks he has some equipment in his garage that may help change the frequency on the Communicators.  The teens run past the Rad Bug as they enter Billy's garage.  As Billy tries to get the Communicators working again, Goldar and two Putties arrive.  Goldar begins wrecking items in the garage.  Billy excitedly announces he did it!  The Communicators work.  The teens teleport out.  Later, they destroy Cyclopsis with Ultrazord.  Lokar vanishes - his whereabouts are unknown. 

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