Trini's Car

Trini's car is a four-door white Honda.  Trini had enlisted Billy's help in searching for her missing doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer.  Billy unlocked the door of Trini's car and then held it open as Trini entered.  Billy then got in from the other side.  They had already searched the Youth Center and couldn't find the doll.  They headed off to Angel Grove High School next.  Trini and Billy didn't have any luck there.  Trini was driving as they went over the areas they had looked.  Trini stopped at stop sign.  Billy didn't want to accuse anyone, but maybe someone stole Mr. Ticklesneezer.  That's when Trini spotted a life size Mr. Ticklesneezer walking.  Mr. Ticklesneezer liked the car.  Mr. Ticklesneezer liked to collect goodies with his magic bottle.  Mr. Ticklesneezer opened his bottle and the car was pulled in.  Mr. Ticklesneezer stare at the car inside the bottle and noticed two more little goodies inside the car.  Mr. Ticklesneezer was very pleased, although Trini and Billy screamed in terror.  Mr. Ticklesneezer told them he wouldn't hurt them, he was just going to keep them forever.  Mr. Ticklesneezer ended up by the train tracks.  Mr. Ticklesneezer stayed hidden as Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger battled several Putties.  Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt were there as well.  Baboo and Squatt just got in each other's way.  Red Ranger battle Goldar.  Mr. Ticklesneezer decided he had enough and started to leave.  Mr. Ticklesneezer tripped and the bottle went flying.  Pink Ranger caught the bottle.  Trini and Billy were very happy to see her.  Goldar attacked and the bottle went flying again.  This time it landed on the train tracks.  Pink Ranger battle Goldar, and then managed to get away in time to grab the bottle.  Pink Ranger opened the bottle and Trini's car rolled out.  Trini and Billy quickly got up, morphed and joined the battle.  Later, the Megazord would have the bottle and threaten Rita with it.  Rita, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt retreated.  The Rangers had Mr. Ticklesneezer return all his goodies.  This turned out all to be a dream of Trini's.  Trini came to the conclusion that she had too much Rita on her mind.  It is unknown whether the car is really Trini's or just a part of her dream. 

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