Mentor Ji's Motorcycle

Mentor Ji has a motorcycle, that he rides very rarely.  Earlier, Mentor Ji had taken away Mike's Samuraizer after Green Ranger had put the team at risk in a battle.  Mike had stormed off.  Thanks to Jayden, Mentor Ji realized he needed to talk to Mike.  Mentor Ji rode his motorcycle into the city and pulled up at the arcade, just as Mike was walking out.  Mike was very surprised to see him.  Mentor Ji tosses him a helmet and tells him to get on.  Mike is reluctant, but he puts on the helmet and sits behind Mentor Ji on the motorcycle.  Mentor Ji drives out of the city and onto the freeway.  As they drive along, Mike comments to Mentor Ji, that he always thought he would be more old school, like riding a horse or something like that.  Mentor Ji asks, have you ever had to clean up after a motorcycle?  Mike replies no and they both laugh.  They arrived at a forest and get off.  Mentor Ji and Mike talk in the forest and Mike learns more about his symbol power.  Mentor Ji gives Mike his Samuraizer back.

Forest For The Trees