Samurai SUV

The Power Rangers Samurai, have at their disposal, a  SUV to take them places.  The Samurai SUV stays at the Samurai Base until needed.  The SUV is black with white interior.  It is four-door vehicle with the samurai emblem on it's door.  It was time for Jayden to meet his team, as the Nighlok attacks had escalated.  The Samurai SUV is sent out to pick up Mia, the Pink Ranger.  Mia stares at her pink case.  A black SUV pulls up with the samurai emblem on it's doors.  One of the doors opens and Mia runs towards the vehicle.  Tooya and the Moogers continue their attack on the city.  Tooya becomes frustrated when those lame Rangers haven't shown up.  Tooya decides to destroy several cars to get their attention.  This creates a huge explosion.  The Samurai SUV is driving on a road not far from the explosion.  Kevin notices the emblem and gets the SUV to stop.  He runs over to the back door and addresses the closed window.  I am Kevin and I'm going to fight with you. The window rolls down to reveal Mia.  Kevin becomes embarrassed and quickly zips up his jacket as he tells her, I didn't know the Red Ranger was a girl.  Mia steps out of the vehicle, and tells Kevin she is not the Red Ranger, I'm the pink.  My name is Mia.  Emily comes running up and assumes Kevin is the Red Ranger.  Kevin tells her he is the blue.  Mike walks up and tells them they must be his peeps.  Kevin asks him if he is the Red Ranger?  Mike replies, no, I'm mighty green.  The sound of a horse makes them all turn towards the sound.  Jayden on the horse, comes riding up.  Mike comments, with an entrance like that, you have to be the Red Ranger.  Jayden confirms that he is the Red Ranger.  Kevin eagerly states, we are your team of samurai.  Jayden warns them, if you follow me, there is no turning back.  Either we defeat the Nighlok together, or they will take over the world.  I will give these only to those who accept the challenge.  (Jayden is holding up a Samuraizer.)  Jayden gets off the horse.  He tells them, do not accept because you have been trained to do so.  Accept only if you are willingly to commit and fight as a Samurai Ranger with all your heart.  Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike consider his words carefully.  Kevin is the first to response, without hesitation.  Mia adds, I've been planning for this since I was a little girl, so yes.  Emily eagerly tells him, I'm ready to give it all I got.  Mike tells them, okay, okay, do we have to be so formal.  Let's do this thing.  Jayden takes out the rest of the Samuraizers and tosses them to Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike.  The Rangers, with their zords, destroy the Moogers and Tooya.

Jayden sent Kevin on a solo mission.  Kevin raced out of the base and into the waiting Samurai SUV.  He got into the back seat as he was driven to the beach.  Kevin remembered Jayden's words to him.  Jayden:  With your mastery of symbol power over water, I'm confident you'll capture that zord.  Kevin's mission was to capture the Swordfish Zord, which had been missing in action but recently spotted.  Kevin pulled out his disc and gaze at it.  Kevin:  I'm ready for this.  Kevin looked out the windows.  The SUV dropped Kevin off.  Later, Kevin successfully captured the Swordfish Zord.  The Power Rangers destroyed Yamiror with the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Origins, Part I


A Fish Out Of Water