Dino Charge Blaster/Saber Combo

As the name implies, this weapon combines the Dino Charge Blaster with the Dino Saber.  Red Ranger was battling Iceage.  Black Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger was battling several Vivix.  Blue Ranger is also battling several Vivix.  Blue Ranger combines his Dino Saber and Dino Charge Blaster.  He shouts, power blast, as he fires several Vivix with his weapon.  Blue Ranger picks up a Vivix and shouts, you're no match for my strength!  He tosses the Vivix to the ground and then fires more Vivix with his weapon.  Eventually the Vivix and Iceage are destroyed.

The Rangers were battling Cavity and several Vivix.  Blue Ranger combines the Dino Morpher and the Dino Saber together.  Blue Ranger fires it at a Vivix.  Blue Ranger fights several of the Vivix.  Pink Ranger lands several kicks on another group of Vivix.  Green Ranger fights another group of Vivix.  Black Ranger fights and fires his Dino Charge Blaster at his set of Vivix.  But it's hard with his mouth hurting. (Cavity had shoot lasers at Black Ranger, which cause a great deal of pain in his mouth.)  Eventually the Vivix strike Black Ranger several times.  A set of Vivix grab a hold of him and a Vivix comes towards him.  Black Ranger yells guys!  Green Rangers fires his Dino Charge Blaster at the Vivix, shouting I'm on it!  Green Ranger fights the two Vivix holding Black Ranger with his Dino Saber until they are defeated.  Black Ranger is impressed.  Not bad.  Now who's the hot shot?  Green Ranger replies, just until you see a dentist.  Black Ranger thanks him.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger face Cavity with their Dino Charge Blasters.  The three Rangers fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity's teeth.  Once more the blasts are deflected and hit the three Rangers instead.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger hit the pavement.  Green Ranger and Black Ranger run over.  Black Ranger notes, the blasts aren't strong enough.  Cavity taunts them, who wants to be next?  Green Ranger suggests they try Para Charger and the Dino Saber.  Black Ranger likes the idea.  Green Ranger states, I'm adapting to the situation.  Cavity tells them, this will only hurt a lot.  Green Ranger places the Para Charger into his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger races towards Cavity.  Cavity shoots out several lasers, but Green Ranger blocks them with his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger uses the power slash against Cavity several times. Cavity is upset, all his teeth are missing.  Green Ranger tosses Black Ranger his Raptor Charger and tells him it's now his turn for a new combo.  Black Ranger places the Raptor Charger into his Dino Charge Blaster.  Cavity becomes nervous.  Black Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster and defeats Cavity.  Green Ranger laughs and comments now that is a hot shot.  That's definitely not something you can train for. A few moments later, a magna beam hits Cavity and it grows giant size.  Another battle follows and eventually Cavity is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Past, Present And Fusion/The Tooth Hurts