Dino Chargers

The Dino Chargers were created by Kendall Morgan.  The Dino Chargers contain the power of each Energem.  When a Dino Charger runs out of power, it is recharged in the charging station at the Dino Charge Secret Lab.  The Dino Chargers serve multiple purposes.  Inserted into the Dino Blasters, it allows the teens to morph.  They also energize the weapons and grow the zords to giant size.  During battle, they sit inside the Ranger's belt and can be taken out as needed.

Kendal upgraded the Dino Chargers.  Now the Rangers could activate their Dino Steel armor mode.  They also received new weapons as well.

Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger were battling Slammer in their Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.  They decided it was time for Green Ranger to join them.  Green Ranger was very excited to use his Dino Charger to summon his Raptor Zord and see what it can do.  The battle continued until Slammer was destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.

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