Dino Com

Tyler had followed Fury through the woods.  When Fury paused, Tyler hid behind a large rock.  Sledge and Wrench suddenly appear.  Sledge yells at Fury to get over here.  Fury walks over as he asks, is your plan on schedule?  Sledge replies, so far the Rangers took the bait and are leading Scrapper right to their base.  Once he tells me the location, we'll scorch the place.  And finally the Energems will be mine!  Sledge, Wrench, and Fury walk away.  Tyler notes, they are going to destroy our base.  And everyone along with it.  Tyler pulls out his Dino Com and tries to contact his friends.  He gets no response as the device has no signal.  Tyler shakes it, but it still doesn't work.  Tyler has to warn them and he takes off running.  Tyler manages to stop Scrapper from informing Sledge about the Dino Lab's location.  Eventually Scrapper is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation and Sledge never found out about Dino Lab's location.

At the park, Chase had been giving Koda bike lessons when Slammer appeared.  Slammer quickly trapped Chase into a cage and the cage teleported to a cave.  Inside a cave, Chase struggles to get out of the cage.  Within moments, another cage appears with Koda and a young boy inside it.  Koda tries to break out of the cage.  Chase informs him, I tried to morph, but I can't.  As Koda continues to try to break out, Chase notes, even you can't bend these bars.  Chase notices the young boy and asks, who's that?  Koda knells down by the young boy and asks, you okay?  Koda removes the boy's helmet as the boy, in a trembling voice, replies, my leg.  I think it's broken.  Chase notices something and points it out to Koda.  The cage landed on the bike.  Maybe you can get out.  Koda removes the bike and squeezes through the hole.  Koda carefully helps the boy out of the cage.  Koda places the boy by some rocks and tells him to stay still.  Chase notes how dark the cave is just as Koda creates a torch.  The boy is impress as is Chase.  Oh, you got to teach me how to do that.  Koda asks the boy, what is your name?  The boy replies, Peter.  Koda asks Peter to hold the torch?  Peter replies yeah and holds the torch.  Koda tells Chase, he needs doctor.  Chase uses the Dino Com.  Koda uses his vest and a stick to make a temporary brace for Peter.   When Chase gets no response, he concludes it's some kind of field jamming our equipment.  Koda takes back the torch as Peter asks, which way?  Koda replies, the wind will show us.  As the wind blows, Koda notes the direction.  Koda picks up Peter and carries him.  He stops by Chase's cage and tells him, I get Peter out, then I come back.  Chase wishes them good luck.   Meanwhile, Kendall walks through the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and into Dino Bite Cafe.  She walks up to Shelby and Riley.  Kendall tells them Chase and Koda are late.  Shelby responds, Chase is always late.  Riley adds, Koda doesn't even know what time is.  Kendall responds, true, but they aren't answering their Dino Coms either.  Tyler (who was in the kitchen, but overheard the conversation) joins the group.  Kendall tells Tyler and Riley to take the Dino Cycles.  Their scanners will allow you to cover more ground.  The guys take off and Shelby goes back to work.  Eventually it's discovered where Chase and Koda are.  Shelby and Kendall join Riley and Tyler at the base of the mountain, just as Koda runs out, carrying Peter.  Kendall takes Peter to the hospital.  Koda, Shelby, Riley, and Tyler morph and battle Slammer.  Eventually Slammer is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.  Tricera Zord rescues Chase from the cave.

Chase was guarding a store for a friend, Moana.  He was asleep when Spellbinder walked in, but quickly woke up.  Spellbinder quickly ran out of the store and Chase followed him out of Moana's Kiwi Kurios.  He pauses for a moment and shakes his head.  Chase comments, what's wrong with me?  Chase hops onto his skateboard and feels like himself.  Chase contacts his friends with the Dino Com and tells them he is going to need some backup.  Moments later, the Rangers battle Spellbinder.  Spellbinder vanishes and Black Ranger walks away from the rest of the Rangers.  Later, Shelby, Koda, Tyler, and Riley head into Moana's Kiwi Kurios to get information on Spellbinder.  Moana looks through a book and stops when she comes to the page that has a drawing of the pendant on it.  She tells the teens, this is the pendant that was stolen.  It was forged from an evil heart in the darkest corner of New Zealand.  Destroy it!  Or soon Chase will forget he is your friend and turn against you.  Tyler tells her, we have a weapon that might be strong enough.  But it won't work without Chase.  Moana tells them, if he can focus, Chase can push the spell from his mind long enough to use your weapon.  Riley is skeptical.  I doubt it.  Shelby adds, Chase has the attention span of a flea.  Moana informs them, long ago, your friend Chase proved to me that he can focus, very deeply.  Even in the most dire situations.  It happened one day, just as I was closing my shop. Moana tells the story.  Chase was sitting outside her shop as Moana was locking up. The baby carriage began to roll away.  Chase immediately got on his skateboard and went after the baby carriage.  The baby carriage rolls into the street just as a truck is driving down it.  Chase leaps above the street and snatches the blanket wrapped bundle out of the carriage.  Chase rolls to a safe spot, and clutches the small bundle as the truck rolls over the carriage.  Moana is very grateful as she unwraps the blankets and sees that her cat is okay.  Chase is a bit surprise to see a cat instead of a baby.  I just risk my life...for the most beautiful little kitty.  Moana takes Chase's hand and tells him, come to my shop.  There is something I must give you for your bravery.  Chase protests as he is lead into the shop.  Moana pushes Chase along until they reach a cabinet.  As she unlocks the cabinet, she tells Chase, such courage is rare.  She takes out a small wood box and opens it as she tells Chase, and deserves something equally precious.  Inside is the Black Energem.  Chase asks, what is that?  Moana tells him to take it.  It's yours.  Chase reluctantly takes the Black Energem.  As he does so, it lights up.  The energy flows through Chase.  Chase gets an image of a Parasaurolophus Dinosaur.  Riley comments, so that's how Chase got his Energem.  Koda remarks, it's so easy for him.  I froze in glacier for thousand of years.  Tyler and Shelby laugh.  Tyler's Dino Com goes off and he walks away from the group to take a look at it. Moana continues, when he's on his skateboard, Chase can push everything else from his mind.  Shelby agrees. He said the spell went away when he was on his board.  Tyler walks back and tells them, Kendall says Spellbinder has return.  And Chase...he's disappeared.  Tyler, Koda, Shelby, and Riley are concerned.  Tyler thanks Moana and the four teens head out.  Later, the teens are able to help Chase break the spell.  Another battle follows and Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.