Dino Saber

Riley went searching for his dog, Rubik.  He could hear his dog barking in the woods and started searching for him there.  Riley was surprised to see a strange creature (Fury) threatening his dog.  Riley quickly leaps to his dog's defense and fights Fury with a fence post.  Fury continues to use his weapon to shoot blasts at Riley.  Riley blocks the blasts with the fence post.  Riley eventually gets hit and is knocked to the ground.  The fence post goes flying and hits a rock, breaking it apart and revealing part of a dinosaur fossil and a Green Energem.  Fury:  "The Green Energem!"  Riley gets up and quickly runs over to the rock and tries to pull out the fence post.  Fury walks up to the rock.  Fury:  "Out of my way!  That's my Energem!"  The Green Energem begins to glow and the energy shoots up the fence post and into Riley.  Riley is a bit bewildered as the energy seeps into him.  But he suddenly has the strength to pull out the fence post.  Fury:  "What?"  The fence post turns into a Dino Saber.  Riley:  "Impossible."  Fury:  "Enough playing around!"  With confidence Riley prepares to fight Fury with his Dino Saber.  Riley:  "I'm not playing."  Fury roars in anger.  Riley charges towards Fury and strikes him with the Dino Saber.  Riley and Fury fight each other with their weapons.  Riley strikes Fury and knocks him to the ground.  Fury:  "You'll pay for that!"  Fury tries to blast Riley, but Riley blocks the blast with his Dino Saber.  The blast is directed towards a tree and hits one of it's branches.  The branch falls off and hits Fury.  Riley runs over to the rock and digs out the Green Energem.  Riley:  "What is this thing?"  As Riley looks at it, it begins to glow green.  Riley receives an image of a velociraptor.  Riley is confused, dinosaurs.  Fury is still struggling to get out from under the tree branch and is making a lot of noise.  Riley calls for his dog and they take off running.  Later, Riley would meet Tyler and Shelby.  All three ended up in the secret Dino Charge Lab, where they learned that the Energems had selected them to become Power Rangers.  Their first battle was against Iceage, two Vivix Zords, and several Vivix.  Red Ranger fought Iceage.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger each fought a batch of Vivix.  Green Ranger fights several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  As he fights them, he comments, I knew these skills would come in handy.  Green Ranger places his Dino Charger into the Dino Saber.  Green Ranger shouts, Dino Saber!  Power Strike!  Leaping into the air and twirling, Green Ranger strikes several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Pink Ranger fights another set of Vivix.  She kicks several of them with her leaps and splits.  Pink Ranger shouts, Dino Morpher Blast as she fires her Dino Blaster at the Vivix.  They are destroyed.  Red Ranger leaps over to Iceage.  They fight each other.  Red Ranger shouts at his zord to take out the last Vivix Zord!  T-Rex Zord gets the Vivix Zord's head into it's mouth.  Rexie, using it's tail,  spins itself around the Vivix Zord, striking it several times.  Rexie leaps away as the Vivix Zord is destroyed.  Red Ranger comments, nice.  Now let's finish this ice freak together.  Iceage shouts back, I'll freeze you both!  Red Ranger tells Rexie, let's do this!  Red Ranger leaps inside T-Rex Zord's mouth.  Iceage is upset when his ice doesn't freeze T-Rex Zord.  T-Rex Zord opens his mouth and Red Ranger leaps towards Iceage, firing his Dino Blaster, using final strike, at Iceage.  Iceage exclaims, I can't take the heat as he is destroyed.  Red Ranger shouts, monster!  Extinct!

The Rangers are battling Sledge, Scrapper, Wrench and various Vivix.  Green Ranger is fighting a set of Vivix with his Dino Saber.   He strikes several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Wrench joins in and Green Ranger fights him with his Dino Saber.  Wrench states, you're out of here and strikes Green Ranger hard.  Green Ranger hits the ground and demorphs.  Red Ranger fights Sledge.  Sledge punches Red Ranger hard enough to knock him off his feet.  Red Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Sledge comments, I'm getting too old for this as Poisandra, Wrench, and more Vivix walk over to him.  Chase and Shelby help Tyler to his feet.  Sledge gives the teens a last warning.  Hand over the Energems in an hour or I'll blast this planet to pieces.  One hour.  Sledge shoots up into the sky.  When the smoke clears, the rest of this troops are gone as well.  Koda asks, one hour, how long is that?  Shelby replies, not long.  How do we stop him?  Riley tells them, we need to come up with a plan to beat him together.  Fury watches them for a moment and then leaves.  Tyler tells his friends, something's going on.  I'm going to follow him (Fury).  Shelby pulls Tyler to a stop.  Shelby tells him, I know you want answers about your dad but...Tyler denies it's about his dad.  Fury was signaling him.  I've got a hunch.  Chase tells him, forget your hunch mate.  Instead, Tyler follows Fury while the rest of his friends head back to the Dino Charge Lab.  While following Fury, Tyler learns the plan is Scrapper is following the rest of the teens to discover the Dino Charge Lab.  Tyler races back to the city and stops Scrapper from leaving and telling Sledge the location of the Dino Charge Lab.  Tyler morphs and fights the Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger destroys the Vivix and tells Scrapper he's next.  Scrapper tells Red Ranger he is going to turn him into scrap!  Red Ranger charges towards Scrapper with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster at Scrapper.  Suddenly Wrench appears in front of Scrapper and takes the blast and flings it aside.  The action hurts and Wrench sheds a few tears over it.  Red Ranger is surprised.  Wrench tells Red Ranger, you should have stuck with your friends.  You've messed up everything.  Red Ranger shouts, I'm just getting started and charges towards them.  Wrench runs towards Red Ranger.  Wrench and Red Ranger fight each other.  After a few moments of fight, Wrench pulls out his ax and fights Red Ranger with it.  Wrench strikes Red Ranger several times with the ax.  Eventually Red Ranger hits the pavement and demorphs.  Scrapper joins Wrench and states, I was almost to the ship.  You are going to regret getting in my way Red Ranger.  Wrench adds, say goodbye!  Scrapper and Wrench charge towards Tyler, who is still laying on the pavement.   Several blasts hit near Scrapper and Wrench.  They are both knocked off their feet.  Tyler is struggling to get back up as his friends race over.  Shelby asks, are you okay?  Tyler replies, yeah.  Chase and Shelby help Tyler get back up.  Chase tells Tyler, fighting alone?  You could have been destroyed.  That's why you don't follow hunches.  Tyler replies, you're right.  But so was my hunch.  Sledge wasn't going to give us one hour.  That crusher creep followed you guys back to the base.  He was heading off to tell Sledge where it is, so they can steal the Energems.  That's the real plan.  Shelby states, so if you hadn't followed Fury....Riley continues, Sledge would be making his way into our base right now and destroying everything and everyone.  Scrapper struggles to get up and states, you hurt my hubcaps.  No one pays him any attention.  Koda admits he is confused.  Is hunch bad or good?  Chase answers, right now, it's good.  Chase gives Tyler a pat and a smile.  Tyler tells his friends, let's do this.  Together.  Chase agrees, together.  With a little help from Kendall.  Chase holds up Tyler's Dino Charger as he tells him, she's developed a new armor mode for us.  Tyler is impressed as he takes the Dino Charge.  Scrapper gets back up and is ready to leave and tells Wrench, I still got to tell Sledge where their base is.  Tyler tells them, don't count on it.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley morph. Red Ranger suggests they check out their new armor mode.  Using their Dino Charge Blasters and Dino Chargers, the Dino Steel armor is activated.  In addition, the Rangers have new weapons as well.  Scrapper has the Vivix form Vivix Zords.  Red Ranger suggests to Black Ranger that he use his new Para Chopper.  Black Ranger agrees.  Black Ranger fires both his Para Chopper and his Dino Charge Blaster at the two Vivix Zords.  Green Ranger fights Scrapper and Wrench with his Raptor Claw and Dino Saber.  Wrench fights back with his ax and taunts Green Ranger, is that all you got?  Green Ranger responds, not even close.  Green Ranger strikes Wrench with his Raptor Claw.  Pink Ranger fights several Vivix with her Tricera Drill.  Pink Ranger destroys several Vivix with her Tricera Drill.  Blue Ranger fights Scrapper with his Stego Shield.  Blue Ranger strikes Scrapper with his Stego Shield as he tells him, we'll see how tough you really are.  Blue Ranger knocks Scrapper off his feet.  Black Ranger yells, guys, I could use some help here!  Pink Ranger is ready.  Pink Ranger summons her Tricera Zord.  Tricera Zord arrives.  Pink Ranger is very excited to see her.  Red Ranger fights Scrapper with his T-Rex Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Scrapper several times with his T-Rex Smasher.  Scrapper complains, that thing hurts!  Black Ranger continues to blast the two Vivix Zords with his Para Chopper and Dino Charge Blaster.  Black Ranger gloats, too slow.  Pink Ranger enjoys riding on top of her Tricera Zord.  Black Ranger spots Pink Ranger and notes that she has met her zord.  Pink Ranger jumps off and replies, yup, she's awesome.  Just watch what she can do!  Tricera Zord leaps into the air and, using her tail, drills through both Vivix Zords, destroying them.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger, good work guys.  Blue Ranger adds, we finish this.  Our powers are stronger together.  Red Ranger is excited about the idea of combining their powers.   Placing the Red Dino Charger and Blue Dino Charger into his Dino Charge Blaster, Red Ranger fires at Scrapper.  Scrapper yells, I'm crushed as he falls to the ground.  A magna beam hits Scrapper and it grows to giant size.  Another battle follows.  Scrapper is eventually destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Megazord.

Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger are facing down Slammer.  Slammer commands the Vivix to destroy the candy colored twits.  Several Vivix run past Slammer and towards the four Rangers.  Blue Ranger battles several Vivix.  Pink Ranger battles another set of Vivix.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger battle Slammer.  As they fight, Slammer tells them, escape is not possible.  Green Ranger battles Slammer with his Dino Saber.  Slammer tries to blast Green Ranger.  Green Ranger avoids being hit and strikes Slammer with his raptor slash.  Slammer is hit hard and is knocked to the ground.  Red Ranger gets on his Dino Cycle and suggests they try out the battle mode.  Green Ranger quickly hops on his Dino Cycle.  Green Ranger wants to see what they can really do.  In opposite directions, Red Ranger and Green Ranger charge towards Slammer on their Dino Cycles.  Slammer states, I'll lock you both up.  Both Rangers manage to avoid getting captured.  Green Ranger charges up his Dino Saber.  As he charges past on his Dino Cycle, he strikes Slammer with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger blasts Slammer with his Dino Charger.  Slammer is hit hard. Slammer shouts, you'll do hard time for this!  Red Ranger declares, now that was awesome!  Quickly Slammer grows to giant size and another battle follows.  Eventually Slammer is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation. 

At the Dino Lab, Riley sets up the dino ball machine to shoot out tennis balls as he hits them with this Dino Saber. Riley does some impressive moves as he strikes each ball back.  Behind him, Chase has his feet up and his headphones on, enjoying his drink.  Riley gets very frustrated with himself when he misses a tennis ball.  He quickly gets into a fighting stance and practices hitting the flying tennis balls.  Riley hits several, but then misses one.  He becomes frustrated when he hears the slurping sound behind him.  Riley tries to get Chase's attention.  A tennis ball hits Riley in the back, which does not improve his mood.  Chase glances up and removes his headphones as Riley tells him, I'm trying to focus here.  You should know how hard that can be.  Chase replies, but bro, you just keep practicing the same sword move.  Over and over.  Riley tells him, I have my reasons.  Chase asks, which are?  Riley explains, when Fury attacked me to get the Green Energem, I wasn't able to keep up.  That's why I practice, so next time I'm ready.  Riley walks away, Chase gets up, grabs his skateboard and walks up to  Riley.  Look, we both want to defeat Fury.  But the next attack could be different.  If I was you, I'll used your instincts and adapt.  So you're ready for any situation.  Riley dismisses Chase's advice.  Oh okay, you giving me training advice.  Right!  I've never seen you train.  Not once.  Riley walks away.  Chase shouts after him, just because I don't train the same way as you, doesn't mean I don't train.  Angry, Chase states, I'm going out and heads out.  Riley shouts after him, have fun!  Chase glares at him and then leaves.  A tennis ball hits Riley's forehead.  Riley lets out a growl and gets back to practice.  Later, Green Ranger and Black Ranger are battling Cavity, but also arguing with each other. Cavity takes advantage of the situation and fires at them as he shouts decay time!  Green Ranger manages to block the shot with his Dino Saber.  Cavity keeps firing.  Green Ranger manages to block each shot.  Cavity shouts at him to hold still.  Cavity charges at them as he shouts, open wide!  This is going to hurt!  Black Ranger shoves Green Ranger aside as he tells him, nice job Riley, now let me show you what my training can do.  Green Ranger tells Black Ranger to stop goofing off.  I had him.  Both are unaware of Cavity running towards them and Cavity easily punches the two Rangers.  Red Ranger is busy fighting Vivix.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger land on the grass.  Red Ranger shouts at them to hold on.  I'm coming!  Cavity tells Green Ranger and Black Ranger, until next time and runs away.  Red Ranger tries to catch up to Cavity, but Cavity is too fast.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrive and join the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger asks, what happened guys?  Pink Ranger helps Green Ranger up and asks, are you okay?  Green Ranger replies yeah.  Green Ranger walks up to Black Ranger and tells him, you need to stop messing around.  One of us could have gotten hurt.  Green Ranger walks away.  Pink Ranger asks, what's going on with you two?  Black Ranger replies, he just doesn't get me.  Afterwards, inside the Dino Lab, Riley is once more practicing his sword technique.  He gets more and more frustrated.  Riley sits down as Keeper enters.  Keeper tells Riley, your anger dulls your skills.  What distracts you Riley?  Riley replies, I'm just having an off day.  Keeper sits down next to Riley.  Keeper tells Riley, quite off I should say, for you to hide your true thoughts from me.  Riley admits it's Chase.  He doesn't take anything seriously.  Keeper tells Riley that Chase's intentions appear to be as sincere as yours.  Yet you judge his approach.  Riley argues, it's all a big joke to him.  That monster is on the loose and where's Chase?  He goes skateboarding!  Keeper advices Riley that things aren't always as they appear.  Keeper picks up two tennis balls and gets up, as he asks Riley, tell me this, is it not possible - Keeper throws a tennis ball into the dino ball machine - that two different paths - Keeper throws the other tennis ball towards Riley, Riley ducks, the tennis ball hits the wall and bounces off of several objects before landing in the dino ball machine - can lead to the same destination.  Keeper tells Riley, maybe you and Chase aren't as different as you think.  Keeper walks out as Riley considers what Keeper has said.  Riley continues with his sword training.  After while, his Dino Com goes off.  He hears it and runs over to pick it up.  He hears Chase state, I found our cake maker.  And he is rotting more than teeth!  Better hurry!  Riley ponders the fact that Chase found him and then takes off.  Cavity and Chase are battling.  Chase is having a difficult time as Cavity had hit him with lasers that gave his mouth a great deal of pain.  Cavity raises his arm to deliver the final blow.  He tells Chase to say goodbye.  Before Cavity can strike, Riley blocks the blow.  Cavity is happy to see another Ranger.  Riley shoves Cavity away.  Riley and Chase fight Cavity.  But Chase is not much help, as he has to stop because of the pain in his mouth.  Riley tells Chase, I'll protect you, and fights Cavity with his Dino Saber.  Chase watches a small distance away.  Cavity shoots more lasers out of his mouth and Riley outmaneuvers the lasers.  Riley knocks Cavity back with his Dino Saber.  Suddenly Tyler shouts, Riley duck!  Riley ducks as Koda, Tyler, and Shelby run forwards with their Dino Charge Blasters drawn.  Cavity is not happy to see them.  Koda, Tyler, and Shelby fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity.  Cavity is knocked to the pavement.  Riley goes over to Chase and tells him, I thought you were at the skate park.  Chase asks, why would I be messing around when that chef is still on the loose?  Riley realizes he has misjudged Chase and agrees, I guess you wouldn't be.  Chase tells him, trust me.  Even though we do things differently, we fight for the same thing.  Riley helps Chase stand up.  Riley starts to apologize but Chase stops him and tells him, just destroy those rotten teeth of his.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley stand together and begin their morph.  Chase grimaces in pain.  His friends are concern, but Chase wants to finish the morph.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley morph.  Cavity yells, you're all mine!  Red Ranger shouts tyrannosaurs rex! Power Ranger Red!  Black Ranger shouts Parasaur!  Power Ranger...Black Ranger clutches his helmet as the pain shoots through him.  Green Ranger tells him not to force it.  Green Ranger shouts next!  Blue Ranger shouts Stegosaurs!  Power Ranger Blue!  Green Ranger shouts Velociraptor!  Power Ranger Green!  Pink Ranger shouts Triceratops!  Power Ranger Pink!  All together they shout Dinosaur Might!  Ready to fight!  Power Rangers!  Dino Charge!  Black Ranger bends down in pain.  Red Ranger tells him to hang in there.  Cavity tells them, I'll rot all your teeth this time.  Red Ranger replies, you'll never beat our team.  Because it's about to get wild!  Cavity summons more Vivix and tells them to destroy the Rangers.  Red Ranger fights a group of Vivix.  Blue Ranger combines the Dino Morpher and the Dino Saber together.  Blue Ranger fires it at a Vivix.  Blue Ranger fights several of the Vivix.  Pink Ranger lands several kicks on another group of Vivix.  Green Ranger fights another group of Vivix.  Black Ranger fights and fires his Dino Charge Blaster at his set of Vivix.  But it's hard with his mouth hurting.  Eventually the Vivix strike Black Ranger several times.  A set of Vivix grab a hold of him and a Vivix comes towards him.  Black Ranger yells guys!  Green Rangers fires his Dino Charge Blaster at the Vivix, shouting I'm on it!  Green Ranger fights the two Vivix holding Black Ranger with his Dino Saber until they are defeated.  Black Ranger is impressed.  Not bad.  Now who's the hot shot?  Green Ranger replies, just until you see a dentist.  Black Ranger thanks him.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger face Cavity with their Dino Charge Blasters.  The three Rangers fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity's teeth.  The blasts are deflected and hit the three Rangers instead.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger hit the pavement.  Green Ranger and Black Ranger run over.  Black Ranger notes, the blasts aren't strong enough.  Cavity taunts them, who wants to be next?  Green Ranger suggests they try Para Charger and the Dino Saber.  Black Ranger likes the idea.  Green Ranger states, I'm adapting to the situation.  Cavity tells them, this will only hurt a lot.  Green Ranger places the Para Charger into his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger races towards Cavity.  Cavity shoots out several lasers, but Green Ranger blocks them with his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger uses the power slash against Cavity several times. Cavity is upset, all his teeth are missing.  Green Ranger tosses Black Ranger his Raptor Charger and tells him it's now his turn for a new combo.  Black Ranger places the Raptor Charger into his Dino Charge Blaster.  Cavity becomes nervous.  Black Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster and defeats Cavity.  Green Ranger laughs and comments now that is a hot shot.  That's definitely not something you can train for. Moments later a magna beam hits Cavity and it grows to giant size.  Another battle follows and eventually Cavity is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

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The Tooth Hurts