Dino Spike

The Rangers had a difficult battle with Spellbinder, especially Chase, who felt strange.  They returned to the Dino Charge Lab. Riley tells Kendall, he block every shot with that cape.  Shelby adds none of our weapons could break through it.  Kendall replies, that's why you have me.  I give you the Dino Spike Charger.  It should harness the power of all five of your Energems.  Kendall passes the Dino Spike Charge to Tyler.  Tyler tells her, perfect.  Kendall warns them, just know, it takes all five Rangers to activate the Dino Spike.  Later, the Rangers are in another battle with Spellbinder, along with Wrench and Curio.  At first Chase is under Spellbinder's control.  Shelby helps Chase break the spell.   The five teens gather together. Wrench removes the rubble he was buried under and hurries over to Spellbinder.  Curio is there as well as Wrench asks, what do we do?  The three face the teens.  Spellbinder shouts, I may not be able to control you but I'll still destroy you!  Chase replies, sorry.  But your time is up.  Koda, Tyler, Chase, Shelby and Riley morph.  The Rangers active their Dino Steel armor and have their weapons ready.  Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers and Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder battle once more.  Curio and Wrench are defeated, but once more Spellbinder is proving to be difficult.  Green Ranger suggests they use the Dino Spike.  Red Ranger reminds them they need all five of them together.  Black Ranger replies, I'm ready if you are.  Red Ranger laughs and adds, that's what I like to hear.  Red Ranger takes the Dino Spike Charger and activates it.  The weapons combine.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger launch Red Ranger. Red Ranger strikes Spellbinder with the Dino Spike.  Spellbinder screams, but I'm invincible as he is defeated.  Red Ranger replies, wrong beak face.  We are the invincible ones. Moments later, a magna beam hits Spellbinder and he grows to giant size.  Another battle follows and eventually Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.

Breaking Black