The legendary Energems have incredible power that transcends space and time.  Good and evil.  They are ten of them, each a different color and they look like crystals.  Sixty-five million years ago, Sledge was after the Energems.  Keeper, who had them, knew that if Sledge got a hold of them, the entire universe would be in great danger.  Keeper was on Earth and the dinosaurs gathers around him and asked for their help.  The Energems bonded with the ten dinosaurs.  Moments later, asteroids fell to Earth.  Time passed and it's 2015.  A young man, Tyler Navarro, was retracing his missing father's footsteps.  Inside a cave, next to a fossil, Tyler pried out the Red Energem.  Tyler pocketed it, thinking it was some kind of crystal.  Meanwhile, in the woods, Shelby was taking back a crate Iceage had stolen from Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's truck.  Iceage fired at Shelby and she dropped the crate.  Just as Iceage was about to take it, Tyler, swinging in from a rope, snatched it up.  Furious, Iceage fired at both of them.  Once more the crate fell to the ground and the contents tumbled out, including the Pink Energem.  Iceage was excited to see two Energems.  Tyler tried to reach for the Red Energem as Shelby tried to reach for the Pink Energem.  Iceage used his freeze blast and froze both of the teens.  But Tyler and Shelby had both managed to placed their fingers on their respective Energems.  The Energems began to glow and then course through their bodies.  The ice broke apart.  Iceage was furious.  Tyler and Shelby stared into their Energems.  Tyler received an image of Tyrannosaurs and Shelby received an image of Triceratops.  Moments later, encased in stone, a Dino Charge Blaster appeared in each of their hands.  Both had no idea what the Dino Charge Blasters were.  Experimenting, Tyler placed the Red Energem into the Dino Charge Blaster.  The stone broke away, revealing the weapon.  Shelby inserted her Pink Energem into her Dino Charge Blaster and her weapon was revealed as well.  Iceage threaten them.  Tyler and Shelby fired their Dino Charge Blasters and it transformed them into the Red Dino Charge Ranger and Pink Dino Charge Ranger.  The two Rangers fought Iceage.  Suddenly T-Rex Zord arrived and grabbed a hold of Iceage and tossed him aside.

Riley went searching for his dog, Rubik.  He could hear his dog barking in the woods and started searching for him there.  Riley was surprised to see a strange creature (Fury) threatening his dog.  Riley quickly leaps to his dog's defense and fights Fury with a fence post.  Fury continues to use his weapon to shoot blasts at Riley.  Riley blocks the blasts with the fence post.  Riley eventually gets hit and is knocked to the ground.  The fence post goes flying and hits a rock, breaking it apart and revealing part of a dinosaur fossil and a Green Energem.  Fury:  "The Green Energem!"  Riley gets up and quickly runs over to the rock and tries to pull out the fence post.  Fury walks up to the rock.  Fury:  "Out of my way!  That's my Energem!"  The Green Energem begins to glow and the energy shoots up the fence post and into Riley.  Riley is a bit bewildered as the energy seeps into him.  But he suddenly has the strength to pull out the fence post.  Fury:  "What?"  The fence post turns into a Dino Saber.  Riley:  "Impossible."  Fury:  "Enough playing around!"  With confidence Riley prepares to fight Fury with his Dino Saber.  Riley:  "I'm not playing."  Fury roars in anger.  Riley charges towards Fury and strikes him with the Dino Saber.  Riley and Fury fight each other with their weapons.  Riley strikes Fury and knocks him to the ground.  Fury:  "You'll pay for that!"  Fury tries to blast Riley, but Riley blocks the blast with his Dino Saber.  The blast is directed towards a tree and hits one of it's branches.  The branch falls off and hits Fury.  Riley runs over to the rock and digs out the Green Energem.  Riley:  "What is this thing?"  As Riley looks at it, it begins to glow green.  Riley receives an image of a velociraptor.  Riley is confused, dinosaurs.  Fury is still struggling to get out from under the tree branch and is making a lot of noise.  Riley calls for his dog and they take off running.  Fury gets back up and yells, get back here!  But Riley and Rubik keep running.  Later, Riley meets Tyler and Shelby, who give him a ride when his scooter breaks down.  After awhile, Tyler notices a woman trying to wave them down and notes, something's up.  There is a car turned upside down as they pull over.  The woman tells them, my husband is trapped.  Riley, Shelby, and Tyler quickly get out of jeep.  Riley and Shelby race over to the overturn car, where the husband is pinned beneath the car.  Tyler asks the woman, are you okay?  The woman responds, yes, help him.  Tyler runs over to the car.  Riley notices liquid pouring out and lets it run over his fingers.  Riley takes a quick sniff and informs the rest, it's leaking gas.  Shelby, Tyler, and Riley stand up and exchange worried glances. Quickly, Tyler and Shelby try to lift the car up, as Riley tries to pull the husband out.  It is hard, and the three teens struggle.  Frustrated, Tyler hits the car.  Tyler quickly regains his composure and tells his new friends, we can do this.  The three get ready to lift the car as Tyler counts down from three.  The three teens use all their strength, and their Energems begin to glow in their pockets.  Suddenly the car lifts up high into the sky and explodes.  The woman is very surprised, what in the world?!  As car parts rain down, everyone looks on in amazement.  Tyler and Riley help the husband to his feet.  The husband thanks them.  Riley, Tyler, and Shelby take out their glowing Energems.  Tyler tells Riley, let me guess.  You're going to the dino museum right?  Riley nods his head yes.  The three get back into Tyler's jeep and head to the museum. The three arrive at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and Shelby directs them to the loading dock.  There they accidentally discover an entrance to the secret Dino Charge Lab.   Shelby tells them, I've been serving burgers here for a year, never had a clue this was down here.  Tyler notices two more Energems and tells Riley and Shelby, check this out.  Tyler takes a closer look as Shelby and Riley join him.  Shelby excitedly states, they're just like ours.  Shelby is surprised when her Pink Energem flies out of her hand and into display with the other two Energems.  Riley and Tyler pull out their Energems and they fly over to the display as well.  Tyler laughs.  Riley thinks it's some kind of power source.  Suddenly Keeper appears.  Keeper explains, they are Energems.  Tyler warns Keeper to stay back. Shelby asks, who?  What are you?  Keeper tells them his name.  I assure you, I'm quite harmless.  Energems harness untold powers of the universe.  Keeper makes images from the past appear as he continues.  Long ago I trusted them to guardian dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost.  Tyler adds, until...we found them.  Keeper agrees.  These Energems have chosen to bond with you.  The three teens once more receive images of their dinosaur.  Riley asks, why would they bond with us?  Shelby is surprised when Koda, Chase, and Kendall walk in.  Koda, Kendall, and Chase stand beside Keeper.  Kendall walks up to Tyler and tells him, you fought to defend a stranger at great risk to yourself.  That's why the Red Energem chose you Tyler.  Tyler smiles.  Kendall walks over to Riley and tells him, your discipline and intelligence have given you the skills to protect others.  The Green Energem was very wise to chose you Riley.  Riley gives a hesitant smile.  Kendall walks over to Shelby and tells her, why the Pink Energem chose you...is anyone's guess.   Riley states, okay, Energems, dinosaurs spirits, and bonding.  I'm sorry, but this all sounds a little unbelievable.  Kendall smiles and then tells Koda and Chase, show them.  Koda and Chase step forward.  They hold out their hands, and the Black and Blue Energems fly into their hands.  Kendall explains, I helped Keeper track down Chase after he bonded to his Energem.  Then we found Koda.  Images of Chase and Koda's dinosaurs appear above their hands.  Koda welcomes them to the team.  Chase tells them, you are officially Power Rangers.  Shelby responds, Power what?  Keeper explains, the Energems have given you magnificent powers and the dinosaur spirits give you strength.  Kendall continues, the five Energems have been found, but five more are still lost.  Kendall points out the empty recharge area.  Kendall tells them, you must use your new powers to find them before they fall into evil hands.  Shelby responds, evil hands?  Like that thing we fought in the woods?  Kendall nods her head yes.  Shelby asks, you expect me to fight monsters?  Really?  I just want to dig for dinosaur bones, not bond to one.  The alarms go off and a screen appears.  Tyler asks, what's going on?  They all hurry over to the screen.  After taking a look, Kendall tells them, I'm seeing more seismic activity. Same location as yesterday.  Chase suggests they take a look.  Tyler introduces himself and states, I'm all in.  Kendall replies, good.  Riley tells them, this all seems crazy but...I'm in too.  Everyone, except Shelby, is happy.  Koda tells them, we go now.  They all get ready to leave, but Shelby stays behind.  Koda, Tyler, Chase, and Riley stop when they realize Shelby is not with them.  Keeper tells Shelby, you fought bravely to save the Pink Energem.  Now the world needs your help.  Kendall tells Keeper, it's her decision.  She's right to be hesitant.  Clearly this mission is just too dangerous.  For a waitress.  Go without her.  Chase and Koda immediately start to head out, but Riley and Tyler stay where they are.  Shelby shouts, wait!  Koda and Chase stop.  Shelby states, sure I'm a little scare.  Who wouldn't be?  But I know more about dinosaurs than any of you.  Fact is...you need me.  And I want to help.  After giving Kendall a look, Shelby joins the guys.  Tyler is very proud of Shelby.  Chase tells them, don't forget your Dino Chargers as he grabs his.  Riley and Shelby walk up to the charging area and their Energems fly into their hands, and they join Koda and Chase with grins on their faces.  Tyler walks up to the charging area and holds out his  hand, but nothing happens.  Tyler is confused and another alarm goes off.  Kendall tells them, something is interfering with the Red Energem power.  Keeper tells Tyler, he must stay.  Tyler really wants to go.  Chase, Riley, Shelby, and Koda stand in the doorway, uncertain.  Tyler gives a small nod and agrees.  Riley, Shelby, Koda, and Chase take off.  Keeper, Kendall, and Tyler are standing in front of the screen, watching the footage of T-Rex Zord.  Kendall explains to Tyler when someone bonds with an Energem, their zord is awaken.  Tyler is blown away.  That thing...is my zord.  Kendall replies, yes, and it's destabilizing the red power.  Keeper adds, you and your zord share the spirit of the mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex.  Kendall notes, it's headed for the city.  She quickly grabs the Red Dino Chargers and explains to Tyler, these are Dino Chargers.  I created them to contain the power of each Energem.  When a Dino Charger runs out of power, we recharge it here.  It will energize your weapons and morph you into battle mode.  Kendall gives Tyler a Dino Charger.  Tyler is excited about the idea of morphing again.  Cool.  Kendall chuckles and tells him, yes I suppose it is cool.  Kendall gives him the rest of the Red Dino Chargers.  Keeper tells Kendall to inform the others to meet Tyler in the city's center.  Tyler holds out his hand and this time the Red Energem leaps into his hand.  Tyler hurries out. Later, the Rangers destroy Iceage, two Vivix Zords, and several Vivix.

Sixty-five million years ago, Koda is working on his cave drawing.  As he chips away, some of the wall crumbles and Koda discovers the Blue Energem.  He pulls the Energem out of the wall and takes a closer look at it.  Koda hears a growl outside the cave.  Koda dismisses it until he hears the growl turn into a snarl.  Koda's little brother, Taku, is outside the cave.  He is unaware of the Sabretooth Tiger until it is too late.  Scared, Taku screams for his brother Koda.  The Sabretooth Tiger slowly makes his way towards Taku.  Koda races out of the cave.  Taku waves his torch in front of the Sabretooth Tiger, trying to keep it away from him.  Koda makes it outside and tackles the Sabretooth Tiger.  The tackle knocks both of them off the cliff.  As Koda falls towards the rocky bottom, he calls out his brother's name.  Koda becomes distracted by the blue glow of the Energem, still clutched in his hand.  The blue glow seeps into his body.  Taku watches from above and screams his brother's name.

Chase was sitting outside her shop as Moana was locking up. The baby carriage began to roll away.  Chase immediately got on his skateboard and went after the baby carriage.  The baby carriage rolls into the street just as a truck is driving down it.  Chase leaps above the street and snatches the blanket wrapped bundle out of the carriage.  Chase rolls to a safe spot, and clutches the small bundle as the truck rolls over the carriage.  Moana is very grateful as she unwraps the blankets and sees that her cat is okay.  Chase is a bit surprise to see a cat instead of a baby.  I just risk my life...for the most beautiful little kitty.  Moana takes Chase's hand and tells him, come to my shop.  There is something I must give you for your bravery.  Chase protests as he is lead into the shop.  Moana pushes Chase along until they reach a cabinet.  As she unlocks the cabinet, she tells Chase, such courage is rare.  She takes out a small wood box and opens it as she tells Chase, and deserves something equally precious.  Inside is the Black Energem.  Chase asks, what is that?  Moana tells him to take it.  It's yours.  Chase reluctantly takes the Black Energem.  As he does so, it lights up.  The energy flows through Chase.  Chase gets an image of a Parasaurolophus Dinosaur.

Shelby enters Dino Lab. Kendall is there working.  Kendall comments, you're back early.  Is everything okay?  What happened?  Shelby responds, something did happen.  I came up with an idea for how to find the other Energems.  Kendall is skeptical.  Oh, really?  I think you underestimate how difficult it is to find an Energem.  Kendall walks away.  Shelby defends herself.  And I think you underestimate me.   Kendall turns around.  Shelby continues, ever since I first got here, I've been waiting tables, mopping floors, and being a pretty good Pink Ranger if I do say so myself.  Kendall raises her eyebrows.  Shelby adds, I also got a lot of ideas going on up here - Shelby taps her forehead.  The problem is no one will listen.  Kendall decides to give Shelby a chance.  I'm listening.  Shelby is slightly taken aback and it takes her a moment to gather her thoughts.  We combine five known facts about the remaining dinosaurs, climate, breeding grounds, food sources, stuff I know.  With a global scan of energy signatures for each of those dinosaurs' Energems.  Kendall is dubious.  Shelby continues, that stuff I thought you could help me figure out.  Kendall repeats global scan of energy signatures.  Highly doubtful.  But another thought pops into Kendall's head.  Unless, of course, we...Kendall realizes Shelby's idea is a good one.  Kendall begins to work as she states, that would require DNA samples.  And the processing power would limit us - one dinosaur at a time.  Kendall glances back at Shelby and asks, are you going to watch or help?  Shelby smiles.  She is more than happy to help.  Shelby decides to start on the Ankylosaurus - it had bonded to the Aqua Energem.   Shelby scrapes off an DNA sample. They blend that DNA with the energy signatures from the five Dino Chargers.  To create the first Ankylo Charger.  Shelby and Kendall build a machine to search for energy signatures that match the Ankylo Charger.  Kendall takes a Dino Charger and believes it will be able to temporarily power our machine while it searches for the Aqua Energem.  Shelby asks, does that mean it can also locate and power the Ankylo Zord?  Kendall believes so.  It works.  Kendall and Shelby grin at each other.  The guys slide into the Dino Lab.  Shelby welcomes them.  Shelby asks, find anything?  Koda thinks he found poison ivy.  Shelby and Kendall stand next to each other as Kendall tells them, well we had a very successful day.  Shelby holds out a Charger and tells them this is a Ankylo Charger.  It's the brain that runs our (Shelby emphasizes our) new invention.  The E Tracer.  Shelby places the Ankylo Charger into the E Tracer.  Riley is very interested in the new machine.  The E Tracer begins searching.  Riley is very excited and tells Shelby and Kendall, you did it!  Everyone excitedly watches.  Shelby explains it's using the satellite network, trying to find an Energem signature.  It's searching for traces of the Aqua Energem.  Data is constantly being fed back on their monitor.  Kendall notes, it's locking on to something. The teens eagerly leave to search for the Energem signature.  They didn't find an Energem, instead they found an angry Ankylo Zord. Stingrage and Poisandra got to the Zord first and Stingrage stung it, causing it to become angry.  The teens retreated to the Dino Lab.  At the Dino Lab, the teens discuss what happened with Keeper and Kendall, who keeps working.   Riley points out that the Ankylo Zord is awake, which means the Aqua Energem bonded with someone.  Shelby asks, so that means there's an Aqua Power Ranger out there?  Keeper confirms it.  But he may not know we exist.  Or may have chosen for some reason not to join us yet.  What is important now is the Ankylo Zord.  It shares the Aqua Energem's power.  It would not normally attack us.  As Keeper was talking, Koda had glance over at the stinger in the case.  He realizes and states that maybe monster sting zord.  Like it sting me. (Koda had been stung in battle.)  Tyler agrees, that would explain it.  Riley adds, if so, then we need to remove the stinger.  Chase quietly states good luck.  You see the size of that thing?  Shelby volunteers to do it.  Tyler quickly tells her, no way.  It's too dangerous.  Shelby explains, someone has to do it.  Besides, it's my stupid E-Tracer that somehow screwed up and gave away the zord's location to Sledge.  Shelby starts to walk away.  Kendall hurries forward and states, actually (Shelby stops and turns around) your device worked brilliantly.  Sledge got the location of the zord because I didn't encrypt the E-Tracer's code.  It's my fault we lost control of the Ankylo Zord.  Somehow, I'll find a solution.  Clearly upset, Kendall walks pass the teens.  A few moments later, Shelby walks out as well.  Shelby would be the one to remove the stinger and the Ankylo Zord joined the teens and helped them destroy Stingrage with their Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation. 

Powers From The Past


Past, Present And Fusion



A Fool's Hour

Return Of The Caveman


Breaking Black/Let Sleeping Zords Lie