Raptor Claw

The Rangers are facing down Scrapper and Wrench.  Red Ranger suggests they check out their new armor mode.  Using their Dino Charge Blasters and Dino Chargers, the Dino Steel armor is activated.  In addition, the Rangers have new weapons as well.  Scrapper has the Vivix form Vivix Zords.  Green Ranger fights Scrapper and Wrench with his Raptor Claw and Dino Saber.  Wrench fights back with his ax and taunts Green Ranger, is that all you got?  Green Ranger responds, not even close.  Green Ranger strikes Wrench with his Raptor Claw.  Eventually Wrench is defeated.  Scrapper is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Black Ranger is battling Spellbinder.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger shouts at Spellbinder, you may be tough one on one, but your odds just got a whole lot worse!  Red Ranger charges up his T-Rex Charger.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger activate their Dino Steel armor.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Spellbinder with their T-Rex Smasher and Tricera Drill.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger join in with their Raptor Claw and Stego Shield.  Spellbinder soon has them knocked down.  Pink Ranger comments, he's so fast.  Blue Ranger adds, and his cape, hard like rock.  Pink Ranger tells the team, we got to get through it.  Black Ranger stands up and points his Dino Charge Blaster once more at Spellbinder as he states, good thing I'm the hot shot.  That's right Spellbinder, I'm not going to miss this time.  Spellbinder grabs a hold of Red Ranger and uses him as a shield.  Spellbinder tells Black Ranger time to change your target.  Red Ranger shouts at Black Ranger to take the shot!  I trust you!  But Black Ranger is unnerved.  Black Ranger very carefully aims as he knows the shot is very risky.  Red Ranger shouts at him to hurry!  Spellbinder states, shoot your friend Black Ranger.  I command you.  Black Ranger aims at Red Ranger and becomes concerned.  What is happening to me?  Red Ranger shouts, what are you doing?!  Black Ranger can't control his aim.  Spellbinder shouts, shoot him!  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger yell at Black Ranger.  Black Ranger realizes he can't control himself.  Black Ranger drops his Dino Charger Blaster. Black Ranger clutches his helmet.  Spellbinder laughs.  Red Ranger struggles to break free.  Black Ranger drops to his knees and states, there is something wrong with my head.  Pink Ranger yells at Blue Ranger to get Spellbinder.  Blue Ranger gets back up as Pink Ranger points her Tricera Drill towards the dirt floor and begins drilling.  Blue Ranger strikes Spellbinder with his Stego Shield.  Red Ranger yells, he won't let go.  Pink Ranger breaks through the dirt behind Spellbinder and strikes Spellbinder with her Tricera Drill.  Spellbinder releases Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger run.  Spellbinder yells after them, you'll never stop me!  Soon you'll all be under my control.  Spellbinder tries to place Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger under his control, but Green Ranger leaps into and breaks the magic spell with his Raptor Claw.  Green Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster at Spellbinder.  When the blast clears, Spellbinder is gone.  Pink Ranger asks, where did he go?  Green Ranger asks, what did he mean, under his control?  Red Ranger places his hand on Black Ranger's shoulder and asks what went on back there?  Black Ranger knocks Red Ranger's hand away and tells him to give him some space.  Black Ranger walks away.  Red Ranger states, something is not right.   Later, the Rangers have another battle with Spellbinder.  This time Wrench and Curio are also battling the Rangers.  The Rangers managed to help Black Ranger break the spell he was under. The Rangers active their Dino Steel armor and have their weapons ready.  Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder charge towards the Rangers.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger fight Wrench with their Raptor Claw and Stego Shield.  Blue Ranger strikes Wrench hard with his Stego Shield punch.  Wrench goes backwards, but manages to stop himself.  Green Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Wrench with his Raptor slash.  Pink Ranger fights Curio.  Curio wishes it had stayed with Poisandra.  Pink Ranger leaps on top of Curio's shoulders.  Curio becomes confused as it has no idea Pink Ranger is on it's shoulders.  Pink Ranger leaps down and strikes Curio with her Tricera Drill.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger fight Spellbinder with their Para Chopper and T-Rex Smasher.  Black Ranger blasts Spellbinder with his Para Chopper.  Spellbinder manages to avoid the blasts.  Red Ranger is frustrated.  He keeps blocking with that cape.  The rest of the Rangers join Black Ranger and Red Ranger.  Green Ranger suggests they use the Dino Spike.  Red Ranger reminds them they need all five of them together.  Black Ranger replies, I'm ready if you are.  Red Ranger laughs and adds, that's what I like to hear.  Red Ranger takes the Dino Spike Charger and activates it.  The weapons combine.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger launch Red Ranger.  Red Ranger strikes Spellbinder with the Dino Spike.  Spellbinder screams, but I'm invincible as he is defeated.  Red Ranger replies, wrong beak face.  We are the invincible ones. Moments later, a magna beam hits Spellbinder and he grows to giant size.  Another battle follows and eventually Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.