Blade Blasters

The Rangers face down Primator.  Primator warns them to be prepare to face their doom.  I am Primator!  Red Ranger states, you're monkey meat and you're going down!  Green Ranger adds, that's right, so get ready ape face!  Black Ranger is ready.  Let's get him!  Blue Ranger states, Blue Ranger ready!  Pink Ranger adds, Pink Ranger ready!  Yellow Ranger shouts, Yellow Ranger!   Then another "Yellow Ranger" shouts, yeah Yellow Ranger!  Yellow Ranger notices there is another Yellow Ranger.  She yells, I'm the Yellow Ranger!  "Yellow Ranger"  shouts, no way!  You're an imposter!  Jason!  "Yellow Ranger" asks them, you guys can tell who the real Trini is, can't you?  Yellow Ranger warns, don't listen to her guys.  Remember it's just Primator trying to trick us.  Green Ranger confesses it's a tough call.  Black Ranger agrees.  Red Ranger decides to have them fight him.  "Yellow Ranger" immediately agrees, while Yellow Ranger quietly agrees.  Red Ranger adds, I'll be able to tell by both of your styles who's Trini and who's not.  Alright when you're ready.  Black Ranger states, let's stay alert guys.  Yellow Ranger states, Jason, you're my friend.  I can't fight you.  "Yellow Ranger" states, well I can.  Watch this!  "Yellow Ranger"  pulls out her Blade Blaster as she leaps over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger shouts, blast her guys!  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger fire their Blade Blasters at "Yellow Ranger."  "Yellow Ranger" is hit and falls to the pavement, reverting back to it's original form.  The Rangers gather together.  Primator gets back up and waving his weapon around and warns them to save their breath!  The Rangers fight Primator.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword.  Red Ranger fights Primator with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger breaks Primator's weapon with his Power Sword.  Primator is angry.  You'll pay for that Power Brats!  Primator charges towards the Rangers and knocks them aside as he passes them.  The Rangers hit the pavement as Primator runs away.  Black Ranger warns, not so fast fur ball!  Black Ranger leaps up and hits Primator, knocking them both onto the pavement.  Black Ranger fights Primator with a vengeance.  They both fall over into the harbor.  The rest of the Rangers race down to the pier to find him.  "Black Ranger" staggers over to them.  Red Ranger notes that fall look pretty bad bro.  Are you okay?  "Black Ranger" replies, yeah I'm great before striking Red Ranger.  The rest of the Rangers fight "Black Ranger".  "Black Ranger" hits the pavement as Black Ranger arrives.  Black Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, look out guys!  It's Primator in disguise!  "Black Ranger" tries to get away.  "Black Ranger" flips into "Blue Ranger".  Then flips into "Pink Ranger".  Primator flips once more into "Red Ranger" and laughs hysterically.  Black Ranger asks Red Ranger, what are we going to do?  Red Ranger replies, don't worry, I'll handle this.  He thinks he's the Red Ranger, well he's wrong!  Red Ranger charges towards "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger fights "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger is hit and rolls towards the rest of the Rangers.  "Red Ranger" warns them to stay away!  That's the bogus Red Ranger!  The rest of the Rangers are confused and "Red Ranger" laughs once more.  Fooled you!  "Red Ranger" shoots beams out of his helmet towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  "Red Ranger" laughs again and reverts back to Primator.  No one can defeat Primator.  Red Ranger notes, it's too much.  We got to regroup.  Red Ranger contacts Zordon.  We need your help!  Zordon instructs them to teleport to the Command Center.  Red Ranger warns Primator, we'll be back.  The Rangers teleport away.  Primator laughs.  After learning that Primator cannot hold onto his illusion if he sees his reflector, the Rangers come up with a plan.  The Rangers return to battle and have a much easier time battling Primator.  Eventually Primator is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.

The Rangers were battling Bloom of Doom and several Putties.  Pink Ranger lands several powerful kicks on a Putty and it quickly is destroyed.  Green Ranger tosses a Putty through the air.  Red Ranger fights another Putty.  Eventually the Putties are destroyed and the Rangers face down Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom releases it's pollen.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger leap out of it's way but it's not enough to escape the pollen.  Yellow Ranger asks, what's happening?  Red Ranger screams, what is it?  It burns!  Blue Ranger feels like he's going to bust.  Black Ranger shouts, it feels like fire!  We've got to stop it somehow!  Green Ranger tries to shake off the pollen but he can't, instead it's making him weaker.  Yellow Ranger shouts at Bloom of Doom to leave her friends alone!  Pink Ranger comments, forget it Trini.  I have just the thing to put the wraps on this weed.  Pink Ranger pulls out the weapon Alpha had sent her.  Pink Ranger gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom struggles to break free.  Yellow Ranger shouts, way to go Kim!  Yellow Ranger leaps into the air with her Blade Blaster and strikes Bloom of Doom.  Instead of helping, it frees Bloom of Doom.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike Bloom of Doom again with her Blade Blaster, but it vanishes.  Yellow Ranger is puzzled.  What happened?  Where did she go?  Pink Ranger shouts, Trini, I almost had him!  You spoil everything.  Pink Ranger leaps through the air with the weapon when Bloom of Doom reappears.  Once more she gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom yanks on the ribbon, pulling Pink Ranger towards her.  Pink Ranger lands hard on the walkway.  Bloom of Doom asks, how does it feel to be consume with jealousy?  Look at me!  Gaze deep into my eye!  Bloom of Doom laughs as Pink Ranger panics.  Wait!  What's happening?!  I can't think straight.  Bloom of Doom teleports, along with Pink Ranger, to an inter dimensional wrap.  Later, they are both knocked out of the dimension by Yellow Ranger's Power Daggers.  Another battle follows.  The Power Blaster destroys Bloom of Doom.

Octophantom had captured Green Ranger in his magic jar.  Later, Octophantom reappeared in West Union park and set upon defacing the Pacific Heritage monuments.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive at the park and simultaneously punch Octophantom.  Octophantom quickly knocks them away.  As the Rangers get back up, Octophantom greets them.  Red Ranger asks, where's Tommy?  Octophantom replies, right where you five are going.  Octophantom blasts the five Rangers with his hands.  Octophantom then shoots starfish at the Rangers.  The starfish attached themselves to the Rangers and erupted in explosions, knocking the Rangers off their feet once more.  The Rangers struggle as they get back up.  Black Ranger tells Red Ranger, come on Jason!  We can take this guy!  Red Ranger agrees and shouts, lets!  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger charge towards Octophantom.  Blue Ranger is more cautious and shouts at them to wait.  It's a trap!  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger fight Octophantom.  Blue Ranger watches the battle, noting he's got to have a weak spot.  Red Ranger lands several kicks on Octophantom.  Yellow Ranger takes out her Blade Blaster and fights Octophantom with it.  Pink Ranger also uses her Blade Blaster as she joins Yellow Ranger in fighting Octophantom.  Octophantom soon knocks the two Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger leap into the air and try to land a kick on Octophantom.  Instead, he tosses them onto the pavement.  Octophantom gloats, you're no match for me.  Prepare to meet your fate.  Blue Ranger calls out another warning, Jason, watch out!  Octophantom tells them, it's time to meet your friend, the Green Ranger.  As you donate your powers to the...Octophantom becomes distracted by his reflection on the back of a metal monument.  He notes, I've never noticed what a handsome fella I am.  Those lips, those eyes.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Blue Ranger, still watching, notes that's Octophantom's weakness.  Octophantom turns away from his reflection as he states, okay back to business.  Octophantom takes out his jar and asks, who wants to be the first one to join the Green Ranger in this jar?  Red Ranger replies, none of us creep!  Octophantom decides to take all of them at once.  He points his jar at the four Rangers.  Red Ranger manages to leap away but Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger are sucked into the jar.  Octophantom gloats, four down!  Two to go!  Red Ranger threatens, you won't get away with this!  Octophantom very confidently asks, who's going to stop me?  You?  If you want to join me, meet me at the quarry!  Octophantom vanishes.  Blue Ranger suggests they get back to the Command Center.  Blue Ranger mutters, there's got to be a way to stop that thing.  After regrouping at the Command Center, Red Ranger arrives at the quarry.  Red Ranger runs as he searches for Octophantom.  He pauses at the bottom of a gravel pit and shouts, alright ugly!  Where are you?!  With a flash of lightening, Octophantom appears.  Octophantom notes, so you decided to come.  Big mistake.  Red Ranger shouts, where are my friends?!  I want to see them now!  Octophantom concludes that he is being rude and points above them, where the four Rangers are tied to poles.  Red Ranger yells, are you guys alright?!  Yellow Ranger responds, we're okay.  Black Ranger adds, I'm not too sure about Tommy.  Green Ranger tells them I'm alright, just get this guy!  Pink Ranger urges Red Ranger to hurry.  Lord Zedd is trying to put us under a spell!  Octophantom lets them know that the power transfer is almost over.  It looks like you're all alone now!  Red Ranger responds, I am be standing here alone, but my friends are still with me in spirit.  Red Ranger clenches his hand into a fist.  Suddenly Octophantom leaps into the air and lands a punch on Red Ranger, knocking him to the ground.  Red Ranger quickly gets back up.  Red Ranger and Octophantom fight.  Octophantom kicks Red Ranger several times and tosses him through the air.  Red Ranger lands hard on his back.  Octophantom tells him the time has come for you to join your friends and surrender your power to Lord Zedd.  Red Ranger is determined not to let Octophantom get him.  Octophantom tells Red Ranger to hold very still as he points his jar towards him.  Red Ranger screams Billy, where are you?!  Suddenly the Power Lance flies through the air and strikes Octophantom, causing him to drop the jar.  Octophantom is confused.  Where did he come from?  Blue Ranger has the device and yells for Red Ranger to come over.  Red Ranger races over as he tells him good job.  Octophantom shouts, hey that's cheating!  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger I got here as soon as I could.  Red Ranger tells him, you saved my skin man.  Thanks.  Blue Ranger replies, any time.  I built the shield with a mirror in it.  Get close and open the mirror.  As he stops to watch himself, you'll have the upper hand.  Blue Ranger passes Red Ranger the shield.  Red Ranger thinks this will do the trick.  Great work.  Blue Ranger responds, just doing what I do best.  Red Ranger tells him, I'll keep this guy busy.  You go up and free the others.  Several of Lord Zedd's Putties are guarding the four Rangers above them.  Octophantom shoots lasers out of his eyes at Blue Ranger and Red Ranger.  They both leap out of the way.  Red Ranger asks Blue Ranger, ready?  Blue Ranger responds, as I'll ever be.  Red Ranger shouts, let's do it!  Red Ranger leaps towards Octophantom with the shield.  Red Ranger lands a kick on Octophantom.  Red Ranger and Octophantom fight.  Octophantom lands a hard punch, that knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  Octophantom gloats, you think that pathetic little shield is going to protect you?!  You're wrong!  There's no match for me.  Octophantom shoots lasers out of it's eyes at Red Ranger.  The lasers dragged Red Ranger towards Octophantom.  Explosions take place around Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger leaps above to where the four Rangers are.  Blue Ranger fights Zedd's Putties.  He kicks one Putty aside and punches another one.  Octophantom laughs as he states, I told you Red Ranger, you're not going to win this time.  Blue Ranger continues to fight the Putties.  Blue Ranger defeats the Putties.  Octophantom walks towards the fallen Red Ranger as he states, I have you now!  Red Ranger notes, I've got to get this shield into position.  Octophantom is about to strike Red Ranger with his weapon, when Red Ranger opens the shield.  Octophantom is distracted by his handsome reflection.  He even tosses aside his weapon as he glazes into the mirror and goes into raptures about his looks.  Red Ranger is thrilled that it worked.  Red Ranger rolls to a kneeling position and fires his Blade Blaster at Octophantom.  Octophantom is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger frees the four Rangers.  Because of his weaken state, Blue Ranger sends Green Ranger back to the Command Center.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb and Octophantom catches it.  Octophantom grows to giant size.  The Ranger summon their thunder zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Octophantom is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

The Rangers arrive and Stag Beetle asks, didn't you learn anything from your green friend?  Now it's your turn!  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger pull out their Blade Blasters and charge towards Stag Beetle.  The five Rangers fight Stag Beetle with their Blade Blasters.  Stag Beetle strikes the Rangers back.  He soon has them all knocked away.  The Rangers gather together as Black Ranger states, I hate bugs!  Stag Beetle tells them they are finished!  Black Ranger tells his team, wait here guys!  I'll squash that bug brain!  Black Ranger leaps over to Stag Beetle.  But before Black Ranger can strike, Stag Beetle knocks him out of the air.  Black Ranger lands hard on his back.  Stag Beetle laughs.  Stag Beetle tells Black Ranger, you're no match for me, foolish Ranger.  Black Ranger, with his Blade Blaster, fights Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle manages to grab a hold of Black Ranger and tosses him aside.  Black Ranger lands on his back once more.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Red Ranger asks if he is okay?  Black Ranger replies yeah.  The four Rangers form a protective circle around Black Ranger and have their Blade Blasters pointed towards Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle asks, how about a little Green Ranger power?  Stag Beetle blasts the Rangers with Green Ranger's power.  The Rangers are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  They land on the ground and roll down a hill.  Stag Beetle laughs.  When they hit the bottom, Red Ranger tells them, we have to catch him, to get Tommy's powers back.  Red Ranger shouts, attack!  Pink Ranger and Black Ranger leap into the air with their Blade Blasters.  As does Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger.  They strike Stag Beetle simultaneously, but once more Stag Beetle knocks them aside.  Stag Beetle asks, want to play ball?  Stag Beetle generates electrical currents out of his pinchers and it forms a ball.  Stag Beetle tosses the ball towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Several Putties arrive, and Stag Beetle tells them, let's finish them off!  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger grunts out, this guy's tough.  Stag Beetle asks, what's the matter?  Something bugging you?  Stag Beetle laughs.  The Rangers stumble back up and Red Ranger tells the team, I'll distract him, while you attack.  Black Ranger tells him, no.  He's too strong.  He's using Tommy's powers against us.  Yellow Ranger adds, we got to get out of the open and find some cover.  Red Ranger agrees.  We'll find a spot where we can fight him on our terms.  Red Ranger takes off running, as he shouts, let's go!  The rest of the Rangers hesitates.  Blue Ranger shouts wait a minute!  Black Ranger shouts, Jason, hold up!  Shouldn't we be going the other way?!  Reluctantly the rest of the Rangers follow. Stag Beetle thinks the Rangers are running away.  He tells the Putties to go after them.  The Rangers continue to run as explosions hit behind them.  The Rangers end up on top of a hill and Black Ranger notes, it's the end of the road.  The Rangers turn around and see Stag Beetle and the Putties.  Stag Beetle asks, what's the matter Power Rangers?  No where to run?  Red Ranger replies, we're not afraid to fight you.  Stag Beetle states, maybe a blast of Green Ranger power will change your mind.  Red Ranger shouts back, give it your best shot!  Black Ranger warns, it will blow us right off the edge.  Green Ranger arrives a few feet away.  Green Ranger shouts at the Rangers to duck as he aims the device at Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle pays no attention and begins to fire the Green Ranger power.  The Rangers duck down.  Green Ranger uses the device and the power returns to Green Ranger.  Green Ranger shouts a thank you to Alpha 5.  Black Ranger asks, what happened?  I thought we were about to be toast.  Yellow Ranger notes, for some reason, the Green Ranger power never hit us.  Red Ranger notes, it's Tommy.  He's back.  The Green Ranger's power is ours again.  And that means you're finished beetle head!  Red Ranger shouts, weapons everybody!  Stag Beetle gloats, I am the unbeatable beetle.  Red Ranger states, we'll see about that.  The Rangers assemble their power weapons to form Power Blaster.  The Rangers fire Power Blaster and Stag Beetle is defeated.  Blue Ranger warns, I don't think he's done yet guys.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb and Stag Beetle catches it.  Stag Beetle grows giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunderzords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  Another battle follows and eventually Stag Beetle is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Goldar and several Putties kidnapped Hallie, Trini's neighbor, and brought her to Venus Island.  The teens teleported to the island to search for Hallie.  Invenusable Flytrap tried to stop the Rangers, but it was destroyed by the Rangers and their Power Blaster.  Venus Island begins to shake.  Blue Ranger tells the rest, the island is beginning to sink into the ocean.  We got to find Hallie before it's too late.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger continue their search for Hallie.  Blue Ranger notes, the signal is getting stronger.  Hallie must be nearby.  Blue Ranger leads the rest of the Rangers in the direction he thinks Hallie is at.  The shaking makes it hard for the Rangers to keep moving.  The Rangers enter a cave and soon find Hallie.  Yellow Ranger shouts, hurry, we got to get her out guys!  Green Ranger states, I'm going in, but Blue Ranger stops him.  Blue Ranger tells him, don't go in there.  Can you see that's what Zedd wants you to do.  Green Ranger notes, Hallie is almost completely red.  I got to!  Yellow Ranger stops him as well.  No Tommy!  Don't!  Yellow Ranger pulls out her Blade Blaster and fires it at the fog.  The red fog breaks apart.  Green Ranger approaches Hallie as she slowly wakes up.  She thinks Green Ranger is a prince.  Green Ranger picks her up and tells her, you're on your way home princess.  Let's get out of here.  Green Ranger faces his friends and shouts, I got her!  Blue Ranger shouts, good job Tommy! Green Ranger carries Hallie as they quickly leave the cave and island.

The Rangers face down Nimrod.  Nimrod greets them with a welcome and calls them Power Brats.  Nimrod fires at the Rangers.  Black Ranger leaps into the air and tries to strike Nimrod with his Blade Blaster, but Nimrod knocks him aside first.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Black Ranger.  Nimrod fires lightening at them from it's staff.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Nimrod then opens it's mouth and shoots more lightening at the Rangers.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to duck.  They do so and manage not to get hit.  Pink Ranger concludes it's trying to electrocute us.  Blue Ranger agrees, that definitely seems to be her attention.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Nimrod grows to giant size and fires more lightening at the Rangers.  The Rangers call for their Thunder Zords and form the Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues.  Nimrod summons it's assistants, AC and DC.  Now all three monsters fire lightening at Thunder Megazord.  The Rangers have a difficult time and their Thunder Megazord is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger tells the Rangers that he is teleporting to the Command Center and ejects out.  In another battle the Rangers destroy Nimrod, AC and DC.

Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger face down Magnet Brain.  Magnet Brain uses his staff to scatter the Rangers.  Magnet Brain then has several Putties battle the Rangers.  The five Rangers battle the Putties.   Pink Ranger and Red Ranger battle their batch of Putties.  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle their batch of  Putties.  Magnet Brain blasts Red Ranger off the top of the building.  Red Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster, but before he can fire, Magnet Brain, with his staff, blasts the Blade Blaster.  Black Ranger comes to Red Ranger's aid and also pulls out his Blade Blaster.  But once more, before he can fire, Magnet Brain fires and hits his Blade Blaster. The rest of the Rangers defeat the Putties and face down Magnet Brain.  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it at Magnet Brain.  The force knocks Magnet Brain through the air and it falls to the ground.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb and Magnet Brain catches it.  Magnet Brain grows to giant size.  The five Rangers summon their Thunder Zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  Another battle follows and eventually Magnet Brain is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson had been captured by Goldar and taken to the Dimension of Despair.  Lord Zedd wanted to turn Adam, Rocky, and Aisha into evil warriors.  The three teens refused.  Goldar left the Serpent of Darkness in the dimension.  Once the serpent struck the teens, they would be turned into evil warriors against their will. Soon Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger manage to get inside the Dimension of Despair.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha are thrilled to see the Power Rangers.  Blue Ranger grabs the snake and begins to wrestle with it. Yellow Ranger uses her Blade Blaster to free the three teens and Mr. Anderson.  Yellow Ranger hurries over to Mr. Anderson and tells the teens to get out.  Yellow Ranger tells Mr. Anderson she is going to take him to Jacob and teleports out with him.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha run outside and see Pink Ranger and White Ranger battling the Putties.  The three teens immediately jump into the battle and help the two Rangers by battling Putties as well.  Inside Blue Ranger continues to wrestle with the snake. Adam, Rocky, and Aisha continue to battle Zedd's Putties. Blue Ranger struggles against the snake. Adam, Rocky, and Aisha do well battling Zedd's Putties alongside White Ranger and Pink Ranger. The struggles against the snake become harder for Blue Ranger. Two Putties come towards Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  Pink Ranger and White Ranger quickly leap and land powerful kicks on the two Putties and defeat them.  The two Rangers and Adam, Rocky, and Aisha gathered around.  They notice Blue Ranger is missing and the teens tells the Rangers that Blue Ranger was still inside.  Everyone rushes inside.  The Rangers tells Adam, Rocky, and Aisha to stand back.  Blue Ranger is still wrestling with the snake.  White Ranger gets the snake off and Pink Ranger blasts the snake with her Blade Blaster.  Blue Ranger is still having trouble and the Rangers have to remove his helmet.  Billy feels better until he spots Adam, Rocky, and Aisha staring at him.  White Ranger and Pink Ranger reluctantly remove their helmets and three of the Rangers identities are identified to Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are taken to the Command Center.  With Trini, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy behind them, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky vow to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers.

The Wanna-Be Ranger/The Power Stealer/The Beetle Invasion


Opposites Attract/The Ninja Encounter, Part III


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