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Lord Zedd had sent Pirantishead into Angel Grove.  Pirantishead uses his fish flute and froze the zords.  Red Ranger tells them they are not beat yet.   Let's do it!  The Rangers summon Tyrannosaurus.  Tyrannosaurus quickly arrives.  Pirantishead gloats, watch this, as he blows on his fish flute.  The icy breath put Tyrannosaurus under Pirantishead's control.  Tyrannosaurus immediately knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Red Ranger shouts, hey!  What's going on?!  Tyrannosaurus charges towards them.  Red Ranger concludes Tyrannosaurus has turned on them.  Our only hope now is Tommy and his Dragonzord. Soon, Green Ranger arrives and the rest of the Rangers are glad to see him.  Black Ranger informs Green Ranger that fish face froze our zords and turned Tyrannosaurus against us.  Green Ranger uses the Dragon Dagger to call Dragonzord to protect them.  Dragonzord arrives and fights Tyrannosaurus.  Tyrannosaurus head butts Dragonzord.  Dragonzord tries to strike Tyrannosaurus with it's tail, but misses.  Tyrannosaurus swings it's tail and strikes Dragonzord several times.  Dragonzord strikes Tyrannosaurs with it's tail.  Pirantishead shouts, hey you two!  It's not nice to fight each other.  Pirantishead uses his fish flute once more and fires the icy blast towards Dragonzord.  The blast hits Dragonzord and it immediately turns against the Rangers.  Pink Ranger asks, what are we going to do?  Dragonzord swings it's tail towards the Rangers and strikes them.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet and hit the pavement.  Red Ranger exclaims, this can't be happening!  Pirantishead is having fun as he tells the Rangers, their own zords will finish them off.  Red Ranger can't believe Pirantishead has turned the zords against them.  Dragonzord prepares to fire it's missiles at the Rangers.  Tyrannosaurus goes into a threatening pose.  Dragonzord begins to wreck  Angel Grove.  Dragonzord tries to strike the Rangers with it's tail.  Black Ranger calls out a warning.  The ground shakes with the destruction Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus are causing.  Green Ranger comes up with the idea to distract Dragonzord long enough for the rest of the Rangers to regain control.  Green Ranger plays his Dragon Dagger.  The rest of the Rangers leap up to the top of a building.  They hurry across to where they can see Dragonzord.  Before they can get any plan in action, Dragonzord fires it's missiles at the Rangers.  The five Rangers are knocked off their feet and fall off the building.  They hit the pavement hard.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, it's not going to work.  Let's regroup!  Green Ranger agrees.  Red Ranger calls out a warning as Dragonzord tries to strike them with it's tail.  Red Ranger suggests they get back to the Command Center.  Maybe Zordon will have an answer. 

Billy and Trini devised a signal blocker that enable the Rangers to gain control of their zords.  Lord Zedd was furious and pointed his staff at Angel Grove.  Suddenly the ground shakes beneath the Rangers' feet.  The Rangers roll out of danger's way.  The ground beneath the zords opens up and the zords sink below.  The Rangers are very distressed.  The Rangers gather together.  Pink Ranger asks, what are we going to do?  Red Ranger replies, we have to stick together.  At the Command Center, Zordon tells Alpha 5, we must work quickly to preserve what remains of the zords.  Recalibrate the morphing grid and encase the zords with static power.  Then move them to their hiding places and with luck, there will be enough of the old zords to recreate the new zords.  Meanwhile, Red Ranger tells Green Ranger to be quick.  Lord Zedd hasn't gotten to Dragonzord yet.  Green Ranger uses his Dragon Dagger to send Dragonzord back to the sea where he will be safe.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, he had to do it.  Green Ranger agrees.  There's no way I'll let Zedd get him too.  The teens return to the Command Center.  Jason tells Zordon, it's terrible.  Seeing the zords sink down into the earth like that.  Trini adds, everything we worked for is gone.  Zordon responds, not quite Trini.  Alpha managed to save enough of your old zords to create the new zords.  Alpha becomes modest as he responds, it was nothing.  Alpha 5 is very excited to tell the teens they can now call their new zords.  Zordon adds, zords with unbelievable power.  The alarms go off.  Alpha 5 states, it's another attack.  Zordon tells the teens, you must face Pirantishead again.  Call for the new zords when you need them and they will come.  Tommy, your powers are too weak to support a new zord.  I'm sorry.  Trying to make the situation better, Alpha 5 adds, he can still morph.  He just can't power a zord.  We'll keep trying to find a way to regenerate Tommy's powers.  But right now you got to save Angel Grove and the world.  Alpha 5 presses a button and tells the teens, your zords are now activated.  Jason asks Tommy if he is going to be okay?  Tommy replies, yeah, go on.  Give them one for me.  Jason exclaims back to action as the teens morph and teleport out.   The Rangers destroy Pirantishead with their new Thunder Megazord.

The Rangers had been battling Primator.  Primator catches Lord Zedd's grow bomb and grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunderzords.  The Thunderzords arrive.  Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Green Ranger summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Primator hits Dragonzord with it's weapon.  Dragonzord swings it's tail around and hits Primator's weapon and it breaks.  Primator shoots blasts at Dragonzord and Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord walks through the blast and towards Primator.  Thunder Megazord uses it's sword and destroys Primator.

Tommy had been put into a trance and tricked his friends into giving him the Sword of Power.  Tommy went to the dark chamber and handed the Sword of Power to Robogoat.  Once the sword left his hands, the spell was broken.  Upset over what he had done, Green Ranger went searching for Robogoat.  Soon Green Ranger spots Robogoat.  Green Ranger pulls out his Dragon Dagger as he states, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers!  Green Ranger charges towards Robogoat.  Green Ranger fights Robogoat with his Dragon Dagger.  He strikes Robogoat several times, and lands a kick as well.  Robogoat also strikes Green Ranger several times with his weapon.  Robogoat tells Green Ranger, you want the sword's power, here it is.  Robogoat strikes Green Ranger hard with his weapon/staff.  Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and rolls several times on the gravel.  Robogoat prepares to strike Green Ranger again, but Green Ranger quickly gets back up and leaps over Robogoat.  Green Ranger lands by the Sword of Power.  Green Ranger pulls out the sword as he states, like I said goat face, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers.  And no one else.  Got it?!  Robogoat replies, you're wrong.  It's mine!  And I'll use it to steal your power.  Green Ranger states, try me goat cheese!  Suddenly the Sword of Power changes into a stick.  Green Ranger is surprised, no way!  Robogoat laughs as he leaps over and strikes Green Ranger with his staff.  Once more, Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and he rolls down the small gravely hill.  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power as he declares, victory is mine!  Green Ranger states, not yet.  Robogoat tells him goodbye as he strikes Green Ranger with the sword and knocks him off a cliff.  Green Ranger lands hard and lays in the dirt facing up.  He struggles to get back up.  Green Ranger notes his powers are fading.  I got to tell the guys what happened.  Green Ranger is aware that the rest of the Rangers are battling Robogoat.  Green Ranger exclaims oh no!  My dream is coming true after all!  I mustn't give up.  Green Ranger pulls out his Dragon Dagger.  Come on buddy!  Once more!  For old times sake.  Green Ranger plays his Dragon Dagger, but nothing happens.  Green Ranger exclaims oh no!  Green Ranger is unable to join the battle.  Robogoat is eventually destroyed by Thunder Megazord and the Sword of Power is teleported back to the Command Center.

The Rangers were battling Invenusable Flytrap. Invenusable Flytrap easily blocks their kicks and blows.  Green Ranger shouts, let's trim this weed!  He pulls out his Dragon Dagger as Yellow Ranger pulls out her Power Daggers.  They both leap towards Invenusable Flytrap with their weapons.  Invenusable Flytrap easily knocks them away.  The Rangers gather together.  Invenusable Flytrap announces, it's one o'clock, time for lunch!  Invenusable Flytrap opens his chest plates and an powerful force bursts out and engulfs Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger, pulling them inside Invenusable Flytrap.  Yellow Ranger shouts, let them out!  Green Ranger shouts, what have you done with them bulb breath!  Invenusable Flytrap responds, I will let them out Green Ranger as soon as you give up the last of your power and join Lord Zedd.  Invenusable Flytrap starts to walk backwards as Green Ranger shouts never!  Yellow Ranger shouts, no way!  Invenusable Flytrap states, fine with me, I was very hungry anyways.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger teleport off the island.  After awhile, the two Rangers return.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger land a kick on Invenusable Flytrap knocking it down.  Green Ranger states, I guess it's a little too hot for you.  Yellow Ranger adds, and it's about to get even hotter.  Invenusable Flytrap laughs.  Empty threats to fill my belly. Soon you will join your friends.  Inside, the four Rangers can hear what's going on.  Blue Ranger notes, he must be telling us that heat is what we need to defeat the monster.  Perhaps if we put our power coins together.  Pink Ranger agrees, let's try it.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger form a circle and place their hands in the middle, powering them up.  Then the four Rangers begin beating against Invenusable Flytrap's insides. Invenusable Flytrap is running and laughing when it suddenly stops and clutches it's stomach.  Green Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, they got the message! Yellow Ranger states, our turn!  Both Rangers leap up and punch Invenusable Flytrap, knocking it off it's feet.  Invenusable Flytrap tells them, you'll pay for this!  Green Ranger suggests they apply a little heat of their own.  Yellow Ranger agrees.  The two Rangers do so and Invenusable Flytrap screams, stop it!  Stop it all of you!  You're giving me heartburn!  Red Ranger lands another punch inside, which frees the four Rangers.  Blue Ranger notes, we escaped.  Yellow Ranger and Green Ranger run over to join the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger asks, are you guys alright?  Black Ranger replies, yeah.  Invenusable Flytrap tells them, no one escapes me!  You're mine!  Invenusable Flytrap charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers pull out their power weapons.  The Rangers leap into the air and strike Invenusable Flytrap with their power weapons.  Invenusable Flytrap falls to the ground once more.  Invenusable Flytrap gets back up and shouts, now you made me mad!  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it.  Invenusable Flytrap is destroyed by the Power Blaster.

Green Ranger was battling Guitardo with his Dragon Dagger.  Guitardo tries to take control of Green Ranger with his hypotonic guitar playing. Green Ranger discovers by playing his Dragon Dagger, he can stay in control.  But it doesn't last long and soon Guitardo has Green Ranger sinking into pavement.  Pink Ranger arrives to help Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells Green Ranger they have to fight music with music, which Green Ranger had already figured out.  Pink Ranger plays her Power Bow and then using Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger, destroys Guitardo.

A giant Turbanshell was attacking Angel Grove.  The Rangers quickly arrived.  The Rangers summon their Thunder Zords, while Green Ranger used his Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord.  The Thunder Zords arrive and Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord battle Turbanshell.  Turbanshell easily defeats them and the Rangers are ejected from Thunder Megazord. Lord Zedd teleports Green Ranger to a vast field where Turbanshell waits.  Turbanshell drains Green Ranger of his powers.  Later, Turbanshell is destroyed by the Power Rangers, although Green Ranger is no more.

The Mutiny, Part III/The Wanna-Be Ranger/The Green Dream


Welcome To Venus Island/The Song Of Guitardo/Green No More, Part I


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