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Black Ranger faces Octophantom with his Power Ax.  The rest of the Rangers also have their power weapons at the ready.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb and Octophantom grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords.  Once they arrive, Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Thunder Megazord and Octophantom battle.  Eventually Octophantom is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

The Rangers were battling Invenusable Flytrap.  Invenusable Flytrap charges towards the Rangers.  Black Ranger pulls out his Power Ax.  The rest of the Rangers pull out their power weapons.  Black Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Invenusable Flytrap with is Power Ax.  The rest of the Rangers leap into the air and strike Invenusable Flytrap with their power weapons.  Invenusable Flytrap falls to the ground.  Invenusable Flytrap gets back up and shouts, now you made me mad!  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it.  Invenusable Flytrap is destroyed by the Power Blaster.

Kimberly and Tommy's date was interrupted first by Putties, and then by Pursehead.  Tommy and Kimberly morphed.  Pursehead quickly froze them with a ray.  Later, Black Ranger arrives and is ready to battle Pursehead with his Power Ax.  Black Ranger is very quickly hit with a ray and unable to move as well. After awhile, Billy has the reverse ocular dilator ready.  Billy and Trini morph.  They unfreeze the three Rangers.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger teleport away to help Red Ranger.  White Ranger, with Saba's help, destroys Pursehead.  In the other battle, Lipsyncher is destroyed by Red Dragon Thunderzord. 

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