Power Blaster

The Power Blaster is formed by the combination of the Power Weapons.  The Power Blaster is formed by first the Power Ax, then the Power Bow, the Power Daggers, the Power Lance and finally the Power Sword.  The Rangers first formed the Power Blaster when battling Minotaur.   The Rangers also destroyed the Minotaur with the Power Blaster.

The Rangers battled Gnarly Gnome first with their Power Weapons.  When that failed to defeat him, the Rangers formed the Power Blaster.  The Rangers blasted Gnarly Gnome with the Power Blaster and he was defeated.  Rita revived him with her wand and Gnarly Gnome was back and giant size.  The Rangers destroyed Gnarly Gnome with the Megazord's Power Sword.

Pudgy Pig had swallowed the Power Weapons in an earlier battle with the Power Rangers.  Pudgy Pig was at the food packing plant when the Rangers arrived on top of a building.  They lured Pudgy Pig out with various dishes of food, that they tossed down to him.  The last dish contained a spicy radish.  When Pudgy Pig swallow the spicy radish, he became sick.  Pudgy Pig spit out everything he had swallowed, including the Power Weapons.  The Rangers battled Pudgy Pig once more with the Power Weapons, then they formed the Power Blaster.  The Power Blaster destroyed Pudgy Pig.

Eye Guy was sent down to Angel Grove.  Eye Guy captured Willy, a young friend of Billy's, and placed him in the Internal Vortex.  The Internal Vortex was inside Eye Guy's main eye.  The Power Rangers arrived to free Willy.  Red Ranger struck Eye Guy first with his Power Sword.  The rest of the Rangers surrounded Eye Guy with their Power Weapons.  Eye Guy sent out several explosions before the Rangers could strike.  The Rangers formed the Power Blaster.  The Rangers fired the Power Blaster at Eye Guy.  Eye Guy fell into several pieces, but quickly reassembled himself.  It would turn out Eye Guy's main eye was in a forest part of the park.  Blue Ranger left and quickly located Eye Guy's main eye.  Blue Ranger battle the main eye with his Power Lance.  When the Power Lance struck the main eye, Eye Guy experience several explosions.  Rita became furious and made Eye Guy giant size.  Eye Guy's main eye returned to him.  The Rangers summon their zords and formed their Megazord.  The Rangers battled Eye Guy with the Megazord.  Blue Ranger pointed out that Eye Guy's main eye was open.  The Rangers struck with the Megazord's Power Sword.  The Megazord's Power Sword destroyed Eye Guy and freed Willy.

Rita had sent Madame Woe to capture Billy at the park.  Instead Madame Woe mistaken Marge for a Power Ranger and transported her to another dimension.  The Power Rangers arrived at the beach where Madame Woe was waiting.  Madame Woe controls wind, rain, heat, and cold.  Before the Rangers could strike, Madame Woe used her crown jewel to transport the Rangers to the same dimension that Marge was in.  The Power Rangers had a difficult battle against Madame Woe.  Red Ranger and Black Ranger used the Power Sword and Power Ax against Madame Woe.  Madame knocked them aside.  Madame Woe used her long braids to toss the Rangers around.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger used their Blade Blasters against Madame Woe.  Madame Woe toss them aside and then fired at them.  Black Ranger noted that none of their weapons worked against Madame Woe.  They needed to figure out something and fast.  Blue Ranger battled Madame Woe with his Power Lance.  Madame Woe grabbed him and held him by his neck.  Blue Ranger realized that they could not defeat Madame Woe in this dimension.  They needed to return to their own.  Blue Ranger kicked away from Madame Woe.  The Power Rangers pulled out their power coins and combined the power into one.  This allowed Blue Ranger to leave the dimension.  Furious Madame Woe followed him.  Blue Ranger continued to battled Madame Woe with the Power Lance.  At one point, Blue Ranger grabbed the crown jewel and crushed it.  This greatly weaken Madame Woe.  This also allowed the rest of the Rangers and Marge to leave the dimension.  Marge stay hidden as the Power Rangers battled Madame Woe.  The Power Rangers destroyed Madame Woe with the Power Blaster.  

Rita had sent down Spit Flower.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger soon arrive with their power weapons drawn.  Spit Flower shoots numerous flowers at the five Rangers.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger jump out of the way.  It is a small reprise as the ferocious blossoms launch themselves from the pavement onto the five Rangers.  Spit Flower uses his antennas to blast the five Rangers off their feet.  Black Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, these things are really digging in.  Pink Ranger feels herself getting weak.  Blue Ranger exclaims they are draining our energy.  Spit Flower laughs at them.  The five Rangers continue to struggle against the ferocious blossoms.  Pink Ranger can barely move.  Yellow Ranger exclaims they are picking away at all our strength.  Spit Flower walks over to them.  The Power Rangers manage to get back up.  The Power Rangers battle Spit Flower with their power weapons once more.  It is a difficult fight for the five Rangers.  Spit Flower grows to giant size.  Spit Flower is about to step on the Rangers when Green Ranger arrives.  Green Ranger uses his Dragon Dagger and fires at Spit Flower.  Spit Flower is knocked off his feet.  Red Ranger makes the decision that they need Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Green Ranger summon their zords and then form Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.  Spit Flower easily defeats them and Alpha 5 teleports the Rangers back to the Command Center.    After some analysis, it is discovered if you destroy Spit Flower's spit sack, he will be unable to produce any more biting bloomers and his strength will be reduce.  Red Ranger asks Pink Ranger if she can hit that with her Power Bow?  Pink Ranger replies, no problem.  I'll show Rita not to miss with me.  Zordon tells Green Ranger he must stay here.  If the Power Rangers fail, you will be our last hope.  Alpha 5 teleports the rest of the Rangers out.  The Power Rangers arrive in the park with their power weapons drawn.  Spit Flower is back to normal size.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger to go get him!  Pink Ranger leaps into the air with her Power Bow.  Pink Ranger hits Spit Flower's spit sack with several arrows.  Spit Flower goes flying through the air.  The five Rangers then form the Power Blaster.  The five Rangers fire the Power blaster and destroy Spit Flower.

Rita had Twin Man changed four of the Putties into duplicates of the Power Rangers.  Twin Man duplicated himself into Red Ranger.  The "Power Rangers" were attacking Angel Grove. The Power Rangers arrive in downtown Angel Grove.  Scorpina stands with the fake Rangers.  "Red Ranger" tells the Power Rangers they don't stand a chance.  Red Ranger replies, you can't fight the real thing. Scorpina has the fake Rangers charge into battle with the Rangers.  Each Ranger fights it's fake counterpart.  Eventually "Blue Ranger", "Black Ranger", "Pink Ranger", and "Yellow Ranger" are revealed to be Putties and are defeated.  "Red Ranger" is revealed to be Twin Man.  The Rangers race towards Twin Man as he got up.  Twin Man exclaims farewell Power brats!  He twirls around a weapon shaped like a silver rod that releases energy towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked to the ground.  Twin Man chants, mirror, mirror, all around.  Smash the Rangers to the ground.  A kaleidoscope effect forms around Twin Man and the Rangers.  Twin Man forms circles with his weapon which makes the Rangers dizzy.  Twin Man fires the weapon and the Rangers are hit once more.  Twin Man laughs as the Rangers struggle to get up.  Twin Man charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fire their Blade Blasters at Twin Man, striking him and knocking his weapon out of his hands.  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it at Twin Man.  Twin Man is destroyed.  After the battle, several citizens race towards the Power Rangers.  A woman tells Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger that we saw the whole thing.  It's terrible how those evil twins tried to frame you.  A man tells Black Ranger, we knew you wouldn't let us down.  Not the real Power Rangers.  Black Ranger hangs his head in embarrassment.  A news reporter happily reports, and so the Power Rangers are cleared of all wrong doing and once again, made the world a safer place.

Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger were battling Pumpkin Rapper and were soon encased in Pumpkin Rapper's vines.  The Rangers could not break free and Pumpkin Rapper fired at them.  Zordon contacted Tommy, who was at a karate match, and let him know what was happening.  Tommy quickly morphed and teleported out of the Youth Center.  Green Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Dagger and slices the vines.  The force knocks Pumpkin Rapper off his feet.  Green Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers as Pumpkin Rapper gets back up on his feet.  Green Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to get their weapons ready.  Green Ranger charges towards Pumpkin Rapper with his Dragon Dagger drawn.  Pumpkin Rapper fires at Green Ranger several times, but misses.  Green Ranger leaps into the air once more and strikes Pumpkin Rapper with his Dragon Dagger.  Green Ranger grabs a hold of Pumpkin Rapper as the rest of the Rangers put together the Power Blaster.  Green Ranger kicks Pumpkin Rapper away.  Pumpkin Rapper falls to the ground, but gets back up on his feet.  The rest of the Rangers fire the Power Blaster, hitting and destroying Pumpkin Rapper.

The Rangers were battling Slippery Shark.  The five Rangers assemble their Power Blaster.  The five Rangers fire their Power Blaster just as Rita's wand hits Slippery Shark.  Slippery Shark grows to giant size.  He taunts, miss me!  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their zords.  The zords arrived and the Rangers quickly leap inside them.  The crystals are powered up and Megazord is formed.  Green Ranger summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Megazord and Dragonzord fight Slippery Shark until it's destroyed.

The Rangers have a difficult battle against Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers.  They retreat back to Command Center.  Zordon gives them weapons that looks like their old ones, but more powerful.  The Rangers return to battle with their new weapons.  Red Ranger battles Commander Crayfish.  The rest of the Rangers battle the rest of the Mutant Rangers.  The Rangers formed the Power Blaster and destroyed Yellow and Pink Mutant Rangers.  Rita uses her wand to make Commander Crayfish and Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and the battle continues with Megazord and Dragonzord.  Eventually Ultrazord is formed and Commander Crayfish and the Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers are destroyed. 

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