Power Sword

The Rangers were battling Primator.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword.  Red Ranger fights Primator with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger breaks Primator's weapon with his Power Sword.  Primator is angry.  You'll pay for that Power Brats!  Primator charges towards the Rangers and knocks them aside as he passes them.  The Rangers hit the pavement as Primator runs away.  Black Ranger warns, not so fast fur ball!  Black Ranger leaps up and hits Primator, knocking them both onto the pavement.  Black Ranger fights Primator with a vengeance.  They both fall over into the harbor.  The rest of the Rangers race down to the pier to find him.  "Black Ranger" staggers over to them.  Red Ranger notes that fall look pretty bad bro.  Are you okay?  "Black Ranger" replies, yeah I'm great before striking Red Ranger.  The rest of the Rangers fight "Black Ranger".  "Black Ranger" hits the pavement as Black Ranger arrives.  Black Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, look out guys!  It's Primator in disguise!  "Black Ranger" tries to get away.  "Black Ranger" flips into "Blue Ranger".  Then flips into "Pink Ranger".  Primator flips once more into "Red Ranger" and laughs hysterically.  Black Ranger asks Red Ranger, what are we going to do?  Red Ranger replies, don't worry, I'll handle this.  He thinks he's the Red Ranger, well he's wrong!  Red Ranger charges towards "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger fights "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger is hit and rolls towards the rest of the Rangers.  "Red Ranger" warns them to stay away!  That's the bogus Red Ranger!  The rest of the Rangers are confused and "Red Ranger" laughs once more.  Fooled you!  "Red Ranger" shoots beams out of his helmet towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  "Red Ranger" laughs again and reverts back to Primator.  No one can defeat Primator.  Red Ranger notes, it's too much.  We got to regroup.  Red Ranger contacts Zordon.  We need your help!  Zordon instructs them teleport to the Command Center.  Red Ranger warns Primator, we'll be back.  The Rangers teleport away.  Primator laughs.  The Rangers return and another battle follows.  Primator is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.

Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive and face Robogoat, who welcomes them.  Red Ranger notes, Robogoat has got the sword.  (Goldar had placed Tommy under a trance and he tricked his friends into giving him the Sword of Power - which he promptly gave to Goldar.  Once Tommy passed the Sword of Power Robogoat, the trance was broken.  Green Ranger tries to get the Sword of Power back, which is defeated.)  Robogoat tells the Rangers they are finished.  Let the games begin!  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power high up.  Electric currents travel up the sword and then shoot out at the Rangers.  Red Ranger calls out a warning - brace yourself!  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger tells them to get into attack positions.  Robogoat suggests they do this one at a time.  You first Red Ranger and the rest of you can wait down below!  Robogoat laughs as he slams the Sword of Power into the ground.  The ground shakes and Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger struggle to stay standing up.  The ground below them cracks open and the four Rangers fall into the opening.  Red Ranger screams, hold on!  Red Ranger demands that Robogoat bring them back.  Robogoat replies, no!  Once I have your powers, Lord Zedd will be unstoppable!  Red Ranger declares, no way Robogoat!  Even one Ranger can take you out!  Robogoat suggests he ask the Green Ranger how easy it was.  You're next!  Robogoat charges towards Red Ranger with the sword.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword and charges towards Robogoat.  Red Ranger and Robogoat fight each other with their swords.  They strike each other several times.  Robogoat knocks Red Ranger off his feet.  Before Robogoat can strike again, Red Ranger blocks the move.  Red Ranger gets back up and tells Robogoat to give it up.  Even with the Sword of Power, you can't win!  Red Ranger knocks the Sword of Power out of Robogoat's hands.  The sword goes flying into the sky and lands into the ground.  Robogoat is stunned when the sword turns into a stick.  Robogoat shouts, impossible!  Where is the sword?!  Red Ranger states, Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center, where it belongs.  Now I'm going to teach you not to mess with the Power Rangers.  I want my friends back!  Robogoat shouts, they're right here Ranger!  Come and get them!  Robogoat charges towards Red Ranger with his staff.  Red Ranger fights Robogoat and his staff with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger kicks Robogoat off his feet.  Red Ranger demands Robogoat give them up.  He strikes Robogoat with his Power Sword several times.  Robogoat is knocked off his feet once more.  Robogoat screams oh no!  The four Rangers are released inside energy bubbles.  The energy bubbles fly from Robogoat and hover over the ground before turning into the Rangers and dropping onto the ground.  Yellow Ranger exclaims, finally!  I guess Jason got us out of those energy bubbles.  Red Ranger races over to the four Rangers.  He tells them to regroup.  We've got to ram this goat and find Tommy!  Red Ranger holds the Power Sword high as they face down Robogoat.   Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb and Robogoat grows to giant size.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers summon their Thunderzords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Robogoat is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

The Rangers were battling Invenusable Flytrap.  Invenusable Flytrap charges towards the Rangers.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Power Lance.  The rest of the Rangers pull out their power weapons.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Invenusable Flytrap with his Power Sword.  Blue Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Invenusable Flytrap with his Power Lance.  The rest of the Rangers leap into the air and strike Invenusable Flytrap with their power weapons.  Invenusable Flytrap falls to the ground.  Invenusable Flytrap gets back up and shouts, now you made me mad!  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it.  Invenusable Flytrap is destroyed by the Power Blaster.

Red Ranger arrives to battle Lipsyncher. Lipsyncher uses it's voice to release powerful sound waves that knock Red Ranger off his feet.  Red Ranger gets back up and manages to gain the upper hand and cut a slice into Lipsyncher's  face.  This causes Lipsyncher a great deal of distress. Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Lipsyncher grows to giant size.  Red Ranger calls for Red Dragon Thunderzord.  Red Dragon Thunderzord shoots fire at Lipsyncher.  Red Dragon Thunderzord goes into Warrior Mode.  Before Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode can do anything, Lipsyncher uses her voice against it.  Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode can only cover it's hearing as Lipsyncher makes several strikes against Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode.  Lipsyncher picks up Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and throws it to the ground.  Soon Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive and summon their individual zords and the zords start to attack Lipsyncher.  Unicorn Thunder Zord moves boulders and shoots them towards Lipsyncher.  Several of the boulders hit Lipsyncher.  An especially large boulder lands on her foot and Lipsyncher hops in pain.  Lipsyncher uses her powerful vocals to fire at Griffin Thunder Zord.  Griffin Thunder Zord outmaneuvers the blasts.  Griffin Thunder Zord shoots fire at Lipsyncher.  Firebird Thunder Zord creates powerful winds that embrace Lipsyncher and spins her in very fast circles.  Red Ranger has recovered and with his zord, he battles Lipsyncher as well.  Red Ranger's zord combines with the rest of the zords and the battle continues.  Red Dragon Thunderzord destroys Lipsyncher with it's diving staff attack.

The Green Dream/Two For One


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