Sword Of Darkness

Thousands of years ago, Rita's dark knight had defeated Zordon's soldiers.  The dark knight had taken the Sword of Darkness and presented it to Rita.  At present time, Rita still had the sword.  Rita had cast a spell on a young man, Tommy, and made him her evil Green Ranger.  Goldar suggested that Rita give Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness.  Rita thinks this is a perfect idea.  Rita hurried over to the monster making room and told Finster of her plan.  Finster told Rita if you give it to Green Ranger he will remain under your spell forever, as long as no one destroys it.  Finster points out the only problem is Zordon knows it's secret.  Rita laughs as she tells Finster that Zordon's gone.  (Green Ranger had wrecked the Command Center and broke the connection Zordon had with this dimension.)  The following day, Rita is ready to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness so that he can be hers forever.  Goldar, Baboo, Finster, and Squatt are with her.  Goldar tells Rita the Sword of Darkness is something Tommy must earn.  Goldar suggests a test of strength against the Putties.  Baboo states that's a wonderful idea.  Baboo asks if they can watch it?  Rita tells him yes.  Rita wants them all to go down to Earth and watch her Green Ranger.  Goldar tells them once he has the Sword of Darkness, Rita will be able to control Green Ranger's every move forever.  They teleport down to Angel Grove and walk along a path that leads to a beach.  Rita is eager to see her Ranger.  Tommy arrives on the beach.  Tommy refers to Rita as Empress and tells her you summon me, I am yours to command.  Tommy is eager to crush the Power Rangers.  Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, Finster, and Rita are standing on a cliff above Tommy.  Goldar tells Tommy patience.  You must first meet a challenge, using only your skills and no weapons.  You must defeat the Putties and then you will receive the Sword of Darkness.  Rita asks Tommy if he is prepared?  Rita uses her wand and Tommy is teleported to a different part of the beach.  Tommy is soon surrounded by Putties.  Tommy battles the Putties.  Rita, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and Finster watch the battle.  Tommy defeats all the Putties and they soon vanish.  Tommy laughs evilly.  Tommy tells Rita you command and I obey.  Rita is very happy.  Baboo tells him welcome to the club.  Rita teleports the Sword of Darkness into Tommy's hands.  Tommy tests out the sword with a few moves.  Tommy laughs again at how well the sword moves.  Tommy vows the Power Rangers will be destroyed and the Red Ranger will be the first to go.  Green flashes shoot out of the Sword of Darkness as Tommy laughs once more.  Later, Green Ranger is at the bluff.  Moments later, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive with their Blade Blasters drawn.  The four Rangers battle Green Ranger with their Blade Blasters.  Green Ranger battles them with his Sword of Darkness.   Green Ranger has an easy time against the four Rangers.  Green Ranger is confident he is going to finish them.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger summon their zords.  All of the zords arrive and the Megazord is formed.  Green Ranger uses the Sword of Darkness against the Megazord.  Green lightening heads towards the Megazord.  The Megazord uses it's shield and deflects the energy back to Green Ranger.  Green Ranger is knocked off his feet.  Green Ranger vows you have not seen the last of the Green Ranger before he teleports away.

Jason had been battling Goldar in the Dark Dimension.  Jason had been knocked to the floor and Goldar was ready to strike, when Green Ranger appeared.  Goldar is confused, he thought Rita wanted him to destroy Jason.  Green Ranger tells Goldar Rita wants that pleasure to be his.  Goldar vanishes.  Jason stands up and faces Green Ranger.  They circle each other as they talk.  Green Ranger tells Jason, so we meet again.  Jason doesn't understand - you wear a Green Ranger costume, but your loyalty is to Rita.  Green Ranger tells Jason he is her Green Ranger and she is his Empress.  Jason yells she's evil.  Green Ranger replies, so am I.  Jason and Green Ranger fight.  Jason gets knocked down to the floor once more.  Green Ranger laughs as he tells Jason soon you and your friends will be a memory.  The Sword of Darkness appears in Green Ranger's hands.  Green Ranger asks Jason how he likes his sword.  Green Ranger is about to strike Jason, when Jason is teleported out in a blaze of red. 

Green Ranger is practicing his martial arts with his Sword of Darkness.  Green Ranger raises the Sword of Darkness and announces he is ready for battle - he is ready to destroy the Power Rangers.  Later a giant Green Ranger arrives on the beach with his Sword of Darkness.  A giant Goldar and monster giant form of Scorpina had been battling the Rangers in their Megazord.  Goldar had taken a flying leap, kicking the Megazord in the chest and knocking it to the ground.  The Megazord's power was down fifty percent, thanks to the solar eclipse, Rita had cast.  The Megazord got back up.  Green Ranger, Scorpina, and Goldar circle the Megazord and continue to battle.  Scorpina used her stinger to grab the Megazord and shot massive amounts of electricity through it.  Green Ranger and Goldar combined their weapons to strike the Megazord.  A hole formed in the ground as the Rangers were ejected from the Megazord.  The Megazord fall apart and the zords sank beneath the hole that was filled with flames.

Thanks to Alpha 5's efforts, Green Ranger's identity was revealed to be Tommy.  Alpha 5 also brought Zordon back.  Zordon restored the Rangers' zords.  The Power Rangers battled Green Ranger with their Megazord.  Eventually the battle continued on the ground between Green Ranger and Red Ranger.  Red Ranger has his Power Sword and is ready to battle.  Green Ranger combines the power of his Dragon Dagger and his Sword of Darkness.  The blast knocks Red Ranger off his feet.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger battle with their weapons.  Red Ranger is knocked off his feet.  Red Ranger takes out his Blade Blaster.  Green Ranger starts playing his Dragon Dagger.  Red Ranger fires at Green Ranger with the Blade Blaster.  It does nothing to Green Ranger.  Instead Red Ranger is knocked off his feet once more.  Red Ranger gets back up.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger battle each other with their weapons once more.  Green Ranger knocks Red Ranger aside.  Green Ranger announces that is now time for him to destroy Red Ranger.  I must be victorious for my queen!  Green Ranger places the tip of the Sword of Darkness into the ground.  The blast goes straight to Red Ranger and knocks him off his feet.  Red Ranger throws his Power Sword at Green Ranger.  Green Ranger is knocked to the ground and both of his weapons fly out of his hands.  Red Ranger tells him it's all over.  Red Ranger uses his Blade Blaster and fires it at the Sword of Darkness as Green Ranger tries to reach for it.  The Sword of Darkness is destroyed.  The spell is broken.  Tommy is invited and joins the Rangers in their battle against Rita.

Green With Evil, Part V