Sword Of Power

The Sword of Power can only be called forth when all the Rangers are united together.  Lord Zedd had decided he wanted the Sword of Power and came up with a plan to get it.  Goldar asks, how can we take the Sword of Power when they are all together?  Lord Zedd replies, separate them.  One at a time.  Tommy first.  To the dark dimension.  I'm sure we can persuade him to bring us the Sword of Power.  When he does, I Lord Zedd, will destroy the Power Rangers forever!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Later, Lord Zedd spotted Tommy walking through the park alone.  He sent down a group of Putties, which captured Tommy and brought him to the dark dimension.  Goldar was there and placed Tommy in a trance.  Robogoat was also created out of a page in one of Tommy's books.  Tommy return to the Youth Center and joined the teens in teleporting to the Command Center.  When they arrived, Zordon informed them of Robogoat.  He draws his various strengths from mystical and mechanical sources.  You must stop him before he reaches Angel Grove.  With a smirk that no one else sees, Tommy takes a closer look at the viewing globe.  Tommy states, count me in.  Kimberly protests.  No way.  Tommy you have to conserve your powers.  Jason adds, we may need to rely on you for a bigger battle later on.  Assuming a look of concern, Tommy turns around and faces his friends.  He tells them, wait a minute.  Zordon, what if we summon the Sword of Power?  Maybe that would give me an extra boost of power that would sustain me through the fight.  Billy agrees, this might work.  Zordon agrees as well.  It's worth a try Rangers.  The teens form a circle and place their hands in the center as they summon the Sword of Power.  The sword appears in Tommy's hands.  Tommy waves it around.  Kimberly screams and clutches Zack's wrist.  Tommy gives an evil laugh as he tells them their days as Power Rangers are numbered.  Tommy vanishes.  Tommy returns to the dark chamber with the sword.  Goldar is very happy to see Tommy with the Sword of Power.  Now you will hand it over to a friend of mine.  Robogoat has also arrived in the chamber and commands, weakling Power Ranger give me the sword!  Tommy hands over the Sword of Power.  As soon as Robogoat takes the sword, the spell over Tommy is broken.  Goldar comments, you're now free.  Robogoat agrees, free to be destroyed!  I will smash the power of each Ranger, starting with you Green Ranger!  Tommy screams no!  Robogoat vanishes.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  Green Ranger searches for Robogoat.  He shouts, come out and fight!  Green Ranger is determined to get the sword back.  Suddenly Green Ranger spots the Sword of Power in a pile of rocks.  Green Ranger states, you'll never turn me against my friends again.  The sword is ours.  Green Ranger laughs as he runs towards the sword.  Suddenly several explosions take place all around him.  One hits him and he is knocked off his feet.  Robogoat leaps into the area.  Robogoat faces Green Ranger and tells him, if you want the Sword of Power, you have to conquer me first.  Green Ranger replies, you're history!  Robogoat gloats, not as long as I have the sword!  Robogoat charges towards Green Ranger.  Green Ranger pulls out his Dragon Dagger as he states, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers!  Green Ranger charges towards Robogoat.  Green Ranger fights Robogoat with his Dragon Dagger.  He strikes Robogoat several times, and lands a kick as well.  Robogoat also strikes Green Ranger several times with his weapon.  Robogoat tells Green Ranger, you want the sword's power, here it is.  Robogoat strikes Green Ranger hard with his weapon/staff.  Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and rolls several times on the gravel.  Robogoat prepares to strike Green Ranger again, but Green Ranger quickly gets back up and leaps over Robogoat.  Green Ranger lands by the Sword of Power.  Green Ranger pulls out the sword as he states, like I said goat face, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers.  And no one else.  Got it?!  Robogoat replies, you're wrong.  It's mine!  And I'll use it to steal your power.  Green Ranger states, try me goat cheese!  Suddenly the Sword of Power changes into a stick.  Green Ranger is surprised, no way!  Robogoat laughs as he leaps over and strikes Green Ranger with his staff.  Once more, Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and he rolls down the small gravely hill.  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power as he declares, victory is mine!  Green Ranger states, not yet.  Robogoat tells him goodbye as he strikes Green Ranger with the sword and knocks him off a cliff.  Meanwhile, Zordon informs the teens that Tommy is out of Lord Zedd's trance, but his powers are fading.  The five teens morph and teleport out.  The five Rangers arrive and face Robogoat, who welcomes them.  Red Ranger notes, Robogoat has got the sword.  Robogoat tells the Rangers they are finished.  Let the games begin!  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power high up.  Electric currents travel up the sword and then shoot out at the Rangers.  Red Ranger calls out a warning - brace yourself!  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger tells them to get into attack positions.  Robogoat suggests they do this one at a time.  You first Red Ranger and the rest of you can wait down below!  Robogoat laughs as he slams the Sword of Power into the ground.  The ground shakes and Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger struggle to stay standing up.  The ground below them cracks open and the four Rangers fall into the opening.  Red Ranger screams, hold on!  Red Ranger demands that Robogoat bring them back.  Robogoat replies, no!  Once I have your powers, Lord Zedd will be unstoppable!  Red Ranger declares, no way Robogoat!  Even one Ranger can take you out!  Robogoat suggests he ask the Green Ranger how easy it was.  You're next!  Robogoat charges towards Red Ranger with the sword.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword and charges towards Robogoat.  Red Ranger and Robogoat fight each other with their swords.  They strike each other several times.  Robogoat knocks Red Ranger off his feet.  Before Robogoat can strike again, Red Ranger blocks the move.  Red Ranger gets back up and tells Robogoat to give it up.  Even with the Sword of Power, you can't win!  Red Ranger knocks the Sword of Power out of Robogoat's hands.  The sword goes flying into the sky and lands into the ground.  Robogoat is stunned when the sword turns into a stick.  Robogoat shouts, impossible!  Where is the sword?!  Red Ranger states, Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center, where it belongs.  Red Ranger releases the rest of the Rangers.  Robogoat is eventually destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.

The Green Dream