Megaforce Blaster

When you combine all the battle gear, the Tiger Claw, Shark Bowgun, Dragon Sword, Snake Ax, and Phoenix Shot, and put in the Power Cards, you form the Megaforce Blaster.  The Megaforce Rangers used the Megaforce Blaster for the first time when facing down Scaraba.  They had battled Scaraba with Mega Blasters and their battle gear. Red Ranger declares, time to show true mega power.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Scaraba and destroy him.  Red Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win.

Yuffo had captured several citizens to perform experiments on.  Soon the Rangers arrive.  The Rangers battle and destroy the Loogies with their mega weapons.  The Rangers then battle Yuffo with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger:  "Let's try an experiment of our own."  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Mega Weapons!"  Pink Ranger, Red Ranger Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger:  "Combine!"  The Megaforce Blaster was formed.  Red Ranger:  "Target acquired!"  Yuffo:  "Target?"  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster and Yuffo is defeated.  The nets vanish and the people are happy to be free.  Zombats arrive and Yuffo is now giant size.  The Mechazords are released and the battle continues.  Yuffo is destroyed by Gosei Great Megazord.

The Rangers had been battling Virox.  They knocked him off his feet with their weapons.  Virox gets back up.  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster and fire it.  Virox is defeated, but not for long.  Several Zombats arrive and soon Virox is revived and giant size.  The battle continues and Virox is destroyed by Sea Megazord.

The Rangers were battling Dizchord.  Dizchord's music caused most humans a great deal of pain.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger were badly affected and struggled in the battle.  Blue Ranger:  "Guys, the Megaforce Blaster!"  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle with this task.  Pink Ranger even drops her Phoenix Shot.  Black Ranger:  "Guys, hang in there!"  All Rangers:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!"  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster.  Dizchord:  "Yeah!  Let's do it!"  Red Ranger:  "It's too much!"  All Rangers:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  The Rangers fire, but with Pink Ranger and Red Ranger weak, the blast misses Dizchord and the Loogies.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger kneel on the ground, clutching their helmets.  Red Ranger:  "Oh no!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!  Are you okay?"  Red Ranger:  "We're so sorry guys."  Dizchord stops playing.  Dizchord:  "Thank you!  And now for my encore.  An extra special something from me straight to you.  I'll demorph you!"  Black Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Dizchord blasts the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger leap out of the way, but the blast hits Pink Ranger and Red Ranger and they demorph.  Dizchord is quite pleased.  Dizchord:  "Ooaah, yeah!  Thank-you Rangers.  My power cords knocked you out.  Now it's time to rock and roll over some more humans."  Dizchord and the Loogies pranced as they left the place.  Later, the Rangers would battle Dizchord again.  This time they destroyed him with the Gosei Great Megazord.

A new Ranger had arrived, Robo Knight.  But Robo Knight refused to work with the rest of the Rangers.  Robo Knight and the rest of the Rangers had faced down Shadow Serpent with plenty of problems.  The following day, Robo Knight fought Shadow Serpent, but was quickly defeated.  The rest of the Rangers arrived and fought Shadow Serpent with their weapons.  The five Rangers combined their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  Shadow Serpent becomes concern as the Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Red Ranger notes, that should do it.  But Shadow Serpent survives the blow and tells them, wrong again Rangers.  Shadow Serpent blasts his power towards the five Rangers, knocking them into the air and off their feet.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger hit the ground.  Shadow Serpent gloats, five times zero is still zero.  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight, we're on the same team.  Remember that plan I talked about?  (Troy had met with Robo Knight the day before.) We're going for it.  We're counting on you.  Robo Knight is surprised that they are trusting their lives to him.  Shadow Serpent brags, oh, what a lovely buffet.  The five Rangers gather together as Shadow Serpent's tongue moves towards them.  The Rangers' shadows are taken and they stand frozen in place.  Shadow Serpent gloats, their shadows are mine as Robo Knight yells no!  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight to attack now!  Robo Knight vows I will not waste this chance.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  He flies towards the tongue and breaks it apart as he flies through it.  Lion Mechazord strikes Shadow Serpent several times, knocking him to the ground.  The Rangers' shadows have been returned.  Red Ranger knew Robo Knight would not fail them.  Lion Mechazord transforms back into Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Shadow Serpent with his Robo Blade.  Shadow Serpent tries to strike Robo Knight with a spear, but Robo Knight knocks it away.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard and falls to the ground.  Robo Knight activates his Vulcan Cannon and fires it at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is defeated.  The Rangers race towards Robo Knight.  Robo Knight admits Red Ranger's plan worked.  There is true power in teamwork.  Shadow Serpent pleads to send the Zombats.  The Zombats arrive and soon Shadow Serpent is giant size.  The mechazords are summoned and the battle continues until Shadow Serpent is destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

Bigs and Bluefur are in the city and the Power Rangers battle them with their mega weapons.  It is a difficult battle. Red Ranger:  "Let's finish them off!"  The Rangers hold out their mega weapons.  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!"  The Megaforce Blaster is formed and the Rangers aim it at Bigs and Bluefur.  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  A huge explosion hits Bigs and Bluefur.  The Rangers turn from the explosion in triumph.  Red Ranger:  "Yes!"  Suddenly they are wrapped together by Bigs as Bluefur charges towards them.  Bluefur:  "Didn't your mommy tell you to never turn your back on mutants?"  Bluefur hits the Rangers hard.  They go flying and hit the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "No way!  Our blast didn't even scratch them!"  Bigs:  "Allow me to scratch your itch."  Bigs fires his staff.  The Rangers are hit hard once more and demorph.  Noah:  "Impossible!"  Bluefur:  "Don't you get it?  The Aurora Box has made us a hundred times stronger than before!"  Bigs:  "And my evil ooze is a hundred times sticker than before.  See that broadcast tower?"  Slime began to cover the broadcast tower.  Emma:  "Oh no!"  Bigs:  "That slime is from my body.  Soon it will cover the city with toxic fumes.  And then the whole world!"  Gia:  "You guys stink!"  The teens get back up.  Troy:  "A demented mutant with a nasty plan.  We will stop you!"  Bigs:  "Ha!  You can't be everywhere at once.  But my slime can.  That's the beauty of it."  Robo Knight walks up.  "You're forgetting something."  Troy:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight:  "That we are a team."  Bigs:  "What?"  Robo Knight:  "You will see.  Freeze card!"  Robo Knight inserts the Power Card into his morpher.  Robo Knight:  "Activate!"  Robo Knight points the morpher at the broadcast tower.  It freezes the slime.  Bluefur:  "Grrr!  I'll smash you!"  Troy:  "You'll have to get past us."  Bigs:  "That's easy.  After all you're just human."  Bluefur:  "Show him the Aurora power."  Bigs bends down and aims his weapons at the teens.  Before the blast can hit them, Robo Knight leaps in front of them and takes the brunt of the blast.  Robo Knight falls to his knees.  Gia:  "Robo Knight!"  Emma:  "Are you okay?!"  Emma and Gia run towards Robo Knight and kneel beside him.  Robo Knight:  "I am damaged.  But it is not critical."  Bigs and Bluefur start to walk backwards.  Bigs:  "We'll finish you off later.  We're going to get more slime."  Bigs and Bluefur vanish.  Noah looks at Robo Knight.  Noah:  "You froze the toxic matter.  That stopped the chemical reaction."  Robo Knight:  "It will hold for awhile."  Gia is relieved.  "That gives us a little breathing room."  Troy:  "Very little.  We've got to take out Bigs before the stuff unfreezes."  Robo Knight stands up.  "I cannot assist you further at this time.  I must restore my systems."  Robo Knight walks away.  Emma:  "We understand."  The following day, the Rangers arrive in the city and race towards Bluefur.  Robo Knight is there as well.  Bluefur is happy to see them.  Just in time!  Didn't expect to see me, huh?  Did you miss me?  Black Ranger asks, what are you up to now?  Robo Knight tells the Rangers I am again fully functional.  It appears you destroyed the mutant Bigs.  Bluefur gloats, think again!  All they did was give the Aurora Box even more power!  Now Bigs is in a new form and bigger and badder than ever!  Toxic goo flows down the building from the Aurora Box.  The goo turns around and it has Bigs' face as he shouts surprise!  Did you forger that I'm made of slime?  You can't destroy me by blasting me apart!  You just scattered my slime everywhere.  The Earth is melting beneath your feet.  Black Ranger shouts, not on our watch!  Bluefur is not worried.  Your watch on this Earth is ending today!  Tell them what's coming next Bigsy!  Bigs responds, the toxic slime from my body will come out and cover everything.  Turning the whole Earth into one giant Bigs.  Soon you will be swimming in purple goo.  And purple goo ain't good for you.  Robo Knight is not happy.  Earth.  Changed into a wasteland.  This cannot be permitted.  Red Ranger agrees.  We're going to stop it!  Right now!  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster and fired it at Bigs.  It does nothing.  Bigs laughs.  Yellow Ranger notes, we need more power.  Robo Knight agrees.  Bluefur shouts I'll give you more power as he charges towards them.  Robo Knight tries to stop him, but gets knocked aside.  Bluefur tries to strike the Rangers with his club.  Bluefur misses several times and the Rangers grab him.  Bluefur shakes them all off.  The Rangers land on the pavement.  Bluefur laughs as he jumps up and then lands hard on the pavement.  The force knocks the Rangers off their feet once more.  Bluefur shouts, heads up as he tries to strike Red Ranger with his club.  Bluefur tries again but is stopped by Robo Knight with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight informs the Rangers, I will fight Bluefur.  You must go and stop Bigs.  Red Ranger agrees.  The Rangers race inside the building and battle Bigs.  Eventually,  Bigs is destroyed by the Ultra Swords, the Aurora Box is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Command Ship and Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Rotox DX is destroying several buildings.  The Rangers arrive with their mega weapons drawn.  Pink Ranger asks, the same guy?  Black Ranger replies, sure looks like him, unless I'm seeing things.  Metal Alice walks towards Rotox DX and tells the Rangers, your confusion is understandable.  But this is the new and improved model of the robot you faced this morning.  This is Rotox DX.  Blue Ranger asks, who's she?  Yellow Ranger replies, she's just another tin can.  We'll blow up both of you robots back to where you came from!  Red Ranger calls for the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers quickly assemble the Megaforce Blaster and fire it at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX easily blocks the blast and gets rid of it.  The Rangers are surprised.  Black Ranger, how did he do that?  Metal Alice laughs.  I told you Rangers, he's new and improved.  Show them.  Rotox DX fires at the Rangers with his eye beams.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards Rotox DX with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger tries to strike Rotox DX with his Snake Ax, but Rotox DX knocks him aside.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike with her Tiger Claw, but is also knocked aside.  Both Rangers fall to the pavement.  Rotox DX boasts, I'm ten times stronger than before.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger fire their mega weapons at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX once more blocks the blast and makes it vanish.  Rotox DX slams his hand onto the pavement and directs electrical currents towards Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers are hit hard and collapse onto the pavement.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox DX several times with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger is knocked aside as well.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Black Ranger notes, he's definitely much stronger.  Robo Knight arrives.  Robo Knight starts to walk towards the Rangers, when Metal Alice shouts hey!  Robo Knight faces Metal Alice and she tells him not to interfere.  Robo Knight asks, who are you?  Metal Alice introduces herself.  We robots are not your enemy.  Robo Knight is puzzled, another robot.  Metal Alice tells Robo Knight, we have no intention of harming the Earth.  We have come to conquer the humans and make them our slaves.  That can only help the Earth in the long run.  The Rangers slowly get back up.  Black Ranger shouts, what are you talking about?!  That's just crazy!  Pink Ranger asks, how will enslaving humans make the Earth better?  Metal Alice replies, who created all this pollution you see around you?  It was the humans.  Robo Knight agrees.  Metal Alice continues, just try and imagine how beautiful the Earth was before humans came along.  Blue Ranger states, it's not that simple.  Metal Alice isn't fazed.  Robots are the future.  We will be here long after you humans become extinct.  Rotox DX fires all his weapons at the Rangers.  They are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, I think I made my point.  Robo Knight, think about which side you should be on.  Metal Alice and Rotox DX vanish.  Robo Knight considers Metal Alice's words.  The Rangers struggle to stand back up.  Yellow Ranger is mad.  Can you believe the nerve of that robo witch?    Black Ranger replies, she's evil.  What do you expect!  Pink Ranger adds, she's trying to make it sound like we're the bad guys.  Robo Knight walks away.  Red Ranger calls out to him.  Robo Knight continues to walk away, stating, need to process.  Yellow Ranger asks, what's up with him?  Later there is another battle with Rotox DX and Metal Alice.  Robo Knight decides to fight with the Rangers.  Rotox DX is defeated and Metal Alice retreats.  Several Zombats arrive and Rotox DX grows to giant size.  Another battle follows.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

Metal Alice arrives in Harwood County.  The Rangers face Metal Alice.  Metal Alice:  "You Rangers never learn.  Come here now, Robot 1C0!"  A robot steps forward and stands beside Metal Alice.  "Destroy the Rangers."  Black Ranger:  "Are you kidding me?  Has she tried to make another Robo Knight?"  The robot stands still.  Metal Alice:  "Well, don't just stand there robot, attack!"  Red Ranger:  "She must be stopped!"  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!  Ready!"  Metal Alice:  "I don't think so."  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  Metal Alice grabs Robot 1C0 and shoves him in front of her.  Metal Alice:  "Shield me!"  Robot 1C0 takes the brunt of the blast from Megaforce Blaster and falls to his knees and then unto the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Ugh.  This creation is a complete failure!"  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet and vanishes. The Rangers befriend Robot 1C0, which Emma names Rico.  Eventually Pink Ranger takes Rico into space to save him from Metal Alice's manipulations.

The Rangers are battling Admiral Malkor.  Red Ranger:  "Together!"  All:  "Combine!"  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger:  "Sky Power!  Energize!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger:  "Land Power!  Energize!"  Blue Ranger:  "Sea Power!  Energize!"  All:  "Megaforce Blaster!  Ready!  Dynamic Victory Charge!"  The Rangers fire their Megaforce Blaster.  Admiral Malkor manages to block the blast and then blasts the Rangers with his own power.  Through the flames, the Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons ready.  Red Ranger:  "Knowing we're Earth's last chance will give us the strength to defeat you!"  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  The four Rangers strike Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  Red Ranger:  "My turn!  Dragon Sword!  Sky Strike!"  Red Ranger strikes Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  The Rangers stand and face Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor:  "Well played Rangers.  But a wise leader always has a backup plan.  Zombats!"  The Zombats surround Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor:  "Now you will see what real power is."  Admiral Malkor catches one of the Zombats and eats it.  The Rangers make gagging sounds.  Yellow Ranger:  "That's disgusting!"  Admiral Malkor grows to giant size.  Admiral Malkor:  "Vrak, land the ship as planned."  The Rangers summon their mechazords and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Eventually Admiral Malkor and the Warstar Spaceship are destroyed by Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.   

Mega Mission



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