Robo Blaster/Robo Blade

One of Robo Knight's weapons is the Robo Blaster, which can also transform into Robo Blade.  The Rangers were having a difficult battle against Bigs, Bluefur, and Hisser.  A bright ball of light flies pass Hisser, knocking him off his feet, before crashing into the ground.  Hisser gets up.  Hisser:  "What was that?"  A figure begins to walks towards them.  Yellow Ranger:  "Who is it?"  Pink Ranger:  "Or what is it?"  As the figure gets closer, the Rangers and the mutants can see it better.  Red Ranger:  "That symbol.  It's just like Gosei's."  Bigs:  "Where did he come from?"  Bluefur:  "I know where he's going.  Straight to the sludge pile!"  Robo Knight:  "Stand down mutants.  You only get one warning.  I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment.  Guardian of the earth."  Red Ranger:  "I knew it!  He's on our side!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Nice!"  Bigs:  "What?"  Hisser:  "My slime will take care of you!"  Hisser shoots his slime.  Robo Knight moves backwards and avoids being hit.  Robo Knight:  "I don't think so."  Hisser growls in frustration.  Robo Knight:  "You used noxious elements to hurt the Earth."  Robo Knight uses his Robo Blaster and fires.  Hisser is hit several times.  Robo Knight:  "Environmental threats must be stopped."  Robo Knight continues to fire at Hisser.  Blue Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger:  "A super robot."  Red Ranger:  "He's super powerful.  With him fighting on our side, we can take these mutants out!"  The Rangers managed to get back up on their feet and break free from the slime covering them.  Red Ranger:  "Let's go!"  The Rangers charge towards Bigs and Bluefur with their mega weapons as Robo Knight continues his fight with Hisser.  Bigs and Bluefur retreat.  Red Ranger:  "They're gone!"  Black Ranger:  "Except the snake!  Look!"  The Rangers look at the sky.  Hisser:  "Slitter spin!"  Hisser spins into Robo Knight and knocks him hard.  Robo Knight crashes into a building and parts of it fall on top of Robo Knight, burying him.  Hisser:  "Looks like my slitter spin move spelled the end of you metal man!"  Robo Knight knocks the rubble away as he stands up.  Robo Knight:  "Negative!"  Hisser is surprised.  "What?"  Robo Knight:  "It is time to neutralize you!"  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and places the power card inside it.  Robo Knight:  "Vulcan Cannon!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon Vulcan Cannon!"  The Vulcan Cannon arrives and Robo Knight attaches it to his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight:  "Vulcan Cannon!  Knight Dynamic!  Activate!  Reaching full power!  Apply maximum force!"  Hisser:  "Hey, wait!"  Robo Knight:  "Knight dynamic!  Fire!"  Robo Knight fires the Vulcan Cannon at Hisser.  Hisser is hit and falls to the ground in flames.  Robo Knight:  "Threat eliminated."   Zombats arrive and revive Hisser.  The battle between Hisser and Robo Knight continues.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion mechazord and destroys Hisser.

The Rangers were battling Psychotick when Robo Knight arrived.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"   Psychotick:  "Now for the main event!"  Lion Mechazord transformed into Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Good timing Robo Knight!"  Blue Ranger:  "He's tough, but together we can take him."  Robo Knight:  "I will handle it alone."  Psychotick:  "Let's see you handle this!"  Psychotick charges towards Robo Knight.  Psychotick:  "I've been itching to fight you!"  Robo Knight and Psychotick fight.  Robo Knight lands a kick that knocks Psychotick to the pavement.  Psychotick quickly gets back up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Robo Knight leaps out of the way, leaving a family behind him vulnerable.  Red Ranger:  "No!  Guys quick!"  The Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and fire, destroying the tick attack before it reaches the family.  The Rangers run over to the family.  Red Ranger:  "Hey, Robo Knight put those people at risk!  Let's get them to safety."  The Rangers guard the family.  Yellow Ranger:  "What's the deal Robo Knight?  You left them wide open."  Robo Knight:  "The monster is my target."   Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger have their Mega Blasters drawn.  In addition to the Mega Blaster, Yellow Ranger has her Tiger Claw ready and Black Ranger has his Snake Ax ready.   Pink Ranger:  "Quick!  Get out of here!"  The family quickly runs away.  Robo Knight and Psychotick continue to fight.  Robo Knight lands several punches onto Psychotic.  Black Ranger notices a couple hiding behind a bench.  Black Ranger:  "More people."  Black Ranger runs over to the bench just as Robo Knight knocks Psychotick to the ground.  Psychotick quickly gets up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Once more, Robo Knight leaps out of the way.  Black Ranger:  "Why aren't you protecting those people?"  Black Ranger races over to the bench and blocks the tick attack with his Snake Ax.   Black Ranger jumps over the bench.  Yellow Ranger joins him as they ushered the couple to safely.  Black Ranger:  "You two get going!  Move!  Come on !  Go!"  Robo Knight continues to fight Psychotick.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight strikes Psychotick several times with the Robo Blade, eventually knocking him to the ground.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blaster!  Vulcan Cannon!  Act....I've been hit!"  Psychotick:  "Got him!  Tick attack!"  A tick lands on Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "No!  An energy tick!"  Psychotick:  "Activate!"  Robo Knight vanishes just as the rest of the Rangers race up.  When Robo Knight reboots, he finds himself within a cage, watched by Vrak and Psychotick.  Robo Knight tries to break out of the cage, but it drains more energy from him.  Psychotick leaves to keep the Rangers occupied.  Vrak taunts Robo Knight, unaware that Troy has arrived.  Troy morphs.  Red Ranger battles Vrak with his Dragon Sword.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrive as well.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger try to rescue Robo Knight, but they are struck by a powerful blow before they can do anything.  The two Rangers fall to the ground.  Vrak comments, oh good.  I have your attention.  Behind him, Psychotick has Red Ranger under his foot and a strong grip on Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Vrak continues, so you can witness the end of the Power Rangers.  Robo Knight slams his fist onto the floor of his cage.  No power to help them!  Vrak gloats, now thanks to you the Rangers are finished!  Yellow Ranger asks Black Ranger if he is okay?  Black Ranger replies, not really.  Black Ranger tries to get up but stumbles back onto the ground.  Vrak tells the Rangers, it's over.  Blue Ranger states, no way.  We'll never give up.  Black Ranger adds, we're doing great.  Pink Ranger states, as long as we're united, there's always hope.  Yellow Ranger adds, enjoy this little break before we take you down!  Red Ranger states, we will find a way to defeat you.  Robo Knight repeats, find a way.  Robo Knight comes up with an idea and is confident he can carry it through.  Robo Knight begins to trace the power drain.  Reroute the energy back to the power cell.  Execute!  There is a big explosion and Robo Knight is free.  Yellow Ranger comments, nice.  Vrak is in disbelief.  Red Ranger shouts, he's free!  Black Ranger adds, and he's mad.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak.  Robo Knight knocks Vrak and Psychotick off their feet.  Robo Knight holds out his morpher and notes, power is back at full capacity.  Vrak shouts no as he and Psychotick struggle to get back up.  Robo Knight states, I am a protector of the Earth.  You and all threats to the environment will be eliminated.  Psychotick gloats, bet you can't take us!  Robo Knight warns them, prepare for destruction.  Red Ranger states, I knew he was one of us as he and the rest of the Rangers get back up on their feet.  Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster.  Psychotick tells him, I've sucked up too much power for you to stop me now!  Psychotick launches a tick attack.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster and destroys the attack and hits Psychotick.  Vrak manages to leap out of the way.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight fights Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is confident that Robo Knight cannot stop them.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and then comes down, striking a powerful blow against Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  Psychotick runs over to Vrak as Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and inserts the Vulcan Cannon power card.  The Vulcan Cannon arrives and Robo Knight places it onto his Robo Blaster and aims towards Vrak and Psychotick.  Robo Knight fires the Vulcan Cannon and it hits both Psychotick and Vrak.  Once more, Vrak is knocked off his feet.  But Psychotick is defeated.  Vrak vows, you will pay for this.  Big time!  Vrak summons the Zombats and vanishes.  The Zombats arrived and revived Psychotick and make him giant size.  The Rangers are ready to call on their zords, but Robo Knight wants to fight this battle himself.  Eventually Psychotick is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

In an earlier battle, the Rangers had not been able to defeat Shadow Serpent.  Robo Knight blamed the Rangers.  Later, Troy had found him and told him of his plan, but Robo Knight was still determined to work alone.  Morning arrived.  Robo Knight:  "At last, the sun is up.  It's time to destroy the Shadow Serpent."  Robo Knight walked off with his Robo Blaster held high.  The rest of the Rangers were already facing down Shadow Serpent, when Robo Knight leaped in.  Robo Knight:  "Take cover Rangers."  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight:  "Just stay back.  I will handle this."  Shadow Serpent:  "Threatening me in a place with no shade.  It's like you didn't even think about it.  Look, if you're not even going to try, then neither am I."  Red Ranger:  "We have a plan.  Let's go!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger inserted their power cards into their morphers.  "Mega Quake!  Activate!"  Thousands of small pieces of earth fly up into the sky.  Black Ranger:  "Guys, let's whip up some cloud cover!"  Blue Ranger inserts his power card into his morpher.  "Sea Shower!  Activate!"  Tons of water shoots into the sky, breaking up the pieces of earth and causing a large cloud.  Blue Ranger:  "Wet it down!"  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger insert their power cards into their morphers.  "Twist Tornado!  Activate!"  Red Ranger:  "Finding all that dirt, water and wind should do the trick."   With the tornado, the skies become completely dark   Blue Ranger:  "Whoa, check it out!"  Black Ranger:  "Awesome!"  Red Ranger:  "It's working!"  Shadow Serpent is not impressed.  "Ha!  That was your plan to stop me?  Let's cut through all this!"  Shadow Serpent uses his power to break up the dark skies.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger fall to the ground as the skies turn sunny once more.  Yellow Ranger:  "The serpent sure twists things around."  Robo Knight:  "Rangers.  Your scattered efforts are not effective.  Stay back.  You had your chance.  Now I will deal with this monster."  Shadow Serpent:  "Don't be so sure Robo Knight.  Deal with this!"  Shadow Serpent shoots his power at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight quickly fires his Robo Blaster and then jumps out of the way, landing behind Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent:  "Okay, that was pretty good for a robot.  But..."  Shadow Serpent quickly turns around and uses it's tongue to attack Robo Knight.  Robo Knight gets into the tall foliage but Shadow Serpent's tongue wraps itself around Robo Knight.  Shadow Serpent uses it's tongue to whip Robo Knight out of the foliage and then releases him into the sky.  Red Ranger:  "He's in trouble.  Let's move!"  The Rangers quickly get up and race towards the fight between Robo Knight and Shadow Serpent.  Robo Knight lands on the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Shadow Serpent:  "Time to heat things up!"  Shadow Serpent shoots fire out of it's mouth at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tries to avoid getting hit by the fire while at the same time firing his Robo Blaster at Shadow Serpent.  But it becomes too much and Robo Knight is engulfed in flames.  Robo Knight:  "Sockets!  Overheating!"  Robo Knight falls to the ground.  Shadow Serpent:  "Ha!  Monster beats machine.  Now back to eating every human shadow I find."  The Rangers race over to Robo Knight's side.  Red Ranger:  "No!  Robo Knight!"  The Rangers surround Robo Knight with their mega weapons drawn.  Robo Knight:  "Forget me.  Get him."  Red Ranger:  "No way.  You're one of us."  Pink Ranger:  "That's right."  Red Ranger:  "We can take care of our own and find a way to stop this guy."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah!"  The Rangers stood in front of the fallen Robo Knight.  Robo Knight continued to protest.  "No.  Not logical."  Red Ranger:  "Fury of the dragon!  Megaforce Red!"  Pink Ranger:  "Flames of the phoenix!  Megaforce Pink!"  Black Ranger:  "Venom of the snake!  Megaforce Black!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Claw of the tiger!  Megaforce Yellow!"  Blue Ranger:  "Bite of the shark!  Megaforce Blue!"  All:  "We'll save the Earth together!  Earth's Defenders!  Never surrender!  Go Go Megaforce!"  Shadow Serpent is not impressed.  "Another half baked plan."  Shadow Serpent fires it's power at the Rangers.  The Rangers charged through the smoke towards Shadow Serpent.  They have their mega weapons ready.  Red Ranger:  "Well, this plan is going to turn out different!  You're going down!"   Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger leap into the air and strike Shadow Serpent with the Phoenix Shot and Shark Bowgun.  Shadow Serpent:  "Whoa!"  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger fight Shadow Serpent with the Dragon Sword, Tiger Claw, and Snake Ax.  Shadow Serpent:  "You're lucky it's cloudy here Rangers."  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger join the fighting with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger is knocked off his feet and he lands close by Robo Knight.  Blue Ranger:  "You're wrong about us Robo Knight.  We have emotions, but that's not a weakness."  Blue Ranger charges back into the fight with his Shark Bowgun.  Black Ranger fights Shadow Serpent with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger:  "Feelings are what motivates us!"  Yellow Ranger:  "We're just as committed to the mission as you."  Yellow Ranger adds, we do it as a team.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are knocked off their feet.  Pink Ranger quickly hurries over and blocks Shadow Serpent's blow with her Phoenix Shot.  Pink Ranger tells Robo Knight, if we can't protect each other, then how can we protect the world?!  Pink Ranger lands a kick before being knocked off her feet.  Robo Knight notes they are like gears in a motor working together.  Red Ranger leaps in and fights Shadow Serpent with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger points out when they combine their strength, it multiplies by five.  The five Rangers combined their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  Shadow Serpent becomes concern as the Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Red Ranger notes, that should do it.  But Shadow Serpent survives the blow and tells them, wrong again Rangers.  Shadow Serpent blasts his power towards the five Rangers, knocking them into the air and off their feet.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger hit the ground.  Shadow Serpent gloats, five times zero is still zero.  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight, we're on the same team.  Remember that plan I talked about?  We're going for it.  We're counting on you.  Robo Knight is surprised that they are trusting their lives to him.  Shadow Serpent brags, oh, what a lovely buffet.  The five Rangers gather together as Shadow Serpent's tongue moves towards them.  The Rangers' shadows are taken and they stand frozen in place.  Shadow Serpent gloats, their shadows are mine as Robo Knight yells no!  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight to attack now!  Robo Knight vows I will not waste this chance.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  He flies towards the tongue and breaks it apart as he flies through it.  Lion Mechazord strikes Shadow Serpent several times, knocking him to the ground.  The Rangers' shadows have been returned.  Red Ranger knew Robo Knight would not fail them.  Lion Mechazord transforms back into Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Shadow Serpent with his Robo Blade.  Shadow Serpent tries to strike Robo Knight with a spear, but Robo Knight knocks it away.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard and falls to the ground.  Robo Knight activates his Vulcan Cannon and fires it at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is defeated.  The Rangers race towards Robo Knight.  Robo Knight admits Red Ranger's plan worked.  There is true power in teamwork.  Shadow Serpent pleads to send the Zombats.  The Zombats arrive and soon Shadow Serpent is giant size.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers Zords and the rest of the mechazords arrive.  Another battle follows.  Shadow Serpent is eventually destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

The Rangers, in their Gosei Great Megazord, were battling Distractor, along with his four phantom monsters, Psychotick, Hisser, Kesaran, and Mummy.  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times.  Distractor:  "What?!  Who did that?!"  Distractor spotted a giant figure coming towards him.  Distractor:  "No!" A giant Robo Knight suddenly appears.  Robo Knight:  "Threats to the Earth must be destroyed."  Robo Knight strikes Distractor several more times with his Robo Blade.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Pink Ranger:  "No way!"  Yellow Ranger:  "He has a giant form too!"  Robo Knight:  "He is trying to trick you.  The monsters he created are only illusions."  Robo Knight continued his fight against Distractor and knocked him to the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  They're not real."  Black Ranger:  "Watch this!"  Gosei Great Megazord tried once more to strike the monsters, but it's sword simply went through them.  Blue Ranger:  "So they're fake, but why?"  Gosei Great Megazord continued to strike the monsters with no success.  Robo Knight:  "Time for me to bring you back down to Earth!"  Robo Knight struck Distractor hard enough with his Robo Blade that Distractor ended up in the woods and back down to normal size.  Robo Knight returns to normal size as well.  Distractor:  "You just had to find a way in where you're not wanted.  Well here's something you don't want!"  Distractor stretch out it's arms to try and strike Robo Knight several times.  Robo Knight:  "Do your worst."  Distractor:  "Oh no, I'll do my best."  The rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger:  "What's this creep up to Robo Knight?"  Robo Knight continued to fight Distractor with his Robo Blade as he answered.  "Can't you see this monster is stalling for time?  The real enemy is after the sealed weapon."  Yellow Ranger:  "The Wild Sword?"  Red Ranger:  "This was all a distraction."  Pink Ranger:  "Then we've got to get to that sword fast.  Right?"  Robo Knight:  "Yes.  Go!  The sword must be found.  I will take care of Distractor, but you must prevent the enemy from stealing that sword."  Red Ranger:  "Got it.  We're counting on you!"  The Rangers took off.  The fight between Robo Knight and Distractor continued.  Distractor:  "The master has retrieve the sword."  Robo Knight:  "I will still destroy you."  Distractor:  "It was fun keeping you occupied so you couldn't help your team."  The fight between the two continued.  Robo Knight continued to fight Distractor with his Robo Blade.  Distractor received a telepathic message from Vrak, but he responded verbally while still fighting Robo Knight.  Distractor:  "Yes master.  Reading you loud and clear."  Distractor looked at Robo Knight.  "Sadly, I've got to leave this little match.  But you can stay here and struggle by yourself."  Distractor laughed and then vanished.  Robo Knight:  "Activate target tracking."  Robo Knight quickly located Vrak and Distractor on top of a building in the city.  Robo Knight fired his Robo Blaster several times at Distractor and knocked Distractor off his feet.  Robo Knight:  "Vrak!  I will not permit you to harm Earth's environment.  Stand down."  Vrak:  "When will you learn that I can't be stopped?"  The rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger:  "Well, we're here to stop you!  Whatever it takes!  Now hand over that sword!"  Instead Vrak used the sword against the Rangers and then he powered up Distractor with hit.  Distractor feels powerful and summons several monsters.  Psychotick, Hisser, Mummy, and Kesaran are back once more.  Along with Skyfish and Gremlin.  As the Rangers get back up, Black Ranger comments, I'm not going to waste my time on these illusions again.  The Rangers charge towards the monsters.  The Rangers are immediately struck by the various monsters.  Distractor informs them that they are not illusions any more.  The Rangers fall to the ground.  Black Ranger is surprised.  What?!  Hisser blasts Black Ranger with it's goo.  Electrical currents run through Black Ranger and he falls to the ground.  The Rangers race over to his side.  Yellow Ranger asks, what is going on?  I thought they were holograms.  Distractor responds, thanks to the Wild Sword's power, now they can attack.  The monsters charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers get back up and have their mega weapons ready as they charge towards the monsters.  Red Ranger fights Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger fights Gremlin with her Tiger Claw.  Gremlin and Hisser are knocked to the ground, but they quickly get back up and strike Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard.  Pink Ranger is fighting Skyfish with her Phoenix Shot.  Skyfish disappears and then reappears behind her.  Skyfish strikes Pink Ranger.  Blue Ranger fights Kesaran with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger fires several shots at Kesaran.  But it doesn't stop Kesaran from striking Blue Ranger.  Robo Knight fights Psychotick with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  But it does nothing and Psychotick shoots it's energy at Robo Knight and hits him hard.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger ponders that no matter how hard they hit them, the monsters keep bouncing back.  Mummy knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers are knocked to the ground as well.  Only Robo Knight remains standing.  Distractor stretches out it's arms and attacks the Rangers as well.  Vrak walks up to stand beside the monsters.  He tells them it's time for you all to get a reality check you won't forget.  Courtesy of my Wild Sword.  Vrak is ready to fire but Wild Sword begins to resist once more.  Red Ranger races forward and grabs a hold of Wild Sword, eventually making a connection with it.  The Rangers are granted new powers, ultra mode.  With their new Ultra Swords, the Rangers battle and destroy Distractor, Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin, Hisser, and Mummy.

The Rangers are chasing after No Joke.  No Joke skids to a stop as he is hit with several blasts.  It's Robo Knight with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight:  "No need to chase him when you have weapons to stop him."  Red Ranger:  "Wait!"  Pink Ranger:  "Hey No Joke!  Free Gia and the others!"  No Joke is surprised.  "What do we have here?!  You're saying I got a Power Ranger in my gourd?  Well, if Gia hadn't laughed so hard, she would have been out of her gourd instead of trapped in mine."  No Joke laughs.  Black Ranger charges towards No Joke, trying to grab the gourd.  "Give that to me!"  No Joke easily outmaneuvers him.  The rest of the Rangers join in. No Joke hands the gourd to Black Ranger.  "Here, hold your friend while I beat up your other friends."  No Joke makes easy work of the three Rangers and just as easily takes the gourd back from Black Ranger.  No Joke flies up into the sky.  "Looks like you could all use some fresh air!  And I'm your biggest fan!"  No Joke uses his wings to create strong winds that knock the four Rangers off their feet.  Robo Knight:  "Easy target."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke.  No Joke is hit and falls to the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Let's get him!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger:  "Twist Tornado!"  No Joke is not impressed.  "That's a light breeze compared to my winds of discontent.  Choke on that!"  No Joke uses his wings to create wind that pushes the Twist Tornado back against Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The two Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Robo Knight quickly stands in front of them.  Robo Knight:  "I will protect you."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster.  No Joke flies away.  No Joke:  "Too bad I can't stay and play."  No Joke laughs.  Robo Knight:  "He escaped."  Pink Ranger:  "Now how will we save Gia?"  Later, Robo Knight and the remaining Rangers battle No Joke.  During the battle, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger are sucked into the pod.  Before long, Red Ranger and Blue Ranger are facing No Joke when Robo Knight arrives.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and aim them at No Joke.  Robo Knight has his Robo Blaster aimed at No Joke as well.  No Joke isn't worried.  "This doesn't look good.  But luckily, I've saved the best for last."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  No Joke farts.  Red Ranger starts laughing uncontrollably.  Red Ranger: "I can't help myself guys!"  Blue Ranger:  "Troy!"  Robo Knight:  "No!  Stop!"  Red Ranger:  "I really can't stop!"  Red Ranger falls to the floor still laughing.  No Joke:  "Fart jokes never fail.  Bingo!"  Blue Ranger kneels by Red Ranger.  "Troy!"  Red Ranger is sucked up into the pod.  No Joke:  "Got ya!"  No Joke is puzzled.  "How could the two of you not laugh at that?  Alight, from here on, this is no laughing matter.  This is war."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke, but No Joke avoids being hit and strikes Blue Ranger.  No Joke:  "I'll hop and block, till you both drop!"  Robo Knight:  "I will get this!"  Robo Knight rushes over to the stage.  No Joke continues to strike Blue Ranger.  No Joke:  "If you won't laugh at my butt, then take one in the gut!"  Robo Knight leaps in with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight and No Joke fight.  Blue Ranger quickly joins in the fight.  After a few moments, No Joke leaps out of the way.  "Good try boys, but the show is over for you both!  No Joke uses his tickle wind once more, which creates a fog.  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger are knocked back. Robo Knight:  "His combat skills are stronger than expected.  Blue Ranger, you need to make sure you do not laugh."  Blue Ranger:  "Right.  No laughing."  A memory comes to Blue Ranger.  "Wait a second."  Blue Ranger remembers an earlier battle where No Joke was almost pulled into his own pod because he was laughing.  Blue Ranger:  "I've got it.  I know how to stop this joker."  Robo Knight:  "Please explain."  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger go behind a wall.  Blue Ranger told him his idea.  Robo Knight:  "You think a plan like that will really work."  Blue Ranger:  "It's the best I can come up  with.  It's simple logic.  If we can get him to laugh, he'll get sucked into his own pod.  But I can't do this alone.  I'll need your help to make this work."  Robo Knight:  "Then let's work together to take this monster down."  No Joke was laying on a bench when Robo Knight came out from behind the wall.  No Joke:  "Finally!  How did the secret meeting go?"  Robo Knight:  "We shall see."  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and power card.  "Lightening strike!  Activate!"  Lightening strikes over No Joke several times.  No Joke is not impressed.  That's your big plan?  Trying to zap me?  You missed!  No Joke starts laughing.  Robo Knight responds, no that was just the warm up act.  Blue Ranger leaps over to where Robo Knight is standing and faces No Joke.  No Joke asks, what're you waiting for?  Blue Ranger clears his throat and dramatically starts telling jokes.  Robo Knight responds seriously to the jokes.  No Joke starts laughing and the pod begins to pull him in.  No Joke destroys the pod.  All the victims are released. Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger are released as well.  Another battle follows.  Eventually No Joke is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Sea Megazord.

The Rangers were battling Dream Snatcher.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground.  Several blasts hit Dream Snatcher.  It is Robo Knight with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight;  "Hostile target neutralized."  Red Ranger:  "Are we glad to see you!"  Robo Knight:  "This is not good.  These roots are making the Earth rot."  Blue Ranger:  "That monster created these roots after he ate all these people's dream."  Robo Knight:  "Dreams?  What are dreams?"  Red Ranger:  "Dreams are the things humans wish for and believe in.  Their the goals each of us hope to achieve."  Pink Ranger hopped in front of them.  Pink Ranger:  "For example.  One of my dreams is to get some great photos of the meteorite shower happening tonight."  Black Ranger:  "Really?  That's your dream?  I thought you had much bigger dreams than just that."  Pink Ranger:  "I don't think any dream is too small or too big."  Dream Snatcher popped up behind Pink Ranger.  Dream Snatcher:  "Exacto!  I'm sure your dreams will be muy tasty!"  A golden ball of light sat at the end of the fork Dream Snatcher held.  Dream Snatcher eagerly ate the ball of light as Pink Ranger demorphed and collapsed onto the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "No!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!"  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger hurried over to Emma.  Dream Snatcher wiped his mouth with a cloth napkin and was very pleased.  "Bueno!  Delightful!  Her dreams devoured, so now she'll sleep forever."  Yellow Ranger tried to shake Emma awake.  "Emma, wake up!"  Red Ranger:  "Stay with us Emma."  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Asta la vista!"  Dream Snatcher walked away.  Several roots grew beneath Emma.  Gia:  "Roots!  Emma!  Wake up!  Come on!  Wake up!"  Robo Knight:  "These roots will rot the Earth.  I must cut them!"  Robo Knight was about to slice them with his Robo Blade when Noah stopped him.  Noah:  "Don't!  If you chop off the roots, you may hurt these people."  After a few moments, the roots beneath Emma disappeared.  Gia:  "Look!  The roots disappeared!"  Noah glanced at the rest of the victims.  Noah:  "But only Emma's.  I wonder why?"  Jake:  "Do you remember how many dreams she wrote down?  Maybe there were too many for the monster to eat."  Gia:  "I bet it was because Emma would never let go of her dreams.  No matter what."  Noah:  "Yeah, and knowing Emma, she'd encourage everyone in that monster's dream world."  Troy:  "Robo Knight.  You stay here and protect Emma.  We'll go after the monster."  Robo Knight:  "I will stay.  But if you don't succeed, I will have to act."  Troy gave a small nod of acknowledgement.  Troy:  "Let's go!"  Troy, Noah, Jake, and Gia took off.  Robo Knight:  "Hmmm.  Emma was able to stop her roots from growing.  Her dreams must be more powerful than I thought."  After awhile, Emma and the rest of the victims' roots disappear and they all wake up.  Emma immediately leaps up.  Emma:  "We did it!"  Robo Knight:  "The power of your dreams freed them?"  Emma:  "Not just me.  The power of all our dreams freed us.  Dreams are what people live for."  Robo Knight:  "I don't understand."  Emma:  "Dreams give us hope.  And by achieving them, it makes our lives worthwhile.  It's what makes us human."  Robo Knight:  "I see."  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord and Emma morphs.  Pink Ranger rides on top of Lion Mechazord as they arrived in the woods where the rest of the Rangers had been battling Dream Snatcher.  Pink Ranger:  "Hey Dream Snatcher!  We're your nightmare"  Pink Ranger fired at Dream Snatcher and knocked him off his feet.  Yellow Ranger:  "Go Emma!  Yeah!"  Pink Ranger landed by the rest of the Rangers.  Lion Mechazord:  "Robo Knight!  Morph!"  Lion Mechazord transformed back into Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, Robo Knight and I will finish this one."  Robo Knight and Pink Ranger faced Dream Snatcher.  Pink Ranger:  "It's over monster!  Ultra Sword!  Activate!"  Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Pink Ranger:  "Wind Power!  Ultra Megaforce Pink!"  Pink Ranger struck Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword several times.  Robo Knight:  "I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment.  Guardian of the Earth.  Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight fought Dream Snatcher with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Vine Bender!  Activate!"  Several vines wrapped themselves around Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher:  "This is not divine."  Pink Ranger:  Ultra Strike!"  Pink Ranger struck Dream Snatcher once more.  Pink Ranger:  "Now to finish this!"  Robo Knight:  "Knight Dynamic!"  Pink Ranger:  "Ultra Sky Dynamic!"  Robo Knight & Pink Ranger:  "Fire!"  Dream Snatcher is defeated.  Within moments Zombats arrived and Dream Snatcher is revived and grows to giant size.  Another battle followed.  Dream Snatcher is destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

Robo Knight was walking in the city when he noticed something unusual.  "Toxic waste."  Robo Knight quickly pulled out his weapon.  "Robo Blaster!"  Robo Knight fired the Robo Blaster at the slime, but it didn't get rid of the slime.  "Oh no!  Blasting the slime spread it around even more."  Bluefur is in the city.  The Rangers arrive and race towards Bluefur.  Robo Knight is there as well.  Bluefur is happy to see them.  Just in time!  Didn't expect to see me, huh?  Did you miss me?  Black Ranger asks, what are you up to now?  Robo Knight tells the Rangers I am again fully functional.  It appears you destroyed the mutant Bigs.  Bluefur gloats, think again!  All they did was give the Aurora Box even more power!  Now Bigs is in a new form and bigger and badder than ever!  Toxic goo flows down the building from the Aurora Box.  The goo turns around and it has Bigs' face as he shouts surprise!  Did you forger that I'm made of slime?  You can't destroy me by blasting me apart!  You just scattered my slime everywhere.  The Earth is melting beneath your feet.  Black Ranger shouts, not on our watch!  Bluefur is not worried.  Your watch on this Earth is ending today!  Tell them what's coming next Bigsy!  Bigs responds, the toxic slime from my body will come out and cover everything.  Turning the whole Earth into one giant Bigs.  Soon you will be swimming in purple goo.  And purple goo ain't good for you.  Robo Knight is not happy.  Earth.  Changed into a wasteland.  This cannot be permitted.  Red Ranger agrees.  We're going to stop it!  Right now!  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster and fired it at Bigs.  It does nothing.  Bigs laughs.  Yellow Ranger notes, we need more power.  Robo Knight agrees.  Bluefur shouts I'll give you more power as he charges towards them.  Robo Knight tries to stop him, but gets knocked aside.  Bluefur tries to strike the Rangers with his club.  Bluefur misses several times and the Rangers grab him.  Bluefur shakes them all off.  The Rangers land on the pavement.  Bluefur laughs as he jumps up and then lands hard on the pavement.  The force knocks the Rangers off their feet once more.  Bluefur shouts, heads up as he tries to strike Red Ranger with his club.  Bluefur tries again but is stopped by Robo Knight with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight informs the Rangers, I will fight Bluefur.  You must go and stop Bigs.  Red Ranger agrees and has the rest of the Rangers follow him as they leap into the building.  Robo Knight tells Bluefur, now it's just you and me.  Bluefur agrees and adds, because thanks to the Aurora Box those Rangers will never come out of that building!  Bluefur fights Robo Knight with his club.  Bluefur strikes Robo Knight hard enough with his club, that Robo Knight falls off the top of the building.  Robo Knight crashes into the pavement and quickly gets back up.  Bluefur leaps down.  Bluefur tries to strike Robo Knight again, but Robo Knight blocks the blow with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight manages to kick Bluefur away.  Bluefur tells him, your friends will soon be trapped while Bigs finishes them off, I'll finish you!  Bluefur tries to strike Robo Knight with his club.  Robo Knight blocks the move with his Robo Blade and strikes Bluefur.  He tells Bluefur that he talks too much.  After awhile, Bigs is destroyed.  Bluefur is stunned.  Robo Knight tells Bluefur he is next.  Robo Knight strikes Bluefur with his Robo Blade.  Bluefur is hit hard.  He tells Robo Knight, this is for Bigs as he tries to strike Robo Knight with his club.  Robo Knight blocks the blow with his Robo Blade, causing the blast to strike Bluefur instead.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon and fires at Bluefur.  Bluefur is hit but takes satisfaction in telling Robo Knight that the Rangers will never escape the Aurora Box.  Eventually, thanks to Gosei and Tensou, the Rangers break free of the Aurora Box using the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  Another battle follows with Bluefur.  Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

The Rangers are battling Rotox.  Robo Knight arrives and points his Robo Blaster at Rotox.  "Stop right there!"  Rotox:  "Another Ranger?"  Robo Knight:  "Wait.  No life signs.  What are you?  Are you a me?"  Red Ranger:  "He's not like you Robo Knight!  He's evil!"   Rotox:  "Oh so you're the Robo Knight.  I've been wanting to meet you."  Rotox fires at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight manages to block the blasts.  Rotox uses his eyes beams and hits Robo Knight hard.  Robo Knight is knocked off his feet and flies backwards, hits a car, sending the car and himself spinning.  Black Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight slams into the pavement and the car lands on top of him. Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Hang on!"  The Rangers get up and start to run over to Robo Knight.  Rotox:  "Where do you think you're going?!"  Rotox releases chains that wraps around the Rangers and stops them.  Rotox:  "Grabber beam!"  The grabber beam strikes the Rangers, lifts them off the pavement and flings them outside.  Trapped under the car, Robo Knight can hear Red Ranger's voice over his morpher.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight come in!  Are you there?!"  Outside, still tightly bounded up in chains, Red Ranger continues desperately to make contact with Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight, are you okay?"  Rotox walks up to Red Ranger.  Rotox:  "Concern for your friend.  Another pathetic human weakness."  Rotox stomps on Red Ranger's chest.  Rotox:  "You'd be wiser to worry about your own fate!"  Rotox drags Red Ranger up and then tosses him into a stack of barrels.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger manage to get up.  Yellow Ranger & Black Ranger:  "Mega weapons!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax break the chains on Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charge towards Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger try to strike Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax, but Rotox blocks the move with his shield.  Rotox:  "Nice try!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger fight Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  It doesn't take long for Rotox to knock Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger off their feet.  They land hard on the pavement.  Black Ranger:  "Noah!  Hang on!"  Black Ranger races over to Blue Ranger.  Black Ranger releases the chains on Blue Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger releases the chains from Pink Ranger with her Tiger Claw.  Rotox:  "Do your worst!"  Red Ranger suddenly leaps out from behind the barrels and lands a hard kick on Rotox.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  Red Ranger lands close to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger run over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "Hold still."  Black Ranger breaks the chains on Red Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Rotox gets back up.  "Impressive stunt but you won't get so lucky a second time."  Pink Ranger:  "It's not about luck.  It's about protecting the Earth."  Yellow Ranger:  "It's our duty to protect this planet from creeps like you."  Rotox:  "Rubbish!"  Blue Ranger:  "We believe in our mission and that belief is what makes us strong."  Black Ranger:  "Strong enough to send your tin butt to the recycling bin."   Red Ranger states, when you plot against the Earth, or it's people, you have to deal with us, the Power Rangers.  The Rangers activate their ultra mode.  Rotox is not impressed.  What nonsense is this?  The Rangers charge towards Rotox with their Ultra Swords.  Blue Ranger strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Black Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Eventually Rotox is knocked off his feet.  He goes flying through the air and hits the pavement hard.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger stand next to each other.  Pink Ranger states, sorry robot.  You picked the wrong planet and wrong people to mess with.  Rotox gets back up on his feet.  Rotox releases two chains which fly towards Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The chains strikes the two Rangers several times.  But Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger strike back with their Ultra Swords and the chains retreat.  Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger if she is ready to take him down?  Pink Ranger is ready.  They both charge towards Rotox and strike him with their Ultra Swords as they run past him.  Rotox is surprised to see Red Ranger is back.  Rotox tosses his shield towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to block the shield from striking him.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to push back the shield.  Then he jumps on and lands on the shield, breaking it apart.  Rotox is angry.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  The Rangers use ultra strike against Rotox.  Rotox breaks apart and falls to the pavement.  Robo Knight arrives and tells the Rangers nicely done.  Later, the Rangers are battling with a rebuilt Rotox, Rotox DX.  Robo Knight arrives.  Metal Alice is please to see Robo Knight and assumes he has given some thought to what she has said earlier.  Robo Knight has.  Humans are emotional creatures.  And they often make illogical and reckless decisions as a result.  But you are wrong about them.  And I will not join you.  Metal Alice is stunned.  Robo Knight adds, humans are part of the Earth too.  They belong here.  And the good they do far outweighs the bad.  My mission is to protect the Earth and all who live on it, including humans.  Metal Alice is angry.  She commands Rotox DX to scrap them all!  Robo Knight continues, you are robots fighting for the wrong side.  Robo Knight fights Rotox DX with his Robo Blade.  Rotox DX backs away from Robo Knight and stands next to Metal Alice.  Robo Knight tells them, I will not allow you to destroy any living being on this planet.  Robo Knight turns his head to Red Ranger and states, you seem surprised.  Red Ranger gets up and replies, not at all.  You believe in us and we believe in you.  The rest of the Rangers get up and Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this guys!  The Rangers and Robo Knight line up together.  Robo Knight tells them, let's show them how humans and robots work together.  The Rangers stack their Ultra Swords together and Robo Knight places his Vulcan Cannon on top of the Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice is taken aback.  What's this?  The Rangers and Robo Knight fire their weapons.  Metal Alice leaps out of the way, but Rotox DX gets hit with the full blast.  Rotox DX is knocked out of the dwelling.  Metal Alice lands on her feet and tells Robo Knight, you made your choice.  The Zombats arrive and Rotox DX grows to giant size.  Another battle follows.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Grand Megazord.

Metal Alice and several Loogies walk through the city as terrified citizens run from them.  Metal Alice:  "Go ahead and run.  The way you humans behave is so predictable."  The Rangers quickly arrive.  Red Ranger:  "There she is!"  The Rangers try to get the citizens out of the way.  Yellow Ranger:  "Run!"  Metal Alice spots them.  "Aww, what a surprise."  Robo Knight:  "You've returned."  Metal Alice:  "Of course.  Attack!"  The Loogies race forward and battle the Rangers.  Robo Knight fights the Loogies with his Robo Blade.  Yellow Ranger fights a batch of Loogies with her Tiger Claw as Blue Ranger fights another batch with his Shark Bowgun.  Red Ranger fights several Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights a set of Loogies with his Snake Ax as Pink Ranger fights another set with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger leaps over and fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  The Loogies vanish. The Rangers face Metal Alice.  Metal Alice:  "You Rangers never learn.  Come here now, Robot 1C0!"  A robot steps forward and stands beside Metal Alice.  "Destroy the Rangers."  Black Ranger:  "Are you kidding me?  Has she tried to make another Robo Knight?"  The robot stands still.  Metal Alice:  "Well, don't just stand there robot, attack!"  Red Ranger:  "She must be stopped!"  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!  Ready!"  Metal Alice:  "I don't think so."  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  Metal Alice grabs Robot 1C0 and shoves him in front of her.  Metal Alice:  "Shield me!"  Robot 1C0 takes the brunt of the blast from Megaforce Blaster and falls to his knees and then unto the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Ugh.  This creation is a complete failure!"  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet and vanishes.  Pink Ranger:  "She left her robot behind."  Black Ranger:  "Be careful.  It could be a trick."  Yellow Ranger:  "Look!  He's moving!"  The robot started to move it's hand and then manage to stand back up.  Robo Knight:  "It must be destroyed."  Robot 1C0:  "Sensor overload!"  The robot held it's head with one hand as it turned around and away from the Rangers.  The Robot fell to it's knees.  Robot 1C0:  "Dizzy!"  Pink Ranger blocked Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger:  "Wait!"  Robo Knight:  "What are you doing Pink Ranger?"  Pink Ranger:  "Don't hurt it.  He was ordered to attack us, but didn't.  He's different."  Pink Ranger walked over to the robot.  Pink Ranger:  "Are you alright?"  Pink Ranger bent down to talk to the robot.  Pink Ranger:  "Don't worry.  There's nothing to be afraid of."  Pink Ranger kneeled down.  Pink Ranger:  "You don't have to be scared of me.  Okay?"  Robot 1C0:  "Don't have to be scared."  Pink Ranger:  "Right.  You can trust us."   Red Ranger:  "Hold it Emma.  I think we're moving too fast."  Red Ranger walked over to Pink Ranger and the robot, he looked over at the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "What do the rest of you think?"  Black Ranger stepped forward.  Black Ranger:  "Yeah.  Maybe it's a setup."  Red Ranger looked over the robot.  "Hmmm.  He doesn't seem to have any weapons.  And he's acting like...he's kind of scared."  Pink Ranger:  "He isn't acting evil at all."  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger moved closer to the robot.  Yellow Ranger:  "She's right.  But what if it does attack?"  Red Ranger:  "He is Metal Alice's creation, but she abandoned him.  I say we just keep a close eye on him."  Pink Ranger stood back up.  "Sounds good!"  Emma named the robot, Rico and when they noticed the sensor on Rico, they tried to help him by destroying the sensor.  Suddenly Metal Alice appears above them.  She states, you have shown me something fascinating.  Blue Ranger shouts, what do you mean?  Metal Alice tells them, this has all been an experiment to analyzed the useless human trait called friendship.  I've learned that it weakens human decision making.  Now instead of using emotions, I'll use the real power of the robot to take all of you out of this equation.  Pink Ranger picks up her morpher as she shouts, you don't understand the value of friendship!  Never have and never will!  Metal Alice states, robots are driven by logic and self preservation.  Not trivial emotional bonds.  Red Ranger tells her, a cold hunk of metal like you needs to experience what the power of friendship can do.  The Rangers call out Ultra Mode as they place their Miracle Gosei Power Cards into their morphers.  Ultra mode is activated.  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet as she states, let me show you something about your so called power of friendship.  Rico's face changes and it's eyes turn from blue to red.  Weapons appears on his forearms.  Metal Alice gives the command to attack.  Pink Ranger becomes alarmed.  Rico!  No!  Red Ranger shouts at Metal Alice, you're heartless!  Metal Alice asks why?  Because I just erased all his memories of your good times.  R1C0 fires his weapons at the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  R1C0 continues to fire at the Rangers.  Robo Knight leaps in and fights R1C0 with his Robo Blade.  R1C0 fires several times at Robo Knight, but Robo Knight manages to avoid being hit.  Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster and prepares to fire at R1C0.  Pink Ranger leaps in and stops Robo Knight from firing.  Pink Ranger yells, don't hurt him!  Robo Knight tells her not to be foolish.  You're thinking like a human.  Pink Ranger agrees.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger grab a hold of R1C0 and try to hold his arms down.  R1C0 shakes them off.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger help Black Ranger and Red Ranger hold his arms down.  They try to hold him, but R1C0 shakes them all off.  Metal Alice states, now that is the robot I designed.  Blue Ranger is fighting R1C0 with his Ultra Sword when Pink Ranger runs over.  Pink Ranger grabs a hold of R1C0 as she tells him, we are not your enemy.  It's me Emma.  Your friend.  Remember?  They stare at each other and R1C0 lowers his arm.  Pink Ranger becomes hopeful.  Rico?  It's okay.  R1C0 states, enemy identified and knocks Pink Ranger off her feet.  Pink Ranger hits the ground as the rest of the Rangers gather around her.  Blue Ranger tells the team, this isn't working.  We have to attack him.  Black Ranger adds, it's a shame, but we have no choice.  R1C0 fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, the glitch in R1C0 is fixed, he's now unbeatable.  The Rangers struggle to get up.  Red Ranger confesses he doesn't want to destroy him.  Even if his memory is erased, he's still our friend.  Yellow Ranger asks, how can we make him remember us?  Red Ranger is not sure they can.  We have to come up with another plan.  Blue Ranger tells them, there is only one sure way to stop him and save him.  That gem in Rico's chest has got to be destroyed.  Jake, Gia, you need to grab him and restrain him.  Be careful.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger get up and run towards R1C0.  The two Rangers fight R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger and Pink Ranger, we'll do it like we did before.  But Emma and I will create the tornado.  Troy you do the lightening strike.  Pink Ranger feels bad.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight R1C0.  Frustrated, Black Ranger asks, hey guys, what's keeping you?  Hurry!  We can't hold him for long!  Robo Knight leaps in with his Robo Blade and fights R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, let's do this.  Pink Ranger tells them to wait.  I want to help him.  I'll do it.  Black Ranger, Robo Knight, and Yellow Ranger have R1C0 restrain.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger, very well, do what you feel you must do.  But be aware that it may not restore his memory.  Pink Ranger is okay with it, as long as it will save him.  Metal Alice notes, I have underestimated how tough R1C0 is.  Robo Knight places his Istop Power Card in his morpher and activates it.   R1C0 is frozen instantly.  Robo Knight tells them to hurry.  He'll only be frozen for a few seconds.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Seashower Power Card and activates it as Red Ranger pulls out his Twistornado Power Card and activates it. The tornado is created and pointed at R1C0.  Yellow Ranger is concerned.  Emma has to hit that narrow opening!  Blue Ranger is confident Pink Ranger can do it.  With Emma's sharp eye, she'll be able to hit the target.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger to do it.  Red Ranger adds, don't hesitate Emma.  Pink Ranger is convinced she can do this.  Pink Ranger pulls out her Lightening Strike Power Card and activates it.  Pink Ranger points her Ultra Sword towards R1C0 and it's a direct hit.  Rico retracts it's weapons.  Pink Ranger is happy that it worked.  Metal Alice tells them, this battle isn't over yet.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats.  They arrive and land on Rico, making him giant size.  But Rico resists Metal Alice's commands.  Metal Alice tries to destroy him, but Pink Ranger, in the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship, takes Rico out into space, from away from Metal Alice's signal and sets him free.

The Rangers were searching and soon located Metal Alice.  Red Ranger:  "Metal Alice!"  Metal Alice:  "Rangers!  Not you again!  I'll handle you quickly.  I'm rather busy."  Metal Alice charges towards the Rangers with her weapon.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger fire their Mega Blasters at Metal Alice.  Metal Alice blocks their blasts with ease.  "I see you're losing your touch."  Metal Alice leaps into the air and lands close to the Rangers.  Metal Alice fights the Rangers with her weapon.  "There are plans in motion that you can't stop."  Metal Alice grabs a hold of Yellow Ranger and faces Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger with her weapon drawn.  "Not so fast."  Robo Knight has his Robo Blaster drawn and pointed at Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Why are you here?  Simply to cause random destruction?"  Metal Alice releases Yellow Ranger and strikes her.  Metal Alice also strikes Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  "I'm not that simple.  Humans panic so easily.  Just one glitch stops your whole system from functioning."  Metal Alice has Black Ranger trapped beneath her foot.  Yellow Ranger, Robo Knight, and Pink Ranger have their weapons pointed at Metal Alice.  They fire, but Metal Alice vanishes before she is struck.  Metal Alice reappears a few feet away from them and blasts them.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers are knocked to the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Humans are completely irrational."  Blue Ranger struggles to get back up.  "They don't become like that on their own.  You provoke them."  Metal Alice laughs.  Pink Ranger:  "Let's see if we can break down her system."  Yellow Ranger:  "I agree."  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger race towards Metal Alice.  Yellow Ranger fights Metal Alice with her Tiger Claw as Pink Ranger fights her with her Phoenix Shot.  Metal Alice easily knocks the two Rangers down.  Red Ranger leaps in.  "Dragon Sword!"  Red Ranger fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  Blue Ranger joins in with his Shark Bowgun and Black Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Metal Alice gets a hold of Blue Ranger and forces him to his knees.  "Humans should be our slaves."  Metal Alice strikes Blue Ranger and fights the rest of the Rangers as well.  Soon Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger are knocked down to the pavement.  Metal Alice glances over at Robo Knight.  "How can you be allies with them?"  Robo Knight:  "They posses what you never will.  Compassion."  Metal Alice turns around and faces Robo Knight.  "Pathetic."  Metal Alice throws her weapon towards Robo Knight.  Robo Knight knocks it away with his Robo Blaster.  The weapon flies into the air.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fires at Metal Alice several times with his Robo Blaster, but she manages to outmaneuver each of the blasts.  Metal Alice lands a hard kick on Robo Knight.  The weapon falls back down and Metal Alice catches it.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight with her weapon.  "You are a disgrace to all machines and our superior robotic logic."  Suddenly several floors of the power station explodes. Robo Knight and Metal Alice break apart.  Robo Knight lines up with the rest of the Rangers.  Metal Alice:  "I'm done with you. Soon the gridlock and chaos I create will bring this entire world to it's knees.  You'll see."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Metal Alice:  "Goodbye."  Metal Alice presses a key on her tablet and vanishes.  The Rangers split up and search for Metal Alice.  The Rangers eventually find Metal Alice.  The Rangers fight the Loogies Metal Alice has summoned while Robo Knight faces down Metal Alice.  Metal Alice tosses up her tablet, which turns into her weapon.  Metal Alice catches her weapon.  Robo Knight fires at Metal Alice several times with his Robo Blaster, but Metal Alice vanishes and reappears each time unhurt.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blaster.  Metal Alice:  "This planet is not big enough for robots and humans.  It's either us or them.  Anyway they will not be missed.  Metal Alice knocks Robo Knight off the train.  Robo Knight lands on his feet.  Metal Alice leaps down and fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Even if only one human is lost, there will be those who miss that person and suffer greatly from it."  Metal Alice:  "I cannot comprehend why human feelings have any value."   Metal Alice uses her weapon to wrap several beams of energy around Robo Knight.  She flicks her weapon and Robo Knight goes flying.  Robo Knight crashes onto the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race over to Robo Knight.  Metal Alice fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers manage to block the blasts with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice:  "Why do you defend him?"  Red Ranger:  "Because, we protect everyone on this planet."  Yellow Ranger:  "You can't change that by creating chaos."  Pink Ranger:  "When things are at their worst."  Blue Ranger:  "We humans rise up and protect our own."  Black Ranger:  "And everyone is important to someone."  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers charge towards Metal Alice.  The Rangers fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Robo Knight joins in with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Hurry Rangers."  Metal Alice spins in a circle and with her weapon knocks all the Rangers off their feet.  Metal Alice:  "Humanity makes no sense to me."  Robo Knight:  "It is true that their actions are often times hard to understand."  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight lands a hard strike against Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Humans appreciate their fellow man.  And we should respect the complex feelings they have for one another.  Like a child missing his mother."  Metal Alice:  "Nonsense!"  Metal Alice and Robo Knight fight again.  Robo Knight uses his Robo Blade as he fights against Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Emotions are not a weakness.  Failing to see that will be your downfall!"   Robo Knight strikes a powerful blow against Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Metal Alice falls to the ground.  But Metal Alice is not quite defeated as she reappears once more.  Another battle follows with Metal Alice being defeated by Gosei Jet Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

Robo Knight

Robo Blaster/Robo Blade


Man And Machine

Last Laugh


Dream Snatcher


The Human Factor


Staying On Track