Ultra Sword

The Rangers were on a mission to find Wild Sword.  Unfortunately, Vrak tricked them and ended up with the sword.  But the Rangers were not about to give up and ended up battling Vrak.  The Wild Sword was very powerful and the Rangers were quickly knocked off their feet.  The Rangers realized that Wild Sword was not evil and was trying to fight against Vrak's wishes.  Red Ranger took a chance and raced up to Wild Sword, gripping it in his hands.  Red Ranger made a telepathic connection to the dragon spirit within the Wild Sword and gain it's trust.  Wild Sword broke free from Vrak and granted the Rangers a new mode, ultra mode.  With the new mode, came new Ultra Zords and Ultra Swords.  Gosei informs them that now they have tamed the Wild Sword, your new ultra powers are unlocked.  The time has come for you to take control of your new ultra zords.  The Rangers watch in amazement as the ultra zords fly above them.  The ultra zords line up in front of the Rangers and beams emerged from their mouths.  The Ultra Swords appear in each Ranger's hand.  Robo Knight is impressed.  Amazing.  Red Ranger notes, using these we'll be able to connect with the dragon spirit.  The Rangers open the top of their Ultra Swords and place their ultra zord inside it.  Ultra mode is activated.  Vrak is furious.  What is this?  Why didn't the Wild Sword give it's power to me?  Red Ranger replies, simple.  Because you want to destroy the Earth.  Not protect it!  Vrak proclaims he is going to get the Rangers and their new ultra zords.  Vrak shoots his power at the Rangers.  The Rangers' golden wings immediately shield them.  Vrak is surprised.  Vrak and the Rangers charge towards each other.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Vrak with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is hit hard and rolls onto the pavement.  Vrak gets back up and Black Ranger and Blue Ranger strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is knocked to the pavement once more.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and when he comes down he strikes Vrak with his Ultra Sword.  Red Ranger lands several strikes against Vrak.  Vrak ends up on the pavement once more.  Distractor steps in front of Vrak to shield him.  Distractor states, I will take over from here.  Attack!  Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, Hisser, Gremlin and Mummy charge towards the Rangers.  Vrak instructs Distractor to finish them for me!  Vrak vanishes.  The Rangers fight the monsters with their Ultra Swords as Robo Knight looks on.  Robo Knight notes, these creatures are no match for the Rangers' new powers.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Ultra Sword.  Hisser sprays Black Ranger with his goo.  For a moment, Black Ranger is encased in stone.  Black Ranger breaks free.  Black Ranger laughs and comments, I rock!  Black Ranger charges towards Hisser and continues to fight him with his Ultra Sword.  Mummy uses it's power to wrap Pink Ranger tightly.  Pink Ranger breaks free.  Mummy is on fire as Pink Ranger comments, really?  You used mummy cloth against my phoenix flame.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air, spins around, and strikes Mummy with her Ultra Sword as she comes down.  Yellow Ranger battles Psychotick with her Ultra Sword.  Yellow Ranger is having a hard time until the armor's headpiece gives Psychotick a bite.  Psychotick goes flying through the air and when he comes down, Yellow Ranger hits him with her Ultra Sword, sending him flying once more.  Blue Ranger is fighting Skyfish with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger comments, you're looking a little blue, but that's not going to stop me.  Skyfish blasts Blue Ranger, but the armor protects him.  Blue Ranger comments, I think I like this new armor.  Blue Ranger turns around and his Ultra Sword stretches out and strikes Skyfish hard.  Red Ranger is fighting Kesaran and Gremlin with his Ultra Sword.  Gremlin thinks they have the advantage with two against one.  But Red Ranger fights them with ease.  The monsters tumble back towards Distractor.  Distractor is in disbelief.  This can't be.  My army is getting toasted.  The Rangers line up.  Red Ranger declares, time to finish this.  Uniting their ultra power, the Rangers used the dynamic strike against the monsters and they are destroyed.

No Joke had been gathering humans through their laughter and trapping them within his pod.  Gia, Emma, Jake, and Troy were also trapped with in the pod.  It was up to Noah and Robo Knight to rescue them all.  Blue Ranger came up with a plan.  Blue Ranger paused dramatically.  No Joke asks, what're you waiting for?  Blue Ranger clears his throat and dramatically starts telling jokes.  Robo Knight responds seriously to the jokes.  No Joke starts laughing and the pod begins to pull him in.  No Joke destroys the pod.  All the victims are released. Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger are released as well.  Black Ranger is impressed - they did it.  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger walk over to the rest of the Rangers as they get up.  Red Ranger reminds them that's it not over yet.  Blue Ranger is very pleased with himself.  I actually told a joke.  No Joke is not happy.  No one makes a joke out of me!  The five Rangers quickly activate their ultra zords.  The ultra zords attack No Joke and then fly over to the Rangers.  The Ultra Swords appear and the ultra zords are placed inside and ultra mode is activated.  The Rangers charge towards No Joke with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke taunts them.  Don't make me laugh.  You can't beat me.  Red Ranger fights No Joke with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap in and strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke is knocked to the pavement but quickly gets back up.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  They knock No Joke into the sky.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke while he is in the air.  The Rangers gather together as No Joke falls onto the pavement.  The Rangers combined their powers and strike No Joke with the ultra strike.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  No Joke is hit hard and falls to the pavement in a blaze of fire.  Within moments, several Zombats arrived and No Joke is revived and giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their mechazords and form Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Great Megazord.  The battle continues.  Eventually Gosei Great Megazord switches out with Sea Megazord.  No Joke is destroyed by Sea Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

Dream Snatcher was in the park when he could hear some sounds.  Dream Snatcher:  "Is that music I hear?  Si and laughter.  Those happy sounds are like a dinner bell to me.  Somewhere in this park, a dream picnic is being dished up for me."  Blue Ranger:  "Right here!" Blue Ranger closed his morpher.  Dream Snatcher:  "This isn't part of a picnic!"  Black Ranger:  "Dream on.  Just a trick to lure you out."  Blue Ranger:  "Time for your rude awakening."  All:  "Ultra Sword!  Activate!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Hey, que pasa?"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Red Ranger:  "Let's do this!"  Dream Snatcher:  "I'm going to eat all your dreams!"  Dream Snatcher releases several mini forks at the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger managed to bat them all away with their Ultra Swords.  Dream Snatcher charges towards the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger fight Dream Snatcher with their Ultra Swords.  Dream Snatcher:  "You Rangers are too late!  The roots of despair are already rotting the Earth and soon it will be destroyed!"  After awhile, Dream Snatcher clutches his stomach.  Dream Snatcher:  "Oh no, no, no!  My tummy!  I'm feeling sick!  Ai yi!  It's like there's a bunch of bats trying to get out of there."  Blue Ranger:  "Hey, I bet Emma's riling everyone up in that dream world."  Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah, being sad is just not her."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Whether she's sad or not, I ate her dreams and she can never get them back.  Once she accepts that fact, she will be finito." Red Ranger:  "Wrong!  If someone holds onto their dreams hard enough, no one can ever take them away."  Dream Snatcher's stomach expands.  Dream Snatcher:  "Oh no!"  Several balls of light escape through his mouth.  Each ball of light returns to it's body.  The roots of despair are gone as the victims wake up.  Dream Snatcher is very upset.  Dream Snatcher:  "All of them escaped!"  Blue Ranger:  "Get him!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger charge towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher:  "Are you loco?  If you think you can beat me, you're dreaming!"  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Suddenly Pink Ranger arrived sitting on top of Lion Mechazord.  Pink Ranger:  "Hey Dream Snatcher!  We're your nightmare!"  As they flew past Dream Snatcher, they struck him.  Dream Snatcher hit the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Go Emma!  Yeah!"  Robo Knight:  "Robo Knight!  Morph!"  Pink Ranger and Robo Knight landed next to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, Robo Knight and I will finish this one.  It's over monster!  Ultra Sword! Activate! Ultra Mode! Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Pink Ranger:  "Wind Power!  Ultra Megaforce Pink!"  Robo Knight:  "I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment.  Guardian of the Earth." Pink Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword.  Pink Ranger and Dream Snatcher fight.  Dream Snatcher blasts Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger goes flying but Robo Knight stops her by pushing her back.  Pink Ranger goes flying forward and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword and knocking Dream Snatcher to the ground.  Dream Snatcher gets up as Robo Knight charges in.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight fights Dream Snatcher with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight:  "Vine Bender!  Activate!"  The vines wrapped around Dream Snatcher and hold him still.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air.  Pink Ranger:  'Ultra strike!"  As Pink Ranger comes down she strikes Dream Snatcher.  Pink Ranger lands by Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger:  "Now to finish this!"  Robo Knight:  "Knight Dynamic!"  Pink Ranger:  "Ultra Sky Dynamic!"  Pink Ranger & Robo Knight:  "Fire!"  Together Pink Ranger fires her Ultra Sword and Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  Dream Snatcher is hit hard and defeated.  Within moments, several Zombats arrive and Dream Snatcher grows giant size.  The Rangers activate their mechazords, along with the Sky Brothers zords.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  The Knight Brothers zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  The battle continues.  Eventually Dream Snatcher is destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

The Rangers are searching the city.  Soon they are covering their noses as the fumes reach them.  Pink Ranger:  "Boy those fumes are really bad."  Black Ranger:  "Robo Knight was able to stop them.  He did it with a special card."  Yellow Ranger:  "We need to get that card."  Blue Ranger:  "Wait!  We just need to freeze these toxic fumes.  If we combine our power cards, I think we can create the same effect."  Red Ranger:  "Great.  It's at least worth a shot.  Right?!"  Blue Ranger:  "Istop Card!"  Pink Ranger & Red Ranger:  "Windrive Card!"  Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger:  "Activate!"  It works and the broadcast tower is frozen.  Red Ranger:  "Yes!"  Blue Ranger:  "We did it!"  Black Ranger:  "That will put that slime on ice."  Yellow Ranger:  "Nice!"  Bigs:  "Surprise!"  The Rangers turn around and see Bigs and Bluefur.  Red Ranger:  "They're back!"  Bigs:  "Since you froze our slime again, we'll just have to unfreeze it."  Red Ranger:  "Ultra Swords!  Activate!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Red Ranger:  "Ultra Sword!"  Red Ranger fights Bigs and Bluefur with his Ultra Sword.  Bigs:  "Ultra Smaltra!"  Red Ranger strikes Bigs and Bluefur with his Ultra Sword.  Bigs:  "Try my ultra power!"  Bigs strikes Red Ranger with his weapons.  Red Ranger is hit hard and goes flying, landing on the pavement.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Bigs laughs.  "Isn't it fitting that you are getting bash by the very mutants that human toxins created.  Aurora  Blast!  Powering up!"  Bluefur:  "Say goodbye Rangers!"  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Bigs:  "Aurora Blast!"  Black Ranger:  "Gia!  With me!" Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger:  "Defenstone!  Activate!"  A wall of stone appears in front of the Rangers.  The Aurora Blast breaks it apart and Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "Jake!"  Pink Ranger kneels by Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Gia!"  Blue Ranger kneels by Yellow Ranger.  Bigs:  "My next Aurora Blast will finish you."  Yellow Ranger:  "Jake, it's time for you and me to shake things up.  Megaquake style."  Black Ranger:  "Got it."  Black Ranger glances over at Red Ranger.  "Cool?"  Red Ranger:  "Good.  We'll distract him."  Red Ranger stands in front of the team.  "New positions."  Everyone gets in place.  Red Ranger:  "Slow!  And...go!"  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger run off to the side.  Bigs prepares to blast the three Rangers.   Bigs:  "Aurora Blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Megaquake!  Activate!"  Yellow Ranger slams her Ultra Sword against the pavement, generating the quake.  Bluefur and Bigs are hit hard with electrical currents running through their bodies.  Bluefur:  "No!  No!"  Black Ranger leaps into the air.  "Ultra Slash!"  Black Ranger strikes Bigs with his Ultra Sword, knocking Bigs' weapons out of his hands.  Bigs:  "No!  My staff!"  Black Ranger gave high fives to the team.  "We found his weakness."  Red Ranger:  "Good work.  Without that staff, he's wide open.  Hit him fast and let's finish this.  Gosei Ultra Swords!"  All:  "Activate!"  Bluefur:  "This looks bad."  Red Ranger:  "Guys, let's do this!"  All:  "Ultra Gosei Dynamic!  Activate!  Ultra Strike!"  The Ultra Swords power up and send a powerful blow towards Bigs and Bluefur.  Bigs is thrown into the air and vanishes.  Bluefur is thrown against a half wall and hits the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "Bulls eye!"    Bluefur vanishes with the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger can't believe it.  Bluefur escaped again!  The following day, Bluefur is back in the city.  The Rangers arrive and race towards Bluefur.  Robo Knight is there as well.  Robo Knight stays to fight with Bluefur while the rest of the Rangers leap inside the building to battle Bigs.  The Rangers enter a strange room.  Red Ranger points out Bigs, who is hanging upside with several wires attached to him.  Bigs slowly turns around and welcomes the Rangers to his hangout.  Bigs tells them they are inside the Aurora Box.  There is no way for you to escape now.  Black Ranger calls out a warning but it's too late.  The wires attached themselves to the Rangers and they find themselves dangling.  Bigs tells them it's over.  I've got this all wrapped up.  Bigs laughs.  Bigs informs the Rangers he is going to suck away their energies and make me stronger.  Black Ranger notes he is losing strength.  Pink Ranger adds that she can't reach her weapon.  Red Ranger tells them their only hope is to tap into their ultra powers.  The Rangers do so and a bright glow emerges from their chest armor.  Bigs screams no as the Rangers break free.  The Rangers use their Ultra Swords against Bigs.  Bigs screams again as the force strikes him and he is destroyed.  After awhile, Gosei sends them the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship which destroys the Aurora Box.  Another battle with Bluefur follows.  Eventually Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

The Rangers are battling Rotox and activate their ultra mode.  Rotox is not impressed.  What nonsense is this?  The Rangers charge towards Rotox with their Ultra Swords.  Blue Ranger strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Black Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Eventually Rotox is knocked off his feet.  He goes flying through the air and hits the pavement hard.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger stand next to each other.  Pink Ranger states, sorry robot.  You picked the wrong planet and wrong people to mess with.  Rotox gets back up on his feet.  Rotox releases two chains which fly towards Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The chains strikes the two Rangers several times.  But Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger strike back with their Ultra Swords and the chains retreat.  Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger if she is ready to take him down?  Pink Ranger is ready.  They both charge towards Rotox and strike him with their Ultra Swords as they run past him.  Rotox is surprised to see Red Ranger is back.  Rotox tosses his shield towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to block the shield from striking him.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to push back the shield.  Then he jumps on and lands on the shield, breaking it apart.  Rotox is angry.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  The Rangers use ultra strike against Rotox.  Rotox breaks apart and falls to the pavement.  Robo Knight arrives and tells the Rangers nicely done.  Later, Rotox DX is destroying several buildings.  The Rangers arrive with their mega weapons drawn.  Pink Ranger asks, the same guy?  Black Ranger replies, sure looks like him, unless I'm seeing things.  Metal Alice walks towards Rotox DX and tells the Rangers, your confusion is understandable.  But this is the new and improved model of the robot you faced this morning.  This is Rotox DX.  Blue Ranger asks, who's she?  Yellow Ranger replies, she's just another tin can.  We'll blow up both of you robots back to where you came from!  Red Ranger calls for the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers quickly assemble the Megaforce Blaster and fire it at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX easily blocks the blast and gets rid of it.  The Rangers are surprised.  Black Ranger, how did he do that?  Metal Alice laughs.  I told you Rangers, he's new and improved.  Show them.  Rotox DX fires at the Rangers with his eye beams.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards Rotox DX with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger tries to strike Rotox DX with his Snake Ax, but Rotox DX knocks him aside.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike with her Tiger Claw, but is also knocked aside.  Both Rangers fall to the pavement.  Rotox DX boasts, I'm ten times stronger than before.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger fire their mega weapons at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX once more blocks the blast and makes it vanish.  Rotox DX slams his hand onto the pavement and directs electrical currents towards Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers are hit hard and collapse onto the pavement.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox DX several times with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger is knocked aside as well.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Black Ranger notes, he's definitely much stronger.  Robo Knight arrives.  Robo Knight starts to walk towards the Rangers, when Metal Alice shouts hey!  Robo Knight faces Metal Alice and she tells him not to interfere.  Robo Knight asks, who are you?  Metal Alice introduces herself.  We robots are not your enemy.  Robo Knight is puzzled, another robot.  Metal Alice tells Robo Knight, we have no intention of harming the Earth.  We have come to conquer the humans and make them our slaves.  That can only help the Earth in the long run.  The Rangers slowly get back up.  Black Ranger shouts, what are you talking about?!  That's just crazy!  Pink Ranger asks, how will enslaving humans make the Earth better?  Metal Alice replies, who created all this pollution you see around you?  It was the humans.  Robo Knight agrees.  Metal Alice continues, just try and imagine how beautiful the Earth was before humans came along.  Blue Ranger states, it's not that simple.  Metal Alice isn't fazed.  Robots are the future.  We will be here long after you humans become extinct.  Rotox DX fires all his weapons at the Rangers.  They are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, I think I made my point.  Robo Knight, think about which side you should be on.  Metal Alice and Rotox DX vanish.  Robo Knight considers Metal Alice's words.  The Rangers struggle to stand back up.  Yellow Ranger is mad.  Can you believe the nerve of that robo witch?    Black Ranger replies, she's evil.  What do you expect!  Pink Ranger adds, she's trying to make it sound like we're the bad guys.  Robo Knight walks away.  Red Ranger calls out to him.  Robo Knight continues to walk away, stating, need to process.  Later, Metal Alice and Rotox DX walked into an abandoned dwelling.  Metal Alice thinks the place is perfect space to imprison all the humans who resist us.  The Rangers race in and Red Ranger shouts, that's not going to happen!  Because you're both going down!  Pink Ranger is worried.  She is unsure that they can take down both of them.  Red Ranger reminds them they don't have a choice.  They have to.  Metal Alice laughs as she notes Robo Knight is not with them.  I guess he finally realized you're the real threat to the Earth.  Now you children have to face us on your own and lose again.  Yellow Ranger shouts, don't worry!  Robo Knight will see through your evil plan!  The Rangers charged towards them with their Ultra Swords.  The Rangers fight Rotox DX with their Ultra Swords.  Rotox DX fights them with ease.  He calls them foolish humans and tells them they are no match for his new powers.  Now I will terminate you all.  Metal Alice adds, unlike us, you humans can be destroyed.  Red Ranger struggles as he gets back up and responds, think again.  I'm going to turn you from metal into dust.  Metal Alice can only shake her head.  What stubborn creatures you are.  I will prove how superior machines are to man.  Metal Alice tosses up her clipboard and it turns into a weapon.  Red Ranger fights Metal Alice with his Ultra Sword.  The rest of the Rangers quickly join in and fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice quickly knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Rotox DX blasts the Rangers.  Robo Knight arrives.  Metal Alice is please to see Robo Knight and assumes he has given some thought to what she has said.  Robo Knight has.  Humans are emotional creatures.  And they often make illogical and reckless decisions as a result.  But you are wrong about them.  And I will not join you.  Metal Alice is stunned.  Robo Knight adds, humans are part of the Earth too.  They belong here.  And the good they do far outweighs the bad.  My mission is to protect the Earth and all who live on it, including humans.  Metal Alice is angry.  She commands Rotox DX to scrap them all!  Robo Knight continues, you are robots fighting for the wrong side.  Robo Knight fights Rotox DX with his Robo Blade.  Rotox DX backs away from Robo Knight and stands next to Metal Alice.  Robo Knight tells them, I will not allow you to destroy any living being on this planet.  Robo Knight turns his head to Red Ranger and states, you seem surprised.  Red Ranger gets up and replies, not at all.  You believe in us and we believe in you.  The rest of the Rangers get up and Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this guys!  The Rangers and Robo Knight line up together.  Robo Knight tells them, let's show them how humans and robots work together.  The Rangers stack their Ultra Swords together and Robo Knight places his Vulcan Cannon on top of the Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice is taken aback.  What's this?  The Rangers and Robo Knight fire their weapons.  Metal Alice leaps out of the way, but Rotox DX gets hit with the full blast.  Rotox DX is knocked out of the dwelling.  Metal Alice lands on her feet and tells Robo Knight, you made your choice.  Outside the building several Zombats arrive and now Rotox DX is giant size.  Another battle follows.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.

The Rangers wanted to save Rico, a robot built by Metal Alice.  They decided to destroy the sensor on Rico's chest.  Metal Alice arrives and after pressing a few buttons on her tablet, Rico is back under her control.  R1C0 fires at the Rangers.  Blue Ranger is fighting R1C0 with his Ultra Sword when Pink Ranger runs over.  Pink Ranger grabs a hold of R1C0.  Pink Ranger:  "Rico, we're not your enemy.  It's me Emma.  Your friend.  Remember?"  R1C0 lowers it's arm and Pink Ranger stands back up.  Pink Ranger:  "Rico?  It's okay."  Pink Ranger reaches towards R1C0.  R1C0:  "Enemy identified!"  R1C0 knocks Pink Ranger off her feet.  Pink Ranger hits the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!"  The rest of the Rangers gather around Pink Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "This isn't working.  We have to attack him!"  Black Ranger:  "It's a shame, but we have no choice."  R1C0 fires at the Rangers and they are knocked off their feet once more.  Metal Alice:  "The glitches in R1C0 were fixed.  He's now unbeatable."  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger:  "I don't want to destroy him.  Even if his memory is erased, he's still our friend."  Yellow Ranger:  "But how can we make him remember us?"  Red Ranger:  "I'm no sure we can.  We have to come up with another plan."  Blue Ranger:  "There's only one sure way to stop him and  save him.  That sensor on Rico's chest has got to be destroyed."  Black Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Jake!  Gia!"  Blue Ranger tells them they need to grab him and restrain him.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger get up and run towards R1C0.  The two Rangers fight R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger and Pink Ranger, we'll do it like we did before.  But Emma and I will create the tornado.  Troy you do the lightening strike.  Pink Ranger feels bad.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight R1C0.  Frustrated, Black Ranger asks, hey guys, what's keeping you?  Hurry!  We can't hold him for long!  Robo Knight leaps in with his Robo Blade and fights R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, let's do this.  Pink Ranger tells them to wait.  I want to help him.  I'll do it.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Robo Knight have R1C0 restrained.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger, very well, do what you feel you must do.  But be aware that it may not restore his memory.  Pink Ranger is okay with it, as long as it will save him.  Metal Alice notes, I have underestimated how tough R1C0 is.  Robo Knight places his Istop Power Card in his morpher and activates it.   R1C0 is frozen instantly.  Robo Knight tells them to hurry.  He'll only be frozen for a few seconds.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Seashower Power Card and activates it as Red Ranger pulls out his Twistornado Power Card and activates it.  The tornado is created and pointed at R1C0.  Yellow Ranger is concerned.  Emma has to hit that narrow opening!  Blue Ranger is confident Pink Ranger can do it.  With Emma's sharp eye, she'll be able to hit the target.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger to do it.  Red Ranger adds, don't hesitate Emma.  Pink Ranger is convinced she can do this.  Pink Ranger pulls out her Lightening Strike Power Card and activates it.  Pink Ranger points her Ultra Sword towards R1C0 and it's a direct hit.  Rico retracts it's weapons.  Pink Ranger is happy that it worked.  Metal Alice tells them, this battle isn't over yet.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats.  They arrive and land on Rico, making him giant size.  Metal Alice uses the backup mode to restore R1C0.  Metal Alice states, he will destroy you all.  The gem on R1C0's chest lights up again.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  The rest of the Rangers are alarmed.  Blue Ranger states, she reactivated the sensor.  Robo Knight points out, he's still under her control.  His strength will be un-parallel.  Red Ranger tells the team they have no choice but to destroy him.  Pink Ranger reluctantly concludes, I understand.  We have no choice.  The Rangers insert their Power Cards into their morpher as they activate Gosei Great Megazord.  The zords are summon and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord faces R1C0.  Red Ranger wishes it hadn't come to this.  Metal Alice yells at R1C0 to destroy that hunk of junk.  Rico refuses.  Metal Alice is surprised.  What?!  Metal Alice is angry.  So you really have been short circuited by friendship!  That means you're useless to me!  It is time for you to self destruct!  Metal Alice angrily presses on the keys on her tablet, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes, Rico is resisting.  He must still remember us!  Black Ranger adds, then Metal Alice will destroy him.  Pink Ranger states, we can't let that happen.  After a few moments, Pink Ranger announces she is going to save him.  The rest of the Rangers are surprised.  Pink Ranger adds, Rico has been a friend to us.  I must set him free!  Pink Ranger inserts her Power Card and summons the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship and activates it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship arrives and Pink Ranger leaps inside it.  Pink Ranger tells her team to trust her.  Yellow Ranger asks, what are you going to do?  Pink Ranger replies, getting him out of here.  Metal Alice yells traitor!  I can override your systems and blow you to smithereens!  Metal Alice is about to press another key when her arm is pulled back.  It is Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells her, it is you who has betrayed him.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Ultimate Command Ship over to Rico and tells him to grab hold, which he does.  Pink Ranger tells him to hang on.  Red Ranger notes she took him!  Blue Ranger thinks she is crazy.  Black Ranger warns her to think about this.  Robo Knight shouts no!  Metal Alice notes, Vrak is not going to be happy about this.  Pink Ranger tells Rico she is taking him to a safe place.  Far enough away from Metal Alice's signal can't reach you.  You're my friend.  I need to set you free.  Rico states, Emma set Rico free.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Rico states, Rico trusts friend Emma.  Pink Ranger is happy that Rico remembers her.  As they continue to fly upwards, Pink Ranger tells Rico they are nearly out of the range of Metal Alice.  In a few seconds, you need to let go.  The seconds pass and Rico lets go, shouting, I'm free!  Metal Alice is very angry.  Robot 1C0 escaped.  This isn't over Rangers!  Metal Alice vanishes.  Red Ranger replies, and we'll be ready for you!

The Rangers were battling the Loogies with their mega weapons, but having a difficult time.  Red Ranger:  "Time's running out!  We got to get these guys out of the way!"  All:  "Ultra Zords!  Activate!  Ultra Mode Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Ready!"  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  All:  "Ultra Power!  Dynamic Strike!"  The Loogies are destroyed.  Suddenly several more Loogies appear.  Red Ranger:  "What?!  There's more!"  The Rangers fight the new batch of Loogies with their Ultra Swords.  Red Ranger:  "Hurry Rangers!  We only have a few minutes left!"  The Rangers notice that Metal Alice has reappeared and is standing on top of an empty train.  Metal Alice:  "Yes, struggle uselessly.  Time is ticking."  Suddenly Lion Mechazord appears and strikes Metal Alice several times.  Robo Knight:  "Lion Zord!  Morph!"  Lion Mechazord lands on top of the train and reverts back to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight and Metal Alice fight.  Eventually the Loogies are destroyed.  Although the Rangers were unable to prevent the bomb from going off, they were granted new powers.  Using the Gosei Jet Mechazords, the train was able to continue on it's way.

Ultra Power


Last Laugh/Dream Snatcher/Gosei Ultimate


The Human Factor/Rico The Robot/Staying On Track