Wild Sword

Wild Sword is an ancient weapon.  It was forged countless ages ago to protect the Earth.  It became too powerful and had to be sealed within the Earth in the Black Mountains.  But now the sword's restless energy was trying to break it free.  The Rangers were sent to retrieve it.  As they walk along the beach, they were unaware that Vrak overheard their conversation.  Vrak sets up a diversion and keeps the Rangers occupied with a giant Distractor and his phantom monsters.  Vrak searches for the Wild Sword in the mountains.  After awhile, he felt he found the place.  "This is the place the Rangers were talking about.  I can sense the weapon's power.  And luckily no Rangers in sight.  Distractor must be keeping them busy."  Vrak blasted the side of the mountain and the Wild Sword was revealed.  "Yes!  There its is!"  Vrak walked towards the sword, but ran into an obstacle.  "What?  A force field!"  Vrak quickly came up with another plan.  Soon the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger:  "There he is!"  Yellow Ranger:  "What a surprise."  Red Ranger:  "Vrak!"  Vrak turned around and faced the Rangers.  Vrak:  "Looking for something?  A sword maybe?"  Vrak displayed his hand with sharp blades to emphasize the point.  Vrak:  "The bad news for you is that I already found it.  And your precious sword is now mine!"  Vrak laughs.  Vrak:  "Now stay out of my way or I'll make you suffer!"  Vrak charged towards the Rangers.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers charged forward as well and fought Vrak with their mega weapons.  As Pink Ranger fought Vrak with her Phoenix Shot, she argue with Vrak.  "That sword's not yours.  It belongs to the people of Earth!"  Black Ranger mocked Vrak as he fought him with his Snake Ax.  "Nice blades dude.  I bet you're extra careful when you're picking boogers."  Soon Vrak hits the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Vrak:  "Good try, but you haven't beaten me!"  Vrak vanishes.  Black Ranger isn't impressed.  "Talks tough and then disappears."  Blue Ranger:  "Well, at least the Wild Sword's still here.  Now's our chance to grab it!"  The Rangers paused at the edge of the pit and stare at the Wild Sword.  Black Ranger:  "Whoa!  That's one powerful looking sword."  Pink Ranger:  "So, what are we waiting for?!"  The Rangers hurried into the pit.  Red Ranger:  "It's embedded deep into that stone.  I wonder how many warriors have tried to pull it out?  Being a Ranger should help my chances.  Right?"  Blue Ranger:  "Right!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Go for it!"  Red Ranger:  "Here is goes."   Red Ranger pulls out Wild Sword.  Red Ranger has the sword in his hand for just a few seconds, when it breaks free.  The Rangers fall to the ground as the Wild Sword flies above them.  Red Ranger:  "I felt it's power.  The Wild Sword is filled with rage."  Suddenly an electric rope wraps around Wild Sword.  Vrak:  "Surprise!  and now it's mine"  Vrak held the Wild Sword in his hand as the Rangers clambered out of the pit.  Red Ranger:  "Vrak!"  Vrak:  "I owe you a debt of gratitude Rangers.  I could never have gotten a hold of this sword without your assistance."  Vrak laughs.  Blue Ranger:  "What?!"  Vrak:  "There was a force field keeping me away from the sword.  I needed you fools to break through it for me.  I telepathically told Distractor to let you go.  Now he will destroy Robo Knight."  Vrak laughs.  Vrak:  "The Wild Sword is mine now."   Black Ranger:  "It will never be yours!"  The Rangers charge towards Vrak.  Vrak strikes the five Rangers with the sword.  They go flying and hit the ground hard.  Vrak looks at the sword.  "I own you now.  Your power is mine to control!"  Vrak uses the Wild Sword to blast the Rangers.  They are hit hard and a huge explosion erupts.  Vrak:  "This Wild Sword has a bite.  I'm impressed."  Vrak telepathically communicated with Distractor.  "Distractor!  Go back to our original plan!"  Distractor:  "Yes master.  Reading you loud and clear."  Vrak:  "Bye friends!"  Vrak vanishes.  Vrak and Distractor stood on top of a building and looked out over the city.  Vrak:  "Now let's destroy this city once and for all!"  Huge explosions hit the city.  Vrak:  "This weapon's got fire power."  Distractor:  "Well, don't be shy.  Light them up boss!"  Vrak tries again, but this time the Wild Sword resists.  Vrak:  "What's this?  Something's changed.  It's not working.  If I didn't know better, I'd say it's resisting my commands.  You must bend to my will."  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times and knocked off his feet.  Vrak:  "What?!"  Robo Knight:  "Vrak!  I will not permit you to harm Earth's environment.  Stand down."  Vrak:  "When will you learn that I can't be stopped?"  The rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger:  "Well, we're here to stop you!  Whatever it takes!  Now hand over that sword!"    Vrak yells no!  The sword is under my control now.  But it becomes apparent that is not the case as Wild Sword struggles to free itself from Vrak.  Vrak notices the struggle and shocks it in an attempt to make it obey him.  It works and then Vrak uses the sword against the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Vrak notes, zapping the sword seems to work.  Distractor has gotten back up and stands next to Vrak.  Vrak decides to test out the sword by powering up Distractor.  Distractor feels powerful and summons several monsters.  Hisser and Psychotick are back once more.  Along with Kesaran, Mummy, Skyfish, and Gremlin.  As the Rangers get back up, Black Ranger comments, I'm not going to waste my time on these illusions again.  The Rangers charge towards the monsters.  The Rangers are immediately struck by the various monsters.  Distractor informs them that they are not illusions any more.  The Rangers fall to the ground.  Black Ranger is surprised.  What?!  Hisser blasts Black Ranger with it's goo.  Electrical currents run through Black Ranger and he falls to the ground.  The Rangers race over to his side.  Yellow Ranger asks, what is going on?  I thought they were holograms.  Distractor responds, thanks to the Wild Sword's power, now they can attack.  The six monsters charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers get back up and have their mega weapons ready as they charge towards the monsters.  Red Ranger fights Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger fights Gremlin with her Tiger Claw.  Gremlin and Hisser are knocked to the ground, but they quickly get back up and strike Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard.  Pink Ranger is fighting Skyfish with her Phoenix Shot.  Skyfish disappears and then reappears behind her.  Skyfish strikes Pink Ranger.  Blue Ranger fights Kesaran with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger fires several shots at Kesaran.  But it doesn't stop Kesaran from striking Blue Ranger.  Robo Knight fights Psychotick with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  But it does nothing and Psychotick shoots it's energy at Robo Knight and hits him hard.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger ponders that no matter how hard they hit them, the monsters keep bouncing back.  Mummy knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers are knocked to the ground as well.  Only Robo Knight remains standing.  Distractor stretches out it's arms and attacks the Rangers as well.  Vrak walks up to stand beside the monsters.  He tells them it's time for you all to get a reality check you won't forget.  Courtesy of my Wild Sword.  Vrak is ready to fire but Wild Sword begins to resist once more.  Vrak has a hard time keeping his hand on it.  Vrak shocks the sword.  But this time it doesn't work and Wild Sword is out of control as Vrak spins around and Wild Sword blasts away.  The blasts knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Vrak walks up to the fallen Rangers, followed by the monsters.  Vrak comments, the sword may still be fighting back, but it's power is amazing.  And I will make it obey me!  Robo Knight asks, why would it want to obey you?  Yellow Ranger adds, you're just hurting it.  Forcing it to fight against it's wishes.  Yellow Ranger's words makes Red Ranger realize the sword is not out of control.  It just doesn't want to follow Vrak's evil commands.  The rest of the Rangers agree.  Red Ranger adds, why else would it rebel against Vrak's command to destroy the city?  The Wild Sword wants to be a force for good.  It's choosing to fight Vrak's evil plan.  Blue Ranger comments, it must want to protect the Earth too.  Black Ranger asks, but if that's true, then why do you think it resisted you?  Red Ranger doesn't know.  Maybe we have to show it we're worthy first.  Red Ranger stands up.  And that's a risk I'm willing to take.  Red Ranger drops his Dragon Sword to the ground and charges towards Wild Sword.  Vrak assumes Red Ranger has chosen his own destruction and points Wild Sword towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger grabs a hold of Wild Sword through the blast.  Red Ranger holds tightly onto Wild Sword as Vrak blasts him with it.  Vrak tells him, you are out of your mind!  Red Ranger shouts, the Wild Sword is ours Vrak!  It won't bend to your will!  Blue Ranger shouts encouragement.  Hang tough Troy!  Black Ranger shouts, don't let go bud!  Pink Ranger shouts, you can do it!  Yellow Ranger shouts, we believe in you!  Red Ranger struggles to hold onto the Wild Sword.  Red Ranger makes a telepathic connection to Wild Sword.  Red Ranger can see the glowing form of dragon and he realizes the Wild Sword is powered by the spirit of the mighty dragon.  Only by earning his trust, can I hope to wield it's awesome power.  I can do this.  Red Ranger shouts out to Vrak that he is connected to the true spirit of the Wild Sword.  I know it's on our side.  Vrak gets mad and shakes Red Ranger off.  Telling him there is no way a human can connect to a sword's spirit.  Red Ranger shouts back, you're wrong Vrak!  Vrak yells stop it!  I will force it to do my bidding!  Red Ranger holds out his hand and yells, dragon spirit!  Protect the Earth!  Wild Sword breaks free of Vrak's grasp.  Gosei informs them that now they have tamed the Wild Sword, your new ultra powers are unlocked.  The time has come for you to take control of your new ultra zords.  The Rangers gained a new weapon - Ultra Swords.  Although Vrak vanished from the battle, the Rangers were able to destroy Distractor, Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin, Hisser, and Mummy with the Ultra Swords.

Ultra Power




Dragon Spirit