Barracuda Blade

Barracuda Blade is Gold Ranger's weapon.  The rest of the Rangers had been battling Vulpes.  Vulpes blasted them and they hit the ground and demorph.  Antonio arrived and morphed into the Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger leaps over and stands protectively in front of the teens.  Vulpes is not happy to see there is another Ranger.  Gold Ranger goes into a fighting stance.  Vulpes laughs at him - what kind of stance is that?  You're not worth my time twinkle toes!  Let these guys take care of you.  Several Moogers appear.  Gold Ranger replies, my style's different, but it's all mine.  And as they will see, there is plenty of strength behind it.  Gold Ranger pulls out his Barracuda Blade as the Moogers charge towards him.  Within seconds the Moogers are destroyed.  The teens are confused.  Mia points out that he didn't even move.  How can he do that?  Jayden replies, he did.  Just faster than the eye can see.  Kevin has never seen anything like it.  Jayden adds, that was the legendary sheath maneuver.  Kevin replies, that's impossible.  Jayden tells him not anymore.  Mike points out he's pretty fast.  More Moogers arrive and are hidden by the trees.  They shoot several arrows at Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger blocks each arrow with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger leaps over into the woods to battle the latest batch of Moogers.  He battles them with his Barracuda Blade.  Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, and Emily stand up.  During the battle, Gold Ranger ends up on top of a tree.  He taunts the Moogers below, what's the problem?  Come up and get me!  I'm right here!  Suddenly Gold Ranger slips and falls to the ground.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, Mike, and Emily run up.  Mia asks if he is okay.  Gold Ranger tells them, stand back!  I told you I got this!  Watch!  Gold Ranger goes back to battling the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade.  Soon the Moogers all fall to the ground.  There is a cracking sound.  Gold Ranger didn't mean to play lumberjack.  Several trees fall around Gold Ranger and he is soon caught in them.  Gold Ranger comments on his Barracuda Blade, man, this thing is sharper than I thought.  Suddenly Vulpes leaps in and battles Gold Ranger.  Vulpes uses a spell that releases fears fox's flock and they fly towards Gold Ranger.  Mike points out that they need to help him out.  Jayden morphs and leaps into the battle with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger destroys the flying creatures with his blazing strike.  Vulpes is knocked to the ground.  Gold Ranger quickly goes back into action with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger strikes Vulpes several times with the Barracuda Blade and Vulpes is defeated.  Within a few moments, Vulpes grows to giant size.  The zords are summon and Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Eventually Vulpes is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord and Octozord.

Steeleto arrives at a construction site.  Several Moogers are there as well.  The teens arrive and quickly morph.  The Rangers face down Steeleto and the Moogers.  Steeleto gives the command for the Moogers to attack.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger race forward with their Spin Swords drawn.  They battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords as Gold Ranger looks on.  Gold Ranger is still excited over the fact that at last he has done it, he's a Samurai Ranger.  Gold Ranger realizes he better go help.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade and super speed to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher to destroy the remaining Moogers.  Gold Ranger runs up to Red Ranger.  Steeleto is not happy and releases his shatter shock attack.  Red Ranger blocks the attack with his Fire Smasher.  Despite this, the attack knocks Gold Ranger and Red Ranger and off their feet.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger to take cover.  Red Ranger and Gold Ranger battle Steeleto.  Steeleto is eventually defeated by the Barracuda Blade and Spin Sword.  The rest of the Rangers race up to them.  The Rangers are in high spirits, but Red Ranger reminds them to not forget the mega monster.  Steeleto grows to giant size.  The Rangers form Samurai Megazord quickly.  Steeleto charges towards Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Steeleto battle.  Steeleto makes several strikes against Samurai Megazord.  Steeleto uses his full body blades against Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord falls to the ground.  Gold Ranger has been watching the battle from the ground and he is not happy.  Gold Ranger summons Octozord.  Octozord sprays ink into Steeleto's face.  Gold Ranger leaps into Octozord.  Inside Samurai Megazord, Pink Ranger points out to Red Ranger, that if Octozord originally belong to your family...Red Ranger realizes where she is going and tells her good thinking.  Gold Ranger has heard the conversation as well.  Octospear Megazord is formed by combining Octozord with Samurai Megazord.  Gold Ranger is thrilled to be in the cockpit of a Megazord.  Steeleto is ready to use his full body blade against Octospear Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's spear thrust against Steeleto several times.  The move cuts off all of Steeleto's blades.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Steeleto.  Steeleto freezes up.  Octospear Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Steeleto and Steeleto is destroyed.

Antonio and Kevin were in the woods.  They discovered Octoroo, Antberry, and several Moogers in the woods.  Antberry had stolen children's toys in order to fill the well with Sanzu River water.  Octoroo was aware of Antonio and Kevin hiding behind the boulder and called out to them to come out.  Octoroo uses his staff to blast them.  Antonio and Kevin morphed.  Gold Ranger holds out his Barracuda Blade and Blue Ranger his Spin Sword.  Octoroo tells them, he is impressed.  You found this place even with my secret barriers up.  Gold Ranger asks, who are you?  Octoroo introduces himself.  The brains behind Master Xandred.  The one who will finally destroy you.  Antberry runs up to the two Rangers and blasts them Sanzu slime!  It covers the two Rangers and they are unable to hold onto their weapons.  Antberry taunts them - your weapons are worthless!  Antberry races towards them with his ax.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger battle Antberry, but it is difficult as they can't land a blow since Antberry is covered in goo.  Antberry strikes Blue Ranger and he goes flying.  Gold Ranger runs up to Antberry to try and grab him, but Antberry flies out of his grip.  Gold Ranger lands by Blue Ranger.  Octoroo blasts them once more.  The two Rangers go flying and land quite a distance away.  Octoroo sends several Moogers to find the Rangers.  Soon Antonio and Kevin are confronting the Moogers.  Antonio tells Kevin to take a deep breath, because a battle is about to begin.  Antonio takes his sling off and rips the fabric in two, giving one piece to Kevin.  He tells Kevin, tie the Spin Sword to your wrist.  That way the Nighlok slime won't affect your grip.  Kevin with his impressed.  Antonio and Kevin morph.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger race towards the Moogers.  Soon they are in the midst of a battle.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger do well against the Moogers and they are soon defeated.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger take off to search for Antberry.  Elsewhere, a Mooger picks up a bike and presents it to Antberry to chop.  Octoroo tells him to get going, time's a wasting.  Antberry is about to strike when Dragon Folding Zord flies in and hits Antberry several times.  Dragon Zord also knocks the ax out of Antberry's hand as Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger leap in.  The ax falls into the well.  Octoroo is very upset.  Gold Ranger battles the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade.  Blue Ranger battles the rest of the Moogers with his Spin Sword.  The Moogers are defeated.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger go search for Octoroo and Antberry.   When they are found, Octoroo tells them they destroyed his favorite toy.  Antberry is ready to destroy the two Rangers.  Gold Ranger taunts, bring it on slime ball!  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger race towards Antberry with their weapons drawn.  Antberry uses his slime attack.  Tying their weapons to their wrists works.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger battle Antberry with their weapons.  Antberry tells them, even if they can hold their weapons, they can't slip away from him.  Antberry strikes the two Rangers hard, knocking them to the ground.  Antberry taunts, I don't need slime to beat you!  Suddenly Antberry and Octoroo is struck with a blazing strike and knocked to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers have arrived.  Red Ranger warns the Nighlok to back off.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger get up.  Blue Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger confirms they knew Kevin's routine and he knew we would come looking.  Gold Ranger tells them it's time to take these guys out for good.  The rest of the Rangers join Gold Ranger.  Octoroo shouts out, later Rangers!  Time to slip through a gap.  Antberry is surprised that Octoroo is leaving.  Octoroo tells Antberry that the Red Ranger is going to fire your booty.  Octoroo leaves.  Antberry tells the Rangers, Octoroo is worthless and weak.  But I am not scared of you.  Blue Ranger warns Jayden to watch out for his slime.  Antberry prepares to blast them with more slime.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger used their Spin Swords to block the slime.  The rest of the Rangers charge towards Antberry and strike him with their weapons.  Antberry is knocked to the ground.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger charge towards Antberry as he gets back up.  They strike him with their weapons, knocking him into the well.  The well blows up.  Within a few moments, Antberry is back and giant size. The Rangers destroy Antberry with Octospear Megazord.  After the battle, the teens anonymously return the children's toys.

The Rangers arrived in Panorama City.  The Nighlok, Splitface, had been busy taking people's spirits.  The Rangers fire their weapons at Splitface from behind.  Splitface was hit and falls and rolls on the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "Snack time is over for you Nighlok."  Splitface:  "The Samurai Rangers?!"  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger charges towards Splitface with their Spin Swords drawn.  Green Ranger:  "You're done!"  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface broke into several pieces before the two Rangers could strike.  The pieces struck Green Ranger and Blue Ranger several times.  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  It's like dodge ball with teeth."  Splitface reassembled himself and battled Yellow Ranger, knocking her to the ground.  Splitface:  "Hmmm, you'll make a fine dessert."  Yellow Ranger:  "Wait!  No!"  Splitface held out his arm that had a mouth at the end of it.  Emily's spirit was taken and she fell to the pavement.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger:  "Emily!"  Red Ranger:  "What did you do to her?"  Red Ranger battled Splitface with his Spin Sword.  Splitface broke apart and the pieces hit Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger raced over to Emily's still form.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily!"  Pink Ranger cradled Emily in her arms.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily are you okay?"  Pink Ranger didn't get a response.  Pink Ranger:  "Wake up!"  Splitface:  "Hmmm mmm.  I have to say it, her spirit was delicious and in twenty-four hours it'll be mine forever."  Green Ranger:  "What?"  Blue Ranger:  "Forever?"  Splitface:  "Of course, if you defeat me, you can have all their spirits back.  But you won't have the chance because I'm heading back to the Netherworld where no mortal can follow."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, we got to stop this creep."  Splitface:  "All of you try to enjoy your one last day with your friend.  Because I'm leaving and I won't be coming back."  Red Ranger:  "No!  We won't let that happen!"  Blue Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Green Ranger:  "No way!"  Splitface:  "Yes way.  See ya!"  Splitface started to walk towards the gap.  Green Ranger:  "Wait!  Get back here!"  Blue Ranger:  "You're not going anywhere!"  Both Rangers leap towards Splitface and try to strike with their Spin Swords, but Splitface breaks apart again.  The pieces hit both of the Rangers.  Splitface reassembles in the air and is getting ready to strike the two Rangers.  Gold Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Gold Ranger races over and blocks the strike with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger:  "Time to take you out!"  Red Ranger leaps in with his Spin Sword.  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface breaks apart and his pieces hit Gold Ranger and Red Ranger.  Splitface walks over to the gap.  Splitface:  "Have a nice day!"  Splitface walks through the gap.  Red Ranger:  "He's gone."  Blue Ranger:  "What do we do now?"  Pink Ranger:  "Oh no!  Poor Emily.  The sun's already setting.  By this time tomorrow, she may never wake up."  Gold Ranger glances over at the gap.  The Rangers take Emily to Shiba House, and have her rest in bed.  The next day, Mike is very angry and wants to somehow help Emily.  He angrily strikes the gap with his Spin Sword.  Mia and Kevin run up to him.  Kevin grabs a hold of his arms and yanks him away from the gap as Mia tells him to calm down.  That won't do anything.  Mike feels defeated and asks his friends, then what should we do?  Tell me what should we do?  Mia and Kevin don't have an answer for him.  Jayden comes running up.  He stops in his tracks as Deker appears.  Deker states, it seems I have bad timing.  I thought we could finally duel, but you are obviously preoccupied.  Jayden replies, if you know that, then go away.  Jayden joins his friends and tells Deker, I don't have time for your games, stranger.  Deker tells them, there is one way humans like you can enter the Netherworld.  This catches their attention.  Mike asks really?  Deker tells them, simply trade your human existence to become a Nighlok.  Willingly give yourself over to them and pass through the gap.  Jayden can't believe it.  Wait!  Are you saying you made that choice?  Deker replies, I don't remember how it happened to me.  But I'm living proof it can be done.  Deker transforms into his Nighlok form.  He continues, I welcome you to do it.  You can then fight in ways no human being can.  It will make our impending duel even more glorious.  Deker leaps up and away from them.  Mia is uncertain.  Become a Nighlok? Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Jayden face the gap and stare at it.  Mike tells his friends, I'll do it.  Jayden points out that it's their mission to save the entire world.  You can't just....Mike tells Jayden that he can stay behind.  Emily's the best of us.  She has the sweetest, most caring spirit.  And I won't let that Nighlok keep it.  Kevin tells Mike, I know how much you care about Emily.  We all do.  But remember it's our duty to protect and save the many.  Mike doesn't care.  What I want to save right now is Emily!  And I'll do whatever it takes.  Mia reminds them that they need to save all those poor people in the hospital.  Mia volunteers to go with Mike.  Jayden tells them no, we're a team.  We'll all go.  They nod their heads in agreement and head towards the gap.  Antonio shouts, wait!  Stop!  Antonio tells them that Mentor Ji told him they were here.  Antonio excitedly tells them, I think I may be able to draw that Nighlok back through the gap.  Mike wants to know how?  Antonio answers, it will take a lot of symbol power.  He walks back to his cart and lifts the lid.  Clawzord pops out.  Antonio concludes, and the Clawzord.  Antonio programs the live symbol into his morpher. Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Jayden have their Spin Swords ready.  They all give the command symbol power live!  The symbols hit Clawzord and he grows bigger.  Antonio tells his friends, again!  All five repeat the process and Clawzord gets even larger.  Antonio yells more!  We need more symbol power to fully activate!  Once more the teens strike Clawzord with the symbol power live.  Clawzord gets even bigger.  Mike, Mia, Kevin, Antonio, and Jayden continue to use the power symbol live on Clawzord.  Clawzord becomes very big.  After a few moments, Splitface comes back through the gap, flies towards Clawzord.  Clawzord strikes Splitface and he hits a wall and lands on the pavement.  Splitface asks, what's going on?  Splitface glances at Clawzord and asks what is that?  Antonio answers, my buddy Clawzord.  And he's new in town.  Splitface is confused, but I was in the Netherworld.  How did you get me here?  Antonio answers once more.  It's simple.  When we came in contact, I marked you with a symbol.  The same symbol I've been working with to program the Clawzord.  Splitface is stunned.  What?!  You marked me!  Antonio replies, yeah, and after I finished programming Clawzord, I just needed the other Rangers to help me activate it.  Once we did that, I knew you would be drawn out of the Netherworld just like a magnet.  And it worked like a charm.  Splitface is outrage.  I refuse to believe you can beat me like this.  No! No! No!  Mike tells him to shut up.  You're going to pay for what you did to Emily.  Mia adds, it's time to end this.  Kevin tells Splitface, we're going to take back every spirit you have stolen.  Jayden concludes, enough talk and pulls out his Samuraizer.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and declares, it's time to light you up!  Splitface prepares to blast them.  Mike, Mia, Kevin, Antonio, and Jayden morph.  The Rangers leap through the blast.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade against Splitface.  Splitface calls out body swarm, but nothing happens.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  He wonders why he can't do the body swarm.  Gold Ranger tells him to get with the program.  You've been marked.  Splitface tells the Rangers he is marking all of them for demolition.  Green Ranger tells Splitface it's time to pay.  Splitface replies, no it's not.  Splitface leaps away.  Blue Ranger declares you won't get away this time!  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against Splitface.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan.  Both weapons hit Splitface and knocked him back down to the pavement.  Green Ranger charges with his Forest Spear and strikes Splitface with it.  Red Ranger charges towards Splitface with his Fire Smasher and strikes Splitface with it.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers are thrilled, but the moment doesn't last long.  Splitface goes into mega monster mode.  Pink Ranger notes without Emily, they can't combine into a Megazord.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, leave it to me.  Clawzord and I will close this deal.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and enters Clawzord.  Clawzord battles Splitface.  Splitface summons several giant Moogers.  Clawzord goes into Claw Battlezord mode and battles the Moogers, but he soon needs help.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger form  Samurai Battle Wing and fire at the Moogers and then fly away.  Claw Battlezord battles and destroys the Moogers and Splitface.  With the destruction of Splitface, the spirits are released back to the citizens and Emily.

The Sanzu River had begun to seep into Panorama City.  Antonio stayed behind as the rest went to the Tengen Gate to retrieve the Black Box.  While there, Jayden had been poisoned and the rest of the Rangers had been battling Arachnitor and several Moogers in the forest by the Tengen Gate.  Pink Ranger contacted Antonio for backup.  By the time Antonio arrived at the forest, Arachnitor had already defeated Mike and Mia.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger held Arachnitor back as they told Antonio to go help Jayden.  Antonio promised he would be back and raced to the Tengen Gate.  Jayden had tried to get away by dragging himself through the garden, but Octoroo had an easy time catching up with him.  Jayden rolled onto his back as Octoroo demanded Jayden show him the sealing symbol.  Jayden replied never.  Antonio comes running up, yelling, the man said no!  Antonio morphs.  Gold Ranger tries to strike Octoroo with his Barracuda Blade, but Octoroo blocks the blow.  Octoroo asks, who invited you?  This is a private conversation.  Jayden is surprised to see Gold Ranger and then passes out.  Gold Ranger battles Octoroo with his Barracuda Blade.  Deker, hiding, is surprised that the fisherman is the Gold Ranger. During the battle, Octoroo tells Gold Ranger to hold still.  Instead Gold Ranger continues to fight.  Octoroo strikes Gold Ranger with his staff and then blasts him.  Gold Ranger goes flying and lands hard on the ground.  Gold Ranger gets back up and comments on the smell.  Octoroo's eyes glow and two of tentacles stretch out and wrapped themselves around Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger does not like the slimy feel of it.  Octoroo, through his tentacles, blasts Gold Ranger.  Octoroo then uses his tentacles to toss Gold Ranger around.  Crashing him into the ground several times.  Gold Ranger breaks free using his Barracuda Blade to break apart the tentacles.  Octoroo is not happy, those take forever to grow!  Gold Ranger charges towards Octoroo.  Octoroo tosses several balls that causes explosions when they hit.  Gold Ranger bats the balls away with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger reaches Octoroo and they both fight with their weapons.  Deker steps out of his hiding place and stands next to Jayden's still form.  Deker yells out, hey fisherman!  Gold Ranger is surprised to see him and asks what are you doing here?  Deker replies, relax.  Deker transforms into his Nighlok form.  He tells Gold Ranger, I will take care of the Red Ranger from here.  Gold Ranger becomes alarmed.  Wait!  No!  Deker picks up Jayden and slings him over his shoulder.  Deker leaps away with Jayden as Gold Ranger cries out no!  Come back with my friend!  Gold Ranger takes off to chase after Deker.  Octoroo is not happy.  Deker spoils everything!  I'm out of here!  Gold Ranger races after Deker, but loses him in the forest.  Gold Ranger feels bad for failing Jayden.  Gold Ranger realizes he needs to check on the others.  Gold Ranger races through the forest and soon finds Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Emily unconscious on the forest floor.

Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were battling Arachnitor and several Moogers in Panorama City.  It was a difficult battle.  Suddenly Arachnitor is struck with several strikes.  It is Gold Ranger with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger and Red Ranger race over to the four fallen Rangers.  The four Rangers are happy to see that Red Ranger is okay.  Arachnitor is surrounded by Moogers.  Arachnitor sends the Moogers to attack the Rangers.  Gold Ranger races through the Moogers and strikes each one with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger destroys several Moogers.  Gold Ranger informs the rest of the Rangers that he didn't have time to finish the Black Box, but I promise to try again.  Gold Ranger passes back the power discs to the four Rangers.  Yellow Ranger notes, we can sure use them.  Green Ranger is ready - let's show these Moogers how we really roll.  More Moogers charge towards the Rangers.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger use the Quadruple Slash against several Moogers, which destroys them.  Arachnitor charges towards the Rangers.  Red Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Arachnitor with his Fire Smasher.  Arachnitor strikes the Fire Smasher, having it transform back into a Spin Sword.  Red Ranger notes, things just got a little tougher.  Red Ranger kicks Arachnitor and then flies backwards.  Arachnitor tries to blast him several times, but misses.  Arachnitor leaps into the air and battles Red Ranger, knocking him down.  Pink Ranger notes that they are all too tired to put up much of a fight.  Blue Ranger suggests they combine all their strength.  Green Ranger notes, we don't have much of it.  We need something that doesn't require much symbol power.  Red Ranger suggests Quintuple Slash.  The five Rangers use the Quintuple Slash against Arachnitor and knock him off his feet.  Arachnitor gets back on his feet.  Yellow Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, it's still not enough.  Gold Ranger runs up to them and tells them to do it again.  This time I will help it on it's way.  Gold Ranger races towards Arachnitor and then stops several feet in front of it.  Pink Ranger is concern they will hit Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger reassures them that he's got a golden move that will keep me safe and power up our attack.  Red Ranger hopes Gold Ranger knows what he is doing.  Once more the five Rangers use Quintuple Slash.  Gold Ranger uses the power of the Quintuple Slash and puts a spin on it.  Gold Ranger then hits Arachnitor with the more powerful Quintuple Slash.  Arachnitor goes flying, hits broken concrete and lands on the ground.  Arachnitor still gets back up, but this time he takes off.  Gold Ranger points out that Arachnitor is getting away.  The Rangers are about to chase after him when several giant Moogers emerged from a gap.  Yellow Ranger comments, this isn't good.  The Rangers summon their zords and form Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord East.  They were kept busy battling and defeating the Moogers.  But during this Arachnitor had slipped away. 

Unexpected Arrival/Room For One More/The Tengen Gate