Five Disc Beetle Cannon

Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger were battling Dreadhead with their Spin Swords, and having a difficult time.  Dreadhead has knocked them all to the ground when suddenly the Lion Folding Zord arrives and hits Dreadhead a few times.  Then Red Ranger arrives with his Fire Smasher.  Dreadhead tells him his big blade is not going to get any respect from him.  Red Ranger and Dreadhead face each other down as Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger watch.  Nothing happens for a few moments.  Dreadhead calls Red Ranger a scaredy cat.  Blue Ranger wonders why Red Ranger doesn't charge.  Green Ranger calls out encouragement.  Red Ranger is about to pull out the beetle disc.  Pink Ranger realizes why Red Ranger is holding back.  Dreadhead tells Red Ranger he has seen glaciers that move faster than him.  Red Ranger realizes he's got to try.  Red Ranger takes out the beetle disc and places it on the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger cries out Fire Smasher!  Cannon Blast Mode!  Huge flames engulf Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger swings the fiery Fire Smasher around in circles.  The flames hit Dreadhead.  Red Ranger holds on tight and draws on all his strength, as the Fire Smasher transforms into the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed.  Red Ranger asks them to lend their power discs.  The rest of the Rangers are happy to help out.  Each Ranger places a power disc onto a slot on top of the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Dreadhead is not impressed.  he asks Red Ranger what do you go there, boy?  A rainbow pea shooter?  Red Ranger faces down Dreadhead with the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Dreadhead aims his weapon at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger calls out Fire Strike!  The Five Disc Beetle Cannon blocks Dreadhead's blast and hits Dreadhead.  Dreadhead exclaims his dreadlocks feels like deadlocks!  Within a few moments, Dreadhead was back and giant size.  He was destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

The Rangers were battling Negatron for a second time.  Negatron had summon several Moogers, as he was only interested in battling Yellow Ranger.  In an earlier battle, she had been the only one not effected by Negatron's insults.  The rest of the Rangers battled the Moogers as Yellow Ranger and Negatron battle.  Green Ranger destroys his batch of Moogers and goes over to help Yellow Ranger with Negatron.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to strike Negatron with a leaf storm.  Yellow Ranger uses her symbol power and Negatron's mouth is full of stones.  Yellow Ranger uses her Spin Sword to make a powerful strike against Negatron.  negatron is knocked to the ground as the rest of the Rangers join Yellow Ranger and Green Ranger.  Red Ranger tells the team he will take it from here.  The Five Disc Beetle Cannon is formed.  Red Ranger fires the cannon and Negatron is defeated.  Moments later, Negatron grows to giant size.  Eventually Negatron is destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

The Rangers had been battling Dayu. Eventually the Rangers form the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Red Ranger fires it at Dayu. Suddenly a mysterious figure leaps in front of Dayu.  He blocks the blast with Uramasa.  The Rangers wonder, who's that?  The smoke clears.  The mysterious figure talks directly to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger, you shall be my sword's, Uramasa, greatest challenge.  Pink Ranger wonders what that means?  Dayu is surprised - Deker, you came to save me?  Deker replies, not quite.  Deker speaks to Red Ranger once more.  Red Ranger, we will dual soon.  Until then.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and leaps up onto a cliff.  Blue Ranger can't believe they are running away.  Yellow Ranger calls them cowards.  Deker summons giant Moogers to attack them.  The giant Moogers seep out of the gap.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and they leave.  Eventually the Moogers are destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Day Off/Sticks & Stones