Five Disc Swordfish Cannon

Kevin had been sent on a solo mission to capture the Swordfish Zord.  The rest of the team was kept busy battling Yamiror.  In an earlier battle with Yamiror, Yamiror had blown green gas on them, making them very sick.  This time, Yamiror was about to blast them with his eyes, when Dragon Folding Zord blocked the blast.  Kevin arrived with his Hydro Bow and shot it in the air. Sparkly rain falls down and land on Mike, Mia, Jayden, and Emily.  Yamiror is upset - not purifying rain!  There goes my stink power!  Mia notes it worked.  That swordfish healed us.  Kevin, Mia, Mike, Jayden, and Emily pull out their Samuraizers and morph.  The Rangers race towards Yamiror with their Spin Swords.  The Rangers battle Yamiror.  Blue Ranger places his disc on his Spin Sword and calls out Dragon Splash.  Blue Ranger adds if anyone ever needed a bath, it's this jerk.  Yamiror is knocked to the pavement.  Yamiror shouts out, that water is so freezing, it's got me wheezing.  Red Ranger activates his Fire Smasher.  Blue Ranger races over to him.  Blue Ranger suggests Red Ranger use his Swordfish disc.  Red Ranger replies, you do it.  I'll help keep it steady.  Blue Ranger is very happy.  He places the Swordfish disc onto Fire Smasher.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger both swing Fire Smasher around.  Yamiror gets back up as Five Disc Swordfish Cannon is formed.  The Rangers blast Yamiror with the Five Disc Swordfish Cannon and Yamiror is defeated.  A few moments later, Yamiror grows to giant size and thanks the Rangers for their help.  Yamiror is destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.