Five Disc Tiger Cannon

The Rangers had been battling the Moogers and Robtish.  The Moogers raced forward.  All:  Spin Sword!  Quintuple Slash!  The Moogers are destroyed.  Robtish had tried to get away and was back in the city.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers went after him.  Robtish:  Following me here wasn't wise. Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Robtish with their Spin Swords.  Soon Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers gathered together.  Red Ranger:  Together, our team can handle anything you throw at us.  Robtish:  Ha!  Prove it!  Robtish runs towards Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battle Robtish with their Spin Swords once more and soon knocked him to the ground.  Robtish:  See how your team deals with this!  Red Ranger:  He'll start with a shock wave, then watch for his slash attack.  Defend against those and we'll be fine.  I've got a surprise of my own.  Ready?!  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger:  Sure!  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger:  Ready!  Robtish:  Sonic shock wave!  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger block the wave with their Spin Swords.  Robtish:  Double slash!  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger defeat the strikes with their Spin Swords.  Green Ranger:  Okay, you take it from here!  Red Ranger:  Say hello to my Fire Smasher!  Five Disc Tiger Cannon!  Robtish:  Whoa!  Red Ranger:  Lend me your discs.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger:  Right!  They tossed their discs over as does Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Strike!  Robtish is defeated by the Five Disc Tiger Cannon.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  Jayden, that was brilliant! Red Ranger replies, thanks.  Everyone okay?  Green Ranger replies, never better bro.  Robtish grows to giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their folding zords and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Eventually Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.